The Bet

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She shuddered in orgasm as I worked her pussy over, and especially her clit with my tongue. I kept at her with gentle licks, even when she tried to push me away. Soon she was trying to jam my face deeper into her pussy and her back arced as she climaxed again.

Sometimes I love being involved with winning bets, and this was one of them. I’d known Beth since forever, and we had gone from being friends, to having a huge falling out, to having to put up with each other since I’d married her sister, to her tolerating me, and now we were at a brand new place.

Beth was an original; smart, sexy, blond, and stacked. No Dumb Blond here. But sometimes she was so smart, she outsmarted herself. In High school she had been a Cheerleader, Honors student, and the Class Valedictorian; a conundrum. I’d gotten fair grades, but had become a construction worker right after high school. She had gone on to college, and had gotten an accounting degree, a CPA, and added a master’s degree after she went into the work force.

I had after five years, started my own construction company, and had swiftly grown it into a big enough firm to require a good sized office staff. At thirty I was reasonably wealthy, had been married to her sister for ten years, and the pre-marriage dating process with June had apparently been what had caused Beth to decided I was her enemy. The resulting fight had kept us at odds for a few years. I had always assumed it was because I was a lowly construction worker, but even success had only made her tolerant of me.

Then the economy crashed; but I had not only survived, I had thrived as I had picked some good diversifications that had allowed me to move in on some of my less well prepared competitors.

My CFO had decided to retire, and I was looking for a replacement when the news came that Beth was out of a job, as her company had not been managed well. June, my wife and her sister, had convinced me to hire her, at least for the interim.

The fight between us had cooled off so she was at least civil to me when we met at family affairs, but this was not something I wanted to do, as I did not need her mad at me, and managing my money. I had finally relented under pressure from June, and after a couple of tense meetings we had managed to work out an arrangement.

Two years later, she was still with me and we had gotten over whatever issues there were, and while she was aloof, she was also a damn fine CFO as it turned out.

June and I had invited her over to dinner and we had had a couple of bottles of wine and were reminiscing around the fire place about our earlier years when we used to be close friends, when it all came out. She had exploded with anger when I started dating her sister, as she had considered me her personal property. When I had decided she was a friend only and started dating her sister, her feelings had switched to a bitter hatred.

Finally it all made sense.

Then she said it. “We never even got to fuck Johnny boy! I had been keeping my cherry for you, and you threw it away!”

June giggled and said I had gotten her cherry, and she never regretted that.

“Fuck you June! Maybe I should have been a slut like you! Oh Fuck it, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that. Hell, I don’t enjoy sex that much anyway!”

It was the wine talking and June said so.

“Yes you’re right June, at least about me cursing at you; I’m really sorry June, but escort gaziantep not about the sex. Shit without a vibrator, I’ve never had an orgasm! Maybe I’m a Lesbian and don’t know it.”

Now she was descending into a drunken depression, and June didn’t like that.

“Oh come on now! You have had lots of boyfriends over the years!”

“And not one has ever made me cum.”

“Come on none of them licked you to an orgasm?”

“Shit no! Generally they are too rough, too timid or won’t go down there!”

“Won’t go down there! I don’t believe it!”

“Me neither!” I chimed in: “Viva Box licking!”

“You’re saying you get off on being licked down there June?”

“Damn near every time, and since long before we were married!”

“I don’t believe you!”

“Sister, he’s really good with his tongue.”

“Thanks honey!”

“Sush! This is girl talk!”

“Damn; I’m sorry, I’m just a fly on the wall now!”

June pulled me close and kissed me.

“Get a room you two!”

“You’re just jealous!”

“Damn straight; never got my turn, and now it’s too late.”

“It’s never too late Sister!” June giggled drunkenly.

“Oh Hell, I’d rather go home to my vibrator and a sure orgasm.”

“I bet he could give you an orgasm!”

Beth sniffed at her.

“He can! I know it!”

“Just drop it June, it’s too depressing!”

“Tell you what sister, you let him lick you to an orgasm, and I win the bet, if you don’t orgasm, you win the bet!”

Beth just about chocked on the wine she was sipping. I stopped before I started to sip and barely avoided that same fate.

“Let’s not be silly, there is no bet, besides what would we bet?”

“If I win… he gets to fuck you, if you win, I’ll pay for your next vacation!”

“Yeah right! You’re going to let your husband lick and fuck your sister!”

Beth laughed. “Oh I wasn’t finished sister; I get to watch! I’ve always wondered what it looked like to have him pumping a pussy, so I get to watch!” June was grinning evilly, like she was already seeing it.

“Sister mine, you’re nuts!”

“And you’re chicken! Is it a bet?”

“And what does Johnny boy say?”

I shrugged and said: “I figure I win either way. You guys set up the terms I’m just the tool!”

“And a wonderful tool you are honey!”

I knew this was just wine talk, but it was fun to see those two treating it like it was serious. Then June stepped it up.

“Beth get your panties off, I think we have a bet. Only just to make it a bit tighter, if I win not only does he get to fuck you, but if he makes you climax there too, you have to eat my pussy. I’ve never been eaten by a woman, and I’m curious how it differs!”

“And I get a vacation to Cancun? That’s where I want it to be…”


Beth looked at June hard and then me, and then took a long drink of her wine, emptying the glass.

“Fuck it! Cancun here I come! I won’t cum, so lick away Johnny boy!”

She pulled her skirt up and peeled her panties off and sat on the edge of the couch. June pushed my shoulder to get me moving. As I did, she moved so she could watch close. I unzipped Beth’s knee high boots, and peeled them off. They thudded on the floor as I tossed them aside. Spreading her legs, I flipped the skirt up and was a bit surprised she was clean shaven.

“Oooo a bald one! I have a landing strip gaziantep fetiş escort still!” June quipped.

I caressed Beth’s legs a bit working up them slowly. Soon I was brushing the backs of my fingers across her pussy lips and she sighed. Blowing gently across her pussy lips I kissed her down one thigh, and gave the lips a gentle lick. She moved when I did so, and I knew then June would win her bet.

I licked and nibbled and made part of the alphabet on her clit, and sucked on it, and fingered her pussy when I wasn’t licking and probing it with my tongue, and even used some of her pussy juices to paint around her rosebud, tongued the perineum which she clearly liked, and as she got wetter and wetter, her breathing got more rapid. June unbuttoned Beth’s blouse and damn if she wasn’t braless underneath it. The top had had bra cups built in, so now her breasts were open to the air and our sight. Beth began to play with her tits, and I suspected she had completely abandoned her plan to win this bet.

Then it came; she shuddered in orgasm as I worked her pussy and especially her clit over with my tongue. I kept at her even when she tried to push me away. Soon she was trying to jam my face deeper into her pussy again, and her back arced as she again climaxed.

“Oh Fuuuuuuck!!!!! Fuck Me God I need a cock! Please! Fuck Me!”

That was the bet, and June was helping me strip as quickly as possible. I just rammed it in, and started fucking her for all I was worth, before I forced myself to slow down and pace myself. I was going to enjoy this, besides there was the second bet to consider. It would be interesting to see my wife being pleasured by her sister.

Beth was panting as she moved closer to her third orgasm. Her eyes were practically black and I’d never seen her in such an animal lust. I thrust faster as she began to hit peak.

“NNNNNnnngggggg, Hungk! Hungk! Hungk! Hungk! Hungk! HaaaaaaHHHHHH!!!!!! Yes! Fuck! Shit Fuck Damn YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Ohhh Fuck! Oh Fuck me! God Damn; fuck! Yes! Fuck me! Ohhh!!!!!……..”

She ran out of breath for words and just pumped the air in and out of her lungs for a few moments.

“Holy Shit! What the fuck was THAT?”

June moved around and positioned her face near Beth’s. She placed one hand on her cheek and pulled her to face her. She kissed her and pulled back an inch. “Welcome to how love and sex should be my lovely sister!” She kissed her again and pressed forward, and Beth opened her mouth to accept June’s tongue, and gifted June with hers. I simply kept slowly fucking her, as while I had gotten really close, I was getting back under control. I suckled at on breast and then the other and Beth shuddered in another small orgasm.

June broke the kiss and quickly striped out of what was left of her clothing. (She had been masturbating as she watched the live show…) and placed herself reclined on the couch, so she was open to her sister, and ready to collect on the second part of the bet.

I slowly disengaged, and helped Beth up and had her kneel on the couch in front of her sister’s open pussy. She slowly moved her face towards it and started with a tentative kiss, and slowly started to get into it.

He ass was in the air, and I had yet to come, so I got behind her and slipped back in and gave her a very slow, leisurely fuck as she worked her mouth on June’s gaziantep bayan escort kitty. June was clearly enjoying the licking she was getting and flashed me her happy smile as we settled into a rhythm.

June was clearly enjoying the whole thing as she alternated between eyes closed and mewing as she was licked, and eyes open and blowing me kisses. She licked her lips suggestively, and I eased out of Beth, and came up to June and offered her my cock to suck.

“Mmmmm, Delishiosuh!” she said around my cock and after a hard deep suck, indicated I should go back to fucking her sister.

We did this several times before she stopped the activity, and repositioned her and her sister so they were in a sixty-nine, with her on the bottom, and told me to “bring that cock here!”

She gave it another hard suck again, and inserted it into her sister, and was lapping away at her sister’s clit, and pussy lips and the underside of my cock as I fucked Beth, and Beth ate her. My eyes drank in the show.

Every So often she would pull it free to suck the juices off. We were slowly building up into a climax, and first it hit June, quickly followed by Beth, and I finally exploded in my own climax, as all the sexual sensations and tensions finally caught up with me. I stayed inside Beth as long as possible, until it finally came out, to Beth sounds of disappointment, and to be immediately sucked clean by my wife.

Once she was done I backed off and watched as she tenderly licked and sucked her sister clean of my spunk and her juices. Beth gave June’s pussy one last lick fest, and rose to vertical, and sat next to her sister’s head, stroking her cheek.

“I have only one question; why didn’t we try something like this AGES ago!”

Beth started to laugh at June’s comment, and I saw her absolutely happy in my presence for the first time in many years. It was the old Beth from High school lighting up her face.

“I don’t know June, I had too much built up bitterness, I guess. God! I feel like a new woman in more ways than one! Thank you, thank you both for this!”

We chatted for a time about the experience, and June admitted she was VERY happy to have lost the bet. June said she wanted it so everyone was a winner and suggested we take a holiday to Cancun, all three of us together.

“I’d feel like a third wheel June.”

“Why would you feel like that? Do you plan on sleeping alone? We can all fit in a king sized bed; I don’t plan on having this a onetime drunken experience, do you?”


“But nothing. This works!”

“Your marriage…”

“Look this isn’t going to do a thing to damage our marriage, and we are all family. If you think John can’t handle the two of us, you weren’t paying much attention just now!”


“Look Beth, I never understood your reasoning for being mad at me for much of the past ten years or so, not until tonight. Let it ride easy. We both love you, we always have. And as Beth said, nothing will ever shake my love for her. Sure, it takes a special person and a special relationship to be able to do this, and no one is saying it is for life. Who knows, you might find your special person and want out a week from now. If that happens, you can be sure we will still love you. But you are welcome here in our home.

June got up and came over to me and kissed me passionately. “You said it perfectly Lover!” She turned to Beth. “So what’s it going to be? Shall we celebrate a new beginning with a shower together? There is definitely room for three in there! And maybe a Hot tub afterward?”

June opened one arm and reached to her sister inviting her to join us. She did, crying and smiling. Kisses were traded all around, and nothing was held back by anyone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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