The Best Party

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It was the Mount Everest of parties; The Rolls Royce of gatherings; the Saville Row suite of bashes; the sort of “do” that Harrods would organise. It had been, in short, one hell of a party!

As our hosts Jane and Lenny eventually called their goodbyes and showed the final guests, groggy and tired, out into the early morning sunshine, my wife Linda and I collapsed with a satisfied sigh back onto the lounge sofa. I glanced at my watch: 4:35am and gave Linda a perfunctory kiss on the top of her head.

“Well, that seemed to go rather well, I thought.” Said Lenny as he and his own wife walked back into the lounge.

Both Linda and I smiled back our agreement from the sofa. We had met Lenny and his attractive wife Jane whilst on holiday last year and had kept in touch ever since. Actually, it was the girls that had kept in touch as is usually the case with these things; we males seem to have a terrible reputation for losing telephone numbers and email addresses or for just not bothering. But Linda and Jane had regularly whizzed emails back and forth over through the ether; the result being that Linda and I had been invited to the party and encouraged to stay overnight.

At this point, I think that I should mention the enormous crush that I’ve had on Lenny’s wife since the first moment I saw her. Although maybe a few years older than my own wife (I’ve always had a thing for older women!), Jane is one of the most attractive women I’ve ever met. Standing of average height in her flip-flops and bikini (which was the way I first saw her on holiday), she has a body that many women half her age would happily kill for. Her breasts look pert and full with a deep, sensuous cleavage which promises untold pleasures. Her legs are long and slender; she has a trim waist and a pretty face framed by a wild tussle of mousy coloured hair. It became more and more difficult to hide the boner that I developed every time I saw her and I’ve no doubt that, although she didn’t say anything, my wife Linda must have noticed.

“Great party!” I said with a laugh, “you guys really know how to throw a bash!”

“Thanks, Mike.” Lenny replied as he wandered over to the kitchen. “Night-cap?”

I knew that Linda had already had way too much to drink and was close to the point of either falling asleep of indeed just passing out.

“Ah, I think I’d better get this one to bed.” I said. “She’s almost dead to the world!”

A faint groan from Linda indicated that she agreed with me.

“Well, Jane and I will have one,” Lenny continued, “so if you change your mind….”

As I laid Linda down on the bed and pulled the duvet over her I decided that I would take Lenny up on his offer. I was still wired from all the dancing and didn’t really feel like going to bed just yet – besides, it would give me another chance to ogle Jane in her tight jeans and low cut top!

“Great party.” I repeated as I got to the bottom of the stairs and found Jane sitting on the sofa with her legs curled up under her.

“Scotch ok?” Lenny called from the kitchen.

I shouted my agreement with this suggestion and flopped into a deep armchair with a sigh.

“Thanks for inviting us,” I said to Jane, “it’s been great to see you guys again.”

“Well, you’ve been looking hard enough!” she replied with a laugh, “at me at least!”

I mumbled something quickly that was incomprehensible, trying to hide my embarrassment. Damn, had I been that obvious?

Jane laughed again at my discomfort. “Don’t worry, Mike. If I didn’t enjoy being looked at I wouldn’t dress up – or down! Anyway, Escort bayan parties always make me feel sexy.”

At that moment, and to my embarrassed gratitude, Lenny returned to the lounge and passed over the drinks. I took a long pull at my scotch and tried not to blush too much.

“What?” Lenny said, obviously sensing an atmosphere in the room.

“It’s okay, sweetheart,” Jane giggled not in the least embarrassed, “I think that Mike has the hots for me!”

“Ha! A man of taste, then!” My friend replied with a broad smile. “And the way you’ve been flashing yourself around tonight, I’m not surprised. It would have taken a dead man not to get a hard-on!”

“He thinks I’m such a slut!” Jane said to me playfully, “but he loves it really!”

“You ARE a slut!” Lenny laughed. “Honestly Mike, she usually can’t wait to get her kit off after a party.”

This banter had my head twisting back and forth between them as if I were watching a fast tennis rally. The alcohol had dulled my senses enough to think that maybe there was something happening here – or about to happen. As Lenny spoke I soon realised that this assumption was quite correct.

“Come on then, my little slut!” he said with a laugh, “get those tits out – you know you want to!”

I watched in awed silence as Jane giggled once again and began to sexily wriggle out of her tight t-shirt. I’d known all night that she wasn’t wearing a bra (again, it would have taken a dead man not to notice), but I still heard myself gasp involuntarily as the shirt came up and over her head and two beautiful tanned globes of womanly flesh were revealed.

“Ta-daa!” Jane sang as she opened her arms theatrically and presented her breasts. “You like them, Mike?”

I could only assume that this was a rhetorical question. The lump in my dry throat prohibited any form of vocal response.

“Well, don’t stop there!” Lenny cried, clearly as excited as I was, “get the rest off!”

Jane seemed only too happy to oblige and as her beautiful tits jiggled sexily in front of my eyes, she quickly unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them and a pair of pale yellow panties down her long, slender legs.

“That’s better!” Lenny laughed. “You fancy a little bit of fun, Mike?”

My erection was saying an undoubted “yes”, but my alcohol fuddled brain was still just lucid enough to remember my sleeping wife upstairs.

“Well…what about…Linda….?” I started.

“Oh, come on, Mike!” Jane cooed, opening her legs and giving me a quick flash of moist and perfectly shaved pussy. “Linda will sleep until morning. If she’s anything like me she won’t wake up for anything!”

“One thing is for sure,” I mumbled as my mind made itself up and instructed my legs to carry me to the sofa and join the naked Jane, “Linda – sadly – is nothing like you!”

Lenny quickly joined both Jane and I on the sofa and we were all a tangle of arms and legs as we both stripped our clothes away as quickly as possible. My lips frantically sought out one of Jane’s blood-engorged nipples and I heard her sigh contentedly as I sucked it into my mouth. I looked down and saw that Lenny had used his fingers to part her shaved pussy lips and was currently stroking her very visible clit.

Once Lenny and I were both naked, the three of us began to tumble around on the large sofa. Arms, hands, fingers and lips were everywhere. Nipples were squeezed and sucked and Linda’s wet vagina was being constantly fingered. I could hear her breathing, hot and short, close to my ear as she encouraged us with lust-drenched Bayan escort words and then felt her body tense as the first waves of climax ripped through her taught frame.

“The little slut sucks like a pro, Mike!” Lenny gasped as his wife began to come down from her climax. “Why don’t you stick your cock in her mouth?”

As Lenny pulled Jane up into a sitting position, he and I flanked her on either side; hard cocks at the ready. My hand went automatically to the back of her head as she grasped one length of solid male meat in each hand and pressed her down, urging her towards my weapon.

I gasped out loud when I at last felt Jane’s warm, wet mouth envelop my swollen glans. Her fingers stroked lovingly between my legs caressing my heavy balls and encircling the tiny opening of my anus. Slowly I began to saw my hips back and forth. Lenny had been entirely correct in his description – this woman knew how to suck cock!

Deeper and deeper my cock wriggled into her willing mouth until I could feel myself nudging at the back of her throat. I could see that Lenny was not being left out either; Jane was using her hand to stroke up and down her husbands’ shaft, twisting her grip gently as she masturbated him.

And then suddenly Jane’s mouth was gone from my cock and she swapped her lovers’ for her husbands’ penis. I watched as her head sank lower and lower onto Lenny’s cock and smiled as I saw the look of intense lust that washed over his face. After a few more moments she switched us back again, this time adjusting the tilt of her head slightly so that half of my throbbing tool slid gracefully into her throat.

“Told you she was good!” Lenny’s voice seemed to echo and bounce around inside my spinning mind as his wife deep-throated me. I couldn’t argue with logic like that and once again began to thrust my hips forward pressing another few inches of my hot meat into her tight wind-pipe.

“Let’s open you up a bit, shall we?” Lenny laughed as he wriggled himself down between Jane’s splayed legs.

I watched fascinated as Lenny used his fingers to probe deeply within his wife’s wet slit. The womanly aroma that was emanating from between her legs was intoxicating, heady and, if anything, only served to increase the pounding of blood through my throbbing cock.

I felt Jane withdraw slightly and come up for air as another orgasm washed over her. She gasped around my prick as she came and, as I looked down between the two of our bodies, I could see her breasts heave and fall while the hard nipples that topped them seemed to throb with a life of their own.

“Oh God! I wanna get fucked!” Jane moaned as her body contorted. It was a sight to see; her legs seemed to shake involuntarily and her pretty, bare toes curled up into a tight lock.

“Fuck me know, for God’s sake, Mike! Slam that beautiful hard cock into my cunt!”

Hearing my name mentioned in the same sentence as the word’s “cunt” and “slam”, brought me quickly out of my reverie. Lenny helped me move Jane into position and I swapped with him so that I was between her spread and trembling legs. I looked down at her delightfully shaved pussy and licked my lips. My cock swelled visibly as I lined it up with her wet gash and, holding my breath, I eased the throbbing head between her wet lips.

“Harder. HARDER!” Jane almost screamed at me. “Let me feel you ram into this sweet little slut!”

Not wanting to disappoint a lady – or a slut! – I pulled my hips back slowly and slammed the entire length of my engorged tool deep into Jane’s hot, sweet Escort cunt. She seemed to fit me like a velvet glove and, as I started to ride her, with almost brutal ferocity, I watched Lenny squat over her head and force three inches of his prick into her mouth.

Now silenced by the force of Lenny’s oral thrustings, Jane’s body was being thrown about by the ferocity of my penetration. Over and over I slammed into her lithe, sweating body. My hands went under her buttocks as she lifted her hips and pulled her towards me as I rammed forward. My fingers parted the twin globes of her ass and as my cock filled her warm pussy, so my fingers entered her ass.

I could see that Lenny was close to cumming – very close.

“Let me see her ride you.” I said quickly.

“Good idea, man!” Lenny agreed. “I’m just about ready to shoot a big load into her!”

As we switched positions for what I was sure would be the final time (I was also very close to shooting my load), I watched closely as Jane straddled her husband’s body and her pussy opened invitingly to accept his cock.

“Oh God yes!” Jane grunted as Lenny shot his jism deep into her body. She turned to me as I watched fascinated. “Cum on my tits, Mike? Cum for your little slut!”

I smiled and leaned forward, gasping as I felt Jane’s long cool fingers wrap around my inflamed manhood. Her head bent downwards and licked her own pussy juice from the head and I heard her sigh gratefully. She pressed my shaft lovingly into that deep, inviting cleavage and I moaned. The heat from her breasts engulfed me and as I started to rock myself back and forth, she squeezed the heaving mounds together to provide a fleshy tunnel for me to fuck.

I began to thrust faster and faster. The friction was building up to a wonderful heat in my loins and as I watched the tip of my cock appear above Jane’s voluptuous tits she dipped her head again and licked the tip. Suddenly I realised that I had arrived at “The Point”. The Point. The point that indicates that no matter what happens now, you’re going to shoot your cum!

And shoot I did. Jane’s hands and breasts massaged and caressed me as the cum boiled up from my balls and erupted like a volcano. My whole body seemed to contract; jerking and twitching uncontrollably as the jism continued to spew forth. Jane’s tits and hands were awash with the stuff and, by the time I had eventually finished, she seemed almost covered in my seed.

Eventually, as my climax subsided and Jane rolled away back onto the sofa, I was able to breathe once again.

“Wow!” was just about all I could mange to say. “I just……”

“Wow indeed!”

The slurred and slightly drunk voice seemed horrifyingly familiar to me and, as I looked over towards the stairs, I saw the immediately recognisable figure of my wife, Linda sitting on the bottom step and staring intently at the three naked bodies before her.

“Er….I was just….um….well….” I said struggling pathetically for words to explain my behaviour.

“Yes I can see what you “er well” were doing!” Linda said slowly.

But as I looked at her more closely my mind suddenly reeled. Linda’s t-shirt was rucked up a little at the waist and from the position that she was sitting in I could see her pantyless pussy as it gaped open. It was quite obvious that her vagina had been stimulated very recently. A took a deep breath before I spoke and hoped that what I was about to say wasn’t going to land me in some divorce court.

“Why don’t you join us?” I asked rather meekly.

For a moment there was silence. Perhaps I’d blown it, I thought. But then, very slowly, Linda’s face broke into a smile. Her hands reached down to the hem of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head leaving her completely naked.

“I thought you’d never ask!” she said with a sly wink.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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