The Big Guy

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Big Dicks

I was sitting on my porch when a young fine man came approaching in a big black late model Ford truck. “Ma’am I need to use your phone.” I was skeptical but his brown eyes seemed sincere.

“What’s wrong baby?”

As a single woman in my forties, I was curious. Exceptionally curious. I watched him carefully as he sauntered toward me.

“My transmission is going out on this thing. I need to call a tow truck.”

I told him not to worry as I invited him in. My pistol was on the table just in case. He was wearing a backwards Saints cap. Jeans and a tight shirt. I could see his muscles rippling beneath; he had to be about twenty-five. I didn’t ask, hell, I didn’t care. He looked good.

“You seem hot. In long pants and that shirt, it is Louisiana baby and we’ve got a heat warning on!”

He bowed his head down a little and wiped his brow.

“Yes ma’am.”

I got up off my chair and waved him in.

“Get comfortable,” I ordered.

He stripped off his shirt and I was awestruck. Tribal tattoos and muscles! He took off his cap and revealed short jet-black hair. I watched and did everything I could to keep my mouth closed. I offered him a beer and he accepted. He drank it down quickly and again Bursa Escort asked to use the phone. I reached into my pocket and scrolled through my phone; purposely showing some of my nude selfies before I handed it to him.

“Is that you?” He asked.

“Yes! Do you like what you see?”

He nodded and I reached out to touch his chest and he let. He put the phone down on the table. I kissed him. My plump lips met his and it was electric. I tickled his tongue with mine and leaned back and let him fondle my 36 DD’s. He stripped off my shirt; I had no bra on, and I slid myself out of my shorts. I wasn’t wearing underwear.

“You want to fuck?” I asked. He grunted “Uh huh!”

In a moment of reality, he asked if he needed a condom. I told him I couldn’t get pregnant. He stripped out of his pants and unsheathed a whopper. He was packing a good nine inches of sweet white meat! I lead him into my bedroom, thank God I had cleaned my sheets the morning of, and pushed him down. I planned to ride that dick for all it was worth.

I straddled him and hovered my pussy over his cock. I spit on my fingers and slid onto him; he groaned, and I came as soon as he entered me. I started to thrust my hips Bursa Escort Bayan back and forth and he asked me to slow down. He grabbed wildly at my wide hips and ground me down.

“Oh yeah.” He gasped. “I’ve never been with a black woman before!”

I could hear my phone ringing but didn’t give a shit. I spun around on his dick for a reverse cowgirl, grabbed his big feet and rocked back and forth until he spurted a huge load inside me. I could feel him pumping away as I rode him backwards.

“I’m not done yet.” He growled.

We were both wet with sweat. I let him lift me backwards and lay me down on the bed. He lapped at my cream filled slit and slowly tickled my clit with his tongue. He put two fingers inside me to scoop his jizz from my hole. He licked that out of his palm and played with my cooze some more. He leaned up to kiss me and I tasted mine and his cum on his fat lips.

“Yeah Daddy, that’s good!” I moaned.

I could feel his nine inches getting hard again as we kissed. I knew he was ready. I stroked his black hair and let him guide me to my knees. I knew he was going to fill me up again. I was juicy still from his cum and mine and he slid it home. I wanted him to Escort Bursa put it in my ass and as if he were psychic, he headed for my tight rosebud. With all the juices flowing it wasn’t hard for him and I came again as the pressure from his dick in my ass and his thumb on my clit became too much to handle. Luckily, I live on an old dirt road where no one could hear me bellow as I came.

Not long after he came deep into my asshole and withdrew. We lie in bed for a few minutes, and I traced my fingers along his sticky treasure trail. I kissed his neck and chest and hoped he wouldn’t have to go too soon. I was ready for more. I sucked at him a little; I could barely get all nine of those inches in my mouth. I tasted ass and pussy and cum and could feel him rise some more. I was insatiable and he seemed to be up for the challenge. We fucked all afternoon, and I ignored the multiple calls coming to my phone.

Suddenly, I heard a banging at my door. I wrapped myself in my sheets and told big guy to stay there. I grabbed my pistol and swung open the door. It was my neighbor.

“Ms. Susan, you alright? I saw this truck out here I ain’t never seen before and thought I would come check on you!”

I couldn’t help but smile wide and answer yes.

“Dale, head home and do me a favor and get your brother out here. I got a guest who needs his tow truck.”

Dale nodded yes and scurried off to get his brother on the phone. I shut the door and told the big guy his truck was coming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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