the big secret of priest

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In school were only teachers, it was almost 3 p.m. The director, who name is Victor, went to toilet. He was pissing and after while the priest was next to him. He was pissing, too. Suddenly Victor saw the cock of priest. It was actually nice, big and abusive. Victor had nice cock, but it was not so big, but he liked it. He often jerked off, because he enjoyed his cum on his hands, he liked this feeling a taste of cum. Victor was extremly horny for whole day. „His cock must to be really tasted.“, Victor thought in his head. They pissed, the priest said Bye-bye to Victor and he went away.
Victor still thought on the priest and his big cock. He locked in this room and he slowly jerked off on this place. He imagined sex with priest and he was really horny. It was really nice idea of fucking and he was satisfied, for this moment. After while he sat on his armchair in office, but he imagined the big and nice cock of priest. He was there for two hours and he dreamed about sex with priest. He was jerking off again, but he knew that it was not for last time. Then he wanted to go home, but during the walking he again thought on the priest. He changed the road because he musted to do something else.
He was before house of priest and he belled on his ring. He did not know Sex hikayeleri what to wait for, but the near future was amazing. The door was open and there was the priest. He was wearing only gown and he had collar on his throat. He invented Victor and he closed the door. They sat in livingroom. Victor observed that the priest was wearing only shorts after gown. He said something but his eyes were on priest’s cock. Suddenly he catched sight of priest’s balls. The priest observed Victors look and he took off his gown. He stayed in front of Victor only in shorts and with collar on the throat. His body was perfect, his muscles were unbelieveable. Victor sat only in sofa and he watched on the priest. He did not understand his behaviour. Suddendly the priest began jerking off. It was beautiful view for Victor. The priest was jerking off and he played with his nice and big cock. Victor slowly began taking off his clothes. He began with tie and he continued with his suit. For minute his suit was somewhere on the floor and Victor was naked, too. Victor had nice body, with hairs, but it was so sexy. He kneeled and he started to suck cock of priest. It was really tasted, and Victor enjoyed this moment. Because he waited for this moment for long time. After five minutes he Sikiş hikayeleri was kissed the priest and he did not still believe. The priest catched Victor’s cock and he started suck it. It was amazing. The priest was perfect, he exactly knew how to do. Victor did not understand but he liked it. The beard of priest tickled Victor’s cock and he enjoyed it. The priest said that Victor’s cock tasted him. Suddenly the priest turned Victor and he licked his asshole. It was awesome, Victor liked it. He played with Victor’s cock and he jerking off. Their bodies were steamy. He whispered to his ear. „Do you want to be fucking by priest?“ Victor said nothing because it was late. The priest was ready. He slowly got inside. Victor did not believe it was really happen. It was beautiful feeling. „Do you like it Victor?“, asked priest and he fucked him. Victor enjoyed this fucking, he dreamed about this for long time. He kneeled on the floor and the priest fucked him faster and faster. It was amazing. Suddenly the priest stopped and he showed to Victor his asshole. It was juicy and it was ready for fucking. Victor kissed the priest, then he kissed his ass and he started to fuck. He started slowly, but after few minutes he was faster and faster. He liked this fucking and Erotik hikaye the priest was screaming for pain and glee, too. He changed some locations and positions.
Victor was on knees again and he had open mouth. He waited for priest’s cum. He had closed eyes because he wanted to enjoy this moment. Suddenly his mouth was full of cum, it was awesome. The priest was satisfied and he kissed Victor. They had cum on their faces and he did not stop kissing. The priest had his collar on his throat for whole fucking and Victor liked it. He was horny for this collar. It symbolized that they did not have to do. After while the priest began jerking off Victor. Victor’s cum was on his stomach and the priest began licking a tasting this cum. His mouth was full and he spitted up on Victor’s face. They kissed and they were satisfied. It was amazing fucking and sex.
They had shower together and they fucked again in the shower. It was amazing, again. Victor did not understand that he survived so fucking and exciting night. The priest was awesome lover. When they finished, Victor left and he went to home. There his wife waited for him and the dinner was on the table. Victor sat on the sofa and he was really satisfied.
He and the priest did not forget for this new and full of cum experience. Somethimes they have next experience in school or in house of priest. They like it for everytime and they have sex as for firsttime. They enjoyed fucking because they love each other…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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