The Best Man

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I’m in the bedroom of a private home in a town a couple hundred miles from where I work, to be part of the summer wedding of my best friend. I’ve met his bride-to-be many times as she visited him in college and in the town where we both work. She’s very nice, attractive, friendly and they seem to get along great (my understanding is the sex is terrific) so I wish them both all the happiness possible. Maybe I’m cynical or perhaps I just haven’t met the right girl yet but I don’t see why anyone would agree to fuck only one person for the rest of their natural life, so help you God. I’ve discussed this with my friend and basically his answer is, “Dick, we’ve all got to grow up sometime.”

This isn’t a truly small town but the neighborhood where both my friend and his fiancée grew up is like it’s own small town. It seems as if everyone has lived here for generations, gone to the same schools and been to various parties and events in each others homes all their lives. Everyone from out of town is housed in the homes of friends and neighbors. I’m in the home of a neighbor of my friend’s family. They’re very nice, never lock the door, and have told me to feel free to come and go as I like and help myself to anything in the kitchen if I feel hungry. The room I’m in apparently belonged to their daughter, now grown and married with a couple kids, living miles and miles away.

I’ve just showered. I’m standing in the bedroom naked, hanging up a suit in the closet, about to dress for the rehearsal dinner. The door to the room almost bangs open and a woman’s voice says, “Michelle, I didn’t . . .”. I look and a very attractive woman in a light summer dress is standing there. “Oops,” she says, steps back and closes the door. I’m still standing there in my bare skin, looking at the door, in a delayed reaction to the whole thing when the door opens again. The same woman steps in quickly and closes the door behind her. She walks towards me and says, “Hi, I’m Jane.”

I was right. She’s very attractive. Maybe not quite movie star quality but certainly among the top few percent of pretty women. Blond hair, big eyes well made up, beşiktaş escort cute nose, small mouth and what looks to be a fine body. Flowered summer dress, all pink and white and lavender, with shapely bare legs below and white sandals. I can’t tell women’s ages. Sixteen or forty, they can all look alike at times. I’d guess that this one, Jane, was in the low thirties, five or six years older than me. But she was very, very attractive and I’m standing there naked. Partly it was awkward but partly it was sexy. I mean, she’s the one that came in after she saw me naked. I’m sure my cock grew at least a little, involuntary, just by her coming in.

Anyway, she’s walking right to me and says, “Hi, I’m Jane.”

So I smile and answer, “I’m Dick.”

She says, “You certainly are,” and reaches out to put her hand under my cock and wrap her fingers lightly around it, just feeling or holding it. She also stretches her head up to me for a kiss, so I kiss her. She then lets go of my cock, which had grown a lot in her grasp, turns her back to me and points to a clasp at the top of the back of her dress.

“Unfasten this, please, I can’t quite get to it right.”

So I use both hands and unhook it.

“Unzip,” she says.

So I do. She then steps out of her sandals as she turns back around facing me and then sort of shrugs out of the dress and lets it fall to the floor, shaking her hips a little as it hangs up slightly. She reaches behind her and unfastens her bra and bends over slightly to drop it off her breasts and get it out over her shoulders and then drops it on the floor, too. She has a lovely shape, truly beautiful breasts, not the largest in the world but big enough they bulged out wider than her upper body. Almost maroon nipples, small and tight. She then takes hold of the top of her panties and bends again to get them down her legs and onto the floor. Hey, this is a truly beautiful woman. Great face and great body. Her pubic hair was dark brown, not as full a full thatch as some, a natural blonde. Long, lovely legs — if they were normal length, beşyol escort she’d be about three inches shorter. They go all the way to her ass, as the old saying goes, and it was a lovely ass. Round, firm, standing up as nicely as her breasts.

All in all, she’d be a stand out in any crowd. On a scale of ten she’s right up there, maybe an 8 1/2. But why me? I mean, I’m in decent shape and fairly well hung, at least I’ve never had any complaints, but I’m no freak of nature with a humongous salami hanging between my legs. I guess she’s just a horny woman, couldn’t pass up a naked man. I have to admit, I’d not have passed her up if I happened upon her in a similar situation. And she’s not holding a gun to my head or anything.

She steps off her small pile of clothes to me, puts one hand around my cock again, which was fully upright by then, and pressed her breasts into me as she looked up. I kissed her, putting my arms around her and she responded by putting her free hand on my butt. After a moment of swabbing each others mouths out, she pulls free, takes my arm and crosses the few feet to the bed. Smiling at me, she then gets on the bed, lays out flat on her back, brings her knees up slightly and then spreads her legs,

“C’mere, Dick,” she said. “The rest of you too.”

So I get onto the bed, up between her legs and over her, supporting myself on my arms, so I could kiss her again. As we kiss, she grabs my cock again and starts masturbating her self with it. Really rubbing hard and fast. I’m about to complain, rubbing my cock head against her wiry pubic hair is starting to irritate. But then she lets go, spreads her legs even wider and rotates them up towards her upper body, smiles, and says, “Fuck me, Dick.”

She still has hold of my cock and helps guide it in to her. That little workout using my cock must have aroused her because I slip right in easily. She’s well lubricated.

Jane really likes to fuck. She ends up with both feet on the bed, pushing back and damn near lifting me completely into the air. She’s also very quiet except beykent escort for some heavy breathing, no screaming or yelling, although from the look on her face she might have been having enough emotion to want to yell. It’s a really good fuck. She’s tight enough certainly for me to feel great in there. She has control or something because her cunt just grabs my cock and acts as if it’s trying to suck me into her. And she’s energetic, we’re really bouncing around. I can tell by her gasps that she’s about to orgasm and then I feel a lot of juices leaking around where my cock fits into the seal of her vaginal lips and in another few seconds I feel myself coming. I’m sure I’m filling her up with all the sperm I shoot off. She calms down, wraps her legs up around me and we kiss again. A much quieter kiss. A goodbye kiss, I think.

We just stay there, holding one another, kissing, me still in her, for a while. Then she lets go, damn near pushes me off, smiles at me and goes over to her clothes. She pulls her panties back on, gets her breasts into the bra cups and fastens it back on. She pulls her dress up and, as she steps back into her sandals, says,

“Dick, come fasten this for me.”

So I do, my softened cock now hanging red and sticky, and also zip her up.

“I’ll see you at the dinner,” she says, smiling, then opens the door and leaves, closing it behind her.

I’ve certainly never before had anything quite like that happen. I mean, she’s really attractive, really built. And a great fuck. But the whole thing probably didn’t take five minutes. She’s in and out of my room before anyone could miss her. I smile to myself and wonder about small town life and what else might happen to me here. I get dressed and about thirty minutes later, at the country club, amidst a couple hundred people talking and drinking and getting ready to go in to dinner, my best friend’s fiancee introduces me to several people. Then, there’s Jane, with a guy, and I hear,

“Dick, this is my brother Paul and his wife, Jane.”

I reach out to shake his hand and just say, as guys do, “Paul.”

He shakes back and says, “Dick.”

Jane smiles and adds, “Dick, I understand you’re the Best Man here. We’ll probably see each other often.”

“I look forward to it,” I reply with a smile.

Her tongue comes out of her smile to lick her lips a little.

The bride-to-be has my elbow, sort of pushes me on and says, “Oh, Dick, meet the Reverend Matthews . . . “

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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