The Bookstore

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He sees her as she is walking into the bookstore, framed in the doorway for a moment. Her simple peach sundress is allowing the sun to show her long legs through the fabric . . . long legs exposed all the way to the crotch. He catches his breath for a moment as his eyes move up her body, for she is wonderfully proportioned, well-shaped legs, a slender waist and ample breasts.

His eyes move up her graceful neck and to her lovely mouth, which he suddenly realizes, is forming a gentle smile. Glancing to her eyes, he discovers he is busted. She has caught him staring at her, but her smile and her sparkling eyes reveal no malice . . . only gentle amusement as she moves toward the first shelf of books. His embarrassment prevents him from following her, but within a few minutes, she has entered the same row of books and he tries watching her more discreetly this time. He appears to be successful for a few moments, and then once again he is caught, so he tries to apologize with a soft smile and a small shrug.

He moves away, into the next row of books and begins to seriously look at titles from a few of his favorite novelists. He doesn’t see her now, and goes about his business feeling like he has blown yet another opportunity for a serendipitous encounter with a beautiful stranger. Trying to shake off the disappointment, he opens a book to read the foreword but as he reaches the bottom of the page, he can smell a gentle, sweet fragrance. Looking up, he sees her again, half a book shelf away . . . looking intently at the titles of books on the upper shelf. He looks away, not wanting to get caught again, but he is drawn to her. He tries glancing quickly and is suddenly staring into beautiful, soft green eyes. She smiles softly and glances away herself as if she too is embarrassed. Escort Ankara Not wanting to appear too aggressive, he goes back to his book cover but when he raises his eyes, she has disappeared.

Grumbling to himself, he goes back to look at the books he has not read, but finds no interest in the books. He looks around at the two rows between him and the storefront and realizes he really has lost this little game of theirs. He goes back again to the few books that he had been examining but decides none of them has piqued his interest enough to purchase.

He considers leaving the store but decides instead to go into the used book section at the very back corner of the store. He discovers the beautiful stranger once again . . . and she is watching him as he approaches the isolated section of the store. Mustering his courage, he walks right up to her, never releasing her gaze. Standing in front of her, he tries to find the right words and finally gets his voice to squeeze out, “I apologize for staring . . . it’s just you are so . . . gorgeous!”

He feels his cheeks blush bright red and gets ready to escape with what dignity he can when she says, “I caught you staring and I stared too . . . I enjoyed it.”

He searches his brain trying to come up with a cool come on line or any way to break the ice but instead stands there looking goofily at this beautiful, sexy woman. She finally takes pity on him and begins to laugh with a gentle, almost melodic voice. “Guess we were both busted . . . so no harm, no foul.” She smiles again and moves a couple of feet away and begins to look at other books. Thinking this is the end of a funny, kind of sexy moment, he too begins to look at the used books and for several minutes, they appear to each go about their business.

Suddenly, Ankara Escort they are looking at books on opposite sides of the same aisle, and he feels the heat from her bottom almost touching his. He tries to ignore it, knowing it to be totally innocent . . . but that makes him even more aware of her body heat and her sweet perfume. He stands absolutely still so that he does not accidently brush against her, thinking it to be way too forward. After long, agonizingly sensual moments . . . their bottoms touch. Both look startled and embarrassed and try to apologize . . . but their mutual apologies end up in laughter.

She brushes an errant lock of her long, black hair away from her face as they begin to talk . . . and despite all of his warning bells going off . . . internally yelling at him to stay back and play it cool . . . he finds the distance between them vanishing. Her smile disappears as he sees himself . . . almost as if watching himself, leaning forward to kiss her. Her lovely arms go around his neck and although he does not really believe it is happening . . . their lips touch, then tongues entangle and a kiss turns to fire. His hands travel, almost like someone else’s hands to her sexy, taut bottom . . . and he finds he is pulling her crotch to his . . . one of her long legs raises to his hip as she grinds herself against him.

They stumble back through the aisle toward the back wall and when her back pushes up against it . . . he lifts her bottom up and she encircles his hips with her legs. Their lips crush together again . . . as she reaches down and fumbles with his zipper. Impatient, he helps her with one hand . . . until suddenly his cock is free. He reaches to pull her panties aside only to discover her naked crotch. She seems frantic Ankara Escort Bayan to pull him into her. Finally lining up . . . her wetness hot . . . fragrant . . . he pushes into her and for several long minutes they fuck like animals… hungry for release. The sweet smell of their sex and the soft slap of their bodies as they become one, fill their senses. Now unaware of their surroundings, of the possibility, no, the likelihood of being discovered . . . they continue locked in their frenzied sexual embrace. His cock slamming deep into her soft, wet pussy . . . her legs wrapped tight around his hips as she rides him . . . and tries to pull him deeper into her.

As her climax approaches, she moans softy,”Oh my god.”

Her desire is driving him, madly, toward releasing his seed into this beautiful lady’s body. Their bodies, united in one goal, lost in each other as the climax builds to crescendo, and then both voices rise together in moan, “Ooooooooooooo”

He feels her spasms just as he begins to release into her. They shudder as they both find satisfaction in the other . . . a completing. As their spasms subside, they suddenly realize their surroundings and separate as discreetly as they can . . . looking for observers . . . or worse . . . but there are none. They smile at one another . . . in part out of satisfaction for their shared moment . . . in part from embarrassment from their shared moment.

She excuses herself, “I need the ladies’ room. Will you stay right here?’

Fifteen minutes later, he knows she has left. He wants to find her… but he has no name . . . no phone number . . . only the memory of her . . . her fragrance on his body . . . the feelings of her passionate kisses still lingering on his lips. He should feel abandoned, but instead he feels a little frantic as he tries to remember everything about her . . . hoping to catch a clue as to her identity. He remembers the graceful way she brushed her hair from her face with her hand . . . her left hand . . . and then he remembers the ring there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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