The Beach Ch. 01

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The sun beats down on your back as you lay on the warm sand in nothing but your bikini bottoms. A slight perspiration covers your skin as you sigh slightly, your eyes close.

Your body moves slightly and you smile, the mound of sand under your pussy serving its purpose to slightly stimulate you every time you wish it to. You’re by no means close to an orgasm, but the pleasure is enough to keep you lay quietly enjoying the sun.

I spot you as I walk by, my eyes following every curve in your body. You are mid-twenties, with a body that is perfect to look at. I notice you moving your pelvic region, and smile slightly at the thought of what you may be doing. A slight bulge moves in my shorts, and you glance up slightly just in time to see me hardening at the thought of you.

You smile and nod to the empty sand next to you, a clear indication that you want me to sit down next to you. I cannot help myself but head on over, and sit down next to you.

Up close your body looks even more perfect, slightly tanned, and athletically slimmed, I picture it lying next to me in white linen sheets, perspiration covering your freshly sexed body.

Smiling to myself I return to reality, dismissing it as fantasy that will not happen.

You nod to your Sun Cream. No words are said, but I know what you want, and I slowly nod back, not wanting to appear too eager. I cup some of it in my hands, and rub it lightly together so it is warmed before applying my hands to your back.

You arch slightly, obviously the cream wasn’t as warm as I intended, but a murmur emits from your mouth and you close your eyes. Slowly you feel me rub your back, and you feel yourself bahçeşehir escort wanting me and feeling wet because of it. You imagine getting back to your room and thoroughly satisfying yourself, yet you don’t think it will quite be enough.

Slowly my hands start drifting down the side of your back, and you moan slightly as they move up from your hips, lightly touching the side of your breasts. You feel yourself involuntarily lifting up slightly, and my hands move forward slightly more, each time touching just a little more of your perfect breasts. You rub yourself on the mound again, it hitting your now wet bottoms in the right place for stimulation, making you groan slightly more.

Suddenly you are aware that I am leaning on you, and you can feel my hardness against your body, screaming to enter you and fill you completely. My hand move down now, slowly round the front of your legs, touching against your inner thighs, again each time further and further around.

Realizing where they are heading, you lift off the mound and gasp as my hands slip underneath your bottoms, touching where you shaved that morning ever so slightly. Further and further they go in, and you bite your lip with pleasure as I flick your clitoris gently with my forefinger.

You look around at me, lust filling your eyes. Slowly the desire to have me becomes too much and you turn onto your side so I can se the full extent of your gorgeous body.

A smile is all it takes for me to get the message, and I move in and passionately kiss you on the lips. Your hands grasp around behind me, and slowly move up and down bakırköy escort my back, over my sides as you desire to have me becomes even greater.

My hands are still touching you, but now my other hand is gently caressing your breasts, my finger tracing around your nipples enough to make you shudder. Between that and my other hand, which is now gently entering you in deep, long strokes, you feel yourself coming close to orgasm.

Again you become very aware of my penis bulging from my shorts, and you run a hand around my front and delve down into my shorts. A slight look of surprise takes your face as you feel my uncircumcised manhood, and start stroking it from tip to base. You want to see him, to kiss him, and vow to take every last inch of him into your mouth before allowing me to fuck you.

The thought of this tips you over the edge, and for a moment you stroke harder and faster as your body trembles with orgasm. It has been building for some time now, as you have been continually playing with yourself in some shape or form, and when it comes you feel like an almighty pressure has been released from your body, and almost scream. Over and over your body bucks as wave after wave of this fantastic orgasm comes, and before you know it you are thrashing about in the sand and I am kissing you all over your body, my lips and tongue snaking around your breasts and moving down to your shaven pussy. Your hands now move to the back of my head, and you apply pressure to ensure that I do not stop.

You have not stopped coming by the time I reach your panties, and I slip them down quickly before başakşehir escort delving in-between your legs and flicking your clitoris with my tongue. My fingers are still entering you, furious now, and you feel your second orgasm coming as I work my mouth around your wet pussy, your hands still behind my head.

Your second orgasm in as many minutes takes your mind away to other places. The whole world seems to lurch as your body ebbs with the height’s touched by this, and you feel disorientated and lost.

Looking down you can see I am now slowly making my way back up your body, smiling at your moans at every kiss. Your body seems pinpricked, and you feel as though every hair on it is stood on end awaiting my lips.

I have already pulled your bikini bottoms up, and you gasp at the thought that moments ago I was buried deep in there, in the midst of this typically busy beach. Looking around, you see a few wide eyes, but no one seems to be coming over to say anything. Thinking quick, you decide to take this party of two elsewhere, and reach into your handbag to write down your address.

As you start to write, I pull your hands away, taking your lipstick pen and pad, and instead write down the name of a place and a time. Sealing it with a kiss (and a quick stroke down your back and across your bottom you notice) I stand up, and walk off. Still visibly aroused, you smile in wonder as I stroll off oblivious to the stares I am getting.

Looking down at the piece of paper you see the address for a restaurant in town. You know the place, the menu more expensive than you care to notice, and the rooms famed for their luxurious four-poster beds and coastal verandah’s (complete with mandatory hot tub, of course). You smile at the thought, and decide you had best get home to get yourself ready for the date.

Standing back up, now fully clothed again, you start thinking of what to wear. Seems you now have a use for that Little Black Dress you recently bought, and maybe not much more.

(To be continued…)

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