The Breakdown

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“So I knew it would happen one day, one of the things I had always dreaded most”


Over a number of years, in fact since my teens I had been very close to my feminine side and allowed it to flourish as a passable and very experienced Transvestite girl with a history in the swinging scene and a lot of friends all be it mostly men.

It was one of those crazy nights, it had been a long week in the office in my guy self so as the weekend drew closer I was planning to go play.

Chatting to a couple of friends who were holding a house party I was invited to a social and play kind of meet which I love as there is no pressure to do anything you don’t want to do or do anything with anyone you don’t fancy if you get my drift.

Making sure on the Saturday when I finally crawled from my bed around midday I had already placed out my hair removal creams and other little tricks a girl like me uses to look ultimately female in appearance.

Doing my blokey jobs around the flat and the obligatory bacon roll and coffee which is about all I would eat all day to stay looking slim.

Making sure things were still ok late in the afternoon with my friends I was told to be at their home for around 6pm and to bring a bottle along, hoping to be used to be honest I played with words back and forth for a while but ultimately I was invited and they confirmed another Tv girl, a male and female bi couple and themselves a bi couple were going to be there.

Saying my goodbyes I glanced at the union jack clock on my lounge wall from my big comfy soft leather sofa where I was so comfortable in just my pyjama bottoms and a t-shirt but it would take me a while to get all fem plus it was an hour’s drive to my friend’s house, thankfully they had already agreed to let me stay the night in their spare room.

Wanting me to arrive looking as I do in my photos on sites I frequent I thought it was time and wandering to my bathroom in my Smurf slippers and Pyjama bottoms I looked awful but not for long.

Running the water into my bath and adding some bubbles I made sure the water was as hot as my skin could take and proceeded to strip and paste on the hair remover cream, glamourous I know but a girl has to be smooth.

As soon as my bath was full sliding into the warm water felt amazing and as I did the cream melted away leaving my legs totally smooth but just to be sure I shaved every part of my body smooth including my tiny flaccid cock just about floating in the now cooling water.

Stepping from the bath and straight into a towelling robe I allowed my skin to rest and self-dry.

Opening up my girly wardrobe and after going through a selection of dresses I found a very classy yet revealing mini dress that hugged my corseted curves perfectly, selecting black and purple lace lingerie with lace topped seamed stockings and six inch stiletto heels.

Laying everything out and shaving then moisturising before shaving again and adding my make up slowly layer by layer wiping off any I didn’t think looked feminine enough, messing up my eye liner twice before losing my temper and going without liner.

Standing back still in my bath robe I was never sure I looked good enough, heading to my boxed wigs I picked out a very dark raven black number that fell neatly down my back and just about brushing past my shoulders and hiding my forehead as it swept sexily past my right eye.

Making sure my eye brows were neatly trimmed so I looked as passable as I could, as I fixed the wig into place despite no clothing bar the bath robe I saw my inner girl side again.

From then on sliding into and tightening my steel boned corset and fixing my stockings were easy, slipping into my dress and adjusting slightly just so it covered enough to be tasteful but showed enough to say come get me.

Grabbing a night bag and chucking in a little baby doll chemise, extra ensest porno panties, make up and girly bits I was almost ready to go, sliding into my heels and throwing on my favourite short black leather jacket and fixing my wig over it so I looked amazing.

Snapping a picture and sending it to a Trans girlfriend I got a text back just saying “Gorgeous Girl x”

Grabbing my handbag and night bag then my phone and keys I stepped out onto my driveway in the cold February evening hoping it was not already icy underfoot as didn’t fancy falling off my stilettos tonight.

Wandering down the drive from my flat to where the car was parked I attempted my best fem strut in case one of my very nosey neighbours were watching, knowing my car was and is always an issue for me as I own a modified car.

Blipping the alarm which unlocked all the doors and fired the engine up I slid into the comfy driver’s seat and setting the heated seats to work to keep my cute bum nice and toasty on the hour long drive, sliding in one of my favourite bands cd’s and pulling off I couldn’t wait to get away from my home area and get to my friends.

Stopping off a couple of towns over to grab some wine I parked almost outside the doors of the mini supermarket and the minute I got near the alcohol isle you could tell it was a Saturday night as a group of 20 something year olds were messing around while they bought their drinks.

Almost blocking the isle I went for it and walked toward the mouthiest one out of their group who moved immediately letting me pass without a word good or bad, grabbing a good bottle of red I walked back past the same guy who to be honest was quite fit but tonight I had other plans.

As I queued at the till I was aware of the group being behind me and heard comments being passed but only at how hot I looked, one was daring another to chat me up so as there was 3 people ahead of me and only one cashier I looked over my should and just said “I’m not death boys and I don’t bite”

One of the lads stepped to my side extending his hand and announcing he was Marco, reciprocating I simply said Lisa.

As the conversation had got started Marco asked so you drinking alone?

Telling him I was off to a private party some way from town he cheekily just added “shame”.

Noticing the queue had now gone I stepped up to the cashier and paid for my wine, said goodnight to the lads behind me and left for my car.

Again blipping the alarm remote the car unlocked and fired the engine and as I slid in to the driver’s seat I noticed the lads leaving the shop, needless to say I got spotted as I often do with my car.

Seeing Marco stepping toward the car I closed the door and lowered the window half way just to see what was going to happen next.

As Marco leant down I lowered the window the full way and as he leant on the window seal looking over the car he commented “Hot girl, hot car”.

Laughing as best I could I just thanked him.

Then as unexpected as it was he asked me if he could have my number, asking him why he explained he is single unlike the rest of the group and would love to date a “Car girl”

Looking him over I suggested he look me up another time and hinted where I drink in town some Friday nights dressed of course, smiling at him he smiled back and went on his way.

Pulling away and winding up the volume on the stereo system I was now on my way and going to be late as ever but knew it would be ok with my friends as they know I’m always late so 6pm normally means 7pm.

Putting my foot down and nudging the wrong side of 90mph down the main roads I was determined to make up time and know my car inside out and what it can handle so knowing a quiet route to my friends through the New Forest in Hampshire I pulled off and went for another gear only to get no response at all, no power, asyalı porno no acceleration and as the speedo started to drop I knew something had broken.

Pulling into a dirty leaf covered entry to a field and dialling my breakdown recovery company I text friends and said I would be with them late, not once did I think about the fact my breakdown company is registered to me as a guy.

Now being stuck in the forest at near 7 o clock at night in the pitch black and the nerves setting in I just didn’t know what the hell to do so sat trying to browse on my phone that had dropped to near an emergency signal only when someone knocked the driver’s side window lightly with a flashlight making me jump.

Dropping the window a little it was the recovery driver who I had never been so pleased to see.

Opening my door and getting a full view of my long smooth legs and stiletto heels he suggested I stay in the car while he checked it out, probably a good call in 6 inch heels.

Popping the bonnet for him he came and went to his van several times over with tools and after about 15 minutes he asked me to start it up and try the gears again, finding I now had drive he asked if I could come to his van to fill out the paperwork.

Stepping out he offered me his arm and cheekily asked why such a stunning lady would be out here alone at night.

Telling him I’m off to a friend’s party literally another 10 minutes down the road he smiled deviously.

Looking him over and just saying “What?”

He told me he had a few experiences with ladies who had broken down in the forest that had been out there dogging or having fun with someone

Showing interest I had to ask if he had ever been lucky while rescuing someone.

Smiling at me he said maybe once or twice and I noticed him looking me up and down.

Opening the passenger side door of his van and putting the small tablet computer on the seat he asked if I could just complete the multiple choice questions and sign at the end.

Noting he was stood to my side I had to bend over slightly to see the tiny screen and as I did I felt his hand brush my stocking top and bottom, ignoring his advances I continued to complete the questions and as I signed it I stood to face him.

Looking him over I knew he wanted the extra of rescuing me and not just good feedback.

Standing around 6 feet 3 or 4 tall with a nice build and clean shaven he was my kind of guy, looking down it was obvious his cock was hard already and needed some help.

Approaching him he smiled as me as I offered him my lips, kissing me gently he was obviously a gentleman and as he grasped my corseted waist I reached up under his t-shirt and massaging his solid and muscular stomach I was struggling to contain my own hard 8 inches between my thighs.

Releasing my waist and wasting no time he unzipped and pulled out the fattest cock I had ever seen, almost coke can thick and 8 or 9 inches I wasn’t sure what he wanted but I happily wrapped my fingers around his shaft as we kissed in the darkness of the roadside.

Breaking the kiss he asked me if I would suck him off and really I wanted to so sliding down his body and wrapping my made up lips around his huge cock he encouraged me to take it pushing my head down his shaft until I could take no more and gagged on it.

Looking down on me blowing his monster cock he kept telling me how good my naughty mouth felt around his meaty dick, sucking him as best I could hoping to make him cum he began to try to face fuck me which I hate.

Standing up and going back to his passenger seat and forgetting all about the fact I am a Tgirl bending over and asking him to lick me out.

Lifting my tight dress to my waist he helped me step out of my panties as I tried to hide my own large cock, as he kissed at my bum and bit my bum cheeks I begged gizli çekim porno him to rim me hard and without any more asking he pulled apart my bum cheeks and buried his tongue in my smooth arse.

Kissing my rose bud and pushing his tongue up inside me he knew what he was doing, teasing my thighs the whole time with his talented hands then all of a sudden he reached up between my legs and instead of shock he fondled my very tight balls and began to stroke my semi hard cock slowly as I purred with pleasure getting used by my recovery driver.

As he broke away and stood I knew full well I was going to be fucked and as he stroked his huge cock between my bum cheeks he asked if I wanted it in me.

Moaning yes please but be gentle you’re so big!!

Feeling him gently applying pressure I felt the pain flashing through my body as my anus desperately fought him off but as he gently stroked my thighs and took a grip of my hips he pushed a little harder and I felt his huge cock entering my tight arse.

Gently easing in and out of my well stretched hole he went deeper with every other push and before I knew it I had all of him inside me as his balls met my arse he told me I was going to get fucked.

Cocking my arse slightly I asked him for it hard and deep.

I didn’t need to ask twice as I felt emptied out then felt his weapon filling my tight wet hole time and time again, smashing his full balls into my arsehole as he fucked me in my lingerie and 6 inch stilettos in the cold dark evening with the only light coming from the open side door of his works van without even removing his oily work trousers further than opening them at the flie.

Pulling me back slightly he began to really fuck me hard with everything he had filling my anus with his huge stiff cock and panting hard as he pounded me making me moan with pleasure with every hot filling.

Pulling his huge weapon from my now not so tight arse he asked if I would sit on it for him

Asking where as I certainly wasn’t doing it in the dirt as despite being fucked hard I was still all made up and fem looking for my friend’s party.

Looking over at my car he smiled cheekily.

Not having to ask twice we walked the few metres to my car and winding the passenger seat back a little he sat in and laid back, managing to climb in and get on top of him without destroying the interior with my stilettos was a challenge.

Laying against him kissing he lined up his meaty cock and as I slid back I easily took his full length this time bringing myself almost upright as I rode his thick cock.

Groping my body and breasts he announced he had never fucked a Tgirl before but was loving my tight arse wrapped around his huge tool.

Working my hips so I could get all and more of his cock inside me he started to convulse and feeling the throbbing of his thick cock I knew he was about to cum, something I didn’t want inside me this time at least.

Managing to get off his cock in time I stroked the cleft of my bottom up and down his cock as we kissed and within seconds he fired a hot load then another between my bum cheeks and all over his dirty work trousers.

Climbing back out of the car I asked if he had wipes in his van which fortunately he did, not only did he give me an amazing fuck but he helped me get clean after and to thank him I couldn’t resist sucking the last of his cum out of his balls for him.

Finally signing the documents he asked my name and cheekily I said you have it on that computer.

Telling me oh I knew that when I arrived but now I need your name right now.

Adjusting myself and dressing I gave him a kiss on the cheek and whispered into his ear Lisa, my name is Lisa.

Walking back to my car and firing the engine up I pushed the car into gear and pulled off, looking back in my rear view mirror at the bright yellow break down van and the recovery driver with the biggest cock I have ever been fucked with.

The next day when I got home I went onto the recovery companies website and left additional feedback about my knight of the road and how he treated me as any lady would expect when she is alone in the dark woods.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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