The breaking of Kira _(1)

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The breaking of Kira.

Kira was a 22 year old party girl. Her hair was naturally blond, but she threw in white highlights because she liked the look. She had a slight athletic build, but her curves were made for more carnal things. she loved her natural 36 26 38 body, and wasnt afraid to show it off. She grew up a spoiled little rich girl, and had a pretty easy life, until now…

It had been a late crazy night. Shots, whiskey , vodka, she did it all. She loved to party, and everyone at the parties loved that she did too. If Kira wasn’t already blowing some guy it wasn’t uncommon for her husband to pass her around the party like a joint. But she loved every minute of it. So she wasn’t all that surprised when she started waking up and felt someone fucking her throat. But it felt early and she was by no means ready to wake up. So she went to move her arms to pull away and found she couldn’t. She didn’t understand so she tried again, this made a few voices in the room chuckle which freaked her out. Kira opened her eyes, but saw nothing. How could this be? She was still pretty drunk from the night before but was slowly coming around. She realized how grim of a situation she was in. She had what felt like a heavy rough blindfold covering eyes. She tried to shake her head to get it off, only to receive a sharp pain from her hair getting yanked. What the fuck was going on!? She tried again gingerly and felt it pull on her hair, arms and breast. All at once she understood. She was on her knees with her legs spread wide bent forward, with her hair pulled back and tied to her wrist, which were tied to something above her. She couldn’t move at all. She went into a kind of panic and tried to scream, forgetting the guy that was balls deep in her throat. So all she managed was what sounded like a moan, which was meant by cheers and shouts of “slut”. She then tried to pull away again, but couldn’t move at all. She wasn’t having this so with all her might she bit down, but her jaws didn’t move. Then altyazılı porno she noticed a hard ring of some kind keeping her jaws opened wide. And what was on her face? She felt straps running over her face and head keeping everything in place. Why hadn’t she noticed? The guys enjoyed watching her try to figure things out. If only she knew she’d already been that way for a few hours, eh call it 30 guys ago.

Kira was tired, she knew she couldn’t do anything. And she was pretty sure her captors knew too. Her thoughts were cut short as she felt the guy’s dick pulse in her throat. Damn she was drunk, how could she keep forgetting about the dick trying to push into her fucking belly? Or the balls smacking her chin? She felt another pulse and knew it wouldn’t be long, which was good because it was kinda hard to breath. Then the guy grabbed her head and pulled her toward him while he slammed home one last time, making her scream from the pain. Which only made it feel that much better to him. It felt like the biggest load to both of them, the guy clenching his teeth as this bitch moaned on his cock while he blew a load down her throat. Still cumming he went to pull out so he could shoot some on her tongue. Kira didn’t appreciate this so she tried to push it out with her tongue. The guy grabbed her ponytail, and yanked up while he pulled his cock out and slapped her hard across the face. He told her to eat it up and be thankful. Kira, whimpering,obeyed.

The guy felt he made his point and stepped away, having been satisfied. And before Kira could get a descent breath of air, another dick was shoved down her throat this one longer and a good bit thicker. This new guy knew what he wanted, just jamming it al down her throat at once. She would’ve gagged if it’d been possible. While this new guy was busy fucking her face, she felt a hand grab her right tit, it felt numb and sore for some reason. Then she felt the hand brush over some ropes and realized they tied her tits up. They zenci porno were already DDs and when she wore her club bra she managed a high E. she couldn’t imagine how hot they had to look right now. She fought with herself to stay focused. Now was not the time to get get turned on, still she felt her pussy getting wet. With her mouth fully occupied, she felt the big hand move down her body to her inner thigh. As the hand moved slower teasing her someone slapped her ass hard, making her try to raise her ass, and moan around the giant dick in her mouth. The pleasurable sting still on her ass, the hand went up and brushed over her juicy pussy. This made her quiver, and let out a long moan. Then the hand moved away and left her waiting with anticipation.

She had gotten used to the dicks using her throat, and was even enjoying it. As guy after guy abused her throat and pumped their loads into her tummy. Then she felt something push against her ass, it felt like a big rubber ball or something. Kira then understood, it had to big the biggest cock ever. She tried to struggle and protest, but it was no use being tied down with a cock fucking her throat. Could the guy at least lube it? The answer to that came with a glob of liquid touching her, being massaged around then pushed inside. Not even this guy’s figures were small, she knew this was gonna hurt. With her ass all lubed up the monster cock pushed again, she was in doubt that she would ever accommodate him, but she was thankful he didn’t want a blowjob. She then felt a heat around and in her ass, they used warming gel!? And as this thought passed threw her head the monster cock invaded her completely, she came instantly and blacked out.

Kira came to about a minute later unable to ignore the monster cock buried in her ass. The latest guy finished in her throat, and there was a break just long enough for everyone to hear Kira moaning and whimpering. Then another guy, who would give the monster cock a run for aldatma porno his money, stepped up and whispered “sorry” in her ear. Kira didn’t really hear him because she was building up another orgasm, but she new what he said the second he forced his way down her tight throat. Tears were streaming down Kira’s face as the two dicks nearly met in the middle. She couldn’t take it, it was too much. She was struggling to hang on.

Still getting assaulted from both ends, Kira felt something playing with her pussy, barely able to concentrate she tried to beg with a full mouth and ass for them not to do anything else to her. Nobody was listen, it slid in her with ease despite her tight pussy. She didn’t realize how wet she was. She was fighting to keep her eyes straight up under the blindfold but she felt herself slipping away. Then someone hit the switch. She writhed from the pleasure and pain, she’d never taken anything like the abuse she was going thru. A huge cock invading her throat, another massive cock buried balls deep in her ass both pounding away, and now the biggest strongest vibrater she ever took jammed all the way in her tight soaked pussy. All feeling like they met in the middle.

Tears still streaming Kira’s eyes started to rollback, she was breaking, she fought to stay aware. Still writhing to get free, sure now they would kill her from pleasure if this kept up. The guys both enjoyed this, caressing her tits and back while they fucked her silly. And then the vibrater was turned up, how could it get any stronger? The vibrater resonated throughout Kira body causing both men to cum at the same time. Kira gave up. Having two giant cocks pumping her full of cum from both ends, both men slapping her bound tits and ass, her pussy constantly spasming around the giant dildo from hell. It was too much. She felt herself pushed past the edge and as her body went numb, and the sounds faded away, her eyes rolled back and she lost herself.

The guys succeeded, they broke her and had a new pet. Their own little fuck toy, Kira.

This story is mostly fiction. As a fantasy this hasn’t happened to me ,but maybe someday it will. (;

Hope you enjoyed,

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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