The 30 Fucks of April – Day 02

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Hey Journal, April 2, 2022, I uploaded the video of me and Mr. Monster Cock whose real name was Shawn around 1:00 am. When I woke up to check the status, it had nearly ten thousand views, cha-ching!

I read some of the comments from the men:

– I sure would love to fuck her

– Look at those tits

– She can ride my fat cock any day

– If she can handle him, she can handle this cock!

– I love her moans

Needless to say, I was flattered. Most of the women were equally enthused except for one hater, “Why is she crying like a baby, little girl can’t handle a big cock…leave it for the grown women.”

I shook my head and then uploaded the bonus footage of round two with Shawn. Me riding his cock in reverse, looking back into his eyes while he moaned and groaned, “Oh shit, oh shit, slow down, don’t make me cum too fast.”

About an hour later, she posted a smiley face, “That’s how you handle a huge cock!”

I felt validated. I checked out her page. She had quite the following and an extensive video collection. She private messaged me and asked if I wanted to collaborate on one of my journal days. I replied, “hell yeah!”

She lived down in H-town, one of my favorite spots to visit. I could not wait. It was set for April 16th. Until then, I still had quite a few fucks to get through, fifteen to be exact.

When night arrived, I planned to head to this function downtown. I knew there would be plenty of willing guys or gals ready for some fun. As I was leaving the condo dressed in a gold shirt dress, gold stilettos, and small clutch, I saw my neighbor Filipe. He had an interesting mix of French and Arabic blood. I only knew because I had seen his parents visit.

Filipe had a girlfriend. She was a bitch. She didn’t let him speak to me. Often hurrying him into the house or car if I happened to be outside. He was very attractive with bright green eyes, and a low-trimmed beard and his skin was creamy, yet he had this nice tan. His hair was in short curls, he had these pretty peach lips.

He looked at me all dolled up, “Hi, did the lady that lives there move?” he asked.

I chuckled inside. He didn’t know that I was the lady. “She’s still around. I’m a friend,” I smiled.

He checked out my toned legs and cleared his throat. Oh, you wanna fuck me, I thought as I flashed a smile. I had often thought about tasting his pretty lips, but he was taken. I felt his energy as he stood there surveying me. It was tempting, but I didn’t Didim Escort want to prospect too close to home.

I smiled, “I better get going, enjoy your night.”

He nodded and went into his condo.

I headed to the club. When I arrived, I stepped inside and almost lost my mind. The vibe was nice. Music played and a plethora of men roamed on the prowl. Handsome ass white men, fine ass black men, sexy as Latinos and a few scrumptious looking Asian men all muscled and tatted up. Oh my, I thought as I made my way to the bar.

As I ordered a hurricane from the bartender, I stood posing, hoping someone would take notice of my assets. I went to pay, but the bartender told me I was good. I tilted my head. He pointed with his head. I turned to see this tall skinny black man standing next to a woman that appeared to be Lesbian or just really into men’s fashion.

I held my glass up to him and smiled. He waved. Signaling me to go to him. I strutted over like a queen. He was handsome. Dark skin, these amazing white teeth. He was skinnier than the guys I typically went for, but I did hear that those skinny dudes had long rods. He eyed me with enthusiasm, “You here alone?”

“I am.”

“What’s your name?”

“I’m Ari.”

He smiled, “I’m Maurice and this is my girl, Jazzy.”

She was attractive. She looked like she could have been biracial or even Latina. A little on the heavy side. Her hair was cut short with curls all over, “You looking good ma in that dress,” she said as she shook my hand and pulled me into her.

I smiled, “Oh, you’re friendly.”

“I see something I like; I go for it.”

I nodded.

I looked over at Maurice. He laughed, “Don’t pay her no mind. She’s joking.”

“The hell. I can tell she plays for both teams.”

I tilted my head. How could she tell that, I wondered? I laughed.

“See, I told,” she pointed at me smiling, “I had a feeling,” she added still checking me out.

Maurice nodded, “So what do you do around here Ms. Ari?”

“I’m an online porn star, well, up and coming.”

They laughed as if they thought I was joking. I pulled out my cellphone and showed them the two videos. They were impressed as they stood there watching me with Shawn.

“Wow, that dude is hung like a fucking horse,” Jazzy said, “Ain’t no way you can top that,” she joked with Maurice.

“I don’t have to top it, but I bet I can match it.”

I smiled.

“I mean, if you can blur faces Didim Escort Bayan out, I’d gladly be your day two.”

“Me too, can you handle us both?”

“Ain’t nobody invited you, Jazzy.”

“I’m inviting myself.”

“Sure, let’s have a few more drinks and head back to my place.”


Back on set, I lay in bed as Jazzy lay on top of me kissing my mouth. I had one hand on her huge melon squeezing and bringing her nipple to my mouth while she rubbed her clit against mine. I reached down and slipped my finger inside feeling the moisture within her.

“I’m supposed to be doing that to you.”

“We can do it to each other.”

She moaned the more I fingered her. I felt her juices covering my fingers. When she buckled in my arms, I held her tight squeezing her ass.

Maurice had his long narrow cock pointed in the air, “Y’all gone let me join the fun?”

I smiled, “Come here.”

Jazzy rolled off me. She lay there looking good enough to eat, so I eased between her legs and parted them wide. My hands were on her breasts and my tongue was on her swollen clit, flicking giving her pleasure.

I felt her hands in my hair as she thrust her hips forward. My ass was in the air and I felt Maurice tasting me and fingering me. My entire split was wet from his tongue. He grabbed my ass cheeks and pushed his cock in slowly. He didn’t have girth, but his length was divine. He had a ribbed cock that soothed my walls with every stroke.

As I moaned and threw my ass back, he slapped it, “I told you this dick was good.”

I continued to taste Jazzy as she lay there open to me allowing me to drink from her cup. Her honey tasted divine. I had wrapped her thighs and buried my face deep in her pussy as Maurice increased the rate of his thrusts. I nutted on his cock and looked back. he had this huge toothy grin as he pulled his long rod from my pussy.

Jazzy wanted me on her face, so I mounted and rode with pleasure rocking my hips as her hands gripped my ass. Maurice wanted my mouth, so I took his cock and stuffed my face with it as he kneeled in front of me.

As his long dick slid between my lips, I tasted my nectar on him. He pulled my hair until my head went back. His tongue touched mine and he smiled, “You a sexy nasty bitch.”

I smiled, “Um-hmm.’ I was still enjoying Jazzy’s tongue, rocking and grinding. He pushed his cock in my mouth right as I climaxed, I made a muffled moan. My body twitched. He humped Escort Didim my mouth faster and Jazzy kept licking and fingering, another orgasm hit.

I had drool rolling down my chin. I was sweaty. My skin was tacky. He laid down, “Come here ride this dick,” he said as he held it up waiting for me to mount. I sat on his cock and eased down to the base while looking into his brown eyes.

Jazzy kneeled next to me kissing my mouth and rubbing my tits as I rode his cock, “That’s it ride his cock, ride it faster, there you go take that shit.”

I rode faster and faster. I heard him call out, “Fuck Ari, shit,” as he pulled me into him. “Ahhhhhh, fuck,” he said. Our lips touched. Jazzy was spanking my ass as I continued to rock my hips. His cock was still hard in my pussy and it felt like another orgasm was near. I squeezed my walls as tight as I could and rocked until I shook.

“Damn girl,” he said.

I sat up laughing before I slid off his cock.

Jazzy was putting on her clothes, “I got to head out. I have stuff to do in the morning.”

Maurice didn’t budge. She looked at him, “You coming man?”

“Naw, I’ll catch an Uber in the morning.”

Jazzy left.

Maurice and I lay in bed talking for a while. He wanted me to film us in the shower. He had my leg over his shoulder pointed like a ballerina as his long cock glided in my pussy. He was into his debut as an unknown porn star. I smiled as he rocked my kitty. That long cock was hitting my cervix with every deep thrust.

He released my leg and had me pressed against the wall, lifted up. He was hella strong for a slim dude. He stepped back and bounced me on his dick. My tits wobbled. He paused and pressed me on the wall allowing my feet to touch the floor, “turn around,” he said.

I felt him pushing back into my pussy, pounding hard and fast. He pulled my arms back and went into overdrive. Our bodies plopped under the water. His balls slapped against my ass. He grunted and pulled out. His cum shot onto my ass. I turned around and kissed his mouth.

Later that morning before he left, we fucked once more. It was like he couldn’t get enough of me. He sat on a chair I had in my room with me in his lap. I rode his cock slowly while looking into his eyes. Our lips touched. He caressed me like we were lovers. He was right, he couldn’t beat Mr. Monster Cock, but Mr. Long Rod definitely matched my sexual energy.

Our footage was beautiful. Especially the early morning fuck of us passionately fucking in the chair. Many women wanted to see more of Maurice. And others wanted to see more of me with Jazzy. They said we made two women having sex look good as fuck.

Day two was a wrap. I smiled as my mind tried to figure out what day three would entail.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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