The Cabin Ch. 06

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I am looking at the work my wife has done and cannot find a single hair on my daughter’s dark body. My wife is very good when it comes to shaving and has put her years of experience to work. Nia lets out a soft sigh as I caress the dark flesh where pubic hair had been just a short time ago and my fingers are slowly working their way towards her clit.

My wife’s chocolate fingers are caressing her tits as she stands behind her and I love the way the colors play against one another. Nia lets out another sigh as I get a little closer and her hard nipples press through my wife’s fingers. I can feel my daughter’s eyes as I stare at her small tits with a smile. There is no denying that this has made me very hard and I want to take them both to bed.

My eyes move up to her face and say, “It’s getting late. I think mommy should spend the night with us.”

As I start to caress her clit, she lets out a louder sigh and says, “Anything for you, daddy.”

I lift her up and can feel her firm cheeks in my hands as I carry her to the bed. My wife is leading the way and I watch her chocolate cheeks bounce a little with each step. Nia lets out a sigh as my fingers dig in a little and she is breathing heavily into my ear. Her hard nipples are pressing against my flesh and my dick is more than ready to go.

Imani lays on the bed with her legs spread wide and I set her down as I say to our daughter, “Get on top of mommy and sixty-nine for me, Nia.”

She smiles up at me and her voice reveals the anticipation. “Anything for you, daddy.”

From the direction her mother is laying, I will only be able to see her eat our daughter’s pussy and gaziantep escort bayan wish we had something that turned slowly. Nia spreads her legs across her mother’s face as I get into position and I can see her pink hole spread open. She is dripping down onto Imani’s waiting tongue and my wife’s eyes are staring at the pink just above her with hunger.

My wife’s chocolate hands reach for our daughter’s ass and pulls her down to her mouth. Nia moans out from the contact as her tongue starts to work her hard clit. From the look on Imani’s face, Nia has not returned the favor and I rise to see if I need to help. Her legs come up and move around the back of our daughter’s head and pulls her down to her waiting pussy.

I lower myself and see my wife smile around her tongue as she starts to moan out with her own pleasure. Nia’s moans become far more muffled and I wish I could see the look on her face. Imani’s tongue starts to work harder and I can see my daughter’s open pussy dripping down to her mother.

My wife is working quickly as Nia sends out a more intense moan and I see her press down hard. Her pussy explodes onto my wife’s face and that is the moment I have been waiting for. I position myself so my dick can gain easy entry without hurting either of them and see my wife’s legs holding our daughter in position.

I press all the way in as she sends out another explosive wave and love the sensation it sends through my body. My hips start to move in and out with a great deal of control and I know my wife can see my slick shaft each time I pull back almost all of the way. Another flood passes over my gaziantep escort shaft as I press myself all the way back inside and my daughter is screaming out her muffled pleasure.

I wait for my daughter’s orgasm to pass completely before I pick up my pace and soon loose myself in the pleasure of the moment. Her pussy feels every bit as amazing as the previous day and I won’t last much longer. My wife screams out as hers is just beginning and I know my daughter must be doing a good job on her mother’s clit.

I press in deep and my eyes close tightly, despite my will to keep them open. Waves of pleasure crash hard over my body as I fill my daughter’s pussy with my cum. Between each wave, I pull back and force myself back in as deep as I can get. There is no part of my body that does not feel the pleasure and I grunt out my ecstacy.

After the last of the waves has passed, I hold myself in to ensure as little is lost as possible. My hands move to her ass as I caress the dark flesh along with my wife. I can see her chocolate fingers pressing hard as her hands move and smile at the beauty beneath me.

I pull out and stare down at my wife, who is completely covered from my daughter’s release. A few drops of white land on her forehead as she stares at my coated dick. There is no denying the excitement on her face as she knows I just came in our daughter’s pussy and there’s a chance she is pregnant as a result.

My bladder is not quite painfully full, but it is getting close. “I want you both out of bed and on your knees kissing.”

Nia is slow to move and I’m close to having gaziantep escort bayan ilanları to repeat myself. She turns her dark face to me with a smile and I can see part of her flesh coated in her mother’s release. It is not as much as my wife, but that will happen before too much longer. My daughters gets out of my bed and is on her knees as my wife joins her.

Their tits press hard against one another as their tongues meet and my softening dick is pointed at Nia’s face. I let my stream start to flow and watch as the golden stream makes contact with her flesh. My hips slowly move the stream to my wife’s face and their kiss intensifies from the added flavor. The last of me drips down on them both as they start to sigh from the passion and I smile at the two women that will do anything for me.

We are laying in bed and I can smell the mix of sex and piss, which is very strong. My wife is to my left and my daughter is to my right. They are both caressing my chest and their hands cross over one another. This is the end to a perfect day and I smile as I drift off to sleep.

* * *

Several years have passed since Nia’s first visit to the cabin. She has given me four children and is very pregnant with our fifth. Two boys and two girls that are slowly inching their way towards being legal. None of them have been told of our special relationship, since the cabin will be a good place to introduce them to the fun my daughter knows so well. They know me as grandpa, but they will learn the truth when they are old enough.

Nia is on top of me and my dick is buried inside of her asshole and my hands are feeling the kicking of our child. It’s going to be another girl and I can’t wait until she gives birth. My wife’s hands are caressing her swollen tits as I force myself up and start to fill her with my white. There is a particularly hard kick against her stomach as we stare into each others eyes and she moans out from the pleasure she is receiving from me.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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