The Baptist Ch. 02

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The next morning Josh awakened feeling quite good. He was very curious as to how Sally would react to him after last night. Josh prepared himself for the day and phoned Sally to see if she was ready to go for their last day of meeting.

“Hi Sally, this is Josh. Are you about ready?” Josh said as if nothing were unusual.

“Ah, yes, yes, I will be ready in a few minutes,” Sally said in a most anxious voice.

“Ok, how about I give you ten minutes and then come by your room?” Josh asked. “I will go ahead and load my stuff and then help you with yours.”

“Ok, I will be ready,” Sally replied.

Josh arrived at Sally’s room and knocked on the door. After a few minutes Sally appeared with her suitcase and bag. Josh noticed that Sally was not looking him in the eyes but kept her gaze downward reminding him of a child that had done something wrong.

“I hope these meetings go quickly today,” Josh said making conversation.

“Yeah, me to,” Sally replied.

As they got into the car Josh noticed Sally sat down rather softly. He decided to use this as a way of bringing up the events of the prior night.

“I hope I did not hurt your butt or leave any bruises,” Josh said.

Jill looked up at him with a rather shocked expression. It was as if she was trying to forget last night. “No, I am okay,” she finally said.

“Ok, just wanted to make sure. I noticed you sat rather carefully when you got into the car,” Josh said letting her know that he was watching her.

“No, I am okay. I just feel a bit tired today,” Sally explained.

“Ok after last night I can understand that,” Josh answered with a smile.

They did not say much on the way the church meeting. Then meetings lasted all morning and then a luncheon that ended the conference. Josh met Sally afterwards and they began their 3 hour drive home.

It was quiet during the first hour then Sally suddenly said, “I can’t believe what happen last night. I have never in the world done anything like that. The devil must have possessed me to do those things.”

“What happened last night is yours and my secret. It is safe with me,” Josh promised.

“I just can’t believe we did the things we did. I can’t believe that you were the way you were. You were a beast,” Sally said in an angry tone.

“Yeah, I guess at times every guy can be a real animal. This will probably not make you happy to hear but I loved it,” Josh said and smiled.

“How can you say such a thing? You were a total animal and you took advantage of me,” Sally shouted.

“Now wait a minute. There were two people last night and I did not do anything with any kind of force. Everything that was done was accepted by you and by your reaction you loved every bit of it,” Josh replied.

Sally turned her head and looked out the window. It was obvious she did not want to take any responsibility for the events of the prior night. Her behavior and the feelings that were awakened in her were totally foreign to her. She could not tolerate that she chose to participate in what she would consider such foul and decadent behavior.

“Sally, I hope you don’t hold things against me. I do want to be your friend but last night did happen. I will tell you that I am not in anyway trying to get you to do anything else. That is up to you. However, I will say if you ever want to play again, I might be interested. Other than that I will never mention the situation again unless you do,” Josh said and became silent.

Sally did not reply but sat looking out the side window. Josh could tell she was crying but he chose to leave her alone. The remainder of the trip went without incident. Josh dropped Sally off at the Church where she had parked her car.

“By Sally, see you Sunday,” Josh said as he prepared to drive off.

Sally did not say anything but just looked at him. Josh drove off.

The next few weeks Sally purposely avoided Josh. She had little to say to him and Josh did not push the issue. However, Sally did think about Josh. There was something that happened to her that night that she could not understand. She had never felt that way. She had never had such intense pleasure from her body but she could understand why it had to be the way it was. She wanted the Cinderella romantic type relationship of loving kindness. Not some perverted sex game that required her to be humiliated in order to have an orgasm. However, she did remember the pleasure and intensity of those multiple orgasms that were simply fantastic. She had nothing in her life with which she could compare. Her vagina and clitoris had been on fire and the bliss she experienced was almost other worldly. Yes, she finally had to admit how much enjoyed the experience. What was worse for Sally she also had to admit that she really wanted to do it again.

A few times when Sally was alone at home she did something she never did, masturbate. However, at those times and the few times she and her husband made love, there was no comparison to what she had felt when Josh was sticking his finger up her ass. Ümraniye Escort Sally even got a small carrot and stuck it up both her ass and her vagina but it just was not the anywhere close to the same. Sally realized it was the humiliation that was such a wondrous turn on for her. Sally was very disgusted with herself and prayed that she would have strength to resist the temptation. However, when the time comes Sally knew that she wanted Josh’s depraved attention.

It happened about a month late. She had practically no contact with Josh during that time. She would see him at a distance but they did not speak. However, after the next administrative meeting ended Sally walked out to car just as Josh was walking toward his car.

“Hi Sally,” Josh said in an innocent tone.

“Hi Josh,” Sally said. Josh noticed the quiver in her voice.

“Kind of cool tonight. I hope it does not turn cold,” Josh said making conversation.

“Yes it is. I think it is supposed to get hot, no, I mean cold,” Sally said with a slip of the tongue.

“Yeah, I wish it would get hot, real hot,” Josh said following Sally’s unconscious lead.

“No, that is not what I mean. I did not mean for things to get hot. I meant that the weather would turn cold,” Sally stuttered.

“Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. But in this case you do have some control over which way the weather goes,” Josh said with a smile.

“Josh leave me alone. You are just playing with me,” Sally was becoming angry.

“No, I like to play with you but I will not do anything unless you bring it up. And you did bring it up just now.”

“No, I did not say anything about that.”

“About what Sally?” Josh quizzed.

“Leave me alone Josh. You are trying to trick me into saying I want you to do things to me.”

“What kind of things do you want me to do to you?”

“I don’t want you to do anything to me. I want you to leave my body alone and never touch me,” Sally whimpered.

“Ok, you do not have to saying anything else. I will never touch you again except maybe by accident. I will never consider the thought again. The case is closed. Is that what you want Sally?” Josh asked.

“Yes, I mean no, I don’t know what I mean,” Sally was near tears.

“Well I certainly don’t know what you want either Sally. I am very confused and don’t think this is good time for us to discuss this,” Josh said as he opened his car door.

“Bye Sally,” Josh said and drove off.

Sally was very upset. Part of her wanted to run after Josh and beg him to humiliate her. The other part of her wanted to just run away and confess her transgressions.

It was three am that morning before Sally gave up. Sally’s husband was working out of town leaving her alone. Sally had attempted to sleep and even rubbed herself but receive no satisfaction or relief. Very reluctantly Sally took the phone and dial Josh’s number. The phone ranged several times.

“Hello,” Josh said in a sleepy but alarmed tone since one always assumes late night phone calls are bad news.

“Josh, this is Sally. I need to talk to you,” Sally almost whispered.

“Sally, do you know what time it is?” Josh said.

“Yes, I know it is very late but I have to talk to you,” Sally said.

“What do you have to talk to me about?” Josh asked.

“I need you,” Sally whimpered.

“You need me for what?” Josh was becoming interested in this late night call.

“I need you do to things to me,” Sally gasped.

“Tell me what you want me to do Sally.”

“I want you to treat me bad like you did before.”

“Sally, if you want me to do things for you, then you have to tell me what you want in words that I can easily understand. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“Yes, Josh I want you to treat me like the slut I am. I want you to play with my titties and my pussy. I want you to spank my butt,” Sally said almost crying.

“Ok, Sally, now I can understand you and I might be interested in helping you. Obviously, I can’t tonight since I have to work tomorrow. So where is the old man tonight?”

“Jack had to work out of town. I am alone tonight,” Sally answered.

“What are you wearing?”

“My nightgown.”

“Take it off little slut girl,”

“Ok,” Sally took off her gown. “I am now naked.”

“Is your pussy wet?”

“Yes, it is real wet. I am touching myself and it feels good.”

“Stop it right now. You are not to touch yourself until I give you the proper punishment for what you are doing. Do you understand?” Josh ordered.

“Yes, I understand,” Sally said suddenly feeling more turn on that she had since she last encountered Josh’s ministrations.

“You are not to wear any panties until we see each other. When will Jack get back?”

“He will not be back until next week.”

“Ok, tomorrow is Friday and I do not have to work on Saturday. Let’s meet at the hospital’s back parking lot at 8:00 tomorrow night. At that time we will decide where we will go for your needed discipline. Do you understand Sally?” İstanbul Escort Josh inquired.

“Yes Josh,” Sally answered.

“If you really understand tell me what kind of girl you are.”

“I am a dirty little slut girl that needs you to punish me. I want you to spank my butt and even spank my nasty wet pussy till I cum,” Sally said. She was even now breathing rapid and felt her heart beat quicken as they talked. Sally could not believe what she was doing. This was against everything she believed but at this point she just did not care.

“Ok I will see you then. Remember what I told you, no panties and no touching yourself,” Josh commanded.

“Yes Josh,” Sally answered. Sally knew sleep would be difficult but now she knew she would feel the total satisfaction she most desperately needed.

Josh hung up the phone.

At 7:45 Sally was parked in the rear parking lot of the hospital. She sat low in the car so no one would notice her but she kept a keen eye looking for Josh. At 8:15 she began to worry but then she saw his car pull in the parking lot. Sally prepared herself.

Josh pulled up next to her car and motioned for her to get into his car.

“Hi, my little slut girl,” Josh said greeting her.

“Hi, Josh,” Sally replied.

“That is not going to do Sally. If we are going to do this you have to be more talkative than that,” Josh demanded.

Sally knew exactly what Josh wanted.

“Josh, please let me be your slut. Please do whatever you want to do to my body. Please do things to my titties and my pussy so that I get what I need. I need you to punish me and make me cum like the dirty little bitch that I am,” Sally said. One part of her mind screamed in disbelief of what was happening. Sally easily ignored this. Her passions were in control now and there was no going back. Sally would do whatever she had to do to find the relief she could only find by following Josh’s ever instructions.

“Ok Sally, that is more like it,” Josh said with approval.

As they drove out of the parking lot Josh said, “Sally strip off all your clothes.”

Sally was not prepared for these instructions. “You mean right here in the car?”

“Yes, that is what I said. Do it now bitch,” Josh sounded angry.

“Okay Josh.” Sally removed her blouse showing her black lacy bra. She then removed her pants and Josh could see the sexy matching black panties. Sally paused at this point.

“Well, what the hell are you waiting for, take off the rest,” Josh demanded.

Sally slowly unclasped her bra and her ample breasts fell out of their cage. Sally’s brown nipples were already swollen with anticipation of the upcoming night’s event. Sally then removed her panties and sat slumped to avoid others seeing her nude body.

“Sit up straight,” Josh said. Sally sat up straight hoping no one would pass by and see her.

Josh drove to a wooded area not far from the hospital. It was an isolated area. Josh stopped the car and told Sally to get out. Josh handed Sally and small bag.

“Put these clothes on,” Josh instructed.

Sally pulled out a plan white blouse, a very short skirt, a skimpy see through bra, and panties with a G-string. Sally gasped as she held these wondering what Josh had in mind. She was even more distress as she attempted to fasten the bra. It was very tight.

“Josh, I can’t get this bra on, it is too small.”

“Shut up and put the bra on.”

Sally struggle and finally got the clasps on the bra fasten. It really pushed her breast up and it seems more of her breasts were showing than were covered by the bra. Sally soon found the panties were the same way. It seems it would have been less pornographic to have no panties at all compared to the way these panties fit. Sally just managed to button the blouse and again the tightness only served to emphasize Sally’s breast and her nipples protruded magnified by the fact she was now very aroused.

“Don’t button the top three buttons,” Josh instructed.

This left much of Sally’s breast exposed. It was difficult for her to hide her erect nipples in this outfit. The dress was little better. It just barely covered her panties and much of her ass was revealed when she moved. The stockings and high heel shoes only added to the whore look that Josh demanded.

“Now you look dressed to party,” Josh said as they got back into the car.

Sally could not believe the thrill she was getting from looking like a total in complete whore.

Josh droved for a few minutes and pulled into a small store just out of town.

“I need a coke. What about you?” Josh asked.

“I don’t want anything,” Sally answered.

“Well come on in the store with me anyway,” Josh said.

“I can’t go in there looking like this. What if I see someone I know?”

“Oh I don’t thing you have to worry about that. Come on.”

Sally slowly got out of the car adjusting her short skirt as best she could to hide as much of her body as possible. She could see that she was not very successful.

They Anadolu Yakası Escort walked into the store and there was only one sales girls sitting behind the counter. Sally noticed that the girl noticed her dress and was now staring at her.

Josh took his time deciding on what to drink. This left Sally standing next to him and she noticed that the salesgirl was definitely looking her over.

“I think I will have a Diet Pepsi,” Josh said. “Let’s go.” They walked up to the counter.

“Hi, how are you tonight?” Josh asked the sales girl.

“I’m doing fine,” she replied looking directly at Sally.

“Tell me, do you like the way my girlfriend is dressed?” Josh questioned.

Sally went red with embarrassment but there was more to the redness than that. She was really turned on by the fact she was standing there being critique by some young salesgirls.

“Well she sure does not hide much. Does she?”

“Sally does not like to hide much. She likes others to see her. Don’t you Sally?”

“Yes,” Sally said.

“Is that all you have to say Sally?”

“I love to have people look at my body because I am a slutty kind of girl,” Sally said.

“Wow, she is really far out. You area real trip,” the salesgirl said.

“Is there anything you would like Sally to do?” Josh asked.

“I am not really into other girls myself but I would like to see what is under that dress,” the salesgirl said.

“Sally show the salesgirls that you nasty little panties.”

Sally pulled up the dress and revealed the tiny panties that mostly failed to hide her pussy lips and did not hide any of her ass cheeks. Sally was mortified but the more humiliated she felt the more turned on she was.

“Sally has a really nice ass. Her pussy is pretty tight too,” Josh informed the salesgirl as he paid for his Pepsi. “Yes I can certainly see that,” the salesgirl said.

“Come on Sally we have to go,” Josh said as they walked out of the store. Sally could still feel the salesgirl looking at her.

“Sally I think you liked that girl looking at you,” Josh said.

“I did like it. My pussy is very wet and I wish you would let me rub it. I need to have a release. I am so turned on I can’t stand it. My pussy is burning up,” Sally said almost pleading for mercy.

“Ok we will have time for that but now you must get your punishment,” Josh said as they got into the car.

“By the way Sally, have you ever eaten another girl’s pussy?” Josh asked.

“Oh God no, I would never think of such a thing,” she answered with disgust.

“Well a slut like you may have to try a little pussy eating one day,” Josh replied.

Sally remained silent doing her better to resist touching her pussy.

They drove to Josh’s apartment. Josh made Sally sit as much on the floor of the front seat of the car as she could to hide her from any curious neighbors. They pulled into his garage and he shut the garage door.

“Ok, get out Sally,” he ordered.

Sally got out of the car no longer trying to hide the panties that were easily seen under her very short dress.

“Take off your dress,” Josh commanded as Sally stood in front of him in the garage.

Sally obediently took off her dress and stood there with her blouse hiding some of the tiny panties that failed to cover all the folds of her pussy.

“Pull your blouse up and tie it so it does not hang down.”

Sally tied her blouse and this allowed full view of her lower body slightly covered with the black panties.

“Tell me you love this because of who you are.”

“I love you looking at me because I am your dirty little whore. I want you to play with my pussy and then spank me,” Sally said in a sexy childlike voice.

“Pull your titties out of your bra and let them hang out your blouse.”

Sally obeyed and stood there looking very much the slut that at this time she wanted to be.

“Sally you just love this don’t you?”

“Yes I love to be your slut,” Sally replied.

“Do a little dance for me.”

Sally began to move in motion to her own music. She was swaying back and forth allowing her hips to move backward and forward in a most obscene manner. She had a very contented smile on her lips.

As Sally continued to sway Josh suddenly pulled out his digital camera and began to shoot. He had several very revealing pictures before Sally could react.

“Stop it. Don’t take any pictures of me looking like this,” Sally said as she attempted to cover herself up. This was very difficult due to the small about of covering her present clothes provided. As she struggled to hide herself Josh continued taking pictures. In Sally’s attempts to hide she fell on the concrete floor and this allow Josh to take several pictures that revealed Sally’s most intimate treasures. He was able to get one shot of her spread eagle as she fell and panties did little to hide her pussy as it spread open when she tried to catch herself. Sally now sat huddled on the concrete floor with her legs pulled up still trying to hide from Josh. Josh’s flash continued to indicate he was not finished taking pictures.

“Get your little ass up,” Josh shouted.

Sally did not respond.

“I said get your little ass up right now. You are not being a well behaved bitch.”

Sally just looked at up at him from the floor.

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