The All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008

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All Asian Sexfight Championship 2008 History, Competitors and Draw
Copyright Aussie Greg 2008

The 2008 All Asian Sexfight Championship rotated and this year was being held in Jakarta at the Mercure Convention Centre Ancol, its only international resort hotel, complete with a private beach. Despite the companionship of my Indonesian 14 yr old future competitor and passage to the gravy train of the Gold Brick Road, Anissa I felt out of place in my cargo pants and T shirt as I soaked in the amosphere courtesy of my lifetime Gold Pass..

Money, power and people reeking of sexual magnatism. I had none of them but I could look and dream. Rich Asians. Hong Kong Gangster types with their multiple girls; thick, gold chained successful Chinese businessmen flaunting their wealth, with their plain peasant wives from the time before they were rich (now expensively dressed), in attendance to stop their husbands finding a young gold-digger; sleazy looking Thai with their thin high cheeked slutty wives; uniformed generals with aviator sunglasses and young uniformed “girlfriends”, trendily dressed Vietnamese men and their dressed to kill female company; Filipino middle aged men with their very under age, scantily clad, still puffy nippled girlfriends, sophisticated European dressed Singaporeans and Taiwan Chinese with their surgery enhanced partners, Japanese corporate types. They were all there..

There were more waiters and lackeys here than competitors and audience combined at the first contest. It was a far cry from 1968 when on one Uni holiday in Singapore with my best Friend at Melbourne Uni, Four (short for “Four Eyes” as he was a bespectacled Chinese from Singapore) I thought up the idea. After two Sunday visits to the shopping malls where the servants gathered on their Sunday off we had the “All Asia 1968 Sexfight Championship” competitors and some TV rights sold cheaply to a free to air TV station in Italy where anything is broadcast.. Four had registered the Concept, name and other names that included Asia and sexfight. We were the owners of the Asian sexfight circuit. Sounded good but we actually had, lured by the money we offered, 14 Filipina, 9 Indonesian, 4 Vietnamese, 2 Thai and 2 Malay servants all based in Singapore and Four’s girlfriend who he was trying to dump. An All Asia field of 32 who had devoted their life to being champion.!. Ha ha All but one were hired servants living in a 4 km radius of each other.

On the day 30 of the 32 turned up at the hotel room so we rushed across to the large restaurant opposite to try get 2 waitresses ( higher priced than the servants) as they finished the lunch shift to make the field of 32 we needed for the knock out competition. We got one but then the owner heard and to our amazement entered herself. But the event itself was real. Two Filipinas were disqualified for fighting during their sexfight, and after a long quarter final one Filipina gave her defeated sister the Filipina fist fuck, fisting her arse and cunt as the defeated sister ate her. Again to our surprise the last entrant the 37 yr old Singapore Restaurant owner Ong Wee Soo won.

And then it happened. A Japanese tourist in Italy saw a repeat at 3am in the morning. A Vietnamese ex boat refugee, now Singapore Beauty Salon owner heard from her servant, one of the contestants. Ong Wee Soo proudly displayed her cup and Victory photos from Rounds 1 and 2, the quarters and semis and her final victory over Thu Nguyen, a Vietnamese servant. We started getting enquiries, mainly from rich Singaporeans who had visited the Restaurant. 6 months later we ran the 2nd Championships which saw a knockout system to challenge the title holder Ong Wee Soo. A fresh and rested Ong Wee Soo easily defeated a tired, drained Vietnamese in a very one sided disappointing final and she added both more photos to her wall and her idea of the concept of Victory rights as she fucked the 18 yr old Vietnamese in front of her friends in her restaurant that night.

I went back to the original format for the 3rd Event six months later where we had more than 32 entrants and only needed to hire 15 servants on a Sunday excursion to make a field of 64, necessary for a working knockout system. This was notable for the winner a 37 year old Vietnamese servant Lien Tran beating her employer, a 42 yr old Singaporean Chinese married to a surgeon in the final and showering her in the traditional Vietnamese Piss ceremony. It was rumored and later proved correct she took the woman non stop for 24 hours in every room of the mansion they shared as owner and servant, finishing in the woman’s bedroom before an astonished and appreciative surgeon and then with him in front of the wife whom she replaced after a messy divorce, thus expanding on Ong Wee Soo’s victory rights and establishing the now formalized 24 hour period Victory ownership.

Within Düzce Escort 3 more years it was a genuine All Asia sexfight Championship with entrants paying to enter and the rules as we now know them. Every six months the top 8 seeds gain automatic entry and the next 128 seeds compete for the final 8 places same as in a tennis gland slam format. The original 9 and 10 if eliminated at this stage may compete against each other (if both are eliminated) for the right to challenge the least ranked of those 8 for entry to the final 16. With the final 32 it is also like a tennis seeding i.e. 1 versus least ranked, 2 versus 2nd least ranked, 3 versus the 3rd least ranked etc. If all goes to plan 1 should meet 2 in the final but that rarely happens. Obviously being in the first 8 and to a lesser extent 9 or 10 helps.

In fact in 2004 the so called “Javanese Princess” Nurina Raemawasti who had been the first Muslim to win the title 26 years earlier at the age of 27 and held the longest consecutive run of 16 years in the top 10 was 53 yrs old and clinging to 10th spot. She was eliminated in the in the second round of the first competition but then beat the 9th seed to challenge the last of the 8 from the first event, won and then took the no 1 seed in round 1, 10th seed in the second round , 4th seed in the semis and 2nd seed, a 22 yr old Thai, who was striving to be the youngest winner ever in the final, and won. She asked for, and introduced the now traditional Victory Hour Parade where she excitedly fucked her 4 victims from the final 32 rounds in front of the rest of 131 competitors before leading the girl 31 years her junior for the Ong Wee Soo/Lien Trang 24 hours.

It was the start of a golden 6 months for Nurina as she was undefeated in that period and retained her title and then retired with the longest period between titles (19 yrs), oldest winner 54, longest consecutive run in top 10 (16 yrs), most yrs in top 10 ( a staggering 31) and only grandmother to hold the title. All of these still current and with the greater depth of competition now will never be broken. She has 6 daughters, 4 of whom are number 1 to 4 in the Indonesian Under 18s with her prominent politician father having lobbied to change the age so her 14 yr old could compete and she had already leapfrogged her 15 and 16 yr old sisters to number 2. The 17 yr old is number 2 in the All Asian juniors and its rumored that the youngest regularly beats her sister at home but the father wont allow her to take the Indo number 1 as she would be embarrassing to have the no 1 junior if she wins the next competition to be only no 2 in her own country.

Between the 6 monthly championships rankings were established. All from number 4 down to 50 had to compete at least once within a 2 month period, except 4 to 10 who only had to fight once every 3 months. 51 to 138 had to fight at least once a month either by accepting a challenge or having their challenge accepted. Non meeting of these rules carried a loss of 25 positions. The last 25 positions were open to challenge by country ranked competitors not in the International top 10 or following 128 positions who had attended a monthly 2nd tier international competition to determine the 25 challengers. An international defeated this way could refight within a week to reverse the decision but had to win all 3 events on the day. A challenge could be issued to any one up to15 positions higher. The person challenged had to accept the challenge from the person who had fought most in the last 45 days. If successful the challenger and defeated swapped positions. The top 3 could not change except at the biannual competitions. These contests usually took place in the home of the higher ranked though sometimes a promoter would organize a few together and charge entrance fees to the public in the know.

Victory rights were obviously not taken at the 6 monthly championships, except for the final winner, as it would obviously drain the winners on their way through the rounds. But at the ranking challenges described above a 12 hour ownership was the result of a loss.

Contests were determined by best of 3 events, 2 random and one selected by the higher ranked sexfighter. All 3 events had to be consecutive

It was, I thought, a good system that I had finally evolved. It rewarded a higher position but not too much. It rewarded sexfighters who competed more often. It allowed the introduction of new blood and gave fairly quick movement up and down the scale. Eg a woman defeated by a challenger started competing again quickly by accepting challenges to get the number of fights to challenge another. After the 5th year and 10 championships it was a successful product and then we received an offer from some individuals in Bangkok that we couldn’t refuse. Actually there were more generous than Düzce Escort Bayan I thought when Four and I were summoned (yes that’s the right word) to a one way meeting about the future of the event.

Four used his share to start his business career and is now a wealthy Singaporean enjoying their low taxes. Me, to quote George Best “I spent 90% of my money on women and drink. The rest I wasted”. But I did end up with a gold pass to any contest. The new owners introduced the rigged and semi fake 3nd tier sexfights and videos where the poor, usually hookers, fought for peanuts, videos and rigged gambling to compliment the genuine upper level where rich women who could afford the entry fee and travel competed at a level and in conditions far above the first. Sometimes an exceptional level 3 fighter would be spotted by an investor sponsored in Level 1. They also introduced the separate real and pretend catfighting dominated by the Japanese Filipinas and Thais., but at Level 1 the women themselves simply would not allow them to change the concept that Four and I came up with in 1968 and had finalized 5 years later.

The latest development was a flood of entries from the new rich in China especially from Shanghai and a determination by the Japanese to dominate sexfighting as they did catfighting. This was challenging the imbalance of the Vietnamese and to lesser extent Indonesian numbers in the ranked 138. While their was always Victory rights of 24 hours ceremonies like the Filipina fist fuck, Vietnamese piss, and Singaporean humiliation fuck where the winner fucked the loser in front of her 10 nominated friends, now the Thai’s celebrated with an anal dildoing and the Japanese had their Kin tama (golden balls) where the winner was eaten while up to 100 men took the loser.

At present The Asian champion was a 21 year old Vietnamese Nha Trung who was the youngest title holder ever by 2 years. Daughter of a Saigon Banker and herself a recent Accounting graduate, she had been trained (similar to Tiger Woods in golf) for the title since she was 3 by her mother a former Vietnam number 1. She was 5ft 7 32B 23 32 100lbs, incredibly pretty in that Vietnamese way with the high prominent Vietnamese cheekbones, thick permed hair and long (compared to other Asian nationalities) legs. Similar to Tiger Woods she had zero personality. She had defeated her rival of 2 yrs and 3 finals, the 47 yr old and Hong Kong resident Chinese Zhang Wu 5ft 6 34CC 23 32 105lbs who had held the title for 3 years and was the undisputed over 45 holder. Zhang was the ultimate sex machine who had seduced her daughter’s husband on their wedding night and returned him anonymously worn out in the morning and who fulfilled a pledge to herself by fucking him in front of her daughter on her own 45th birthday. There were 3 more Vietnamese and 2 Indonesians in the top 10.

Loc Nguyen 19 and more importantly to the public her 45 year old mother Xuan were undefeated in team sexfighting in Bangkok for the past 5 years and internationally for 4. They had arrived as boat people, and being Chinese Vietnamese they had got out of the camp by means of the 13 year old Loc marrying a 76 year old Chinese speaking Thai. Quite a common way for the Chinese speaking young girls to get out of the camp, even more so in the Hong Kong refugee camp. Avoiding, as most Vietnamese do, the physical catfighting or Muay Thai boxing that the peasant Thai women revel in, Xuan and Loc became involved in the rich person’s sport: the sexfight betting competition where old rich men’s wives, daughters and servants competed against other men’s younger wives, daughters and servants for high stakes. Xuan was number 2 in the over 45s and 10 overall and was feared for intensity of her victory rights. Very few who “enjoyed” 24 hours with her were the same when they met again. In Xuan’s 24 hours victory ownership of Dewi the petite quietly spoken 5 ft 1 32B 23 30 84 pound had so brutally fucked Dewi that she had both torn her cunt walls and perforated her bowels, causing a reaction similar to a burst appendix, and hospitalized her for 2 months. In fact the last time 2 yrs ago they had nearly lost to current titleholder Nha and her 54 yr old mother she had raped Nha so severely that she dropped out of the top 10 for 5 months and never competed with her mother again.

The 18s and under was dominated by Jasmine. She was 16 and a half years old, short for a Thai, with an over ripe chunky body, full breasted and with smallpox scared face on which eye liner and lipstick outline were permanently tattooed and complimented by heavy makeup which together with her tousled hair made her look even more sluttish, thick responsive nipples, strong legs with chunky thighs that rubbed together when she walked, long garishly painted toenails and fingernails.. 38C 29 34 with swollen melon Escort Düzce like natural tits as firm as a grapefruit. She was exceptional for the size of her clit beneath her jet black thick yet silky pubic. Permanently exposed by her open slit her hood failed to cover it fully even before she was aroused. She had been bought from a country temple run by nuns where she had been fucked 8 to 12 hours a day and was semi trained and enjoyed it, for the level 3s, but a wealthy Thai business woman Darunee now sponsored her. She was Number 7 in the opens, only the second after Nha to be in both, but Nha was 17 years 10 mths when she achieved this. Many she would make no 1 and it’s ironical a former level 2 could be replacing a thoroughbred in Nha.

TuThoa a Vietnamese from Melbourne Australia was the second legend after the Javanese Princess. She held the record for longest title holder at 4 yrs ( 8 contests) from when she was 41 to 45. 5ft 4 33B 22 34 with long surgery enhanced bullet shaped nipples a flat muscled stomach and superb legs. TuThoa was proud of the body that had been declared Miss Nude Vietnamese both in Australia (12 times) and the USA where she was the only woman since the contest started in 1981 to win both the any age and over 40 in the same year – a feat she had achieved 3 times, and was undefeated in the over 40s since reaching that age 5 years before. She had then progressed to victories in nude beauty contests, catfights, large dildo taking and Japanese inspired cum eating challenges (i.e. any event the Vietnamese men could bet on), and finally making videos of herself in action including her famous taking of 365 men in 24 hours to celebrate the Vietnamese New Year of 2000. At her peak for $20000 she would allow any man to write, direct and star in their own home video with her, and such was her reputation that there was no shortage of takers especially from Japan. She dropped out of fighting mysteriously as champion when she failed to arrive and defend her title.

The final 32 competitors had been decided with the top 8 seeds having automatic entry and the next 132 world ranked women competing for the remaing 24 positions in the preliminary. There were quite a few newcomers but like WomensTennis the top few were comfortably above the rest, and most thought the new faces were merely a reshufling of the deck chairs on the Titanic.

Anyway enough of the preamble,here are the final 32 competitors picture and profile which open up in another window at my free sex fight story site if you go to

seeds 1 to 8
seeds 9 to 16
seeds 17 t0 24
seeds 25 to 32

And the draw had these matchups for the first round with winners to meet as in tennis tournament with seeds protected from early meetings. Eg winner of Nha Trung/Arfah Jalil to meet the winner of Nozomi Kimura/Mizuho Nisimura. And so on so if all went to plan seed 1 would meet seed 2 in the final. Events are decided by each competitor listing their 5 favourites from the list of 69, and the lowest combined score from the 2 is the actual event. Eg if competitor 1 had “Traditional best of 3” as No 1, and competitor 2 had it as No 5 then it would have a score of 6 and would be beaten by competitor 1 Favourite No1 2 “Hue sexfight” which competitor 2 had as Favourite 3: a total of 5

World 1 Nha Trung Vietnam 21 yrs Versus
World 125 Arfah Jalil Malaysia 31 yrs

World 11 Nozomi Kimura Japan 19 yrs Versus
World 19 Mizuho Nisimura Japan 19 yrs

World 17 Sister Remedios Geolen Philippines 45 yrs Versus
World 26 So Savoeun Cambodia 49 yrs

World 37 Wening Wulandari Indonesia 19 yrs Versus
World 8 Saomi Aiwaza Japan 41 yrs

World 5 Jasmine Thailand 16 yrs Versus
World 49 Ardina Ratri Indonesia 29 yrs

World 12 Huong Do Vietnam/USA 24 yrs Versus
World 35 Megumi Nejiki Japan/Korea 27 yrs

World10 Xuan Nguyen Vietnam 45 yrs Versus
World 82 Nga Nguyen Vietnam 46 yrs

World 31 Hsu Chong Taiwan 41 yrs Versus
World 4 Tang Li-yen Taiwan 34 yrs Versus

World 3 Trang Vu Vietnam/Australia 42yrs Versus
World 95 Yang Chen Ling China 39 yrs

World 14 Wan Lay Chen Singapore 40 yrs Versus
World 20 Suvanant Siripongpreeda Thailand 29 yrs

World 9 Lien Nguyen Vietnam 24 yrs Versus
World 33 Kim Mi Ji South Korea 32 yrs

World 15 Miyu Watase Japan 32 yrs Versus
World 6 Wang Fei China 23 yrs

World 7 Ronielyn Chavez Philippines 23 yrsVersus
World 40 Shen Yu China 22 yrs

World16 Kim Nuyen Vietnam/Australia 35 yrs Versus
World 25 Phayvanh Douangphoumy Laos 39 yrs

World 39 Nurul Huda Hitam Malaysia 30 yrs Versus
World 22 Keerthi Kapoor India 38 yrs

World122 Fu Hai Shoon Singapore 43 yrs Versus
World 2 Zhang Wu Hong Kong 47 yrs

All the matches are at my free site but I will be posting some here

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