The Blue Life Ch. 26: Mrs. Bahl

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The story involves themes of Incest, BDSM, Dominance/submission and bisexuality and homo-erotica. If any of that offends you, just move on to another story. All characters are 18+ years of age. And this is a work of fiction. This story picks up where Chapter 25 left off. Thanks to John, Jake and Cliff for their help with suggestions, editing and proofreading. Comments, Favorites, and Ratings are very much appreciated. Suggestions are often worked into future chapters. This chapter ends on something of cliffhanger, but Chapter 27 will be coming shortly. The story is far from over.


I pulled my compact car onto the crosstown freeway. I set the cruise control to right at the speed limit, and adjusted the rear-view mirror so I could pay attention to the action in the backseat. I could still see behind the car with the side mirrors. Yes, I was distracted-driving. It was hard not to, with two beautiful women making love in the backseat of my car! Sunny, my girlfriend, had pulled off her yoga pants and had spread her legs wide. Amethyst, my newest submissive, was on her knees with her head between Sunny’s legs, dutifully licking and cleaning my cum from Sunny’s pussy. Amethyst was wearing black, fishnet stockings and a garter belt, a black latex mini skirt with a plunging neckline. She also had on cute, sparkly cat-ears like one might wear to a costume party. I reached back with my right hand, under Amethyst’s skirt and caressed the curve of her bare ass.

Sunny moaned, then said, “Pay attention to the road, Daddy. Hands on the wheel.” I put both hands on the wheel and tried to look forward. Then she said, “Pay attention to my clit, Kitten. Mommy is about to cum. Yes! Right there! Faster. Faster. Two fingers, now! Yes! Right there, baby! Oh, fuck! FUCK! Eat me! Eat me! Eat your Master’s cum from my fucking cunt, Slut! FUCK! Cumming! Ungh!”

Sunny’s back arched, and she drove her crotch into Amethyst’s face! Her whole body shuddered. When Sunny cums, she holds nothing back.

Amethyst looked up. I couldn’t see her expression, but she was giggling. She crawled up Sunny and they kissed. Sunny was licking and cleaning the cum and wetness off of Amethyst’s face.

“So?” Sunny asked, “What did you think of the flavor?”

Amethyst kissed Sunny again, then turned and sat back down in the seat. “It’s the first time I can ever remember tasting semen. At first, that kind of grossed me out, even though it was mixed with your flavors and you are delicious. So, I tried to just put it out of my mind, that I was eating spunk, and just eat it. But then, I thought, no. I should be focusing on the fact that this spunk just came out of my Master’s cock. And I should be really trying to love the flavor and, like, I don’t know, really experience it. Y’know? Then, it started to taste even better. Not great. But not icky.”

“It’s an acquired taste. And Robbie’s cum is really good. It’s a bit sweet and tangy. Probably the best cum I’ve ever tasted,” Sunny bragged.

“That’s because you love me,” I teased from the front seat, “And because I drink a big glass of pineapple juice each morning.”

“You’re kidding, right, uh, Daddy?” Amethyst looked at me in the rear-view mirror.

I said, “Nope. I read somewhere that celery and pineapple juice can make a man’s cum taste better. And I don’t like celery that much. I mean, it’s OK in a salad or stew. But I don’t like just eating it. But I like pineapple juice. So, I have Mom stock up. I like it more than orange juice.”

“But you actually drink it to make your cum taste better.” Amethyst sounded incredulous.

“I’m a little obsessed with sex,” I admitted.

“That’s one of the reasons I love you, Sweetie,” Sunny said, and she leaned forward and tousled my hair from behind. “How long until we are there?”

“Three miles to the exit. And then, probably another five minutes. The GPS on my phone says ten minutes, but the GPS overestimates a little,” I said.

“It’s after ten o’clock. Where are we going? And who all are going to be there?” Amethyst asked.

“We are headed toward the house of my father’s Personal Assistant, Stephanie Bahl. I think she is his newest submissive. Dad got in a fight this afternoon with Nurse Nancy Stockton’s husband. And both Dad and Mr. Stockton ended up under arrest at the police station. Did you meet Nancy at Doctor Shapiro’s office, Kitten?”

“Yes, Daddy,” Amethyst said, “Sondra told me that you had taken Dr. Shapiro and his nurse both as submissives before I went in for my physical. Oh, and your father brought Nancy in for a fitting at the shop. She’s a gorgeous woman. I still can’t believe she is in her fifties.” My girlfriend owns a lingerie store, The Lace Boudoir. Amethyst is her sales associate and best friend.

“She’s had a lot of work done on her,” I said absentmindedly. I shouldn’t say stuff like that. Nancy is my submissive now. But how much plastic surgery she’s had isn’t really any of my business.

“Speaking of that,” Sunny said, “we need to fix gaziantep escort our hair and faces.”

I looked back. “You both look great,” I said.

“Oh, shut up,” Sunny said, “You don’t know anything.” They pulled a hair brush and a lighted compact out of Sunny’s purse. They fixed their hair. They redid mascara and lipstick. Then Sunny asked if Amethyst wanted to put her boots back on.

Amethyst said. “I would rather do the knee-pads and slippers. And have the blindfold and gag back. Daddy? Can I wear the blindfold and gag? I’m really very shy around strangers. And I’m not very confident in this costume. If I can’t see anyone, and I’m not expected to talk, well then, there won’t be as much pressure.”

I shrugged. “Whatever will make you feel most comfortable, Kitten,” I said.

Sunny pulled a pair of black knee-pads out of her purse. Amethyst pulled them on, along with a pair of black flats, like dance shoes.

“What are those for?” I asked.

“Kitten wants to crawl on her hands and knees,” Sunny said. Amethyst had finished putting the collar back around her neck and the ball gag back into her mouth. Then Sunny put on the black leather blindfold, and attached the leash to the collar. “There,” she said, “all done!”

I interjected, “You’re forgetting something.” Sunny looked puzzled. “The tail. She needs the tail to complete the look.”

“Oh shit, you’re right,” Sunny said, “Twist around, Kitten. Scoot your ass up here. You’ve really got a nice butt. I’ll fit you with your tail. The butt-plug comes first. OK. There. Nice.” Sunny adjusted the tail and patted Amethyst’s ass.

“Anyway,” I continued, “Dad ended up at the police station, explaining the damage he had done to Nancy’s house and to her husband. Her husband has threatened to kill both Dad and Nancy. And my father is taking that threat very seriously. He seems to think Mr. Stockton is quite dangerous.”

I pulled onto Stephanie Bahl’s street. I saw Dad’s Cadillac parked in the driveway, and Mom’s car parked on the street in front. I pulled into the driveway behind Dad’s car, and parked the car. I turned around in in my seat in time to see Sunny easing a large black butt-plug past Amethyst’s tight sphincter. When Sunny had it seated just right, she attached a long, black cat tail to the plug, and adjusted the curve of the tail, so it came down at first and then swooped up from under Amethyst’s black, latex miniskirt. Then she put the collar, ball-gag and blindfold back on Amethyst. She looked vulnerable and sexy as hell.

“Oh shit!” Sunny exclaimed. “I forgot to put on my pants!”

“That’s OK,” I said, “Sunny, I would rather you just took off your top and only put your shoes back on.”

Sunny looked at me quizzically, but immediately started to follow my orders. She pulled off her cropped sweatshirt, and undid the clasp on her bra. “Daddy, I haven’t met Mrs. Bahl yet. Don’t you think it will be a shock or rude if I just walk in naked?”

“No, Sweety. If you come in naked, then Amethyst won’t look strange coming in on her hands and knees, dressed as a Bondage Kitten.”

“But, do you expect we’ll be having sex?” Sunny asked.

“I don’t know. But, Dad considers Mrs. Bahl to be his newest submissive. I don’t know what that will make her in relation to me. I don’t expect to have sex with all my submissive’s partners. But, I don’t thinks Stephanie Bahl knows that my mother and father are my submissives either. So that will be revealed tonight for sure. I think that if we come in with nothing to hide, my incestuous relationship with my parents won’t be the one thing Mrs. Bahl fixates on.”

Sunny sighed. “You’ve got a plan.” It made her nipples rise and fall. She had just a tiny swell at her breasts. But her nipples are prominent. And the whole package is very sexy.

“This might be a stupid question,:” I said, but I asked it anyway, “Why do you wear a bra, Sunny? You don’t need the support.”

“I like the way bras make me feel: sexy, like a woman. I like the way they feel against my nipples, especially when I start to get excited. And I like the extra layer between being dressed and being naked. Also, I own a lingerie shop. If I didn’t wear the product, I’d be a hypocrite.”

“You are just one of the most perfectly shaped naked women I’ve ever seen.”

Amethyst hummed her agreement into her ball gag.

“Oh, you two!” I thought I caught Sunny blushing, she was certainly grinning. “You don’t have to flatter me, but flattery will get you everywhere.” She offered me her hand and I helped her out of the car.

We quickly and quietly made our way from the car to the front door. Sunny held onto Amethyst’s leash and guided her crawling with the crop. Amethyst kept her shoulder touching Sunny’s leg. Sunny stood confidently in just her cross-trainer shoes. I noticed that because she wasn’t standing like she was naked, in the dim light, people probably wouldn’t recognize that she was naked, just because she was standing so naturally gaziantep bayan escort ilanları and confidently.

We went to the front door, and I was about to ring the doorbell, when we heard a scream. “Oh, Gods! Fuck! Yes! I’m a fucking slut! I cheated on my husband. And I’ve wanted to fuck Andrew so badly, for years and years!”

I put a finger to my lips to indicate that we should be quiet, but realized how stupid that was because Amethyst was wearing a blindfold. So I whispered. “Be very quiet. We’re going to enter without making a sound. I don’t want to disturb the scene that’s going on inside.” Sunny nodded. And Amethyst mewed into her ball gag like a kitten.

I quietly opened the screen door and the front door, and we let ourselves into the entryway. There was a clear view through the living room to the dining area. And there, Stephanie Bahl was naked, lying with body and face on the table. Her feet were still on the floor. Her ass and pussy were pointed toward us. My father was standing to one side of her, still dressed in his business suit. My mother was wearing her “Dark Blue Mistress” get up. Thigh high black pirate boots, and a black leather corset. She wasn’t wearing a bra or panties. But she did have on a red leather domino mask. Mother’s trench coat was thrown over one of the dining room chairs. And Mrs. Bahl’s clothes were scattered around on the floor.

From my perspective, I could see that Mrs. Bahl had a smooth, full ass. She is a little on the plump side in the backside, with thick thighs. Not fat. But very meaty and solid. She also has a mocha skin-tone, not a tan, but a rich, creamy, light brown skin that speaks of a mixed ethnicity. Blue, my mother, was spanking Mrs. Bahl’s ass cheeks and pussy lips with her hand. Mrs. Bahl’s pussy lips looked pink and full. And her excitement scented the air, even all the way to the entryway.

“You love my husband, don’t you!” The statement sounded more like an accusation, and it came from Blue.

“Yes,” came the gasping reply. And Blue spanked her ass again, and then her pussy even harder. “No,” Mrs. Bahl cried out.

“Which one is it? Yes or No?” And Blue spanked each of Mrs. Bahl’s ass-cheeks with the words, “Yes” and “No.”

“Yes, I love your husband. And no, don’t spank my pussy any more,” Mrs. Bahl was weeping.

My father leaned down and put his head near Mrs. Bahl’s. He tenderly brushed the hair out of her eyes and kissed her lips. He asked, “Do you remember the safe words, Baby Girl?”

Mrs. Bahl reached and clutched the back of my father’s head. She pulled him closer for another deep kiss. She said, “Of course I remember the safe words, Andrew.”

Dad stood up, and got behind Mrs. Bahl. He spanked her ass. He said, “I told you to call me, ‘Master Red.’ Remember?”

“I’m sorry, Master Red. I’m sorry.”

“Tell me what you are, Stephie-Baby.”

“I’m your Fuck Toy, Master Red. I’m your slut. You can use me anytime, anyplace. At work, in my home. I just want to be fucked by you.”

“You just need to be fucked, my beautiful slut. How long has it been?”

“Four months since before my ex-husband David moved out. Six months since I’ve-I’ve had sex, Sir.”

“How can you say that?” Dad asked. “We had sex just today!”

“Yes, and that was amazing. But we didn’t-,” Stephanie Bahl paused. “You know? You know. We didn’t actually-“

Blue took Mrs. Bahl’s hemming and hawing as an opportunity to reach down and slip two fingers into Mrs. Bahl’s wet cunt. It’s a good thing my mother keeps her nails short and trim, because she slid her fingers in deep and hard, making Mrs. Bahl cry out, “Oh FUCK! Andrew? Is that you? Oh GOD! Marjorie! Oh GOD! Please! Please! I just need to be fucked! I’m such a slut! I need my pussy filled with your cock, Andrew. I mean Master Red, Sir! Please?”

At that point, I had another firm erection. Seeing Sunny and Amethyst go at each other in the car, walking in with my two sexy submissives, and stumbling upon this scene of depravity, well, it all had me pretty worked up. In hindsight, this wasn’t my smoothest entrance ever. But, I coughed loudly, and said, “If you just need to be fucked, Mrs. Bahl, then I’m volunteering to take care of your needs.”

Mom and Dad turned. There was a smug smile on my mother’s face, and a look of genuine surprise on my father’s. Mrs. Bahl was scrambling. She got up off the dining table, pulling the dining cloth with her to cover her nakedness. She was shouting, “Oh Jesus! How could you! I told you to make sure the front door was locked, so we wouldn’t be surprised!” She was looking directly at my mother. Then she ran out of the room.

My mother shrugged and said, “I must have had trouble with the locks.” It was a lie. We knew is was a lie. Mom knew it was a lie. It was a challenge to my father, to see what he would do.

“BLUE,” my father was angry. “Position of attention number two!”

My mother snapped to attention, gaziantep bayan escort standing straight up, feet apart, eyes forward, her chest pushed out prominently displaying her perfect , grapefruit-sized, bare breasts, and her hands clasped behind her at the small of the back.

Dad turned to me, he spat, “Master, I don’t have time for this-this-nonsense. Shit! I have to make sure Stephanie is all right.” Mother looked hurt that Dad was choosing Mrs. Bahl over her. “Will you please do me the honor and punish my submissive appropriately? Although I can’t think of an appropriate punishment right now.”

I nodded, and Dad went off down the hall.

I turned to my mother. The smirk was off her face, but her eyes were defiant.

I took her nipples between my fingers and thumbs and rolled them slowly, the way I know my mother enjoys, until they were nice and hard and distended. She bit her lip, trying not to respond, but she couldn’t help it. Her breathing changed and her nipples got harder and longer. And mother began to moan with the excitement. Then, I pinched her nipples, hard! And I pulled up on them. Mother shifted onto her toes and groaned. “You know what you did, Blue,” I said.

Mother tried to play innocent. “What? Daddy? What?”

“Dominance and submission is built on TRUST. And you intentionally betrayed that TRUST!”

Mother said defiantly, “She’s not my submissive.”

I jerked on her nipples, pulling her tits even higher.

“Don’t!” I said straight into her face. “Don’t. Even. Start. Don’t make this worse for yourself.” Then I turned to Sunny and Amethyst. I said, “Amethyst-Kitten, I need your help right now.”

Amethyst cocked her head and mewed into her ball-gag.

“You can stay a kitten, Kitten. But I need your gag and blindfold. Please, can you to help me?”

Amethyst nodded mewed, and immediately reached up to undo her blindfold. Sunny unfastened the ball-gag. Sunny held it up. “Should I rinse this off?”

“Just shove it in her mouth. I don’t want to hear another lie from her tonight!” I was disgusted. To her credit, Blue didn’t resist, but took the gag into her mouth. “Now strip her,” I commanded, “Boots off. Corset off. She can wear the mask and be anonymous. I don’t care. I’m not sure how much I want to know her.” I stuffed the leather blindfold in my pocket.

At that last comment, my mother shook her head and looked a bit desperate, sorry and sad.

Sunny undid the corset. And Amethyst undid the boots. Mom stepped out of them and continued to stand in Attention Position Number 2, a military “At Ease” pose.

Sunny, Amethyst and Blue all looked at me with an expression of “What’s next?” I didn’t know. I was making this up as I went. I finally said, “Hogtie her, wrists and ankles. Then whip the soles of her feet with the crop, make it hard, but not impossible, for her to walk tomorrow.”

At this, Blue started to say something into the gag, trying to be understood, trying to explain. I didn’t know, I didn’t care.

I said, “If she gives you any resistance, I will put her in the back of my car and drive her home. If she wants to stay and take part in this meeting, she will get her punishment over with as quickly as possible.”

Sunny looked at me. “And what will you be doing, Daddy? You should be administering this punishment.”

“I think I would be too rough,” I whispered, “Love, I trust you. Scare her a little. And try not to damage her.”

Sunny kissed me lightly and tenderly. And I turned to follow my father down the hall. From over my shoulder, I heard Sunny say, “Amethyst, go make sure the front door is locked this time.” Then she barked, “And you, Fuck Toad, get on your fucking hands and knees! Look at my feet! Not at my eyes. You are NOT going to look me in the eye. You don’t deserve that!”

I made my way into a short hall with an open bathroom door and two closed doors. I went to the first door and listened. I didn’t hear anything, so I quietly opened the door. There was a darkened study inside, with a desk, a chair and a reading lamp, and many open and sealed cardboard boxes stacked around. Somebody was packing. I closed the door and moved on. I came to the second door and listened. I could hear my father’s muffled voice.

“That’s right, Baby. Take my cock. Breath deep. Go slowly. That feels good, Sweety. No, you’re making me feel very good. Just relax. Mmmm. Yes. Just like that. Hold the shaft with your hand. No. Try to avoid my little cock jewel with your tongue. It’s still new, and very sensitive. You’re such a beautiful and sexy little cocksucker, Baby.”

I cracked the door and peeked inside. The room was dim, lit by just a bedside table. My father was facing the door. His pants were down around his knees. Mrs. Bahl was on her knees, giving my Dad a blowjob. Her back was to the door.

Dad saw me at the door and gestured for me to come inside. I cracked the door a little more and shook my head, no. But Dad gestured again. He said, “Baby, you’re making my cock feel so good. I want you to show my Master what a good cocksucker you are.”

Mrs. Bahl took my Dad’s cock out of her mouth. “I don’t know, Andrew. I love you. I just want your cock. I just want to please you.

“Pleasing my Master would please me, Kitten. Do you want to be my baby girl, my kitten, just like my wife and Terri and Nancy?”

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