That Girl Sue Ch. 02

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The sunlight came through the open curtains as soon as the sun was up because of the direction the room faced. We had neglected to close them before collapsing into bed the night before after our sexual marathon. I rolled my head over and looked at the clock – 6:00 A.M..

Sue was lying close to me and I could feel the warmth of her body as she slept. She had moved her head onto a pillow but her arm still rested across my shoulder. I looked over at her. Her hair was in disarray, her makeup all but gone, and she looked radiant in the sunlight. As I turned my head more toward her I caught the smell of her shampoo and perfume mixed with her unique smell even though we had worked up quite a sweat the night before. It lingered in my senses almost like morning mist on the valley floor.

I had to piss badly so I carefully removed her arm and rolled out of bed. Rather than disturb her more I padded through the door to my adjoining room to use my own bathroom. Besides, my toothbrush was in there and, based on the track the barefoot Indians left in my mouth, I really needed it.

I did my thing, brushed my teeth, washed my face and combed my hair. As I turned to leave the bathroom there she was leaning against the door. She had clearly also cleaned up a little. Her hair was combed back and her face had been washed. I assumed her teeth had also been brushed.

“You’re really cute in the morning. I liked watching you do all that. Very intimate in a strange way. How about breakfast in bed so we get a little more cuddle time this morning?”

“We need to be downstairs at 8:30 and I am sure everyone will be curious if we don’t show up at the communal table for breakfast considering we left together last night. As much as I would prefer breakfast in bed with you, let’s save that for when we have enough time to really enjoy it. OK?”

“You are, of course, right. I don’t like it that you are, but it’s OK. The conference is over tonight and we don’t have anything scheduled for tomorrow morning, how about then?”

“Works for me. I’ll make the wait worth your while.”

“I’ll hold you to it. Want to share a shower?” She had his impish grin on her face.

“My goodness girl, you really know how to push my buttons. I love twosome showers.”

“I’m sure you do – you dog! Keep the thought.” There was a long silence which I did nothing to break. She had something on her mind and I was giving her the space for it. “John, can I be serious for just a minute?”

“Sure” She reached for my hands gripping them lightly in her fingers..

“I had the most glorious time with you last night, from beginning to end, and I would like to continue what we have started and see where it leads us. It is important to me to tell you something though. I don’t think it will change anything and it might tell you something important about me. I was a virgin when I woke up yesterday morning– experienced otherwise – but still a virgin. You couldn’t have known because my hymen was surgically removed when I was twelve because of some other problem that is not important. The point is I knew there was someone that would come along out of nowhere and break down my chastity just by being who he was, not by any scheme or long term plan. When I saw you yesterday morning, I really did have those two thoughts. The first was instinctive and the second one was incredibly carnal. I cannot remember ever being so physically attracted to anyone in my entire life. And when I had to sit next to you all day it was impossible to concentrate. It’s been like a whirlwind dream since yesterday morning. I don’t know what it is about you but I don’t want it to stop!”

“Sue, I don’t want to sound false in any way. I am a real guy, I don’t verbally share my feelings too often, and I already told you I don’t lie about anything. And I certainly don’t want you to think this gratuitous. I was so attracted to you from your first little smile that there was nothing I wouldn’t have xnxx done to get to be with you. I wasn’t a virgin yesterday and I can tell you, if that is what you were like the first time, I am looking forward to the next time. It was the most intense time I have ever shared.”

She looked at me for a long time with a slight smile on her lips. Neither one of us cared that we were standing there naked. It wasn’t about sex at that moment. I got lost in her eyes, in the way her hair framed her face, and the way her head was slightly tilted while she gazed back at me.

“Right answer” she said and reached up and cupped my face to kiss me passionately. It ignited both our fires with its intensity.

“Remember that all day.” She said breaking for a breath. “It’s a promise that I intend on keeping. Now let’s get cleaned up. We’ll save the twosome shower for later.” She turned and went back into her room to clean up and get dressed. I turned for the shower – alone.

Before leaving the rooms we closed the connecting doors but left them both unlocked. We purposely timed our arrivals downstairs to try to avoid any suspicion. We even sat at opposite ends of the table. One of the officers asked if I had gotten all the dirt. I dodged the answer by saying that apparently there was a lot more for me to learn. Sue heard the conversation and shot me a little grin.

The day seemed endless even though we sat next to each other. We both knew how hard we were trying to seem nonchalant but each time one of us would lean over to speak to the other, there would be a touch here and a touch there – arm, hand whatever. It was an electric shock each time.

The meetings broke up about four – cocktails before the banquet were at six and as officers we were required to attend. I had brought a nice suit for the occasion and Sue was dressed in a variation of the standard black thing with pearls and heels. There was nothing overtly sexy about the dress. No cleavage or open back or shoulder show or anything. It was how it fit and what it fit on. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her and neither could anyone else. She looked that gorgeous. I knew something everyone else didn’t. I knew where she was sleeping that night and it gave me a certain sense of supremacy.

The banquet finally ended and after some social time Sue begged off as being very tired and left. I hung out for about twenty minutes getting to know some of the other delegates and chatting with my club’s president. We all broke it up and I headed upstairs as fast as I could. When I opened my door I wasn’t surprised to find Sue in my bed.

“Hey stud – looking for some fun?” she asked with a big grin. As she did she sat up and the covers fell away from her – exposing her breasts. I quickly shut the door behind me and locked it. I turned and started removing my clothes.

“Hurry!” she said in a sultry tone “I’ve been waiting all day and I am about to burst from the anticipation.”

“So woman, are you always this forward?”

“Only when I want something really bad. And right now, John, what I want really bad is for you to come here and make love to me.”

I couldn’t get undressed fast enough flinging my clothes everywhere. Sue pushed the covers all the way down to the foot of the bed exposing her fully nude body and lustfully spreading her legs as a little as an invitation. Then I stopped, standing naked in the middle of the room, my dick already partially hard, and looked at her.

“You are beautiful! I could just stand here a look at you.”

“Come to bed, stud, or lose me forever!” and she started laughing. I wondered how she knew Top Gun was one of my favorite movies. It really didn’t matter and I sat next to her on the edge of the bed.

I reached over and brought her close to me, gently stroking her arms in the process. She responded eagerly and leaned her face close to mine. We kissed, first licking each others lips, and then pulling each other tightly into bakire porno an open mouth tongue exploring passionate kiss that only story tellers write about. I could feel her breathing heavily through her nose as she gave into her desire. I leaned her back onto the bed and continued to kiss her. I broke for a time to kiss her neck and shoulders. She shuddered each time I flicked my tongue onto her skin, tasting her body. Her hands were grabbing and stroking everything in her reach. She found my dick easily and began to play with the tip and massage the sides with her fingers. The arousal from it was mind boggling. With one hand I reached for a breast and nipple – playing with her bud until it was hard and projected. She moaned as I continued playing with one than the other. With my free hand I found her leg and slid my hand gently up the inside of her thigh soliciting more sighs from her. Her breathing was also getting labored as she continued stroking my cock. I pulled slightly on her leg and she opened them wider to give me full access to her pussy. When I finally touched her labia, they were hot and the slit between them was very wet. I slid a finger gently inside and she came almost immediately. Not large but enough for me to know without a doubt. She pulled my leg toward her and I knew what she wanted. I maneuvered myself next to her with my head on her thigh close enough to lick her pussy and rolled her over on top. I flicked her clit a few times with my tongue and inserted a finger deep into her pussy. She reached down and sucked my entire dick into her mouth in one pull pushing it in with her hand, engulfing it. The only way I can describe what she did next is that she was making love to it. I couldn’t help but watch. It was the most wanton, sensual, sexual act I have ever seen or read about. It was as if her life depended on making the thing in her mouth happy giving of herself to insure it. Her eyes would shut, then open rolled back in her head, then look at me lovingly as my dick was sucked in and out of her warm and wet mouth. Believe me, it felt almost like her pussy. With each stroke she would smile.

“Man, you taste good. I could do this for a while!”

“Woman, no you couldn’t because you are driving me crazy!”

“My point exactly!” she squealed and drive me all the way down her throat.

I went at her in new abandon, sucking and filling her with fingers and tongue, pressing the soft spot in the front wall of her pussy, pushing my fingers deep into her cavity and massaging anything that I touched. I was driving her crazy as well and she was pushing back against my hands every time I entered her. In the meantime she was groaning and moaning around my cock as she continued to push it down her throat time after time.

I couldn’t hold off and I shot into her mouth.

“Mmmmmmmm” she moaned with her mouth full. She swallowed hard and fast to keep from choking on my sperm. She was having another series of small orgasms, her body shaking from the increasing intensity of them as they hit her one right after another. Somehow she managed to lick me clean.

“Oh my – you are soooo good at that. I am so hot right now I could boil an egg on my stomach. Get up here and do me right!”

For a novice she was really getting into it and I loved it.

“Is there something you want?” I teased. As I positioned myself between her legs, my rock hard cock resting on her mound, she looked at me with magnificent desire.

“I want everything you can give me and more. Don’t stop until we can’t go any further. I want you to make love to me so hard and so long that there is nothing else in the world but the pleasure we are giving each other. Don’t hold back anything and neither will I! Please do me right John!”

I repositioned and drove my dick all the way in and stopped. She wrapped her legs around my waist holding me deep until she stopped quivering. She released her legs slightly indicating bedava porno she was ready and I started a slow and steady stroke in and out stopping just short of exiting entirely but pushing all the way in until our pubic hairs came together and the ridge above my dick pressed hard on her clit.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhh. John … more .. more ggggoooooddddddd deeeeep Uuuuggggghhhhh”.

She was pushing back with every stroke grasping me with her legs to pull me harder into her. She came with a loud and long groan and I could feel her hot juices filling the gap between my dick and the walls of her pussy. We heard the sloshing sound as I continued to softly pound her through her orgasm and on to the next.

She became more persistent, more wanton, more physical, more relentless as she reached higher ad higher levels of pleasure. I was in another world as she reached up and pinched my nipples, dug her hands in my shoulders and lightly bit me wherever she could reach. I lowered my head and kissed her driving my tongue deep into her. She pushed back with her tongue and drove deep into my mouth with hers. It was so incredibly arousing as my tongue started to mimic the pace of my dick. As I entered her faster with my cock I entered her faster with my tongue driving her to yet another orgasm. This one was large. She started shaking so hard I thought she was having a convulsion.

“Ohhhh man, just keep fucking me – please just keep going. I love it – God I love it. Don’t stop –please don’t stop – pleeeeaassssee” and she started coming again. I was losing control. I started pounding her deep, hard and fast. With each stroke she pushed back just as hard grasping with her arms and her legs telling me to fuck her harder. I could feel my heart pounding and she was gasping for breath. My balls began to tighten and I could feel the sperm building.

“Come on – give it to me” she was urging me ” I know you want to – please cum in me – give it to me – I want it. I want to feel your cum fill me – cum in me deep!” She had to know I was close.

I finally couldn’t hold out and I drove in as deep as I could driving the head of my dick into her cervix and crushing her clit with my pelvic bone. She once again wrapped herself around me, capturing me as close as she could pushing her hips into me. And then I came. I have never before felt this powerful a combination of total orgasm and ejaculation at the same time. It was mind numbing. Now I know why they call it the little death.

“Ohhh yeesssssssssssssss” she whispered in my ear and she came with me her body shaking and twitching uncontrollably from the ordeal.

We lay like that, me inside her resting on my elbows so not to crush her, she with her legs and arms around me, hugging me as hard as she could as we came down from the mountain we had created.

“I don’t want to let you go” she admitted quietly. “That was so perfect I’m afraid this feeling will end if I do and it will be just a dream!”

I kissed her forehead and her eyes, licking what could only be tears of joy from her face.

“You were wonderful!” I said quietly in her ear “where have you been all my life?”

“It doesn’t matter. I am here now!”

I finally rolled off and she curled up next to me.

“John, has it ever been that powerful for you before? For me it was nothing short of magical!”

“Not even close. I wanted to please you so much, to give myself totally to your pleasure, and what I got back was the most passionate, most incredible love making I could ever imagine. I know this sounds silly, but if our sex is an indication of anything, I love you!”

“Oh John you say the sweetest things. Truthfully I was afraid to say it but I agree. If this is what “love” making is all about, I love you too!”

We hugged and laughed together as if we had been together forever. We dozed off like that.

According to the clock which said 2:00, I awoke about two hours later. We were still embracing each other and Sue was sleeping. She was purring like a kitten. I pulled the covers over us, gave her a light kiss, and went back to sleep, warm in the feelings of our passion and knowing this was only the beginning.

To be continued

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