The BJ Bet

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I don’t know exactly how it got started, but on one particular Saturday, I found myself in a wager where I bet that my cum-guzzling whore (which she likes to be referred to as) couldn’t milk me dry. The wager was pretty humourous – I had bet that she couldn’t make me cum three times. If she didn’t I forget what the prize was for me, perhaps filling her ass with the dreaded huge red butt plug, or maybe it was that she’d have to try again if she failed this time. If she succeeded, I’d have to buy her flowers.

The game plan was simple, she’d tie me up and go to work, and all I had to do to give in was say ‘mercy’ or tell her to stop. The odds of me telling someone to stop sucking my cock are low, so I figured this would be an easy win for me.

She started out by teasing my cock every once in a while, and playing with my nipples. She drove me crazy, sucking my nipples and then giving my cock some attention here and there. This is one of my favorite foreplay activities, being sucked here being sucked there.

I was tied with my legs spread to two corners of the bed, my arms were also spread to the upper corners of the bed. I couldn’t go anywhere, so I relaxed and enjoyed my plight.

She teased me for a while, and then proceeded to straddle my face and instruct me to eat her. Her pussy seemed to have gotten hot and wet during her teasing, and it probably helped that I kept asking her where her pussy was, and she kept denying me.

She moved her pussy and ass over my face, lowering her twat to my waiting mouth. I did as any guy would, and began tasting her and teasing her clit. In no time she was riding me back and forth, rubbing her cunt against my mouth and moaning like a porn star.

After bucking herself against my mouth for a few minutes, she started quivering and grinding harder. I started avoiding her clit to try to tease her for a while longer. Eventually she ground her cunt on my mouth and rubbed her clit on my waiting tongue. ankara escort I sucked it in and licked while sucking, eventually coaxing her to a spastic orgasm as her wet juices flowed down the sides of my mouth.

Finished, she kissed me and tasted her pussy on my face and mouth.

Next she started paying attention to my throbbing hard cock. She teased me for a while, being careful not to make me cum, as the load built up in my balls and everything started throbbing harder. Her mouth moved slowly up and down my cock, first outside with her tongue licking the sides, and eventually she took me into her mouth.

She sucked me slowly, prolonging me for as long as she could, and I was finally arching my back trying to push farther into her. She was servicing me nicely, sucking and pausing, tonguing the tip, then moving to my balls, then licking back up the shaft to the tip again.

I was ready to cum and she knew it, but decided to make me wait even longer. She moved back to my nipples, sucking them as I imagined she’d suck another woman’s clit, licking and darting her tongue around, me defenseless to her next moves.

Finally, she decided I was ready, and moved back down to my hard unit, wrapping her lips around it and lowering her head. I relaxed, and enjoyed the motion of her head bobbing up and down as she sucked me deep into her mouth. Up and down she went, clearly getting ready to get me off. “Ohh, suck me off” I said as I rammed my cock upwards to her mouth. She complied and began vigorously pushing her mouth down onto my cock, taking in as much as she could. She adjusted the angle of her head so she could take me as deep as possible without gagging, and gradually sped up her actions.

There I was, tied up and defenseless, with my blowjob servant hungrily sucking me and waiting for my first load. She sucked faster and with more strength until her head was going at top speed and her mouth was bringing antalya escort me to climax.

I couldn’t hold it any longer and finally shot a full load of cum into her mouth. She sucked it all out of me, swallowing as she went, clearly enjoying the fruits of her labor. When my contractions subsided, she was still there with me in her mouth, getting every last drop.

It was a great orgasm, the kind that builds up from all that teasing – the kind that leaves your balls aching from having such a good blowout.

At this point I thought she might do as she often does, and untie me so I could go have a smoke. She didn’t. She lay beside me and asked if I was requesting to be untied, and not wanting to lose the bet, I declined. I told her I wasn’t going to lose the bet, and suggested she had more work to do.

She knew I was right, and after waiting a few minutes for me to cool down, she started stroking my cock again, coaxing me into another erection.

This time it was all business. She wasn’t teasing, she wasn’t sucking my nipples, and she didn’t want to sit on my face again, though I would’ve welcomed that.

Instead, she got me hard, and moved down to start her sucking activities again. She wrapped her lips around my cock head, licking hard and fast, which was hard for me to handle since i was still sensitive from my first orgasm.

Eventually, she took my whole unit into her mouth, and perhaps from having a tired mouth, she became a little less creative and a little more focused on getting me off. She covered her teeth with her lips, made her mouth into a soft cock-sucking tool, and the bobbing began again.

This time, she was in a different position and I was able to watch her face from the side as it pounded up and down on my shaft. She was taking this bet seriously and was determined to get me off again and again. She gummed me with her covered teeth, creating a lot of friction as gaziantep escort her head continued to ram down on me. The pace gradually increased, and I was treated to the sight of her mouth fucking me like a porn star, ramming down then sucking on the upswing, then ramming down again. It felt great and despite having cum just minutes ago, I started feeling a tightening in my balls.

Within a few minutes, she was going as fast as she could, hands lightly holding the base of my shaft to help stabilize it as her mouth milked me like a machine. She really is good at sucking cock and this challenge was proving very easy for her.

In no time, she had me ready to come and she relentlessly kept sucking, harder and faster as my moans become stronger and more frequent. Finally, I had an even more intense orgasm than the first, and there she was taking another load, drinking it down like I was a milkshake dispenser. “Mmmmm”, she said as she finished milking me, wiping a few drops from the corner of her mouth.

She let me rest for a few minutes, but was apparently determined to earn her bouquet of flowers. She was getting ready to start on me again, but needed to take a quick break. When she left the room, it was hilarious to watch as my trusty dog saw my plight, became concerned for my safety and proceeded to bite through the silk tie holding one of my arms. He got it untied and this enabled me to untie the rest.

She came back, saw me untied, and felt cheated as I had bypassed the terms of our bet. If it weren’t for my dog, I have no doubt she would’ve managed to get me hard again, and would’ve mouth-fucked me all over again. She would have gotten me off a third time in about a half hour, and I would’ve owed her some flowers.

As it turned out, my dog foiled the whole bet, and I have to admit, as much as I love repeated blow-jobs being applied to my ever-horny cock, I don’t know if I could’ve handled a third in such short time.

We’ve joked about trying this bet again, but it hasn’t happened yet. She no doubt thinks she can jerk and suck me to three orgasms any time. I’m not sure but I suspect she’s right. Time will tell, but she certainly has no reservations about sucking me whenever I want her to, so either way I’d say I’m a winner…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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