The Benefits of Exaggeraid

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“Sex life? Ha!” I was moaning to Richard at work.

“You should try this,” he replied and held out a small bottle of clear liquid. Curiously, I took it from him and examined it. “Exaggeraid,” said the label.

“May I…?” I asked.

“Be my guest,” he said. “It’s worked wonders for my sex life, and I’ve got crates of the stuff at home.”

I took a surreptitious swig as I left the office that evening. I had only walked half the distance to the bus stop when I noticed that a building which had been boarded up for weeks had been freshly unveiled. Dance music boomed up from the cellar entrance steps, and a neon sign announced, “Groovy Sex God Club.”

Curious, I entered. The hatcheck girl, a luscious redhead, took my coat and briefcase and threw me a lascivious look. I walked into the dance area. It was thronged with gorgeous girls of every variety, and only a very few men. A statuesque brunette immediately walked over to me.

“Hi,” she said, “You’re new here. My name is Gloria, and I’m the owner. Let’s dance.” And with that, she pulled me to her. Fortunately, at that moment the music changed from thumping dance music to smooth close smooching music as she pulled me tightly to her. I felt her large, firm, round breasts squash against my chest as she pushed her pubic mound against my erection which had sprung mightily to life.

“Enough of this pussyfooting around,” she said. “Let’s get upstairs to my apartment, get naked, and fuck!”

She led me to her private elevator, and we were all over each other, shedding clothes, on the short journey up to her apartment. As we stepped out of the elevator into her apartment, which was furnished in the unusual style of wall-to-wall mattress, we were down to our underwear.

Her long black hair cascaded to the top slopes of her remarkable breasts which were at least 55 inches and DD or EE cups, or whichever type is biggest, and completely firm and also completely Escort Sincan natural, with no silicon or anything, and no sag whatsoever. Her areolas were a good 5 inches in diameter, and her nipples stood out about the same distance. Her waist was so tiny that I could encircle it with both my hands. Her hips flared out, and her pussy hair was shaved so close that there wasn’t even a hint of stubble, her mound was smoother than a billiard ball. Her cunt lips were smacking together in anticipation, and her clit was so erect and so long that it was waggling around like a minidick.

“Come on big boy,” she said, “I want to see that dick of yours before I fuck it.”

I returned to the elevator to get my emergency pants lever. I had to get it under the waistband of my jockeys in order to lever the waistband up over the top of my erect cock. As my 23-incher eased into view, her eyes widened.

“Wow,” she said, “I’ve seen some big ones in my time, but never one quite as big as that. I’m dying to get it up my cunt, but first I want to suck it.”

With that, she stood in front of me and put her mouth over the head of my dick. Fortunately, she was able to open her mouth to the full 4-inch diameter needed to get the head of my cock in, then she started to ease her body back and she bent forwards at the same time, and I also bent forward, so as to line my cock up with her mouth and throat. At last, and with a major effort, she relaxed her throat and I felt my entire length slip in. I started to thrust backwards and forwards, but I had to stop after a while because of a burning sensation in the middle section of my cock. I had gone right down her throat, into her stomach, and then on into her duodenum, but her stomach acids were trying to digest the length of cock which was passing through her stomach!

So I withdrew, gave my cock a wipe, and lay back. She immediately stood straddling me as I looked up Sincan Escort at her pussy. Her muscle control was so good that I could see her pussy lips fold themselves back as she began to bend her knees, starting to squat down towards my cock.

And then I learnt just how good her muscle control was. “I sure hope we can take that fucker,” I heard a small voice say, and I realised it came from her cunt – she was able to suck air in and articulate words, simply by muscle control over her pussy lips!

And then her pussy lips stretched out, opening her cunt as wide as it would go, and she started to slide down over the rigid pole of my cock. My cock went up her vagina without any problem. I felt resistance when my cockhead reached her cervix, then that was over and I carried on up into her uterus, only stopped when I reached the end wall of her womb. At this point, I still had several inches of cock which hadn’t gone into her, and I realised that I needed to resolve myself to the fact that those inches would never get fucked.

She said, “I don’t just exercise my cunt lips, you know. I also exercise the walls of my womb. I’ve been exercising the end wall for ages so that it can take my weight, in the hope that I’d one day meet a man with a cock as big and as strong and as long as yours. I have a little trick I’d like to try.”

“Go ahead” I said. So she lifted her left leg off the ground until it was horizontal, and reached out and gripped it with her left hand. “Ready?” she asked. “Whenever you are,” I answered, and she gave a sudden strong push with her right foot. She immediately lifted her right leg into the air and held her foot with her hand, as she had with the left, so that she was left spinning round and round on my cock, as if she was a wheel and my cock was the axle.

“Pinwheel fuck!” she screamed joyously. Indeed the unfamiliar sensation of the rotary fuck, as opposed to conventional Sincan Escort Bayan up and down fucking, was so exciting that we both started to cum, her first and then me a few seconds later.

As she started to orgasm, her cunt went into spasm, gripping my shaft. This acted as a brake to her spinning and, as she came to a halt, she dropped her hand to start sawing furiously at her clit. I heard it twanging as she flicked it back and forth.

Then my own orgasm was on me, and I came in a mighty geyser of cum. The force of my spurt was so great that it blew her off my cock. In fact, my explosion was so forceful that she was shot, on a column of spunk, up so high that she hit her head on the ceiling. The spunk fountain rained down, splatting on the mattressed floor for several feet around. She was knocked out temporarily and might have injured herself had it not been for the fact that, as she fell back down to the floor, fortunately her open cunt engaged with my cock again, and she slid down my slippery pole, just in time to meet my second blast. This was not as strong as the first, and she wasn’t shot completely off my cock, just up to the end, like a Try-Your-Strength machine at a fairground. By this time her entire cunt and womb were full of cum, so she didn’t slide straight back down, but only slowly as the excess cum escaped round my dick. And then the third blast caught her but, again, this was much weaker than the two before. And so it continued until, by my 18th blast, which was the last one except for 8 or 9 smaller pulses afterwards, her up and down motions on my cock had nearly stopped.

Her loins came to rest across mine in a pool of slippery cum and, as my pole lost its stiffness, so her body slowly started to slip forward onto mine. Then she started to come to.

“That was the best fuck I’ve ever had!” she said, eyes sparkling. “You must fuck me one more time before I get the other girls up here.”

“That sounds fair,” I told her, my cock starting to harden again already without ever having fully softened, “but you must excuse me for just a minute – I have a little bottle in my jacket pocket, and I think I have to have a little drink before I continue!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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