The Blindfold Stays On.

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You asked me to meet you at a hotel and left a key for me at the front desk. Told me to get “ready” for you and wait on the bed with a blindfold. You came in so quietly I wasn’t sure it was you until I heard a murmur of an approval. You touched and tugged at different areas, inspecting what was in front of you. You lay your very warm hand on my stomach and I begin to shudder under your touch. You hush me to calm me down because it’s going to be a very long night.

Your hand moves further up; gently massaging my breasts, carefully avoiding my nipples for now. Your hand continues it’s journey until you reach my neck and gently pause for a moment on your way to my hair. Then firmly, you took hold of a handful of locks and tilted my head up while you start sucking on my neck. So softly at first and then almost like the lust took over you began sucking and gently biting. You placed your other hand on my knee and rotated in and up my thigh. Your fingers began to dance across my nakedness before you thrusted them in. I shuttered at the new touch and nearly came right there. You smile against my neck and kissed softly. Your hand sped up, slapping your palm against my hungry clit. Your mouth quickly found a nipple. I started to moan harder when your fingers and mouth disappeared. I gasped sharply in anticipation as I felt you get on the bed. You grabbed a handful of hair and lead me to your cock.

I suck you in so quick you almost lost your balance. I try to change positions and you pinned me to the bed with your knee, slowly fucking my mouth. You’re not rough, but I know who’s in charge. You reaffirmed your position by grasping Escort İstanbul my hair tighter and fucking my mouth faster. I twirled my tongue around your large head and felt your shaft get thicker as your veins throbbed rhythmically.

I got a taste of the pre cum and I eagerly devoured you deeper. You reached for my clit and started flicking, which sends pangs of lightning throughout my body. I deep throat and swallow you whole, massaging the underside of your cock with my tongue. You stop playing with me to balance yourself as you unload in my mouth, filling it with white hot lava. My pussy quivers as your warm jism slides down my chin and neck. I couldn’t stop. I needed your cock in my mouth. As you caught you balance, I wrapped my hungry lips around your pulsing knob. I started running my tongue along the bottom side of your head only a few times when you shot your load a second time. Instead of swallowing it, I let it slide down your cock to your balls. Again, I swallow your cock whole. As I move back up, I suck your cock clean.

You move to the side of me and as I reached for the blindfold you grab my hand. I silently obey and get rewarded with gentle flicking of my nipples. I feel your other hand begin to slowly slide down toward my extremely wet pussy. My clit is violently throbbing and I flinch when you gently run your fingers °through my furry snatch. You shush me as you slide two talented fingers deep in my drenched fuck-hole. I buck and moan uncontrollably. You stop for a moment but keep your fingers clenched on my g-spot. I take a moment to catch my breath, slightly wriggling for more. I feel your İstanbul Escort Bayan hot breathe on my stiff nipple. I try to be still, but feeling the moist tip of your tongue causes me to vibrate. Circling and flicking, you begin to nibble. Gentle at first, but your sharp teeth begin to clench harder. I arch my back to give you more.

Your fingers inside me begin to move slowly, rubbing my flexing g-spot. You pulled your fingers out for a second and slid them into my mouth making me taste my own juices. I moaned as I sucked your fingers. Licking and sucking like your cock is back in my mouth. You took your fingers back and thrust them back into my wet hole. The tips found their way back to my g-spot. I involuntarily thrusted my hips up, my body begging for release. You grabbed my hand and have me grab your cock. My thumb and forefinger caress around the edges of your helmeted dome, while the rest of my hand works your shaft. You get harder and harder in my hand I can feel the veins begin to pulse again. You switch your mouth between nipples and this new sensation brings me right to the edge as my body tenses up.

You disappeared. The fingers and your mouth left my body with a ghosted feeling. I almost called out but caught myself. I didn’t have to wait long. You position yourself between my legs, lean over me, and began ravaging my neck. Kissing and biting, you start moving your mouth down my body. Getting closer to my pussy I let out a whimper of anticipation.

Within seconds your tongue attacked my clit. I cried out and thrusted myself again your mouth. You lapped, sucked and flicked my raging Anadolu Yakası Escort clit. An orgasmic tsunami began to wash through my body. I placed my hands on your head trying to keep you in place and you grabbed both my wrists and pinned me down. Sensing my hesitation you speed up. I couldn’t hold it in. I felt my whole body tense up, every muscle felt electric. My dam burst, spraying cum all over your face. I writhed and pulled against your grip and you held on tighter. Then you shoved two fingers inside me, and along with your thumb, you repeatedly pinched my cunt’s tender muscle. I felt the wave build up inside me. My body thrusted rhythmically against your mouth, as I continued to squirt. Your fingers slowly came to a stop before you pulled them out. Your tongue danced around my sore clit, while I tried to catch my breath.

I go quiet and still, vibrating from what happened. You snicker right before I felt your throbbing cock fill a cavern inside me I didn’t know I had.

I scream your name, pleading for more. You lean in thrusting hard and slow at first but your speed picks up when your mouth finds mine. You fuck me so rapidly I feel like I will pass out. You breath quickens and you bite my neck as you fill me with more hot jism. Feeling your shaft being shoved in and out of my pussy turns my faucet on again. I squirt my cum all over. I hear our wet thighs slap together as we both grunt in painful ecstasy. The wave begins to subside. Your body, drenched with sweat, collapses on top of me.

You move to the side of me as I am trying to catch my breath. Shaking and twitching, I still can’t think straight.

Your fingers dances on my stomach making me twitch. I hear you chuckle. You remove the blindfold and look into my eyes, smiling.

“Well, hi there,” you exhaustingly murmured.

I try to focus, the bed now cold and sticky with sweat and cum. “More, please,” I replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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