That Look!

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It all started with one look, just one simple backward glance and it would start an addiction, one that would consume me night and day until I had the answer to the question, what did that look mean?

She was the new girl at work and she knew how to get my attention. She had fiery red locks, piercing blue eyes, full bodied lips and an incredible smile. Her figure was something I had only ever read about, it was a perfect hourglass shape. She would wear outfits that accentuated every curve beautifully, her white blouse would give a tantalising glimpse of her bra and the subtle outline of her breasts and the black trousers she wore hugged against her perfect ass so tightly. It was this particular outfit that put the thoughts in my head. Anytime she walked through the warehouse my eyes would be transfixed on her body and I would imagine what it would feel like to just reach over and kiss her, to run my hands over her body, to slowly peel off her clothes and make love to her. These thoughts would dominate my head on a daily basis and naturally I would express levels of this to my colleagues albeit not every explicit detail, on this day however at the very moment I was detailing what i would like to do to her she came walking past. I froze, my heart jumped into my throat from embarrassment, if I had any sliver of a chance in the first place it was now gone but that is when she turned and gave me that look.

She glanced back over her shoulder and raised her eyebrow slightly and showed a very tempestuous grin. I almost instantly forgot about my embarrassment and my brain flooded itself with questions, did she hear me? did she enjoy it? Did the smile mean she wanted it to happen? I found myself getting more and more aroused as I imagined so many erotic fantasies at once, I needed to know what it meant. I heard her heels coming back across the floor and as she came round the corner I had to turn to hide the now visible bulge in my trousers, I was part hoping that she would notice but she didn’t even so much as blink in my direction, Maltepe Escort did I imagine the whole thing? As I watched her walk back to the office the bulge in my trousers got bigger as I took in every curve of her ass as it swayed to and fro with her strides, my mind once again began to wander…

I pictured the scene of her beckoning me to her desk and when I got there she would just grab me and start kissing me passionately, my hands would run through her hair and down her cheeks as I pulled her closely towards me. Our breathing would get heavier as the pure carnal lust would begin to take hold, my hands would glide down her back and then I would lift her onto the desk so she could wrap her legs around me. The more I got Into this image the more I struggled to contain the urge to play with myself, I knew I would have to take a trip to the bathroom now.

As I locked myself in the cubicle I pulled out my now rock hard cock and began to slowly stroke it as I went back to my fantasy. She was now removing my trousers and as they slid to the floor she crouched down and hastily took my full length in her mouth, fuck I wanted this to be real, I pulled on my cock hard and fast as I tried to imagine the feeling of her tongue running up the length of my cock and then her wrapping those luscious lips around it. That image did the trick as I came with a loud groan, thankfully the bathroom was deserted. The rest of the day passed in a blur, I was partially satisfied but longed for the real thing, I knew I would simply go home and play some more as I explored the fantasy further.

At 5pm everyone started to leave, thanks to my distractions I still had some work to do so it looked like I would work late, as I got stuck in, all thoughts of anything else slowly drifted away, soon I was focused on my work and staring at my computer screen intently when I heard footsteps coming towards my office. The door opened and then closed as soon as she was in my office, my heart was racing, I could feel my palms begin to sweat Ümraniye Escort with nervous anticipation, I slowly turned round and there she was, standing over me with a look of devilish lust in her eyes…she was beautiful and my eyes were transfixed on her, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t move, she must have sensed this as she broke the silence first and told me she heard what I said to the other guys, I tried to utter an apology but before I could say anything she leant over and kissed me.

Her lips felt amazing against mine as she snaked her tongue into my mouth I could feel myself getting hard, I moved my hands to try and pull her closer but she grabbed my wrists and firmly placed them on the arms of my chair. She moved closer and then straddled me, I was desperate to touch her, her perfume was intoxicating and feeling her breasts brushing against my chest was just driving me wild, I began kissing her neck as she slowly gyrated on my lap but still she kept my arms pinned down.

As I began to kiss my way down her body she moved her hands to unbutton her blouse, she let it fall to the floor and then undid the clasps of her bra, she ran her hands through her hair and then down over her nice firm breasts as she arched her back, her breathing was getting heavier and I was getting more desperate to feel her incredible body so I took my opportunity, I ran my hands up her back and then pulled her close as I began to kiss, lick and gently bite her nipples, it didn’t take long for them to become erect much like my own current situation. She groaned as I teased her with my tongue, she stood up and slowly slipped off her trousers, I could see the shadow of a damp patch on her white cotton pants which she wasted no time in removing, she bent herself over the desk and then glanced back over her shoulder… there it was, that look!

Now I knew what it meant and I almost came when she uttered the words to me “I want you to fuck me”. I didn’t need any more instructions, I pulled my cock out and then slid my full length İstanbul Escort inside her in one swift thrust, fuck this felt great, she moaned as she took my cock up to the hilt, it wasn’t long before I felt the walls of her pussy tighten as she screamed in ecstasy. I took hold of her ass and slapped it hard, this made her yelp and buck hard against me, she wanted more so I gave her more, she squealed as I spanked her and this just made me thrust harder. She stood up so I could cup her breasts in my hands and I kissed her passionately, it seemed neither of us cared if we got caught as we were both so wrapped up in the moment.

She pulled away and then turned to face me, she then lowered herself down and took my cock in her mouth, she began to lick all the way down my shaft and back up again massaging the tip with her tongue. I groaned as she did this, it felt so much better than I had pictured earlier that day, she stood up again licking her lips and then lay back on the desk. She spread her legs wide and began to massage her clitoris, she told me that she wanted me to fuck her and cum inside her, I moved closer and began to tease her pussy with the tip of my cock, rubbing it all over her before gently coaxing it in a little bit, she was biting her lip as she pleasured herself so I pushed my cock deep inside her, she moaned and arched her back as she came again.

I grabbed her hips and started to pick up speed as I got a good rhythm going, I watched as she bit her hand to stop herself from screaming too loudly, I was close to my own orgasm now so I started to fuck harder, she sat up and wrapped her arms and legs around me as I thrust a final few times, I felt her dig her nails into my back as she hit her climax at the same time as me and I felt my cock stiffen before releasing my cum deep inside her. We stayed there panting and holding each other for a few minutes while we both tried to regain some composure. I felt her shiver and grip me a little tighter as I pulled myself out, I placed my hand on her chin and tilted her head up to give her one last kiss, this was the best overtime I had ever experienced and as we got dressed and she headed for the door she turned back and winked at me with a wry smile. Now I have a whole other look to find the meaning of.

The end

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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