The Babysitter Ch. 03

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Alessa Savage

Becky had just left, as soon as the door was closed behind her, Sue spun me around and reached for my belt and started tugging my pants down.

She was on her knees, sucking my cock in deep, pumping the shaft of my cock, all within 10 seconds of my walking into the house.

I can’t remember the last time I saw Sue that hot, she had my cock in her throat.

I grabbed her by her hair and started fucking her mouth with my cock.

I could see her fingers were jammed inside her sopping wet cunt, 3 fingers, dripping with her juices.

I couldn’t hold off any longer and unloaded my cumm, deep down her throat, she swallowed every drop.

I kicked off my shoes and my pants that were around my ankles and picked her up and carried her upstairs, her fingers still in her cunt.

I pulled her fingers out and licked them clean as she watched.

I told her I was going to lick her cunt, and I wouldn’t stop until she told me everything that she had done with Becky.

My tongue found it’s way between Sue’s wide spread legs, she held them apart with her hands under her knees and started to tell me the story.

When she started telling me about spanking Becky’s bare behind, I reached up and pinched Sue’s nipples hard, causing her to moan loudly.

She begged me to start fucking her, but I told her to finish the story first.

My cock was throbbing as Sue described how they had masturbated in front of each other, and how Becky had actually finished Sue off by fucking her with the vibe that Sue had chosen.

At hearing that I didn’t care if there was more to the story or not, I rammed my cock into her cunt before she had a chance to realize what had happened.

Sue wrapped her legs around my waist as I gave her all 10 inches.

We rolled over so that Sue was on top, and she started riding my cock.

I reached up and pinched her nipples again, twisting them, she loved a little pain with her pleasure, and I knew it.

Sue was bucking her hips, her cunt muscles gripping my cock tight.

I thrust upwards and filled her cunt with my load of cum, just as she started cumming as well, our juices mixing together deep inside her cunt.

Sue rolled off, she was exhausted, but completely satisfied, she fell asleep, I would have to tell her what I had seen the following morning.

Becky walked into her house and ran upstairs to her room before her Dad could even say Hi.

She couldn’t face him right now, after what had just happened to her while babysitting.

Her neighbor had actually spanked he bare behind.

Becky knew she had deserved her punishment, but the rest was so totally unexpected.

Sue Summers had joined her in mutual masturbation, and had told her they would do even more things together.

Becky wondered if Sue would keep her word and not tell her husband Jeff.

Becky let her mind wonder for a moment, what if Jeff were to find out.

As Becky was thinking about Jeff, she started to get Maltepe Escort ready for bed, she removed her clothes and before she could put on her nightgown she saw her reflection in her full length mirror.

Becky looked at herself, Sue had told her she was very sexy, she looked at her body again.

Her hand reached up and she caressed her small boobs, feeling her nipples harden at her touch.

She moved her fingers to her other nipple and did the same, it felt good, but she really wanted to experience more.

Once again she thought of Jeff, she wondered what his cock locked like, and even more what it would feel like.

She was lost in her thoughts, her fingers were now gliding up and down her pussy lips, as she continued to think about Jeff’s cock.

Becky watched herself as she shoved two fingers inside her cunt, she was fantasizing about her neighbors cock.

Becky pulled her fingers from her wet cunt and grabbed her purse, she knew what she wanted to try.

Becky pulled out the glass dildo, and went into her bathroom, she let the water run until it was as hot as it could get, filled a glass, and put the dildo inside it.

Becky laid down and went back to pinching her nipples.

She took the dildo out of the glass and checked out how it felt, she didn’t want it too hot, that wouldn’t be good.

She reached down between her legs and used her fingers to spread her cunt lips apart, and slowly inserted the dildo.

Her pussy heated up right away, it was such a different feeling, one she had never felt before.

As she moved the glass dildo in and out of her pussy, she imagined that it was Jeff’s cock that was fucking her.

Becky closed her eyes, she could see him on top of her, his hard cock pumping into her wet, tight cunt.

Becky started cummming, oh god, what if Sue knew she had such thoughts, yet even though she knew it was wrong, her orgasms told her different.

I awoke the best way a man can wake, having my cock licked.

Sue looked up at me and said, your turn to tell a story, and I’ll keep you from cumming until I’ve heard it all.

Sue’s tongue went back to slowly licking my cock.

I told her how Becky had come into our room and had stripped naked as I watched from inside the closet.

I told her how I watched her use the vibrator until she was so wet and then when Becky switched to the 12 inch dildo, I couldn’t believe the sight.

When I told her Becky’s juices were gushing out of her, dripping down her thighs, Sue started sucking my cock faster.

My cum erupted, Sue sucked my cock dry, using her fingers to milk the last drop out.

Sue sat up, wiping her lips, and looked straight at me.

Jeff, you want to fuck her sweet little cunt, don’t you.

You have to ask, I said.

Sue told me all in due time, my dear, you know the saying, good things come to those who wait.

I know, that means you get to play with her first.

Sue just Cevizli Escort smiled, and said, you know it.

It had been almost a week since she had been caught by Sue, and she hadn’t called her to babysit yet, she hoped everything was still alright.

It was as if Sue had been reading her mind, the phone rang, it was Sue.

Sue told her that Jeff had to go away on business, and that she wanted her to come over and help her with some things.

Sue opened the door and smiled when she saw Becky, she closed the door and took her by the hand and led her upstairs.

Sue started by asking Becky how many times she had masturbated since she was with her last?

Becky started to blush.

Sue told her, don’t be embarrassed, remember how I told you, every girl does it, nothing to feel shy about.

Becky told her she had masturbated every day since she was there, sometimes more than once.

Sue asked Becky if she wanted to hear what she had done after she had gone home that night.

Becky shook her head yes.

Sue started telling Becky about sucking Jeff’s cock, she watched Becky closely as she went into all the details about how he had than fucked her until she came.

Sue than asked if Becky had ever given a guy a blowjob before.

Becky told her she hadn’t done anything but masturbate, that is until what happened with you last week.

Sue got up and walked over to the toy box and opened it up.

It’s time you learned how to suck a guys cock, Sue told her.

Sue was holding two, real looking cocks in her hands, one was about 6 inches long, the other 10.

Sue told Becky that for her first lesson they would use the fake cocks, and then she added, for now.

Sue handed Becky the smaller cock, she was after all a beginner.

Sue told her to just watch, and she stuck out her tongue and started licking the shaft of the cock, using her saliva to get the cock wet, making slurping noises as she licked.

She stopped licking and told her to make certain she made the slurping noises as she licked, she said it really turns a guy on to hear the girl licking and sucking.

Sue told Becky to give it a try.

Becky’s tongue started licking the 6 inch cock, she wondered if a real one really felt this way.

Becky stopped and asked Sue if it did.

Sue told her the dildos were very lifelike, but nothing compares to having a real hard throbbing cock inside your mouth.

Becky went back to licking, she was making the slurping noises just like Sue had told her to.

Sue watched as Becky licked the rubber cock, she could see her saliva coating it’s length, her tongue caressing it, her fingers wrapped tightly around the base.

Sue had her stop again and watch.

Sue opened her mouth wide and slowly let the cock glide into her mouth, letting her lips wrap tightly around the shaft.

Becky wet her own lips as she watched Sue sucking the 10 inch cock into her mouth, she could Atalar Escort feel her pussy getting wet from the show that Sue was putting on for her.

Now it was Becky’s turn, she did everything she had seen Sue do, her lips parted and she let it glide inside her mouth and tightened her lips around it, just like Sue had.

As Becky was sucking on the cock, she remembered how Sue had told her about sucking Jeff’s cock.

Becky closed her eyes as she continued to suck, she was sucking Jeff’s cock, she could almost feel his cock throbbing like Sue had described.

Becky was so into her own little fantasy, she didn’t even notice that Sue had removed her clothes.

Becky opened her eyes and saw Sue naked beside her, pinching her nipples as she watched the girl beside her sucking a fake cock.

Sue told her she was a fast learner, and it was time to move onto the next lesson.

Sue told Becky she would have to get naked like she was now.

Becky did as she was told, she was really starting to enjoy herself now.

Sue pushed Becky onto her back and told her to relax and enjoy.

Becky couldn’t believe what happened next, Sue lowered her mouth and her tongue started licking Becky’s pussy.

As soon as she felt her tongue, she sat upright, what are you doing, she asked.

If I’m going to teach you, I’m going to teach you everything.

You have to know how it feels to receive oral sex, if you want to be able to teach a guy how you want him to do it to you.

Becky thought about it for a moment, it did sort of make sense.

Sue pushed Becky back down again, and once again started licking Becky’s pussy.

Sue’s tongue was doing things to Becky that she could never have imagined, it felt so good.

Becky’s fingers were running through Sue’s hair.

Sue slipped a finger inside Becky’s cunt,and her lips sucked on her engorged clit.

Becky was cumming, oh Sue, yes, yes, oh god, yes, lick my clit, oh YES,YES,YES.

After Becky had calmed down, she looked over at Sue, she could see her fingering her wet cunt.

Becky had just had the most powerful orgasm, and she wanted to return the favor.

Becky never in her life thought she would ever even think about sucking pussy, but she was.

Sue looked at Becky, her fingers still deep inside her, Becky took her hand and pulled Sue’s fingers out and licked her fingers clean.

Becky leaned down, just as Sue had done to her, she wasn’t sure how to do this, but it almost felt natural.

Becky’s tongue, although inexperienced, was doing wonderful things to Sue, she was a quick study.

Sue was so wet, this young girl was licking her cunt, and she was cumming, and yet Becky continued licking, Sue was moaning with pleasure as she just kept on cumming.

Sue pulled Becky up to her face and they kissed deeply, Sue tasting her own juices as they kissed.

Sue asked Becky if she finally trusted her completely.

Becky told her she did, that because of her she was learning new things, and feeling new things, she did trust her.

Sue told her to come back next Saturday night, for her next lesson.

Becky told her she would, and that until then she would be masturbating thinking about everything.

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