The Adventures of Olivia Ch. 03

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My friend George is the shyest person I have ever met. We were together in college, and I remember how red his face turned and how his body trembled every time he had to speak in front of the classroom. Not long ago, I saw him in a shopping mall and I walked towards him to say hello. I gave him my address and told him to pick me up the next day and to choose a coffee shop where we would tell each other what had happened in our lives. I know that he is so shy that he would had never asked me out by himself, but he is also very courteous and maybe that is why he accepted to take me to drink some coffee. I must confess that I had a secret plan, for, when I saw him at the mall, I thought he was really attractive and I felt like I wanted to fuck him. I knew that seducing him would not be easy, but I love challenges.

I prepared to receive him with a very short dress with a deep cleavage that showed almost half of my breasts. I decided not to wear any brassiere nor panties, but I did put on garter belt stockings Göztepe Escort and a pair of very high heels, a combination that had driven to insanity a number of lovers I had been with before.

When he appeared on my doorway, I asked him to come in. I told him that I thought we would be more comfortable if we stayed to talk in my house instead of going to a coffee shop. In order to make him feel more relaxed, I gave him a cup of wine, and made him talk about his current job. Then, with the excuse of giving him a tour through my house, I took him to my bedroom. Once there, I told him that, as we were going to stay in my house, I was going to change my dress for more comfortable clothes.

Before he had time to get out of the room, I took off my dress and stood in front of him totally nude, except for my garter belt stockings. His body trembled as it had never done in college and his face had turned into a tomato, so red it was. His eyes were so widely opened, that they could have easily İstanbul Escort fallen from his head. I took advantage of his confusion to take him by his hand and guide him to my bed. I made him sit on the edge of it. First, I sat next to him and rested my head on his chest. Then, I mounted him, as if I wanted to ride him. Our faces were just inches away from each other, so I started to kiss his mouth, but he didn’t kiss me back.

I raised my body a little bit. I wanted my boobs to be in front of his face. It took him a couple of seconds, but he began to suck them and to lick my already hard nipples. I unfastened his zipper and took out his cock. I saw, with delight, that it had a thick and stiff head. I was craving for it and to know how it would feel inside my vagina, so I turned around, giving him my back, and sat on his legs. I positioned myself in the perfect way to make his cock enter completely in me. My wet cunt made the process a lot easier.

He was so shy, that he did not even Anadolu Yakası Escort dare to move. But that didn’t stop me. I started to bounce on his laps and it was delicious to feel how his cock was coming in and out of my pussy. I grabbed his ankles with my hands to give him a clear and flawless view of my ass moving up and down over his cock. That position also allowed me to see his dick penetrating my vagina. Then, I devised an idea to intensify my pleasure. I released his ankles and, with my left hand, moved his cock from my vagina to my anus. With the fingers of my free hand I stimulated my clit until I orgasmed.

After that, I wanted to thank him for letting me fuck his delicious cock, so I gave him a slow and sensuous blowjob. He was resisting to cum, but I forced him to climax by pressing my lips harder to his cock and moving my tongue as fast as I could. Soon, his white sperm came out and I recollected it all in my mouth. I looked him directly to his eyes and stuck my tongue out, showing him how I swallowed his cum. He was almost in a state of shock. I hope that he soon gains confidence with me. He was so shy and still gave so much pleasure, so I cannot even imagine how intense the orgasms he will make me feel will be, once we know each other better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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