The Burglar Pt. 01

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This is my first story in English so it may have some grammar errors. Hope you like it anyway.


We had been together for a couple of years, me and my girlfriend Hanna. We loved each other very much and had no problem getting turned on by each other, but the sex had become somewhat of a routine and we needed a little new excitement to spice up our sex life again. We had tried most sex positions, longer sex sessions and quickies, a little bit of spanking, handcuffs, light bondage, outdoor sex etc.

One evening, over a shared bottle of wine, our dialogue came into sex. Hanna made an idea that maybe we could try some role play. We could find two scenarios each and then we could go through them together and maybe change a bit so they both suited us.

Our imagination rolled off and my suggestions became a nurse / patient as well as burglary / housewife. Her proposal was luxury wife / butler and police / thief during interrogation.

We liked each other’s suggestions and decided to try them all but then she came on the genius of making a combination of two of the scenarios to one. Burglary / housewife was merged with police / thief.

I would sneak into the house dressed in dark clothes and look for jewelry and cash. With me I would have a flashlight and a bag to put the jewelry in. In the bag I had some tools as well as some bundles of ropes that would be used for capturing the sexy housewife. She, in turn, would offer “anything” just I did not hurt her and let her go again.

The variation here would be that Hanna would flip a coin to decide if she etiler escort would play the sexy housewife, or if she would be the female police officer who instead dominates the thief and takes him for interrogation … and of course sexual services so she will let him go. For excitement, I would not know what role she would have.

We were both pretty excited on the thief / housewife / police scenario and could have done it at once but it was Tuesday night and we both had to get up early the next morning so we decided to make it a go on Saturday when we had more time. However, it did not prevent us from having fast and sweaty sex this evening. Exhausted and off to sleep, we both lay and imagined about our upcoming “sex date”. It would really be exciting!

The coming days went awfully slow. I was lucky I had so much at work and other things that needed to be done so the week could go on somewhat smoothly. In our storage room next to the house I had prepared a bag with the dark clothes I would have, about thirty feet of soft white rope and some tools and a flashlight.

My allday thoughts were mostly about the sexy housewife in her underwear and how I would tie her up and play with her. She could then pray to let her go and finally convince me with sexual favors to let her go free … hot! But if she is the sexy and strong police who will overpower me, what had Hanna planned for that scenario?

It was finally Friday and the weekend approached. Only one day left, lovely! Hanna would meet some friends during halkalı escort the evening, so I was hanging out with two colleagues on afterwork. After a really good meal, a couple of beers and a lot of laughter, I get a text in my mobile. It’s from Hanna.

“Hi Lover. I’m already on my way home. Are you ready for our sex date? “.

If I was!!

I finished the last of my beer and thanked my colleagues for a nice evening. After 15 minutes of walk I was at home. The house was almost blacked out, just a couple of minor lights in some of the windows.

I unlocked the storage room and changed to my dark clothes. I checked that the flashlight worked, turned it off and then went quickly towards the house. I did not want to be seen and taken by the neighbors as “a real burglary”.

The front door was unlocked. I sneak in and lock the door after me. I wondered what room Hanna were in. I started by going to the bathroom and picked up some jewelry in my bag. Then I proceed to a cabinet we have in a passage before the kitchen and living room. There I picked up some cash and a wristwatch.

I walk around a bit in the kitchen and living room but there is not much of value there that would fit into my bag. I thought Hanna is probably in our bedroom and start planning on how to overpower her and tie her up…

I walk past our guest room where the door is open. I sweep with the flashlight and I see a chair in the middle of the floor, but otherwise everything looks normal. Strange with the chair I think but move innovia escort on to the bedroom.

Suddenly I get pushed up against the wall. Hanna had hid in the guest room and walked silently after me. She orders me to hold my hands against the wall and to spread my legs. I’m totally taken by surprise when she is going for 100 percent in her role. She muddles me properly to see if I have any weapons on me. First my arms then down my chest and sides, my legs in- and outside and at last the front where she finds my growing boner.

“Take off your shirt and then hold your hands against the wall again!”

Jesus, she is really demanding and she turns me on as hell! Quickly I remove my shirt and put my hands back on the wall. She spreads my legs further and takes my left hand and puts it behind my back. I feel the cold steel closing in around my wrist while it leaves that well-known ratchet sound. She takes my other hand and puts it behind my back. Ratch! Both of my wrists are now locked in the cold steel.

She tightens the handcuffs some more and then I notice that she activates the “double-lock” in booth cuffs with the back of the key so that they cannot be tightened more. I think she must have practiced this because she really makes it like a pro.

“Come here!” She demands, pushing me into the guest room.

“Sit your ass down in that chair!”

I sit and she guides me so that my arms fall behind the back of the chair.

“You’ve really done it this time. Breaking into the house of a cop. This will not be fun for you your scum.”

She sits down and turns upside down on the bag and all the theft falls out on the floor with my tools and the bundles of white rope.

“Well, well, well… what do we have here. This is a lot of rope! You thought you could rob a defenseless sexy little housewife and tie her up, right? But you’ll see, we’re getting use of this rope. I’ll make shure of that!”

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