The Art of Massage Ch. 04

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I have enjoyed the past several weeks, as the year wound down, my sex life wound up. Several weeks ago, I found a local night class that teaches that art of sensual massage. After three sessions and some hands-on training, I feel ready to expand my horizons.

Before the class, I relied on massage videos from porn sites to guide my technique. They really don’t portray real life massage, as they use the guise of massage to show well-endowed ladies getting plowed by huge cocks. I watched them anyway and masturbated to many satisfying orgasms. When I shared them with my lady friends we always enjoyed great sex.

The week before I attended the first session, my good friend, Gloria and I were watching some videos and mimicking some of the scenes. Gloria is a dear friend in the prime of life and enjoys sex to the fullest. She has a firm body with large breasts. The thing I love about Gloria is that she keeps her pussy covered with a thick thatch of brunette curls which covers her entire mons and inner thighs. I love to bury my face in her dense forest, lick her thick inner labia and lap up her sweet juices.

After that first session, I invited my fuck buddy, Laura, to spend the night with me. I used some of my knowledge to keep her on the edge of orgasm. Laura is a BBW and her breasts are large and very round with wide and very pale aureoles. Her thumb size nipples are always hard. She loves for me to suck them which makes her pussy very wet. Speaking of her pussy, I am the lucky gent who gets to shave her cunt and keep it silky smooth. Her thick thighs frame her beefy outer lips which opens to her wonderful pink inner labia and hard clit. I love to spread her puffy folds wide in order to get my tongue deep within her wet gash.

Laura is very busy with the holidays. She is putting in long hours as an assistant manager at our local drug store, so we haven’t spent any time together this week. I look forward to massaging her plump body after the New Year.

During the second class session, I met Jane who teaches third grade. We partnered up and got to know one other over coffee. Jane’s number one asset is also her boobs. Jane sports beautiful tear drop breasts which are very large and firm. Her Double-D’s are capped with rose colored areole. Her nipples, being the size of grapes, are definitely the largest nubs I’ve had the pleasure of sucking.

The week between the second and third class, I paid a visit to a lovely widow who lives in my apartment complex. I befriended Sandy about nine months ago and we have become lovers over the course of time. Sandy was interested in my massage class and let me practice my technique with her. She is a beautiful mature lady with a pair of large, pendulous boobs that are capped by dark red areole three inches wide and nipples that stare right back at me.

I guess it’s pretty obvious that I love big tits, and I love eating pussy. Sandy has me eat her pussy as a prelude to our lovemaking, mainly to get her wet enough for penetration. She will sit on my face while I lick her. She usually mounts me and slides forward until her pussy is above my face. Her inner labia protrude below her outer lips and beg to be licked. I suck on her inner lips to get her wet and prepared to take my cock.

This past weekend Sandy let me practice my massage techniques while we shared a bath. I massaged her shoulders and breasts while she used an eight inch dildo to bring herself to orgasm. After the bath we stayed in bed making love until Monday afternoon. Each time she rode me to climax after I ate her pussy.

This brings me to the present. My massage mate, Jane and I just finished showering after a night of massage and early morning intercourse. We used her new massage table to practice on each other. I think we were more focused on our orgasms rather than a serious massage; however, we did manage to relieve all of the tension from our bodies.

This morning before our shower, Jane and I made love for the first time. She revealed to me how her friend and fellow teacher, Gail, began a physical relationship. She told me how they ‘broke in’ her new massage table and suggested that I invest in one also. Her tale had me rock hard, so after a little bit of 69 action, I took her from a side position and deposited a load of jism deep in her pussy. I used my cum to masturbate her to a gut wrenching climax.

Jane and I cook up a nourishing breakfast with spinach omelets and wheat toast to revive our spirits and prepare for a day of shopping. Jane is insistent that I purchase my own massage table as she thinks my talent will lead me to some interesting prospects.

Before Jane purchased hers, she did quite a bit of research on massage tables. Many websites offer good deals on tables and even big box stores sell them. However, she was looking for quality and wanted to physically see the products. She located a spa specialty store up in Paso Robles that have good selections and competitive prices. That is where she and Gail went sancaktepe escort last weekend to find her table, and that is where we are going today.

I’m ready to leave with coat and car keys in hand. Jane came out of her bedroom dressed in a pale blue skirt with matching sweater. I can tell by the sway of her breasts beneath the sweater that she is bra-less. I wonder what she has in mind.

She announces, “Shall we go?”

Jane and I head up Highway 101 toward Paso Robles. We’re in my truck and she is sitting next to me, her hand on my thigh. I place my right hand on her leg and rub her smooth skin which is warm and inviting. I rest my palm along her inner thigh and feel the heat emanating from between her legs. It’s just a move to tease her and to see how she responds. Jane is content to let me hold her as we head north.

We arrive at the spa store and walk in. The salesman recognizes Jane from the previous week. He is over eager to share his knowledge and show us around. I stand back and watch him undress Jane with his eyes. He seems mesmerized by the sway of her huge tits as we walk around the store. I finally take the lead and tell Mr. Bug Eyes what I’m interested in and price range. He shows us a couple of tables that fit my request. Before we drove up I had a clear idea of what I was looking for.

My main concern is portability. I would like to provide a traveling massage service visiting clients rather than having them come to my cramped apartment. I need a table that easily folds up and can be transported by one person. It needs to support 500 pounds or so in case I get lucky and am invited to share an intimate experience with my customer. The thought has crossed my mind, maybe from watching too much porn.

Jane and I narrow down the selection to a couple of tables with a soft leather fabric, so price becomes the deciding factor. Just for fun, Jane hops up and sits on the table I have my eye on. I move in between her spread legs, grab her hips and move my face close to hers.

“So, what do you think? Would you be comfortable lying naked on this while I massage every part of your body?”

Jane offers a sly smile and looks over at the salesman, “I love the feel of the leather. It’s seems sturdy enough to support our weight when I’m on top of your throbbing cock!”

Jane shakes her boobs as she talks, “I think we should take this one and test it out tonight.”

I look over to the salesman who is now three shades of red with a bit of sweat dripping down his forehead.

“I believe we will take one, my good man.”

Jane jumps down into my arms and we squeeze each other tightly. She presses her amazing tits into my chest and we share a passionate kiss. Our poor salesman excuses himself and stutters that he will get the paperwork.

Jane and I laugh out loud as we take our time wandering around the store. They have a wide assortment of candles, massage oils and other spa related goodies. One case displays large oval stones used for hot stone spa therapy. Another case is devoted to countless scents of incense, aromatherapy oils and diffusers.

There are many lotions to choose from. This week’s special touts an exceptional floral aroma which is considered to be an aphrodisiac. Only a few drops are needed in one ounce of oil for a single massage. That sounds good to us, so we pick up a bottle. We add a few more items to our shopping cart before heading to checkout.

As we complete our transaction, the salesman tries his best not to stare at Jane. Her nipples are rock hard and press obscenely against the fabric of her sweater. I watch her gently sway back and forth causing her boobs to bounce around. I do my best to suppress my amusement.

We thank the salesman for his service and attention to detail as we leave the store. I drive around to the loading dock where a warehouse worker loads my new massage table onto the truck.

Jane is excited and says, “Let’s celebrate. There a lot of great wineries around here. Let me take you to my favorite and we’ll do some tasting.”

We drive a few miles inland where the rolling hills are covered with uniform rows of grape vines. We pull onto a gravel road leading up to an old farmhouse structure. No doubt it was an old family farm given way to a trendy new wine establishment. We park the truck and walk into the farmhouse. It’s been transformed into a spacious wine emporium with the original feel of the old barn. Wagon wheels and farm implements hang from the rafters. A long tasting bar stretches across the rear of the room with bottles of wine scattered about. High seat stools line the bar. We take a seat to the right and strike up a conversation with one of the owners. Several patrons line the bar drinking and talking with the hosts.

He recognizes Jane from her previous visits and introduces himself to me. We are immediately treated like one of the family as he lines up an impressive variety ümraniye escort of reds for us to sample. His pours are generous as we begin our tasting. We sample several glasses beginning with the lighter Pinot Noir to the Merlots, Zins and Cabs. Lots of snacks are provided to clear our pallets between sips.

After several more tastings I excuse myself to use the restroom. When I return Jane swivels around on her seat and spreads her legs giving me a clear view of her pussy. The minx is not wearing panties. Her smooth lips appear to shine with moisture. I wonder if anyone else sees her display.

I belly-up to the bar and whisper, “You are so bad. I bet you wanted to flash the poor boy at the spa store?”

Jane acknowledged that she did but never got the opportunity.

After a few more tastings of sweet dessert wine, the front door opens and a tall, svelte blonde enters the shop. She walks over to Jane and plants a long hard kiss to her lips. I’m taken aback. Jane grabs the blonde’s waist and presses her lips even tighter. I swear I see their tongues mingle.

They break contact and Jane turns to look at me, “Rob, I’d like you to meet my best friend Gail.”

They both smile at me and chuckle at my dumbfounded expression. Gail extends her hand to me and says, “Nice to meet you Rob. Jane has been gushing about you for weeks. Did she make good on her promise to lure you into her bed?”

Jane smiles and winks at me. I raise my eyebrows a couple of times to acknowledge her question. Gail takes her seat next to Jane and the bar man puts up another glass. She is dressed in a grey pencil skirt with a black satin blouse. Several buttons are undone and she is showing a fair amount of cleavage. I can only surmise she is wearing a push-up bra. Jane did mention that Gail has nice firm C-cup breasts.

I whisper to Jane, “I thought she was going to join us for dinner tomorrow night?”

Jane responded, “Play your cards right and we can have her both nights!”

“Wait, what?”

I quiz Gail and she confirms she also called in sick and the two of them planned this little get together for my benefit. Jane knew it would be a cinch to get me out and about today. We decide on a couple of bottles of wine to drink here and a couple more to take home. Our hosts bring out plates of finger foods and tapas, so we enjoy a light lunch before heading back south.

I get a chance to learn more about Gail and her life. The two ladies share more of their exploits and I open up about my life as well.

The time is getting close to 3 o’clock and we decide it’s time to head home. Jane tells Gail we will meet her back at Jane’s house and that Gail can head there now. We will drop off my new massage table at my apartment and I’ll grab some fresh clothes. All three of us will meet back at Jane’s in a couple of hours.

We thank our hosts and walk out to the parking lot. As we say our goodbyes, Jane and Gail hug and share a long lingering kiss. Gail comes up to me and we embrace as well. Our lips meet and Gail pushes her tongue into my mouth. She presses her tits into my chest and I feel their firmness. She whispers, “I’m so happy to meet you. I can’t wait for us to have some fun tonight. Jane sure picked a hunk.”

Jane and I get back in my truck and head out. She slides next to me in the cab and kisses my cheek, “Thanks for being so open and welcoming to Gail. I know we’ll have fun tonight.”

As we turn on to 101 south, l place my hand on Jane’s thigh again.

“So Missy, not wearing any panties, eh?”

Jane replied,”Nope, I was hoping you might have explored a little further on our drive up.”

“Guess I’ll have to make up for it now.”

As I say that, I move my hand further up her thigh close to her pussy. Jane spreads her legs allowing me better access to her smooth lips. My fingers run up and down her moist slit and spread her labia. I feel her wetness. I feel her heat.

“Gawd yes, rub my pussy baby. That’s what I need.”

I use my fingers to slowly rub her inner flesh and make contact with her clit. Each time I hit her clit she flinches. My cruise control is set so I just need to steer straight with my left hand while my right rubs Jane. Her breathing intensifies as my fingers gather her fluids. Jane’s right hand disappears under her sweater. She palms her breast and pinches her nipple. I dip my fingers deeper into her gash while she squeezes her boob.

She gets closer and closer to climax. Just as we pass the Santa Margarita turnoff, she explodes. Her girl juice runs down my hand and onto her thighs, pooling on the seat. Jane grabs my hand and keeps it pressed up against her pussy as she rides out this latest orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes Rob. Jeez this is so good. You hit the magic button every time.”

We continue rolling down 101, down the steep grade into San Luis Obispo. We sit high enough in the cab, so no one else on the road knows the ecstasy tuzla escort Jane is enjoying. No truckers have passed us. If they did, I’m sure they would get an eyeful.

Jane continues to hold my hand and laughs as she recovers from the electric jolt. She has a cute little laugh every time she cums. Adorable. In another 20 minutes we pull up to my apartment. My fingers are still inside her quim, her thighs held tight together.

“Sweetie you can let go of my hand now. We made it home in one piece.”

Jane takes a deep breath and releases my hand. I give my keys to her and send her to open the door while I get the massage table from the back.

“It’s 154.” I yell out.

I maneuver my new massage bed out of the truck and onto the sidewalk. I’ll have to learn the best way to lug the table around if I’m going to offer mobile massages, which I plan to do. I haul the table around the corner to my apartment and step inside. I close the door behind me and set the table down, as Jane calls my name from the bedroom.

I enter the bedroom and see Jane on her knees by my bed; her sweater is on the bed and she is rubbing her boobs together.

“What’s this all about?”

Jane responds, “It’s my way of thanking you for the incredible climax in your truck.”

“But isn’t Gail waiting for us at your place?”

“She can wait. Now bring that fabulous cock over here and let me suck it.”

I unbuckle my belt as I walk over to Jane. She grabs my jeans, tugs at the zipper and pushes my jeans down to my ankles. My seven inch shaft snaps to attention. Truth be told, I’ve been hard as a rock since the winery.

Jane grabs my cock and slides her hand up and down the shaft. She can barely wrap her hand around my thick member. I love watching her tits sway as she jacks me off. Her dark nipples are hard and stick out a good 3/4 of an inch.

Jane moves her hand to the base of my shaft. She holds my dick straight and opens her mouth. She leans in and takes half my length in one gulp. Her mouth is hot and wet as she licks the underside of my cock. Her other hand reaches up and grabs my balls. She squeezes them and rolls them around. I feel a strong suction on my shaft as Jane backs off and releases me with a pop. She sucks me between her lips again and dips her head further taking more of my shaft into her mouth.

Jane settles into a rhythm bobbing up and down and sucking hard as she pulls up. Her tongue is all over my cock coating the shaft with her saliva. She pumps the base of my cock as she sucks the remaining length. I throb inside her mouth and feel my climax build as she urges me on. My knees shake. She concentrates sucking on my glans while pumping her fist up and down my shaft. That familiar twitch boils up from my root through my cock.

Jane senses I am close and doubles her effort. She applies a hard pressure to both my cock and balls. She pulls down on my ball sack and I erupt. Her lips hold tight around my glans as one, two and three ropes of cum fill her mouth. With each release my hips rock and jerk. Jane keeps her lips wrapped around my tip as she pumps my shaft milking a few more drops of jizz.

She releases me and swirls my cum around her mouth before swallowing the entire load, savoring the taste and texture of my nectar. Jane wipes her mouth, “Mmm, I could enjoy that all night.”

She licks her lips and stands up. She hugs me tight pressing her naked tits into my chest. I rub the sides of her boobs before hugging her back. We kiss passionately for several minute before coming up for air.

I’m the first to speak, “Payment received. That was fabulous. You are fabulous. Jane, I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up with you and Gail all weekend.”

“Sure you will, big guy, I have faith in you. Besides, we can double team Gail if you need to recharge. Go grab some your things and extra clothes. You are spending the weekend at my place.”

We release our hold of each other and step back. I gaze at the most gorgeous tits I’ve ever seen. I bend down to suck on her nipples, but she pushes me away.

“There will be plenty of time for that later. Go get your stuff.”

I gather some clothes and my toiletries into a duffel and head to the kitchen. Jane has put on her sweater and we head back to her place.

We arrive at Jane’s home and open the door to a wonderful aroma of Italian sausage. Gail is sitting on the couch in a purple flannel robe watching the local news. The clock on the wall shows it is just after 5:00 PM.

Gail looks our way, “Hi kids, did you take the scenic route? Rob, be a dear and start a fire, I’m looking forward to a cozy evening. I started the Italian sausage for the spaghetti dinner and it smells delicious.”

Jane blushes a bit from Gail’s question. I’m sure Gail knows exactly what we were up to. Jane drops down on the couch while I attend to the fireplace. I plop down on the couch next to Gail, thigh to thigh. In a short time we are warmed by the flames. Jane and I kick off our shoes and get comfy on the couch. I look over to see Jane and Gail holding hands.

Gail places her other hand on my knee and says, “Did you have a good cum?”

Both Jane and I say yes at the same time which makes all three of us laugh out loud.

Gail pouts, “Well it looks like I am one behind. You two had better make it up to me soon.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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