The Bleach Blonde’s Wrestler Pt. 04

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Sarah (30 yrs.) is the former wife (44-24-36) of a state senator. She owns a small penthouse in the city. She is a cheap looking, bleach-blonde, who is a big fan of college wrestling. She never goes to the local wrestling meets, but watches every live competition on YouTube. Sarah follows all of the athletes and coaches on social media.

Guy (20 yrs.) stands at 5’8″ and weighs 149 lbs. He’s a handsome golden blonde, who has a “playboy bunny” tattoo on his right shoulder. He sits naked on a bench after a shower inside the gym locker room. His hair drips wet as the towel hangs on his left thigh. He runs his fingers through his hair while talking with Sarah on the iPhone.

Guy: 44-24-36. I don’t believe it until you send me a photo.

Sarah: I never send photos over the internet.

Guy: Then, come see me wrestle at my next meet. I’d like to see your body in person.

Sarah: All you have to do is come to my penthouse.

Guy: To see an over-weight and desperate woman? No way.

Sarah: What are you afraid of? I’m just a fan of college wrestling.

Guy: I’m not afraid of anything. I just want to see you before I come over.

Sarah: It’s up to you. I’ll be waiting tonight. If you don’t show up. I’ll find myself another wrestler.

Inside Sarah’s penthouse bedroom. Guy and Sarah are both büyükçekmece escort naked on top of the curved white, love seat. She straddles him and both of her hands grip his cut shoulders. Her head is thrown back with the blonde hair hanging loose. His left fingers pinch her left and erect – ½-inch nipple. His lips cover her right, round areola. The tongue flick’s the nipple. His right hand gently squeezes, her heavy under-boob.

She whispers, “My Gawd Guy… You’re so gentle.. So damn gentle.”

He replies, “Mmmm.. Mmm..”

His tongue circles her nipple as his right hand keeps squeezing that under-boob. He rolls up her left nipple in-between his fingers.

She says, “You make my nipples so hard… Guy.. It feels sooo, good.”

Her hips begin to grind forward and backward over his stiff 5 and ¾-inch cock.

His lips suck off of her nipple and his hand squeezes her areola. His left fingers keep rolling her nipple.

He whispers, “Magnificent… So magnificent Sarah.. I love your nipples.”

His lips gently kiss from the right mammary to the left mammary.

He whispers in between those kisses, “I worship… These Tits… Sarah.”

Her head leans forward as her eyes look down at him.

She replies, “Oh-My-Gawd… fatih escort I’m-Getting-Hot..”

Both of his hands squeeze both of her areola’s. His lips begin sucking her left under-boob. He gives her a hickey.

15 minutes later. Sarah and Guy are still naked and both are on top of the bed. She lays on her back with the blonde hair spread above her head. Her legs are spread open with knees bent. He kneels in between those legs. His hands are wrapped around and pressing down on her stomach.

His cock is buried inside of her blonde pussy. He thrusts in as deep as he can as his own blonde crotch, hits her pussy. Guy looks down at her flopping tits and all those hickeys he gave her.

She responds, “Uhhh.. Uh-Uhh.. Guy.. Uh-Guy.. Fuck me.. Baby.”

His crotch keeps hitting her blondness as her massive tits shake.

He says, “Fuck… Love Those.. Titties.”

He glances down at his hard shaft pushing in and pulling out. It’s blonde hitting blonde.

Her eyes look at his cut shoulders and solid chest.

She says, “Uhhh.. Uhh.. You’re.. H-Hot.. Uhhhh.. Guy.!”

His blonde hair falls over his forehead as he keeps watching his pushing cock.

He whispers, “Those-Are-My-Tits.. My-Fucking-Tits.”

Both of her hands cup those huge esenyurt escort knockers.

He grunts, “Fuck.. Making-Me-Cum.. Making-Me-Fucking-Cum.!!”

His cock thrusts inside a few more times.

Guy explodes, “Fu-Fuuuuuuuuckk.!! Fuuuuuuuu…! Fuuuuck.!!”

It’s 1:30 a.m., in the morning and the lights are turned off. The top comforter hangs off of the bed. Guy lays on his back who leans on his elbows. Both of his hands grip the top sheet. He looks down in between his legs. Sarah kneels over with her hair falling over the face. Her right hand grips his balls. Her lips slide up and down his cock. Those lips are wrapped tight and she pulls hard too.

He groans, “Oh-Fuckk… Fuckk… Ohhhhhhhh.. Ohhhhhh… Oh-Fuuuckk..!!”

She keeps sliding up and down his shaft, but real slow. Her lips also keep gripping tight as her spit shines off of his blonde crotch.

He keeps groaning, “Ohhhhhhhhh… My-Fucking-Gawd… Ahh-Mazing… Fuuuckk..!!”

Her lips slide back up and the tongue works his cock-tip. Then, she begins sliding up and down faster. Those lips clamp around that shaft real hard too.

He replies, “Oh-Sarah.. Fuckk.. Ohh-Fuckk… D-Don’t Stop.. Fucking-Gawd..!!”

She doesn’t stop as she squeezes his shaft tight with those wet lips.

He groans, “Oh-Ohh-Ohhhh.. Fuckk.. Oh-My-Gawd.. Fuckk.. Cumming-Cumming.!!”

Her lips quickly slide down to his crotch and she holds it there.

Guy explodes, “Fu-Fuuuuuuuu…! Fuuuuuuuuckk..! Fu-Fuckk.!!”

Sarah waits as he squirms and then her lips slide off of his shaft.

He falls back onto the bed and breathes hard.

He says, “Sarah.. You know how to suck dick… Fuck.”

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