The Arcade – Level 2

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The arcade closed for maintenance. Its most popular game had to be serviced so it could run smoothly and update the playing module. John procured a replacement part that he was eager to install. She had an adorable cheerleader costume designed to match the Rough Riding Rochelle program, complete with tiny pleated red and blue skirt, tight white crop top, and her long blonde hair tied up in juvenile pig tails. He and his partner left her waiting out of the booth while they dismantled the old set up.

She leaned her ear close to the access door, hoping to hear any clue to what she was in for. Through the gap between in a partially open panel, she heard a female voice make a combination of pleasured shrieks and angered cursing. It was hard to ask questions when she lied on her resume, bullshitting her way through to make it sound like she knew exactly what the position was. The contract she signed was vague, but her friend recommended it, claiming it was easy money. Entering sex work seemed so dangerous but this seemed too easy; no effort, just stand still and look pretty, earn 50$$ a client, full health coverage and low risk.

Someone was exiting the other door and she straightened up, pretending not at all to have eavesdropped. A woman dressed in a pink frilly corset dress stepped out in a huff. She tucked her shoulders into a long coat and took her hair down from a tight high ponytail. “God, what other poor girl did they get to… Oh hi,” she noticed the waiting cheerleader.

“Hello,” the new girl uttered meekly. “I’m apparently Rochelle tonight.”

“Call me Kitty. Good lord, are you a virgin?” Kitty Von Tease smirked.

“I am not,” Rochelle snapped. “It’s just a fucking costume.” The outfit made her look fresh out of high school, but she was old enough to rent a car. Never mind how she never had oral sex or might have freaked out that one time her boyfriend stuck a finger up her ass, but she wasn’t about to admit that to an arrogant bitch. “I could fuck circles around you.”

Kitty held up her hands in surrender. “Jeeze, don’t get your bra in a bundle. Just got off shift and I’m still a little wired in…” she chuckled at her own in-joke. “I meant that you look sweet is all. Take the compliment.”

“Oi! Cheerleader! You’re up!” shouted one of the men from inside the booth.

“Coming!” Rochelle stepped inside, going straight through the first compartment into the second. A wide touch screen was showing white letters, flashing on and off or being typed in furiously. Someone was re-coding the system. Right below was an oblong opening in the wall at waist height. One of the service men, Phil, was riffling through a duffle bag on the floor, retrieving a wide headband. He attached a pair of glittery pom poms and put it on her head. “Okay, give this a second to calibrate. It should read your vitals and brain waves,” he explained as the headband beeped.

“Can it read my thoughts?” she joked nervously.

“Nah, just basic stuff like how excited you are, and whether your stressed or calm.”

The headband beeped again. “Her blood pressure is a little high,” John’s voice came from the hole in the wall.

“Oh, I’m just, really happy to try out this… thing…” she tried to sound confident but was unsure what this set up was. She had imagined a pirate pole dancer booth were guys could jack off while she posed. This looked nothing like that.

“Alright, slip your head through the hole and we’ll tell you when to stop,” the man instructed as he went back into the bag for more things.

Hesitantly, she bent down and gauged the hole’s width. It was so narrow, she had to reach both arms in first, followed by her head. Inside was just a red glow, too dark for her eyes to adjust right away. “Keep going,” a man prompted. She felt exposed as cool air touched the low round of her buttocks, her skirt riding up as she bent over. She wanted to reach back and tuck her pleated shirt down but no gap in the hole meant she couldn’t squeeze her arm through. Phil took her by the hips and pushed her forward until the wall met her waistband. She came face to face with John’s pants as he stood by her head, typing away on some computer. Unable to see but she could hear the keys clicking.

The gap she fit through suddenly tightened down on her waist. On reflex, she tried to wiggle out but there was not an inch to spare between her and the wall. “Umm,” she muttered, trying to feel the floor or support her upper body but was finding it difficult. Eventually she tried to lift her back up by pushed her hands against the wall.

“Relax. Your heart’s racing,” John said dispassionately as he continued typing. “See anything Phil!”

“Nope!” Phil called back. “You can fiddle with it later, lets start hooking her in.”

“Yeah, alright,” John sighed as he set aside the computer. Her eyes starting to adjust, she saw him hold a length of rope and she felt it on her back. “Hands behind your back sweetheart.”

“Um, its kind of hard Maltepe Esmer Escort to…” she squeaked, still trying to keep her head up.

“just let yourself go limp and relax. We’ll strap you in nice and comfy.”

She obliged eventually and so began the intricate process of binding up her arms, wrapping her wrists and tying around her chest. Meanwhile Phil gripped her thigh and she was suddenly flipped over, causing her to yelp. “Yikes!”

John threaded the rope through something above, taking the weight off her torso. Between her waist and chest, she felt suspended in the air. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all, but she was feeling a strange fearful arousal, unsure what was to come next. She tried to shift her arms but once he was done, she couldn’t move them an inch. “Is this really necessary?” She could only wiggle her legs now, even as Phil was moving her feet around.

“Can’t have you freaking out and breaking something,” John said.

“But what if- “

“Once your hooked in, there’s no need for bathroom breaks,” he interrupted, sounding annoyed. “There’s a stress monitor keeping track of your vitals and I’ll be alerted if you’re in trouble. In case of fire, the building’s sprinkler system unlocks everything. If there’s and earthquake… well, your safer inside this booth anyway so relax. Are you sure you’ve done this kind of BDSM before?”

“Yeah! It’s just been a while,” she snapped defensively, lying. She fantasized about it, reading all the naughty stories but never actually tried it.

“Alright,” he murmured, unconvinced but she signed the waiver and he needed the worker.

Phil lifted her skirt and she tensed as his hands caress her ass. He then roughly adjusted her hips as he slipped her panties off. “Woah!” she hollered, tightening her knees suddenly before he could get it past her ankles.

“Jezve lady!” she heard him shout. “I aunt stealing them, they’ll be safe in the lock box with your coat and purse.”

“Sorry,” she twitched, forcing her legs to relax and let him completely remove her underwear. John knelt and she could see the edges of his face in red glowing shadows. He held up a bulbous thing attached to some latex sheet.

“Open up.”

“What is that?”

“A gag,” he said simply. He usually put this on last, but he was getting tired of her questions. He saw how she was about to ask why, and he rolled his eyes, “can’t have you go off script. Moan all you like but the voice track says everything you need to say. Don’t need girls improvising and ruin the illusion.”

She had more questions, but her mouth hung agape for long enough that he stuffed the cock gag between her lips. “Mhph!” the wide head locked behind her teeth and she could not spit it out before he strapped it on. The latex stretched under her chin, keeping her jaw shut. Phil had securely attached her high heeled shoes designed to look like sneakers and began lifting her ankles up to the wall. Cold air wafted against her cunt barely covered by an uneven shirt. She was freshly waxed, but she still felt embarrassed and tried to close her legs reflexively. He fixed her shoes into specialized wall brackets, then took her by the hips and lifted them until it all clicked solidly into place. Try and she might, her legs were locked tight and straight up in a V. “Hmmm,” she whimpered in a high pitch.

“Phil, I think this one needs a first timer’s special,” John said as he adjusted a pair of wide metal cuffs along a chain, making sure the length was right.

“You got it!” Phil went back into his bag, finding an enema syringe, a tincture bottle and a specialized lubricant. “Haven’t had to use this virgin cocktail in a while,” he muttered to himself, but she could still hear him. Her head shook, the only thing that could move, and she cursed aloud but it was muffled into nothing. John ignored her as he pushed her shirt up to expose her breasts, braless and juicy, bulging between the rope binding. He laid the metal rings over them, a little awkward at first. He reached into one cuff, pinched her nipple and pulled it though. The whole mass of breast was squeezed inside the metal ring. He smiled and teased her nipple as he pushed the cuff right to the base. He did the same on the other one, pinching the pert and hard tit while sliding it through the ring. She squirmed but it was getting harder to move, especially as her breasts were constricted and he fixed the chain ends into something below her.

Her hips twitched as much as possible. Phil gave her a small pat on her ass cheek. “Save it for the clients, babe,” he chuckled while his other hand started working lubricant into her crevasses. Where his hand touched, her skin tingled a moment later. His fingers worked into each fold of her cunt carefully. Her whimpering protests turned into soft moans. The moment she wanted it to keep going, he stopped.

His worked a pinky finger into her ass. “HMM!” She jerked at the intrusion.

It was so tight, he Maltepe Eve Gelen Escort put a larger glob of the sensitizer lube on that tight rosebud and tried again. Soon, he replaced his smallest finger with his middle, moving it around and forcing more fluid inside to ease it all looser. The chemical gel relaxed the sphincter and soon he could sneak his thumb in without any resistance.

“There we go, not so bad huh?” he spanked her gently again with his clean hand and removed his fingers completely.

She could hardly focus on Phil playing inside her ass while John played with her nipples again. Each tit was rock hard from the chill and arousal. He was screwing a clamp to each and tightening them down until firm, a hairs breath before painful. Once secure, he licked her exposed breast, liking her more now that she stopped talking. He was soon back to his computer program. That alteration he made to the last run was rushed, causing issues on this new reset. He gave up trying to remove the new cycle. Might as well keep the hydrating rinse cycle for now.

The tingling sensations on her pussy lips and anus was spreading into a warm delight. She barely noticed when Phil slid an applicator into her ass. Pressing the plunger down injected a nice mixture of relaxants, depressants, and aphrodisiacs. It would all be washed out on the first cycle, but a dose of good feelings would get her used to the machine on the first couple runs.

“You ready with the main harness?” John asked as he finished programming.

“Yup!” Phil answered as he hooked the wide belt around her waist under the skirt, further wedging her into the wall.

“Okay, tell me when you see the right screen, and I’ll let you know when to install the plugins,” John replied as he made a few energetic keystrokes. Meanwhile Rochelle was getting dizzy, feeling amazing and wondering why she was so worried in the first place. Her body started leaning into the restraints, shifting barely in her immobile bindings. Her tongue played with the gag in her mouth, picturing it as a real cock and becoming ever more aroused. Her pussy swelled and gushed with juices.

Phil noticed the quivering cunt and played with it, having is fun as he watched the screen for any changes. “There we go! I see something!” he exclaimed as the screen changed.

A soundtrack kicked in after a few seconds. “Oh my gosh! I am so excited to meet you!” said a high-pitched girl voice imitating a teenager affect. “Go team go!”

“A little unsynchronized with the mouth movement,” Phil said as he tested the screen, going through its introduction and set up. Still rubbing her clit, easing inside, teasingly probing to make her desperately want more. She moaned deep in her throat, trying to grind again his hand but could do nothing but struggle against the wall bracket.

“Oi, stop that!” John quipped, sounding harsh despite his smirk, “it’s throwing off the calibrations. Get ready with the harness.”

“Sorry,” Phil said automatically, taking his hands away. Rochelle squeaked in disappointment. “Don’t worry babe, you’ll get your fun.” He slowly worked one of the plugs into her pussy, twisting and thrusting it inside by the centimetre. It spread her cunt just enough for her to feel the width, sending all manner of sensations straight into her brain. She moaned wantonly.

Before it went all the way in, he aligned the butt plug. She felt the tip on the rosebud, nearly giddy at what pleasure she was about to feel next. As he slid it inside, it felt much wider than his finger. “Mhm! Oh!” she groaned and he stopped, letting her ease into the girth before sliding another centimetre in. “HM!” She wanted him to stop, maybe, as the plug ached but did not hurt yet. He licked her clit and inched the pussy plug in more, shoving the last two inches in easily.

She had never felt so full and hot as when he pushed the last of the butt plug in. Its flared end stretching her near her limit before tapering smaller. She sank into the relief feeling her ass shrink and but still packed. “She’s plugged in!” Phil strung the strap ends up to the belt at her waist. The harness quickly clicked together.

“Alright, running the baseline program and initializing cycle,” John warned, engaging the first flushing cycle. The harness tightened right down on her crotch and she gave a shocked screech as everything was nudged in further. The initializing program was different then the normal gameplay. First, it was several minutes of just water, heated and shot into her pussy and ass as short bursts, while a corresponding suction drew it out. “Okay sweetheart, whatever the computer does, try to make your reactions consistent, otherwise the computer keeps trying until it gets matching results.” He explained before hitting the start button. The vibrators and electric clamps began, running through several combinations of sharp and soft stimulation. The computer recorded her sounds, movement and vital signs. It Maltepe Evi Olan Escort automatically cataloged her responses to each, positive or negative and relative strength. It would use the information to elicit the appropriate reaction during gameplay.

As she moaned, squealed, and squirmed, unable to help herself, the men began packing up their tools. The nipple clamps would shock or vibrate, and at different lengths or intervals. The plugs quaked and pulsed even as the water rushed through her genitals. She was at least trying to keep a consisted reaction but eventually gave up and gave in. The pressure and sensation built until she had the best orgasm of her life. The computer stopped everything, carefully recording her brain activity so it could tell exactly what it looked like on the program. Once she came down from that blissful high, panting for breath and shaking slightly, it started up again. One orgasm was not enough for a proper baseline.

Her heart raced anew reaching that next orgasm faster and she was ready for it, desperate for it. She screamed out for more and came a third time. The drugs still in her system made her want another but the computer had its fill. INITIALIZING COMPLETE flashed on the screens and it switched to its normal cycle, starting with a pre-rinse. Phil and John waited and watched to make sure the game was set to the start screen properly, so they had front… and back, row seats to her reactions as water flowed into her pussy continuously from the intake valve. When her pussy filled completely, it flowed into her ass. Wracked with orgasms, she loved the ever-filling sensation. Once full to the brim, a hairsbreadth past comfortable, it stopped pumping in and sealed the valves off. Both vibrators started on high for a full minute before finally flowing out of her ass and into her mouth.

Her mind was so out of it, she started thoughtlessly swallowing the douche water, unable to follow where the water was going or coming from. She was aroused at the feeling of drinking from a penis head, the flavour not unlike cum, and the orgasms made her sweat up a thirst. With the pre rinse complete, the wash fluid was next with its cycles of pumping in and vibrations, and the spermicide, anti-microbial, lubricant following shortly after. All the cleaning and lube were sent down the drain, so she didn’t have to drink it. Her pussy and ass were left spotless and slick. The game screen itself started up finally and Rochelle felt her feet move.

The set of cuffs in the wall attached to her shoes and moved up, closing her legs together. Her crotch squished around the plug and the one in her ass was pushed out slightly. The strap keeping both in place. “Ok, you wanna test the first run? I’ll give you some privacy.” John closed everything out and left through the access panel, leaving her upper torso alone in the red-light.

The game was already set and ready to go, but due to a little quirk in the program, it considered Phil as a paid client and locked him in until he finished a round. All he had to do was cum and oh what a chore that was, NOT. He knew all the answers to the stupid bio questions, so he breezed right past them to the fun bit.

The updated module was working so far; they replaced the onscreen progress bar with the leg spreaders. The cheerleader role play script could use some editing, but it would do for now. As he worked through the questions, her feet dropped like the naughty hands of a clock. Her feet were pointing at 10 and 2 when the game asked its final question. “Want to see me do the splits!?” Rochelle’s recorded voice asked.

Phil selected yes obviously, and her legs were clicked down to the final gorgeous position, locked tight in a perfect split, presenting her pussy up and tight ass access. The next game mode was to stroke her thighs which he did and loved it. The drugs were washed out from her ass and she was starting to feel less dizzy, a bit tired but still in the throws of euphoria as she felt soft caresses on her legs and a clawing hand on her ass cheek. She was moaning, at least it sounded like she was. The game was moaning for her but in her quixotic state, she wasn’t sure.

The harness unclicked and he pulled out the plugs. She felt so empty and cold without them. “Put them back in,” she wanted to say but it came out as unintelligible groans.

“Don’t worry little slut, we’ll keep you nice and full,” he figured by context she wanted something in her. He fingered her clit while unzipping his pants. It was a relief to finally let his cock out. It had been straining for freedom this whole fucking time. He wasn’t big, but certainly larger than the plugs and she could feel that rock hard cock spread her dripping wet pussy lips.

“Please, go easy on me, your so big and it’s my first time,” the game whispered.

“Ah. Fuck yes!” he growled as the folds of her cunt gave way easily to him. To have a real, thick, penis shoved deep inside drove her wild. Thrusting against her immobile hips brought her to new heights of sensation in combination with the fading drugs and sensitizer lube. Beginning to understand, she was about to be the toy to a string of random horny men made her excited but also panicked.

“Oh, ouch, please be gentle!” cried the game, sensing her stress.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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