The Awakening of Alicia Ch. 01

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Marina put on her bikini and looked outside. It was a simply gorgeous day, the attractive brunette couldn’t wait to get outside and have a swim. In the heat of the day, a dip in the cool water would be just the thing.

She adjusted the bikini to cover her tits and pussy, knowing that there were a lot of prying eyes since Jim had brought home his new young bride. She still couldn’t get used to being a married lady, it’d been such a whirlwind courtship.

She had met Jim Phillips while waitressing in a Cocktail Bar in Vegas and he’d tipped her twenty dollars. She’d flashed him her most dazzling smile and gone about her business. When he ordered another drink, she got another twenty dollar tip. She thanked him profusely, then told him she was finished for the night.

He came back in the next night and the night after that. It became obvious that he was interested in her, but Marina thought him a bit too old for her at first. He wore his 50 years well, but Marina wasn’t looking to become involved with a man 21 years her senior.

Jim had a way of winning people over and he poured on the charm. She agreed to go out with him after her Friday night shift was over and he picked her up in a limo.

“Nice!” she said. “Yours?”

“My company’s” he answered. “We have about 20 of them.”

As the limo drove them to dinner, he poured her a glass of a truly superb champagne. As Jim talked, Marina realized that it wasn’t the company he WORKED for, it was HIS company. She was going to have dinner with a millionaire.

It didn’t matter to her really, Marina had never been a materialistic person. She genuinely found herself falling for him, he listened to her dreams of becoming a Romance Novelist, he noticed the little heart-shaped earrings she was wearing. He told her that her chestnut-brown hair was very pretty and her smile made him feel warm.

Jim told her about his wife’s running off with another woman eight years earlier and Marina felt sorry for him. She took his hand in her own and she felt it. Right at that moment. Her roommate and cousin, Paulina, had told her of things like this, but she’d figured Paulina was full of shit. But there was a genuine spark between her and Jim.

He took her out for the next week and when they finally had sex, it was electric. Jim was hung like a horse, with a big cock that hung low. It was thick and hard in her mouth as she sucked on it, happy to see the expression on his face as she pleasured him. Sliding her tongue up and down his dick, squeezing his balls and then really going to town on his prick, Marina had never enjoyed a cock this much.

She lay back on the bed, her slim body naked in the moonlight streaming in from the window of his hotel room, she looked breathtaking. Jim slid down between her legs, licking her for a few moments before he took her, fucking her with abandon she hadn’t known in men half his age. He pumped in and out of Marina and she used every trick in her arsenal to please him back. As Jim arched into her cunt, she moved forward to accept his mammoth cock, her pussy aching with desire as Jim fucked her. With every stroke, she wanted him more, yearned to be his.

They fucked well into the morning, the sunlight streaming in and warming both of them. He ordered Room Service and fed her as she cuddled in his arms. She didn’t ever want to leave his arms, she felt safe and protected for the first time in her life.

She got up a while later, kissed him goodbye and went back to her tiny apartment. It seemed lonely now, but Jim had made no promises, no declaration of love had been made. Marina was in love, head over heels and it hurt to know she was alone again.

Jim came into the bar again that night and sat at his regular table. “Hi honey!” Jim smiled brightly as she made her way over to his table.

She looked around, saw no one was watching and planted a kiss on him. “Hi yourself. I was hoping to see you tonight. When do you have to go home?”

“In the morning” Jim responded and Marina felt her heart sink.

“Can we talk for a minute?”

“Sure.” Marina said, putting on a brave face. “Suzie, cover for me for 5 minutes.”

They went outside, Marina felt nauseous, knowing she was going to have to say goodbye to this wonderful, special man. At first, it didn’t register what he was doing.

Jim was down on one knee, holding out a box with a large diamond ring in it. She couldn’t wrap her brain around what he had just said.

“Marina, did you hear me? I asked – will you marry me?”

“Yes, yes, YES!” she screamed, throwing herself into his arms, tears streaming down her face. She was still a little queasy, but she knew it was from being overjoyed.

Jim took her inside, bought the house a drink and told everyone their good news. Marina gave her notice instantly, she went and got changed. Her fiance wrapped his protective arms around her as they left, the drove to a small chapel and one hour later, she was Mrs. James Phillips.

She had never understood women who took their husband’s last name, gaziantep escort bayan but she did now. She was head-over-heels in love with this man, she took his last name proudly. Marina Swanson was now Marina Phillips.

If only the rest of her life had gone that smoothly, she would have been exquisitely happy. The bump in their life came when they drove up to Jim’s luxurious townhouse. He had told her all about Alicia on the drive home.

“I love my little girl Marina, but Alicia is a bit spoiled. Since her mother left, I’ve tended to indulge her.”

“It’s okay darling, I’m sure we’ll get along fine.”

Marina was wrong about that. Jim introduced his daughter to his new wife, Alicia took one look at her new stepmother, back at her father, and ran upstairs, carrying on and screaming.

She had lived with her new husband for a month and the icy cold between her and Alicia had not yet cooled. She looked outside and saw Alicia was tanning on the chaise lounge by the pool. Marina sighed, adjusted the mauve bikini one more time and went outside.

“Hello Alicia” she said to her stepdaughter. “Lovely day, isn’t it?”

She got no response from the pretty blonde, but this time she’d had enough.

Venom practically dripping from her mouth, she said “Just what the FUCK am I going to have to do to get you to be civil towards me?”

Alicia rolled over and sat on one elbow, eying her father’s wife with an expression Marina did not recognize. “Teach me about sex.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me.”

“I heard you, but I’m not sure I understand you. What in God’s name are you talking about Alicia?

The pretty blonde sat up, holding the top of her bikini to her chest. “Since Mom split with Kathy, Daddy’s watched me like a hawk. Hell, he didn’t even let me start dating until a few years ago. I still have a curfew, for fuck’s sake! Boys are afraid to ask me out, so I’ve never been laid. You’re going to fix that. You’re going to teach me about sex, you’re going to help me get laid.”

“And just how do you propose I do that?” Marina said, still not believing the audacity of the blonde teen.

“Come inside, `Stepmommy Dearest’, and I will show you.”

Marina followed the girl, her swim forgotten for the moment. She watched her stepdaughter climbing the winding staircase that led to the bedrooms upstairs and followed her, a trifle fearful, a trifle curious.

She entered Alicia’s room, which had been forbidden to her prior to this. It was quite lovely, mauves and cream shades, feminine and charming. The sunlight streamed in the beautiful glass sliding doors, there was an en-suite bathroom and lots of pillows with a big comfortable chair in the corner and a lamp for reading. She turned her attentions back to Alicia, who was watching Marina with an odd look in her eyes.


Marina was dumbfounded. “Just what the hell–?”

Alicia cut her off. “You said you want peace around here, well, I’m willing. But you have to play along Marina. Now strip!”

Reluctantly, Marina did as she was told, revealing her long, sensual body to her stepdaughter’s admiring gaze. Alicia put a finger to her lips, looking deliciously girly. “Well, it isn’t hard to see why Daddy likes you so much. You are truly beautiful, I will give you that.”

“My turn” Alicia said, throwing her bikini top on the chair, her bottom soon followed.

Marina thought it was a true shame no one had sampled her stepdaughter’s sweet body yet. She was truly adorable, with beautiful blonde hair, bleached even lighter by the sun, which hung just past her shoulders. Her lips were full, red, pouty, truly kissable. Her eyes were cornflower blue and she was lightly tanned.

Alicia’s breasts were works of art, like two ripe peaches, each capped with a strawberry nipple. She was so scrumptious, Marina couldn’t help but look her over with an appreciative eye.

“Now what?” Marina wanted to know, yet somewhat fearful of the answer.

“Now, come over here and kiss me.”

Marina walked to the side of the bed, naked and trembling. She leaned over and brushed her lips to Alicia’s, gentle as a cloud. She heard the young woman sigh.

“That was nice” Alicia said. “Now join me in bed. We’re going to make love.”

“WHAT?! Don’t be ridiculous, there is no way … “

“Marina … ” Alicia said softly ” … we ARE going to do this. If there is going to be peace here, you will have to play along. Now please, get in bed with me. You’re going to educate me about sex and you’re going to pleasure me. End of argument.”

Marina capitulated almost instantly. Despite her own best judgment, she was excited by this. Alicia would not be her first experience with a woman, but it had been a very long time.

“Please, pleasure me and I will watch and learn how to pleasure you” Alicia said softly. Marina thought “Well, at least she’s got good manners and good intentions.” Aloud, she said “Why do you want to learn about pleasuring a woman?”

Alicia smiled gently. gaziantep eve gelen escort “I’ve been attracted to women and men for a long time lately. Some of my friends are bi, I figure, why deny myself any pleasure life has to offer?”

Despite the blackmail situation, Marina found herself smiling a little. This had been her own philosophy prior to her marriage to James. “If it feels good, do it. If it feels real good, do it twice!”

She moved towards Alicia and kissed the girl again, this time her tongue was much more insistent. She nuzzled the girl’s neck, kissed behind her ears and began to work her way down Alicia’s silky body. She admired each breast, played with the girl’s tits, but gently, caressing each precious globe and planting soft, warm kisses on each nipple, looking up on occasion to see Alicia’s blue eyes sparkling as Marina toyed with her. It was turning Marina on to know she was affecting the pretty blonde.

She kissed further downward, seeing the dangling chain hanging from Alicia’s navel piercing, she looked up at the girl, who giggled “Daddy doesn’t know.” Alicia sighed softly as Marina dipped her tongue into her belly and worked it around, her skilled hands massaging the soft flesh as she moved downward.

Alicia’s thighs were beautiful, gently tanned with just the barest of tan lines. Marina thought it odd that Alicia could get away with such skimpy bikinis with such a strict parent, but she kissed the soft thighs and worked down each long, silky leg and back up again, repeating the process a few times and hearing mewls of pleasure from the aroused young blonde.

Marina zeroed in on Alicia’s soft, sweet pussy. It was truly lovely, pouty with full lips, prominent. It was a lovely shade of pink with light, downy blonde hairs covering it. It was truly one of the prettiest pussies Marina had ever seen, and despite all that was going on, she was eager to taste it.

Using her long slender fingers, she parted the lips of Alicia’s pussy and began licking her, lightly at first, but picking up the tempo quickly.

“OH, MY GODDDD!!” Alicia screamed, making Marina happy no one was close by and the servants had the day off. “I never imagined …. “

Marina kept at the girl, licking and swirling her tongue around the wet cunt, dabbing at it with her tongue and twiddling the girl’s clit between her fingertips, which caused Alicia to jump a bit. Eagerly, Marina ate the sweet pussy underneath her lashing tongue, devouring the girl, inhaling her essence and moving her face, from side to side, then up and down. The naked blonde was writhing all over the bed, her enjoyment of her stepmother’s pussy eating evident.

“Stop. Please … stop!” Alicia breathed, panting. Marina came up from between the girl’s legs and looked her in the face.

“That was wonderful, thank you so much. My turn, okay? I want to try that.”

Marina had no objections, she was aching for it. With James away on business, it had been a few days and her cunt ached for some attention. She moved up to the top of the bed and saw Alicia’s pretty head go down between her thighs. She didn’t use a lot of foreplay on Marina, but that was okay, there was always later. She saw the girl’s blue eyes look up at her lustily and then saw the pretty face move in between her legs.

The minute Alicia went down on her, it was like a live wire going through her body. All of Marina’s senses were inflamed, she was on fire. Her nipples were hard as rocks and the girl’s eager tongue was getting lots of pussy juice, Marina knew. She could feel the girl’s soft blonde hair brush her thighs as she ate pussy, it felt deliciously sexy, sex with women was always so much more sensual than sex with a man.

“That’s it baby, you’re doing fine!” Marina encouraged the sweet young girl. “Flatten your tongue baby, that’s it, run it up and down. Don’t forget the clitty baby, remember how you liked me paying attention to yours? Like it, lick that little button. Ahhhh, yes Alicia, that’s so good honey.”

Eating her stepmom’s pussy, Alicia felt slight pangs. She no longer despised the woman, she wasn’t quite sure how she felt. To be sure, the sex they were now having was incredible, but ….

She stopped thinking and Alicia returned to the job at hand, sucking pussy. Her lack of experience was made up for by her desire to pleasure her partner, to wrench an orgasm from Marina’s body. She felt Marina’s body tense for a moment, then a loud scream came from her throat.

She lifted her face from between Marina’s thighs and asked eagerly “Did you cum? Did I make you cum?”

Marina pulled the girl’s face to her own and kissed her, tasting her own juices on the girl’s pouty lips. “Oh yes baby, you sure did! I came hard, oh, so damned hard!”

“Good” Alicia said with a self-satisfied grin. “Well, that’s one thing I can do now!” She giggled, Marina joined her.

Alicia moved up on the bed and reached into the nightstand beside her bed. She pulled out a large box gaziantep evi olan escort and handed it to her stepmother. “Here, open this” she commanded Marina.

Marina opened the box and found inside a large, flesh-colored strap on dildo. She looked over at Alicia in surprise.

“I want you to take my cherry. I don’t want some idiot boy to do it, the first time a man fucks me, I want it to be sexy and exciting, not messy.” Alicia smiled at her stepmother, it was such a lovely smile, one Marina had seen rarely. “And here Marina, I can have some privacy.”

The kinkiness of the situation was beginning to get to Marina, she donned the sex toy and grinned over at Alicia. The girl smiled back at her and Marina asked “How do you want it?”

Alicia looked at her with a puzzled expression, so Marina went on. “There are a few positions dear. There is Missionary, which is me on top of you. There is Doggy, which is with your cute little rump facing me and me fucking you from behind. You can do Cowgirl, which is you on top riding the cock or Reverse-Cowgirl, where you ride it with your back to me.”

Alicia giggled slightly. “Choices, choices, so many choices. What’s your favorite?”

Marina looked at her and said “I like to ride, but I think for your first time baby, we should do it Doggy.” Alicia nodded and got into position, Marina moved behind her.The girl had such a cute ass, Marina couldn’t wait to slip the big cock into the hot little bitch and fuck her innocence away.

“Are you ready Alicia?” Marina asked and the girl nodded. She was glad Alicia was still so wet from their foreplay, it would make things easier. Marina grabbed the girl by the hips and she slid the hard cock into Alicia’s pussy from behind, encountering slight resistance. With a hard shove, she pushed deep into Alicia’s cunt, taking her virginity and innocence.

Alicia screamed for a few brief moments, but those screams were quickly replaced by moans of pleasure. The big tool felt so good inside her pussy, her wet cunt, she thought internally. As Marina fucked her with passion, she moved back against the invasive tool, taking all she could and loving the feeling of it deep inside her.

“Oh, fuck me, fuck me harder Marina, oh, that’s feels so good darling, fuck my hot little pussy with your big, fake cock!” she moaned.

Marina grinned, unseen by the pretty teen. She’d called her “darling”, let it slip out in a moment of weakness. Her lovemaking was wearing down the girl’s resistance and that pleased her very much. She continued to grasp the girl’s hips and fuck her sensually with the dildo, which would occasionally rub against her own clit and add to her own pleasures.

Alicia was fucking her back now, with grinding motions, rolling her cute, tempting ass at Marina, who determinedly fucked her harder.

Alicia was loving not being a virgin anymore. True, it wasn’t a REAL cock fucking her, but Marina wielded it like a pro. She knew that under her stepmother’s sensual exterior there lurked an even kinkier, wilder interior and she relished the chance to share it. “Oooh, feels good, so fucking good inside me!! Gonna cum, gonna cum, cumminnnnggggg!!” she yelled as another powerful orgasm shook her body. She collapsed, panting, face forward on the bed.

She gasped for breath, playing with herself had felt nowhere NEAR this good. “Thank You” she said to Marina, who beamed with pride.

Marina moved off the bed, removing the sex toy and went into the bathroom to get clothes and towels to clean off her stepdaughter. Remarkably, there was little blood and Alicia was cleaned up in a jiffy. Another lovely smile crossed the girl’s face.

“My turn.” she grinned, reaching for the dildo and attaching it to her waist. She bent over low and caressed Marina’s breasts and tummy, stroking the woman gently, using foreplay to arouse her new lover further. Marina’s entire body responded with sensual purrs and coos, loving the attention. She saw the dreamy look on Alicia’s face and thought the girl looked very sweet, very beautiful.

“How do YOU want it?” Alicia asked, still rubbing her stepmother’s slender body.

Marina knew immediately. “I like to ride, dear” she told the girl. “So, if you will lay on your back, I will take this naughty toy in my hot cunt and you can play with me too, if you want.”

Oh, did she want. Marina’s lewd words and uninhibited fuckings were getting to the girl, she felt herself heating up again. She saw the slender body descend onto the dildo and heard Marina’s “Aaahhhhh” as the toy slipped deep inside of her. She began to move up and down on it, slowly at first, so Alicia ran her hands all over her stepmother’s back and her front, caressing the woman everywhere, her back, her soft shoulders, her breasts and nipples, her clit, which caused Marina to groan even louder.

“I’m fucking you baby!” Marina yelled out.

“Yes you are, you horny bitch!” Alicia responded, getting deeper into the perversity of the moment. She moved upwards, causing the artificial dick to drive deeper into Marina’s pussy, which engulfed it greedily.

Moving up and down and rolling her hips in circles, then side to side, Marina gave in fully to the kinkiness of her stepdaughter’s plan. This afternoon had been a delight, sharing a bed with the naughty teen had been wonderful. She had a natural talent for sex and appetites about which Marina remained very curious.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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