The Bar

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Finally it was Friday night. I thought it would never get here, that this week would go on forever. It was a brutal week, nothing would go right for me at all. I had to deal with a system administrator who knew nothing at all about computers and then to top it of, a simple network fax application upgrade turned into a nightmare because of a poorly written and documented program.

But that was all behind me now. You told me to wait for you at home and all would be right. Vicki, I can’t find the words to tell you how much you mean to me. No matter how bad things are, how bad I might screw up, you are always there for me to lean on. I can only sit here and wonder what the night holds for me. Will you tie me down and do as you please to my body? Or will I be an active participant in whatever you plan? Either way I will find release and freedom from the outside world. Just being your property gives me a piece of mind that nothing can truly harm me. Right now all I can do is sit by the window and watch for you.

I want to please you when you get home, so I dressed in my normal goofing-around-the-apartment clothes that you like so much. I put on a simple white t-shirt with no bra, extremely short jean cut-offs, and tied my hair back into a ponytail. I feel like a Barbie doll when I dress myself for you. It is a great feeling for one who needs to be objectified.

Finally I see your car come around the corner and pull into a parking space. You get out of the car and I smile as I look at you. My goodness you are so gorgeous!! Your face is so soft and beautiful, it’s hard to believe how tough you really are. I love your shoulder length dark hair with its slight curls. You look so Goddess-like with your tight jeans and that red t-shirt that accentuates your well-shaped breast. You look up at the window, smile, and wave at me as you walk to the entrance to our apartment. My heart starts running at top speed and my chest suddenly feels light and warm. Goddess how I love you!!

I wait as you open the door and then leap the length of the living room to greet you. My hands wrap around your waist and I kiss you deeply. Your tongue thrusts into my mouth as your arms wrap around me in a tight hug and push your way into the apartment, closing the door behind you. You finally pull out from my kiss, smile, and ask me “What has gotten into you?”

“I’m just glad to see you. You *did* promise to make me feel better after this horrible week I’ve had,” I reply, a big grin on my face. I hug you tighter and kiss you again, feeling life return to me as your tongue wraps around my tongue and your hands slide down to my buns and squeeze. I lift up slightly in response to your squeeze and press my body harder against yours. Are you going to fuck me here in the living room by our front door?

After what seemed like an eternity you let go of me and go into the bedroom. I follow you and ask “What do you have planned for us tonight?”

“I have a lot planned for you tonight sweetie. Now shut up and put on your cheerleaders uniform,” you tell me. I smile as I imaging what you will do to me shortly. I obediently do as told, asking “Should I wear bra and panties?” You tell me “Yes, put on your underwear tonight.” I put on my underwear, then put on my cheerleader’s uniform. It’s white with a red and black trim and a large black “G” on the front. I put on white, black, and red socks and my white Reboks. I ask you “How do I look?” and smile when you tell me, “You look as beautiful as always.”

I run a finger lightly down your spine and ask you “Now what do you have planned for me? Please tell me.”

“We’re going to the club tonight, we have friends to meet.” I shudder and argue, “I can’t go out like this!!!” You quickly slap my ass hard enough to cause me to stumble etiler escort forward a few steps and hiss, “You will do as you are told girlie.” I meekly respond, “Yes ma’am, as you wish.” You continue in a more gentle tone, “Besides, the girls all want to see you as a cheerleader, and I *know* you want them to also. Most importantly, *I* want them to see you like that. I’m proud of my property and want to show it off. Now go into the living room and wait for me.”

After a couple of minutes you come out wearing the same jeans and red t-shirt. “You are such a Goddess Vick,” I tell you. In your most arrogant tone you say, “I know little one.” Then you smile that wicked smile of yours and tell me to get my coat and go warm up the car for you. I do as ordered, then come and let you know that the car is ready. You grab your coat and we go to the car.

. . . . . . . .

After a thirty-minute drive we arrive at Bedrox, the local bad-dyke bar. You pull into a parking space and we go into the club.

You lead me towards the back of the bar. I ask you, “Who are we meeting?”

“You’ll see Sarah, just follow me and…,” you look at me for the end of your sentence. “I smile and answer you, “I know, I know….follow you and shut up.” You smile at me and respond, “Good girl.” We continue to the back of the bar and at a table in the corner I see who we have come to meet. It’s Ruth and her pet Atara. I smile and wave to them as you lead me to the booth. They both look beautiful. I can’t help but admire their large breasts and dream of having a weekend to nuzzle them. We exchange hellos and Ruth says, “Glad to see you two can make it. Now sit down and we’ll get some beers.”

You order me to take off my coat and I do as directed. Both Ruth and Atara smile and laugh when they see that I’m dressed as a cheerleader tonight. Atara says, “I’ve been wanting to see the cheerleader Sarah. I’m taken by her.” Ruth adds, “She is a pretty sight. You take good care of your property Vick.” You thank them and take off your own coat. We sit down and order our beers.

I hold your arm and listen to you and Ruth as you talk about work and other subjects. I love listening to you and hang on every word. Ruth changes the subject and says, “Your Sarah is certainly a sweet looking cheerleader. Is she a good girl?” You tell her, “She is a pretty thing, but she can be a bad little girl at times. She actually questioned *me* when I told her she was going to wear that tonight. But I convinced her that I was right. Isn’t that true Sarah?”

“Yes ma’am,” I quietly respond. Ruth continues, “She’s certainly being a good girl now. You have taught her well.”

“Thank you Ruth, I’ve worked hard with her,” you tell her.

“My Atara has been flirting with her for a long time. I can see why. She is a pretty thing,” Ruth says. I blush at all the attention being lavished on me. You see my happiness and start to build on it. “She is a pretty little thing. She has the nicest tits. Would you like to see them?” Ruth and Atara smile and both acknowledge that they do. You lift my top up and slide my breasts out of their cups. You take out an ice cube from a glass of water and rub it on my left nipple. It immediately gets hard and you move to the right nipple. “Aren’t they nice? Look at her, she’s loving this,” you tell them and smile. I blush even more as you trace small circles around my nipples with your finger. I let out a barely audible gasp as you tease me. You stop, return my breasts into my bra, bring down my shirt, and continue.

“You know, she hasn’t always been a good little girl like this. When she really was a cheerleader, she used to fuck boys to please them. She was quite the little slut back then.” Ruth and Atara laugh and Ruth replies eve gelen escort “Go on Vick!! She was probably an innocent little virgin.”

“Oh no, don’t let her innocent facade fool you. She was a little slut. Her only purpose in life is to be a fuck toy. Isn’t that right little one?” you ask me. I reply “Yes ma’am. I’m only a slut.”

“You see. Let me show you,” you tell them, “get on your knees before me Sarah.” I do as you order and get on my knees before you.

You unbutton your jeans and pull out a dildo. “Now Sarah, I want you to show Ruth and Atara what you did to the boys,” you tell me. I say, “Yes ma’am,” and go down on your dildo. I take my tongue and slowly circle the tip, as I grab hold of your “cock.” As I start to suck on it I feel my cunt grow warm and moist. I love to perform for you, and it only adds that we have an audience. You tell Ruth and Atara, “Look at her. She is the accomplished cocksucker, isn’t she?” They agree with you and laugh. “Now Sarah, don’t forget to show them how you would suck their balls,” you tell me. I do as I’m told and lick on the balls to your dildo. You, Ruth, and Atara watch and enjoy my performance.

After a few minutes of sucking on your dildo you order me to return to my seat next to you. You ask me, “Did you like that sweetheart?”

“Yes ma’am, I love to suck on your cock.” You tell Ruth and Atara, “See? What did I tell you? She is a slut!!” They agree with you, which makes me hotter.

Atara asks, “So what else does she do that makes her a slut?”

“Do you really want to know?” you ask her. “She can get really nasty when I want her to be.”

You turn to me and ask “Sarah, what can you do to prove to everyone what a slut you are?” I know the answer to that and smile. “I want you to butt fuck me Mistress,” I reply. “Very well little one, get up please,” you order me. “I want you to bend over that table with your ass facing us.” I do as ordered and wait for you. You continue, “Pull up your skirt now, let us see your panties.” I pull up my skirt so that everyone can see my red panties. You shout for all to hear, “Look at how wet her panties are. She is such a slut!!”

“Now please pull down your panties,” you tell me. I slide my panties down until they fall to my feet. I feel exposed and helpless in front of you, Ruth and Atara. That feeling brings me to the edge of orgasm. I live to be an object like this.

You ask me, “Now Sarah, tell us again what you want.” I answer, “I want to be butt fucked…please ma’am. Fuck my ass.”

“Not yet slut,” you tell me, “Show us how much you want it. Open your ass for me. Show Ruth and Atara what a slut you really are.”

“Yes ma’am,” I answer you and slip a finger into my cunt to lubricate it. I pull my finger out and place the tip to my ass. Slowly I enter, feeling the slight ache as my ass opens to accommodate my finger. My cunt is hot and as I finger fuck my ass in front of Ruth and Atara. As I slide my finger all the way in, I shake with my first orgasm. I start to slowly fuck myself, building up speed as my ass becomes accustomed to my finger. I hear Ruth and Atara start to kiss as they watch me, only increasing my desires. “What a good girl you are Sarah,” you tell me, “Ruth and Atara love your little spectacle. Should I fuck you now?”

“Yes ma’am, please fuck me now!!” I beg of you. “Just a moment, let me lube my cock,” you answer.

You get up and stand behind me. I feel you place the tip of your cock at the opening to my ass and grab my waist. You pull my ass towards you slowly, the dildo entering me. My ass opens even more as you shove your cock into me. I gasp and slowly rise to my toes as you enter deeper into me. I look up at you and whisper, “Please fuck me Mistress, fatih escort fuck me now!!” Your reply is to pull the dildo back, almost out, and then shove it back in faster this time. You shove my back so that I lay face down on the table, then bend over me as you continue to thrust into my ass. You whisper for all to hear, “You live for this don’t you? Tell everyone what you are.” I cry out, “I’m your fuck toy!! I am your property!!” and a sudden relief comes over me. I feel I am where I belong, being fucked, treated as an object only to please you. I can’t tell you how much I owe you for being able to surrender my body and soul to you. My only wish is to please you as much as you please me.

You suddenly stop butt fucking me and pull your cock out of my ass. I feel you reach for something with one hand as you start to play with my cunt, fucking me with three fingers. You stop and I look back. You are covering one hand with lube and you look me in the eyes. “Little one, I’m going to fist fuck you here, in front of our friends,” you tell me. “Please Mistress, I want you to, for all to see,” I reply. You start to slide four fingers in my cunt, opening me up. I look behind me at Ruth and Atara. Ruth has one hand in Atara’s shirt, massaging a breast, and her other hand is somewhere under the table. Both of them are watching us as we fuck like animals. I close my eyes as you slip your thumb in and slide your hand in up to the knuckles. Oh Goddess how I feel so full!!

You ask me “Are you ready Sarah? Are you ready for me to go in the rest of the way?” I answer, “Yes, please,” barely able to get out the words. You add additional lube and open me up with your other hand. Suddenly you slide in and I feel an incredible fullness like nothing I’ve known before. I let out a yelp and shudder as you start to move your fist inside me. I feel my orgasm building and start to cry from the most incredible emotions. I can’t see everyone staring at us, but from the sudden quiet I know we are the center of attention. You slowly rotate your fist in me. My whole universe is focused on my cunt and you. Every small movement you make I feel in my cunt, I even feel your breathing. We are truly one at this moment. We are one and everyone can see that. All these feelings and emotions quickly build up to a mind shattering orgasm. I cry out as I come and finally go limp, drained from the emotional and physical rollercoaster you have taking me on.

You pull out of me and pull my panties up. I feel you lift me and carry me to our seat in the booth and hold me close. I’m shaking and crying, my cunt feels so open and warm. I finally open my eyes and see Ruth and Atara smiling at me. I look around and see everyone staring at us. I squeeze you tighter and place my head on your shoulder. You soothe me and rock me gently. I know I’ve pleased you tonight and feel an incredible sense of accomplishment. As you continue to hold me, Ruth finally say, “Well Vick, I guess your right, she is a slut.”

“A nasty little slut,” Atara adds, “She is *very* lucky to serve a mistress like you.” I smile at that, knowing how right she is.

The night goes on and we down a few more beers, nothing more being said about our little show. Finally last call is announced and it is time to leave. You pull me to my feet and hand me my coat. We say our good nights and Ruth allows me to hug Atara. My cunt is still open, a reminder to a most incredible fuck. As we walk to the door, the other girls smile at us and thank us for the show. I feel my entire persona stripped. You have shown off your property and the feeling of being an object rings true in my heart.

The drive home is a blur and I only remember you leading me in. You take me into the bedroom, lay me down, and undress me. As you undress you tell me, “You have been a real good little girlie tonight. I will let you please me with you tongue and mouth.”

I gasp, “Thank you Vicki, I hope I please you as much as you have pleased me tonight.”

You kiss me and reply, “I know you will little one, now shut up and get to work.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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