The Amanda Story Ch. 04

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The next two days, I almost literally lived around Amanda’s house. I would go around there at about 9am and probably leave late at night. I bet you can guess what we spent all day doing! Yep we fucked almost non stop. I personally am into women wearing slutty clothes, lingerie, boots, heels, miniskirts, stockings etc. As Amanda and I was constantly horny I asked her for any of the above. She was happy to oblige but was rather limited in that department. She probably had 3 pairs of knee high boots (pink, white and black), 2 short skirts, no stockings, mismatched underwear and no heels. She was keen on the idea but was a little disappointed as was I, that she was in such short supply.

“Doesn’t Tony buy you any sexy clothes?”

“Yeah, but they usually get lost or ruined anyway, or I don’t wear them as I’m not the going out type.”

I have to admit that although Tony was a wanker, he was very generous to Amanda and brought her anything she wanted. But as Amanda was such a kind hearted person, she felt guilty if she ever took money off anyone. She never really had a lot of decent clothes. Emma took Amanda shopping no end of times and she always brought a lot of clothes, but usually her fucking complete bitch of a sister Carrie usually took them, no sorry STOLE them.

Carrie was a complete manipulative, conniving cow who both Emma and I hated. She walked all over Amanda, came round uninvited, lied to everyone, took what she wanted, the list could go on. She once tried to break Emma and I up by saying I had slept with her, which I wouldn’t actually mind doing by the way as she is fit. She’s about 5′ 8″, blonde, has a slim figure and very big tits and was a complete slut, she fucked anything with a pulse. She had fucked 2 of Amanda’s boyfriends in the past, who she dumped of course, but she was still intimidated by Carrie.

Carrie used to hang out with Emma and I when we first got together, and she spent most of the time lying trying to split us up as she 1) was jealous that Emma wanted to be with me more than her and kozyatağı escort 2) she was jealous of Emma because Carrie fancied me. No end of times she tried coming onto me, but I rejected her as I loved Emma and I hated Carrie. We eventually ditched her and became more friendly with her older sister Amanda.

“Do you fancy going shopping to get some sexy stuff?” she asked.

“Yeah but I’m a little short at the minute, and I thought you said that you don’t usually wear sexy gear?”

“I will for you, and I’ve got money, Tony left me his credit card.”

“What will you tell Tony if he finds all the gear?”

“I’ll say I bought them for his enjoyment”, she grinned.

“D’ya wanna go tomorrow then?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’ll be great.”

The next day, I came round about 8am and to my shock she was dressed to kill! She had her boob tube on and a short white skirt and white boots, she had straightened her hair and put make up on too! She looked really pretty.

“Damn you look good!”

She giggled her sweet little laugh.

We left and walked to the bus stop. It was a warm morning and there wasn’t many people about. As we stood at the bus stop alone, I couldn’t take my eyes off Amanda’s legs. I wanted to reach out and run my hands up her warm, soft thighs to see what underwear she was wearing or not none at all! I had to contain myself though as there was too big a chance of someone who knows me and Emma driving past.

After the longest 10 minutes of my life the bus finally arrived and we went upstairs at the back of the bus. It was empty except for one bloke sat upstairs also.

We sat down and I placed my hand on her knee. I was feeling very horny. I slowly slid my hand up her thigh bit by bit. She just looked straight ahead and to my amazement opened her legs a little. I took this as an invite and slid my hand further up. As I got higher I could feel her warmness and then felt her silky thong. It was quite wet. She must have been küçükyalı escort as horny as me!

I slipped her thong to one side and slid my finger into her pussy. She breathed a heavy “Mmmhhhh”, as I did. Her cunt was hot and wet. I started to slide in harder and she was so wet I slid 2 fingers in.

Amanda turned to me and we started to passionately snog. I really started to go at it, fingering her pussy hard. She stopped me, pulled my fingers up to her face and started to suck them. She reached down to my jeans and pulled my zip down. She stuck her hand in and easily whipped out my semi hard cock.

She pulled her hair back and swallowed my cock in one go. She started to suck me hard then she leant up and whispered into my ear,

“no matter what, don’t stop me.”

“Yeah sure,” I replied anxious for her to keep sucking my cock.

“I mean it Craig, don’t stop me!”

As I was sat next to the window I shifted towards the aisle as that was were she was knelt. She took my cock in her mouth and started to blow me hard. As I watched Amanda suck my cock, I noticed that she was on all fours and she reached round and lifted her skirt. I didn’t know why until I remembered the bloke sat on the top deck of the bus also.

I looked up and he was sat centimetres away from Amanda with his cock in his hand.

He stood up and then knelt behind Amanda. I was about to say something and then remembered what Amanda told me, not to stop her.

I looked at the fella and he was wearing dirty blue overalls and a bright orange vest. I guessed he must have been a construction worker or something, and by the look of his filthy face, he’d probably just finished his shift.

He was playing with his cock getting himself hard. His cock wasn’t really impressive, it stood at probably 5 inches hard, and I guessed that had to be its maximum length as that was when he pushed it into Amanda’s wet pussy.

“Mmmmhhh…mmmhhhh…mmmhhhh”, she moaned with each thrust mutlukent escort this bloke pushed into her pussy. He had a big grin over his face and he looked at me several times as if to say “I’m fucking your bird!”. Even though Amanda wasn’t my girlfriend I was a little jealous. That feeling quickly evaporated however as Amanda was doing a fantastic job on my cock.

The bloke was now giving Amanda a real shafting as he grabbed her hips to bang her deeper. He slapped her ass and from my angle pushed his thumb into her ass.


She took my sloppy cock out of her mouth and a big string of saliva and pre-cum hung from my cock to her lips.

“I want you to fuck my ass”, she told the bloke.

By the look of his face all his Christmas’s had come at once! He pulled his cock out of her pussy and eased it into her asshole. She looked directly at me and I saw the grimacing, smiling and enjoyment of a cock in her ass. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed her back down on my cock. She rested her hands either side of me and let me fuck her mouth as hard or fast as I wanted. Her lips were locked firmly around my dick as I heard the slopping wet noises of my dick in her mouth.

“I’m not far”, the bloke said.

I wasn’t either. “Me too.”

With that she stood up and knelt to the side of us.

“Wank into my mouth”, she said, “I wanna taste two lots of creamy spunk now!”

We sat side by side and wanked our cocks towards Amanda’s face. She had gotten her tits out and was playing with her pink little nipples. I could feel myself coming and shot my cum into her mouth until I felt my balls had been drained into her mouth. She rolled my cum around in her mouth and over her tongue and swallowed it.

It was now his turn and I watched as he dumped his load into her mouth. It was thick and a bit lumpy. It didn’t look nice at all. Amanda the sport that she is swallowed and smiled.

“Oh shit, this is my stop, cheers love.”

With that he pushed the button and swung downstairs.

“That was gross.” I guess his spunk wasn’t so nice after all!

“You are one dirty little bitch”, I joked.

“God, I didn’t get to come, his cock wasn’t that good, that’s why I told him to stick it in my ass.”

“Well, maybe the two of us can sneak into the changing rooms to finish you off.”

“That sounds great!”, she smiled.

Look out for chapter 5!

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