The Awakening of Rosie Ch. 02

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Adam was a man in turmoil. The previous day he had incredible sex with Rosie, the object of his affections for the past twelve months. Rosie, who was well out of his league. Who walked past him in the office every day, leaving him speculate what it would be like to see her naked. Rosie, who revealed herself to be the reluctant owner of a number of kinky fantasies and had spilled them to him as he ravaged her in a corridor of a nightclub.

She’d woken with a raging hangover and was definitely not in the mood to continue where the previous night had left off. She was extremely cold towards him, verging on downright rude. Adam couldn’t escape the conclusion that Rosie saw last night as a huge mistake. Reluctantly, he was beginning to accept that he could understand why she would think so. That didn’t mean it wasn’t hurtful however. It was the hope that killed him, and he’d allowed himself to hope that there could be something more between he and Rosie. Deep down, he wanted to make her his girlfriend, despite the fact that Rosie really wan’t girlfriend material. He knew all this, he was a rational guy. He should treat last night as a beautiful one-off. There was that element of hope still lingering though. She’d whispered to him that it was the best sex ever. He kept replaying that moment in his mind. Had she meant it, or was she simply telling him what he wanted to hear? She was pretty good at that, he had to admit.

Adam kept the previous night’s events to himself, despite a few text messages prompting him from Sam, his good friend and the office joker. He knew he was acting subdued but his housemates didn’t seem to notice and so the weekend passed without event. He was torn as to whether to get in touch with Rosie somehow, but he knew he would appear desperate in her eyes. He was desperate. Desperate to know what she really thought. It was killing him inside. Whilst he wasn’t one of her closest friends, they got along well, he thought. Above all, he hoped he hadn’t ruined their friendship.

Monday morning arrived, and as he was on the train on the way to the office, he became increasingly nervous. He knew he’d have to face her and he wasn’t sure how to deal with her. Should he say anything? Wait for her to talk to him? He fully expected her to ignore him, he just wasn’t sure he could deal with it.

As Adam went to his desk, he glanced over at where Rosie sat. She was there, concentrating on her screen, embroiled in some task. Sam was straight over, asking what it was like at Rosie’s place, whether anything happened. Adam told him nothing had occurred, which left Sam disappointed. ‘Well at least tell me you stole a pair of her knickers!’

Adam had to laugh. It felt like the first time he’d laughed since that Friday night. He confirmed that he’d left Rosie’s underwear drawer alone and went about his morning’s work. Eventually, Rosie walked past him on her way to the kitchen. She was wearing a tight grey pencil skirt and a nicely fitting white blouse with a black pinstripe. Adam watched longingly as she strode away from him. Just a couple of days ago he’d had his finger inside that bum. He knew he’d do almost anything to bring about a repeat.

Minutes later and Rosie was making the return journey. He chanced a look up at her as she passed but she completely blanked him. Usually she would at least acknowledge him with a smile as she walked past for the first time in the morning. Sometimes she would even stop to say hello and have a brief chat. Today though, it was as if he didn’t even exist and it was like a knife cutting straight to his heart. He was blaming himself, trying to think what he may or may not have done wrong. It never even occurred to him that Rosie was being something of a bitch.

The day progressed in an achingly slow fashion, with Rosie completely blanking him on every occasion she walked past his desk. He wanted to stride over to her and ask her what he’d done wrong. He thought about emailing her, going as far as writing out a long winded email full of questions and pleas for her to at least still be friends with him. He couldn’t bring himself to press ‘Send’ however. He got almost nothing done during the day. He knew he was acting like a lovesick puppy but he couldn’t bring himself out of his wallowing.

Eventually, with the end of the day around an hour away, he resolved himself to get in touch. He knew if he let this rumble on into the evening he would be restless all day. He typed out an email and pressed send eventually, butterflies in him stomach as he awaited the reply.

‘Hey. Are we ok?’

He went through the motions of working for the last hour, mainly concentrating on his email atakent escort inbox, waiting for Rosie’s name to appear. The wait was excruciating, and still no reply from her. He’d almost resolved himself to the fact that she was officially ignoring him when a reply appeared. He quickly opened up the email.

‘Yeah we’re ok.’

Short and sweet. Adam swivelled in his chair to look over at her, but Rosie was already leaving the office out of the side door. He didn’t really know what to make of that. As he made the journey home, he was ultimately relieved that she was still talking to him.

Tuesday followed and was much like Monday. Numerous times she walked past his desk and not once did she even so much as glance in his direction. Although it was killing him the longer it went on, he decided that the best course of action was to leave her alone. The office wasn’t the place for such a discussion. By the time Thursday had come and almost gone however, he couldn’t take it any more. He settled on a plan to make sure he left at the same time as Rosie, with the idea of confronting her about where he stood.

Adam was keeping a close watch on the exits from the office as the end of the day approached. Time wore on and Rosie was still at her desk, much later than usual. A hand clapped him on the shoulder and he turned to see Sam grinning down at him. ‘You coming for a drink you miserable bastard?’ Adam smiled, declining the invitation. That was Sam’s way of asking ‘Are you ok?’ he knew. He was grateful for his friend’s concern but told him he’d catch up with him over the weekend.

More and more people filtered out of the office. Before long the numbers dwindled down to three people. Adam, Rosie, and a weird guy that worked over the other side of the office, Eric. Adam figured that he could go and talk to Rosie without being interrupted. He blew out his cheeks and began the walk over to Rosie’s desk. She saw him coming yet kept her eyes firmly on her screen. It felt like a pretty lonely walk for Adam, but he eventually reached her desk. He was incredibly nervous and it was an effort to keep his voice steady.

‘Hey. Mind if I have a seat?’

She didn’t even look at him, but she nodded. ‘Sure.’

‘I, um… I thought maybe we should have a bit of a chat.’

She turned to him then, putting on the fake smile that he’d seen a thousand times. A bad sign. She was closing up. ‘What about?’ she replied, far too sweetly.

‘Well, I think you know Rosie, you’ve been blanking me all week.’

‘Have I? Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to. Guess I’ve just been really busy this week.’ He was in familiar territory now. This was textbook Rosie. He wanted to believe her, to let her off the hook, but he knew that for once he absolutely had to press her.

‘Look, I get it ok. I’m not the sort of guy you’d usually go for. That’s fine, it really is. Just… don’t act all shitty towards me. I don’t deserve that. I did nothing wrong.’

Adam was half expecting her to carry on denying what he was even referring to, but there was a flash of anger in her eyes. ‘Didn’t do anything wrong? Are you sure about that?’

Adam was taken aback. Had he said something to her that he didn’t remember? He’d had a few drinks but not so many that he couldn’t remember anything from last Friday. ‘What the hell are you talking about? What have I done?’

‘You know what I’m talking about!’ she hissed back at him.

‘Rosie. Seriously, I have no idea what you’re talking about. Please, tell me what I have done.’

It became obvious to him that Rosie was genuinely upset, possibly to the extent that she was close to tears. She forced the words out. ‘You guys. You’re all the fucking same. Couldn’t wait to tell Sam all about it could you?’

‘But, I haven’t said anything to Sam. Or anyone else. Why, what did he say to you?’

The look she gave him told him she thought him a bad liar. A couple of tears rolled down her face and she dabbed them away with a tissue. ‘He made a stupid comment in the kitchen about you and me being swingers. There were people there listening. It was so embarrassing!’

‘Look, I swear I haven’t said anything to him. He knows that we went to that club, and he knows I stayed at yours. But I never said anything else to him, other than that nothing happened. Sam’s just being Sam. I’m not making excuses for him, but you know what he’s like.’

She gave him an appraising look. ‘Why should I believe you?’

Adam sighed. Wow, more revelations. She’d hinted in the past that a couple of old boyfriends had been a bit shitty to her, but this was the first time akbatı escort he’d really seen the trust issues she had up close. He looked into her eyes. ‘Rosie, I had a hell of a lot of fun with you last week. And yes, I’d love to shout from the rooftops what happened, but we’ve got to work together, and that’s not fair. I also know what Sam is like, and as much as I love him to pieces, he’d be the last person I’d tell!’

It was clear that she still didn’t fully trust him. ‘I… want to believe you. I just… well. I don’t want people knowing about what happened. I told you things that I’ve told anyone, you know.’

Adam nodded. ‘I know. And that makes me a lucky guy. You have no idea how amazing it was for me to see that side of you. I don’t want to betray that.’

She nodded. ‘Sorry, I know I’ve been horrible to you. I thought that you’d told Sam everything.’

Phew. He’d managed to convince her. He tried to lighten the mood. ‘You’re forgiven. But not for Saturday morning, you grumpy little madam.’

She gave a little laugh at that. ‘Yeah, I’m really not a morning person. Definitely not with a hangover!’

Adam grinned back at her. ‘No shit. So, we’re really ok now?’

She laughed again, still a little teary. ‘Yeah, we’re really ok now.’

It worked last time, so he figured he’d try his luck again. Though, with them both sober he knew it to be risky. ‘Good. Because I’ve been dying to tell you that I thought Friday was incredible.’

She blushed, and Adam felt the colour in his own cheeks rising. At least he knew she agreed. She was still being coy however. ‘Yeah. I’m glad you had fun.’

‘What about you? Did you have fun?’

She slapped his knee. ‘Stop embarrassing me!’ She was smiling though.

Adam grinned back at her. ‘That’s a yes. I’ll take that! Well, if you ever want another… um… chat, that could be fun.’

She didn’t outright dismiss it, and Adam realised now that there was a chance that he might be able to engineer a repeat of Friday. She simply smirked at him. ‘Easy tiger. We’re at work.’

‘You mean you don’t have any kinky office based fantasies?’

She shook her head, looking exasperated, but she was laughing. ‘When did you get so cheeky?’

Adam simply shrugged. ‘Not sure. I don’t see you complaining though.’

She arched an eyebrow at him. ‘No, you see me working.’

He held his hands up defensively. She wasn’t as playful as he’d hoped but he was still riding high on the wave of relief that he still ‘had the girl,’ so to speak. ‘Ok, I’ll grant you that it’s not quite the same setting as Friday, but come on, everyone has work fantasies, right?’

She shrugged. ‘Well, yes. But, you’re not getting those out of me.’

Encouraged, he leaned forward. ‘Why not!?’

She wouldn’t quite meet his eyes and she’d gone a deeper shade of red. Wow, Rosie, being all awkward. Her could get used to this! ‘Because. Well, the other night, that was just a generic thing. The situation, you know? Work stuff, that involves… people.’

Adam grinned. ‘Scared I’ll run and tell Eric that you want him to bend you over his desk?’

She rolled her eyes, but she laughed again. ‘You’re terrible! That’s gross!’

‘Ok, ok. I know what you mean. What’s the issue though?’

She chose her words carefully. She was skirting around something, Adam was sure. ‘Well you could tell people, if we ever… you know… fell out. I have to work with these people.’

Adam nodded earnestly. ‘I could tell them about your other fantasies too though. What else?’

She sighed, hesitated. ‘Ok. Don’t be mad or upset or anything, but my work fantasies… What if some of them don’t involve you?’

He took his time, before eventually responding. ‘Rosie, I’d be flattered if they did, but let’s be realistic, there are hotter guys than me in the office. I’d think you were nuts if all of your fantasies revolved around me. But, I can understand why you wouldn’t want me to know about them. I’m not sure I want to hear what you want other guys I work with to do to you!’

She gave him that smile. ‘Thanks. Maybe one day eh?’

Was there a hint of hope in that? He couldn’t be sure, but he thought he heard it. What was more important was that she’d essentially told him that Friday wasn’t a one off. He couldn’t stop the grin spreading across his face.

She gave him a confused look. ‘What are you grinning at? And go on, disappear. I need to finish this. Anyone would think you were hanging around for something.’

How far did he dare push this? One last try. He lowered his voice. ‘Ok, you don’t have to tell me the aksaray escort person involved, but have you never wondered what it would be like to have your pussy eaten at your desk?’

He knew he’d struck home as he saw her eyes close momentarily. She visibly composed herself, before telling him far too sternly. ‘Adam, I really need to finish this.’

Grinning, he dropped to his knees, and started to crawl underneath her desk, looking up at her to say ‘Don’t mind me. You won’t even know I’m here.’

She had that look in her eye, her breathing was getting deeper. He had her. She made no move to stop him as he crawled further, on his hands and knees in front of her legs. Friday was one thing, but this was completely something else. He was sober, for one, and he was about to taste Rosie! Actually taste her pussy. With his mouth!

She jumped slightly as he cupped a shapely calf in one hand, and he heard her gasp. Smiling to himself, he concentrated on the view ahead of him. Rosie’s knees, with the hem of her green dress cascading down to just a couple of inches above. He said a silent prayer of thanks and then he slowly pulled her ankles apart. He mouthed a silent ‘Holy fuck!’ as her toned thighs slid gently apart. The colours were dimmer under the desk but there was no mistaking the black lacy knickers gradually easing their way into his view.

Even a week ago it would have been inconceivable that this would ever happen other than in his fantasies. Now, a delicate whimper from Rosie reached his ears as he planted a soft kiss on the inside of her knee. Her legs were so damned smooth! As he kissed his way up the inside of a thigh, she opened her legs wider for him, her breathing becoming gradually more tremulous.

He then applied a firm kiss to her pussy through the material of the knickers. He had an excellent view now of the thin black lace covering her most intimate area. And the smell. Oh, the smell. He pushed his nose against her pussy and inhaled. The faint scent of her fabric softener mixed with the stronger aroma of her arousal. The heat coming off her was incredible!

Adam ran his hands up the outsides of Rosie’s legs, pushing her dress up around her hips in the process, before hooking his fingers into the waistband of her knickers and gently tugging. She duly lifted her bum up for him, and a moment later the thong was rolling down her thighs. He smiles to himself once again as he pulled it off her ankles and stuffed it into his pocket.

He grabbed her thighs and slid her closer to the edge of her chair. Her pussy was just perfect. Waxed smooth, puffy with arousal, glistening at him. He pushed his head deeper between her thighs and glanced up at her. She was looking back him, biting her lip her eyes almost pleading with him. To stop or to carry on, he couldn’t tell, but there was no way he was stopping now. He leaned forward, giving her beckoning slit the lightest of kisses. He enjoyed the way she jumped, and whimpered quietly.

He then ran his tongue slowly up the folds of her pussy, from bottom to top. Her back arched in response as she let out a long breath. As he licked back down, he applied more pressure, opening her up slightly. He swallowed, tasting her. Just perfect. Another kiss, and then he plunged his tongue into her. He came away with his nose and chin covered in her pussy juice, and he was just fine with that.

He soon found Rosie’s clitoris and softly swirled the very tip of his tongue around it. She began to tremble the way she had last Friday. He then looked up at her and pushed his tongue hard against her clit, trying not to laugh as he watched her stifle a moan.

He repeated this for the next couple of minutes, the hard thrusts of his tongue coming at random. Each one seemed to take Rosie incrementally and agonisingly closer to orgasm. He soon had her right on the edge. She was writhing on her chair, chest pushed forward, her hand gripping his hair, trying to push him into her sex. Before long, she was hissing down at him ‘Do it! Fuck! Do it now!’

He didn’t oblige immediately, keeping her right there, and then he thrust his tongue over her clit. Once, twice, three times, four. She couldn’t hold in the moan as her pussy spasmed on Adam’s tongue. Adam had to do his best not to laugh as he heard Eric call over to see if Rosie was ok. She ground out a forced ‘Uh huh’ as she continued to come right there at her desk.

He wanted to get up and kiss her as her orgasm subsided, but he knew it was to risky with Eric still there. He slid out from under her desk and back into the chair he was in before. She made no effort to move or cover herself up, instead sitting slumped in her chair, dress around her waist, legs open, face flushed. Adam sat there, grinning back at her, his cock straining at his trousers. Rosie moved to touch it and he grabbed her hand. ‘No. This is all about you. But you owe me one.’

She smiled back at him, still somewhat breathless, and to Adam’s huge delight, she nodded. ‘It’s a deal.’

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