The Babysitter Ch. 05

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Annabel Redd

The next two weeks were hell. I hadn’t seen Shane at all and I was starting to go a little crazy. I needed him so bad and I got wet every time I thought of him. There was no reason for me to call the house and, that was the only number I had. Plus, even if Nancy didn’t pick up, the caller ID would have shown that I called. I had my phone on me constantly hoping that she would call and need me to watch Bobby. I just wanted to see him at least.

It wasn’t until Friday night that my phone buzzed near my head, as I laid in bed. I had a text from a number that I didn’t recognize.

(917) 654 . . . : Hey

Me: Hey. Who is this?

(917) 654 . . . : Guess . . .

Me: Ummm idk. Why don’t you just tell me?

(917) 654 . . . : It’s more fun this way. Guess

My heart fluttered a bit. Maybe it was Shane!

Me: Maybe you should give me a hint

(917) 654 . . . : Hmmm ok. I have something in my pocket that belongs to you.

What the fuck? Maybe it wasn’t Shane. Maybe it was some creepy guy who had gotten a hold of my number somehow.

Me: Uh? Wtf? What is it?

(917) 654 . . .: A little white bikini top.

Oh my God! It was Shane! My heart jumped at the realization and then quickly sank after I realized I had left my top in the hot tub that night. What if Nancy had found it! I quickly put Shane’s number into my phone and started to text back.

Me: OMG!! I’m so sorry! I must have forgotten it!

Shane: Don’t be. I like having a little piece of you with me.

Me: Awww lol so sweet

Shane: I’ve missed you . . . a lot.

He missed me! I was smiling like a little girl.

Me: I’ve missed you too. Lol, probably a lot more than you’ve missed me.

Shane: There’s no way. I’ve been thinking about you constantly. You have no idea what you do to me Morgan.

Me: Oh really, tell me then. What do I do to you?

Shane: Haha. You’re just going to have to come over to find out.

I froze. Was she not home? Did he really want me to come over right now?

Shane: We are going out tomorrow night. Nancy is going to call you in the morning. How’s that old hoopty running?

Me: It is NOT a hoopty lol! Not so great though . . . I might need a ride Mr. Miller.

My panties were soaked. I didn’t even realize I had my hand underneath my shirt, caressing my body.

Shane: I can’t wait to see you. I’m ahhhh . . . a little too excited about it, I think.

Fuck! I was now squeezing my tits. Is he saying he’s hard thinking about me? I lost all rational thought and jumped out of bed. I quickly locked the door and changed as fast as I could. I put on my little plaid, schoolgirl skirt and stripped off my top. I flipped my hair so it hung down my back and stuck my ass out so my skirt rose. I slightly turned and cupped my tits as I took a picture with my other hand.

My phone buzzed, but I held back from checking my texts. I looked at the picture. It looked pretty good for having less than a minute to take it. The bottom of my ass was just barely visible and my hand only covered my nipple, from the side. I opened my texts and saw that he had sent me a message.

Shane: I’m sorry. It’s just that I haven’t seen you in weeks and I’m going crazy thinking about you.

Me: Attachment: 1 Image

Shane didn’t say anything for a while. I paced around my room, staring at my phone, biting my thumb, wondering if I had gone too far.

Shane: . . .

I saw him typing.

Shane: Holy fuck! You are fucking gorgeous baby.

I laughed and bit my lip as I squeezed my tits. I saw him typing and stood frozen in the middle of my dorm room even as I heard the door opening. I quickly covered myself as Jenny walked into the room.

“Woops!” She said, pushing some guy back out the door and closing it behind her.

“What are youuuuu doing?” She asked as I put my phone down and pulled on some sweats.

“Nothing!” I laughed pulling a top over my head and taking my skirt off.

“Yea, because you always wear that skirt when you’re up to ‘nothing.'” She joked.

My phone buzzed as I threw the skirt back into my closet and climbed into bed.

“Soooomeone’s taking dirty pictures,” Jenny sang in a whisper as she opened the door.

A guy that I had a class with came in and waved at me, smiling, knowing he had caught me. I gave him a little wave and rolled my eyes as I pulled the covers over me. I checked my phone as Jenny and the guy talked about . . . something, I had no idea what they were saying.

Shane: Would I be an asshole if I asked you to turn around and take another?

Me: Uck. Jenny’s here now. I soooo would though.

Shane: Well knowing Jenny I’m sure she wouldn’t mind.

Shane: That’s ok. I think I need to take a shower now anyway . . . But I’ll see you tomorrow night.

I squeezed my legs together and bit my lip, thinking about Shane in the shower . . . stroking his cock to a picture of me. I couldn’t believe how wet I was.

“Morgan!” Jenny yelled from across the room.

“Yea. Escort Ankara Sorry. What?” I think she had been talking to me for a while.

The guy was gone and Jenny was in bed.

“Can I turn off the light? I have an early class tomorrow.” She said reaching for the light.

“Yea. Sorry, that’s fine. Goodnight sweetie.” I said hugging my pillow and closing my eyes.

Nancy called early the next morning. Like at the crack of dawn. She said they had some type of function and asked if I could watch Bobby from seven until midnight. I pretended that I needed to get a ride and apologized for my car being in the shop. I agreed to be at the house at seven.

I couldn’t hide my excitement the entire day. I arranged for a friend to drop me off at the Millers and spent most of the day getting ready. I wore a pair of cut off shorts that were probably a little too short. Ok they were definitely too short. I threw on a white a hoodie that zipped up the front. I didn’t wear anything underneath.

I rang the doorbell and stuck my hands in my pockets when I noticed they were shaking.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” My mouth fell open when Shane answered the door wearing a formal military uniform.

My eyes shot open and I grabbed my mouth to keep anything else from coming out. More inappropriate words, a moan, drool, whatever. Shane looked me up and down and smiled.

“Nancy’s upstairs changing Bobby,” he said stepping to the side and motioning for me to come in.

Oh my God, I needed to touch him. I needed him to touch me, but he didn’t seem like he was going to. I walked past him into the kitchen. I slowly bent over to put down my bag. I knew he was looking, but I wanted to see. I stayed bent over for him, showing him my tight little ass. I turned my head and looked back at him smiling. His mouth was open as he watched me.

I ran my hands up the back of my thigh until I reached my ass. I squeezed it for him the way I knew he wanted to squeeze it now.

“Jesus . . . Morgan . . .” He was asking me to stop, but I couldn’t.

I stood back up and turned to him. I lifted my hands above my head and pretended to stretch. The hoodie pulled up my body, showing him my flat tan stomach. He stood still, watching me as I ran my hand up my stomach, showing him that I wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

“Mr. Miller, I hope it’s not inappropriate to say . . . but . . . you look incredibly sexy in your uniform.” I walked closer to him until we were an arms length apart.

“Shane! Ask Morgan to heat up a bottle for Bobby!” Nancy called from upstairs.

Although Shane didn’t move, his body tightened and he shifted in place. I kept my eyes locked on his as I slowly started to unzip my sweater. I pulled so slowly that Shane started to look uneasy. I bit my lip and tilted my head to the side as the zipper dropped past my tits. My nipples were hard and showing through the white sweater. If Nancy came downstairs, and even if I didn’t have my sweater almost completely unzipped, showing her husband my tits, she would probably kick me out. The shorts were one thing but my nipples showing through my sweater was a completely different story.

I walked closer to Shane until my arms rested on his chest. He looked down at me sternly yet I could tell he was losing the battle within himself. I could see he thought this was too risky but I couldn’t help myself. I rose onto my tips toes and lightly draped my arms over his shoulders. I dragged my lips over his and heard an almost inaudible gasp come from him as I licked his lower lip. He brought his hand to my stomach, probably to push me away but I moved in closer, making his hand move higher up my body.

“Just touch me baby,” I whispered into his lips before sucking his bottom lip.

Shane’s brow furrowed and his mouth opened allowing me to lick his lip. His hands pushed up my body, half trying to push me away half trying to touch more of me. I grabbed his hand and slid it upwards until he was touching my tit. His fingertips moved across my nipple and he exhaled deeply before cupping my tit in his big hand. I moved my hand away from his dropping it lower, allowing him to touch me by himself. I slid my hand between us, until I felt his hardness. I kissed him hard and he squeezed my breast making me moan as I finally touched him. I ran my hand up and down his hard cock. His uniform was stretched around the bulge that I had created.

We heard Nancy coming down the stairs. I pulled away from him but I continued to rub his cock through his pants for just a second more. I ran my finger over his lips, showing him that my lip-gloss was smeared across his lips. He licked his lips as I stepped away from him and zipped up my sweater.

Just as Nancy turned the corner I was filling up a pot with water.

“Hi Morgan. Bobby is a little fussy tonight, I think he’s teething.” She said, not really acknowledging me.

Shane was gone. I put the pot on the stove and stood behind the island in the kitchen Ankara Escort so Nancy couldn’t see my shorts. Thankfully I looked busy enough that she didn’t hand him to me.

Shane came back, looking as put together as he was when he answered the door. We said our goodbyes and they promised to be home by midnight.

Bobby was a perfect little angel. He had his bottle and was asleep within the hour, leaving me with little to do. The nanny cam, disguised as a teddy bear was missing. I didn’t know if it was because Shane felt different about watching me now or if it was because Nancy wanted to look at the footage. Whatever the reason, it left me completely bored.

After cleaning up the kitchen I decided to sit down and watch TV. I grabbed my phone as I sank down into the couch and saw I had a few texts. My heart beat faster when I saw some were from Shane.

Shane: You can’t do that while she’s around.

Shane: I lose all control when I’m around you. I was seconds away from taking you right there in the kitchen . . . you don’t know what you do to me.

I wasn’t sure what to say. I wasn’t sure if he was mad or just stating the obvious. I shouldn’t have done that while she was home. I knew that.

I paced around the house, trying to decide what to say. Before I knew it, I was in his office. I sat down in his chair and nervously flipped my phone around in my hand.

Me: I just needed to touch you. I had to feel your hands on me. You made me so wet and I need more.

I stared at my phone for a few minutes but he didn’t respond. I flipped my phone in my hand again; the anticipation was driving me mad. I saw his laptop sitting on his desk and I opened it. He was already signed in and I wondered if I could leave him a picture or if Nancy also used it. I opened his camera but there weren’t any pictures, I doubt he had ever used it. Maybe his search history would tell me if Nancy used his laptop as well. I opened his browser to check his history.

What am I doing!!? This is such an invasion of his privacy. Don’t do it!

I did. His history had been cleared a few days before but he had clicked on the same link three days in a row. It was just the one link. He hadn’t even searched for it. I clicked on it. “Busty babysitter gets fucked hard.”

I looked around the room as my face flushed. My heart raced. I felt like I could be caught at any second. I pressed play.

The girl looked like she was my age and the guy was older maybe in his 30’s. It was a typical babysitter porno. She wore tight little pink shorts, a tight white tank top with a pink bra underneath, knee high socks and white sneakers. He was lecturing to her about how inappropriate her outfit was and she was begging him not to fire her. She told him she would do anything he wanted as long as he didn’t fire her. A few seconds later she was rubbing her face against the bulge in his pants before she started to lick it.

For the next fifteen minutes or so, she sucked his cock. He was gentle with her at first as she drooled and spit on his cock but by the end he was pulling on her pigtails while he fucked her throat. He pulled her mouth onto his cock and called her a bad girl, as she gagged. Finally he pushed her down onto the couch and slid his cock into her pussy. She called him “Daddy” as he fucked her and begged for more. I was shocked when the man pulled out of her and positioned his cock against her ass. The girl hesitated and told him that she had never done that before. He told her that this is what bad girls deserved. It wasn’t long before her cries of pain turned to cries of pleasure.

I almost had a heart attack when my phone buzzed. I quickly closed the browser and shut the laptop before I checked my phone.

Shane: I need to fuck you tonight.

He was more blunt than usual. I was already wet but now I was soaking. I quickly opened his laptop again and took a picture. I sent it to my phone and then paused. I contemplated sending it. I was on my knees in his chair with my legs spread and my ass sticking out. I had taken off my jacket and pulled my shorts down a bit, showing him that I wasn’t wearing any panties.

I decided against sending it. I didn’t want him to know that I was in his office invading his privacy. I ran to the bathroom and took another picture. This time I was topless cupping one of my tits as I looked at him through the mirror and took the picture with my other hand. I hit send.

Me: Attachment: 1 Image

Shane: Fuck that. I need you now. We’re headed back.

I quickly removed any evidence of me snooping through his office. By the time they got home I was sitting on the couch watching TV, trying to look uninterested.

“How was the ceremony?” I asked as Nancy and Shane walked in.

“Boring, as always,” Nancy snipped before taking off her heels.

“I’m just going to get out of this uniform and I’ll drive you home Morgan.” Shane said, rolling his eyes at Nancy.

“Move,” Nancy grumbled as she brushed passed him into Ankara Escort Bayan the kitchen.

Shane looked toward the ceiling and let out a long exhale before heading up the stairs. Tensions were running high. I stood in the hallway staring at my shoes and picking at the fringe on my shorts, trying to be anywhere but there. Nancy came out of the kitchen holding a bottle of white wine and a glass in the same hand. I apologized for not having a car and made small talk with her, as Shane dressed upstairs. She gave me a few looks when she noticed my shorts, but didn’t say anything about them. Nancy was such an unpleasant person and the more time I spent with her the more I disliked her. On top of her disagreeable attitude she was rude and all together just . . . negative.

“I’m going to bed,” she said passing Shane on the stairs.

We both heard her throwing pillows into the hallway before the door slammed and the sound of a lock clicked, echoing through the massive house.

Shane took another long breath as he stared at the staircase. Then his head turned and his eyes narrowed as he looked at me. I tried to smile at him but it came out more of a wince, he just grinned. My heart began to beat faster as he walked toward me and spun me around. He grabbed my hips and walked me towards the bathroom that I had taken the picture in.

Shane pushed the door closed behind us and locked eyes with me in the mirror. Gone was the safe, cautious Shane, I stared into the eyes of a ravenous man.

“Unzip your sweater.” He ordered.

I looked up at the ceiling as if I could see Nancy from the floor below. I now felt like I had to be the voice of reason. So I hesitated for a moment but, Shane pulled my body into his and I could feel his cock harden against me. I slowly unzipped my sweater until it was open to my belly button.

“All the way.” He waited and watched me as I unzipped all the way.

His expression was hard and before I could react he ripped my sweater down off of my shoulders and flipped the ends over my arms, pulling my elbows back and trapping my hands behind me. He held his makeshift cuffs tightly with one hand while his other moved up my abdomen, then squeezed my naked breast.

My eyelids became heavy as my mouth parted and I moaned at his roughness.

His hand moved higher and softly tightened around my throat, pulling my head to the side and he scraped his teeth against my neck. My eyes closed completely as I relished the feeling. I didn’t even notice my shorts unbuttoning and sliding down my legs until my arms were pulled tightly behind me once again.

I panicked as I heard a click from a lock coming from the upstairs.

“Shane,” I breathed his name trying to warn him as my heart skipped another beat.

My eyes must have expressed sheer terror as he ignored the sound of his wife walking down the stairs and bent me over the sink. Adrenaline coursed through my body as I heard Nancy walk down the hallway toward the bathroom.

Shane rubbed his cock against my pussy and then slowly pushed into me. It was then that I realized how wet I was. I could feel my wetness dripping down my thighs.

With my body against the cold marble counter, my arms pulled behind my back, and my head turned to the side; I could see Nancy’s silhouette as she passed by the bathroom door. A wave of heat rushed through me and I had to bite my lip to stifle a moan that begged to escape as Shane pushed all the way into me. My pussy gushed and I had to bite down even harder so I wouldn’t scream out in pleasure.

Shane began to fuck me hard and fast the way that I liked. His breath alone told me how good my pussy felt squeezing his cock. I could feel myself building up to an explosive orgasm as he pounded me. His cock moved in and out of me savagely. We both heard Nancy walking back down the hallway toward the bathroom and Shane turned on the faucet to muffle the sounds of him fucking me. Then he grabbed me by my hair, pulling my head back until I could see him in the mirror and he fucked me even harder. I came instantly. I pushed my body back against his and wiggled my ass as I tried to feel every inch of him. My orgasm was earth-shattering, I had never felt that way before. He quickly released my hands and grabbed my tits as I felt him cum inside of me.

In the days following it occurred to me that I had been used to get back at Nancy and I was more than a little conflicted. I wondered if I was just a distraction from his shitty marriage. Maybe he was tired or maybe he was drunk but when he dropped me off that night, for the first time he treated me like a disposable mistress. I wanted to get back at him. I wanted him to feel as shitty as I felt. I wanted him to ache for me. More so, I wanted to feel the high of him fucking me like that again.

I refused to contact him first, in the week that followed. The time spent away from him was excruciating. I fantasized about him fucking me. I dreamed about sucking his dick. I had no idea what he was thinking but I wanted him to be completely wrapped up in me, the way I was with him. And so I hatched my plan. I was his fantasy and he needed to be reminded of that. I was the hot young babysitter with big tits and a tight little pussy. Fuck the way he treated me.

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