The 18th Birthday

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We’re drinking at your new house. It’s my 18th birthday and you got one of your friends to buy me a couple of forties. In addition, I’ve celebrated my first day being legal by buying a glass pipe shaped like a fish. We’ve been smoking out of it all night, and drinking beer, when someone I vaguely know comes by with a bottle of Jack Daniels. That shit is my firewater, and I don’t want to spend the whole night puking, so I take exactly one shot. You, on the other hand, take quite a few more.

I load another bowl and you sit down next to me and put your arm around my shoulders. I blow some smoke in your face. You look at me for a minute, then twist your fingers into my long chestnut hair, pull me close, and kiss me, rough, shoving your tongue into my mouth. You snake your other hand around my waist, pulling me onto your lap. Your drunken kiss tastes like whiskey and heaven. I can feel your friends watching us. That, and the feeling of kissing someone I’ve wanted for so long, sends tingles through my body.

“Damn,” someone says, I can’t see them, can’t see anyone but you, “Get a room.” You pull back from me, but tighten your hold on my waist and ass.

“Good idea. Let’s…get a room.” You stand up, lifting me. I wrap my legs Anadolu Yakası Escort around your waist and you carry me to your room. I bury my face in your shoulder, not wanting to see any judging faces.

We get to your room and you drop me on the bed, then drop on top of me, holding my wrists above my head in one hand and kissing me hard. You bite my lip hard and I cry out. Your other hand slips under my shirt, squeezing one of my double D tits. You unbutton my shirt, shove my bra out of the way, and let go of my wrists, kneading my tits with both hands.

You kiss down my neck, then back up, licking around my earlobe, then biting my neck unexpectedly hard. I gasp, and you’re biting me again, down my neck and shoulder. I don’t even realize I’m moaning until you stick two fingers in my mouth to stop me. You lick my collarbone, down to my left nipple, and run your tongue over it. I sigh and relax into the sensation. You bite down, and I flinch, crying out. You repeat the process on the other side, then stand up, leaving me with my shirt open and my pussy wet, lying on your bed. You step out into the living room for a second. I hear you conversing with people, and I wonder if you’re telling them how easy I Bostancı Escort am. When you come back in and set the condom on the bedside table, I understand. I’m still a little tipsy. You take your shirt off, and drop back onto me. I run my hands over your body, resting them on your shoulders. You continue sucking my titties, rough enough to make me cry out multiple times.

You stand up, drop your pants, and sit down on the bed in your boxers. “Come here,” you say, so I sit up and crawl over to you. You pull my shirt all the way off, unclip my bra, and throw them on the ground. Then you yank off my shorts, revealing a black lace thong. You grab me by the hair and bend me over your lap. You stroke my ass, then pull your hand back and slap me hard. I do my best to stay silent, but when you pull off my thong and start hitting me hard, moans escape my lips. You put your free hand around my throat. The spanking is long and hard and by the end of it, my ass is red and my eyes are streaming. You flip me off your lap and onto my knees on the floor, where you grab my hair, pull it up, and slap me across the tits.

“This is for teasing me all these years,” you murmur into my ear, “Now that you’re finally legal, I can do everything Erenköy Escort I’ve ever wanted to you. Now suck my cock.”

I pull down your boxers, and grip your long, thick cock. I start by licking my lips and rubbing the head around them, spreading precum over my mouth like lip gloss. Then I lick all around the head, down the shaft, suck your balls briefly, and then take your cock into my mouth. I’ve wanted to fuck you so long that I try extra hard, and manage to take your entire eight inches. You moan softly, and move your hips back and forth, fucking my face. I sit and take it like a good girl, rubbing my clit.

Eventually, you lift me up and drop me on the bed again. You push my thighs up to my shoulders, and bury your face in my pussy, licking, sucking, and biting. After a few minutes you slide two fingers into me, then three, pumping me hard. Suddenly, you pull them out, and in one fluid motion, you align yourself with me and slip your cock into my pussy. You stick your fingers in my mouth and command me to lick them clean. I oblige. You kiss me hard as you pound into me. One of your hands holds my hair, and the other is tight around my throat. I feel my orgasm approaching, and when it comes I rake my nails down your back and bite down on your shoulder. You moan softly, lean in, and I feel your body spasm when you cum. You pull out, kiss my lips gently, and collapse on the bed next to me, pulling me close. I rest my head on your chest and before I know it, we’re both asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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