Thai Spices Ch. 02

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I did think it was a bit odd to change tables between the appetizers and the main course, but considering the delectable fare I devoured I wasn’t about to question anything. The waiter led me down a short hallway and I entered another room where there was a single large table with chairs on one side and what appeared to be a bar on the other. It seemed similar to a sushi bar except the table in front of me was set a good 36 to 40 inches from the bar. After appetizers, I was prepared for just about anything, but I must admit what followed was simply bizarre.

I was sitting at the table in a very dark room, lit only by a several candles, one on each side of me and about three in front of the bar. From the darkness a woman appeared dressed in a very formal looking silken dress. She reached to the side and took out four small wine glasses and arranged them on the bar. Turning back to her side, she grabbed a small container and poured a honey colored liquid filling the first glass. The filled the second glass only about three quarters full and the third glass she only filled halfway. The final glass was left empty.

Feeling a presence beside me, I glanced to my right and saw the waiter standing silently beside me, looking intently up at the bar. When he noticed me looking at him he nodded toward the bar, basically telling me to pay attention to what was about to happen. I looked back to see a beautiful porno izle woman walk in from the side on top of the bar. She wore some black, spike heels and nothing else. She had long black hair that ran straight down her back and as she turned to face me I saw her small, pointed breasts similar to the small woman during appetizers, but this one had a tattoo, some type of letters.

I leaned my head to the waiter and asked, “What does it say?”

“Purity,” was his answer.

Looking down from the tattoo I saw her jet black pubic hair, neatly trimmed in a nearly perfect triangle, with the corners slightly rounded. She spread her legs, placing her feet on each side of the empty glass as she squatted down. Not believing what I was watching I sat motionless as she ran her hand just above her pubic hair, moved her fingers over her pussy lips and pulled them apart, exposing her clit along with her inner lips. Suddenly a stream of nearly clear liquid splashed perfectly into the glass, filling it up to the brim and then suddenly just stopping. She moved to the next glass, the one half filled with what appeared to be some type of saki or wine.

Once again she squatted down, spread her lips open and filled the second glass, and then the third glass. When she reached the last glass she did the same thing, except this time, instead of a stream, she let just a trickle flow, dripping five, maybe six amatör porno drops into the glass. She then stood up, bowed very formally to me and walked back down the bar.

As she disappeared into the darkness the waiter stepped toward me holding a stainless steel bucket, similar to what I have seen used to ice down wine and champagne. But the wine was already poured and there was no ice in the bucket.

“Mr. John-Jannet, these are not beverages, we have an excellent selection of wine for your pleasure during the main course. These,” he slowly swung his open hand over the four glasses, “are meant as something like a palate cleanser. It will be almost like a wine tasting, you sip from whichever glass you choose, wash it through your mouth and you and spit it into the bucket. Some will swallow it instead of spitting it out, it is completely up to you.

“Please understand that the young woman has a special diet to enhance the flavor and she practices ritual cleansing and purifying rituals so you can be assured of the purity and taste of the cleanser. There are many natural sugars in the diet, many fruits, that should give it the hint of sweetness,” the waiter explained.

I looked over the four glasses for a moment finally deciding that this was an opportunity I might never get to experience again. I grabbed the first glass, the one she had filled completely. Picking anal porno up the glass I could feel the warmth of the liquid through the glass. Like a fine wine I held my nose over the glass while swirling it slightly taking in the tangy aroma. Holding the glass to my lips I took a hearty sip, letting the flavor rush over my tongue. The initial taste slightly sour, almost bitter but then, as the warmth of the liquid filled my mouth I could taste the sweet undertone of the flavor.

Swirling it in my mouth, I just opened my mouth and drew in a bit of air, letting it bubble through the liquid. The taste now shifted to a slight saltiness, perhaps a bit metallic too, but still there was the pervasive sweetness. I leaned my head toward the bucket and spit into it, sucking in a deep breath, feeling the cool chill of the air in my mouth, making it tingle slightly.

“How was the palate cleanser?”

“Such an assortment of tastes, some not so good, but overall it was very good. Just thinking of how she served it to me makes it that much more special,” I replied.

“Are you ready for the main course?”

“I’m as ready as I think I will ever be.”

“To enhance your experience I will ask that you close your eyes. We will also blow out all the candles but if you open your eyes you might still be able to see our arrangements. It is not a problem if you do, but we think if you keep your eyes closed until I tell you too look, the experience will be so much more fulfilling.”

Nodding, I closed my eyes, wondering was incredible delicacy I would be tasting in just a few moments. I somehow knew it would be something beyond my wildest imagination.

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