The Carny Pt. 04

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I awoke Wednesday morning to find Roy rolled onto his side with his covers down to his waist and looking at me.

“G’mornin’! Ready for our day off?”

I wiped the sleep from my eyes and let them take a long drink of his half-naked corpulence. I cleared my throat.

“Morning…sounds good…what do you have in mind?”

“Breakfast to start with, of course!” he said with a laugh.

He threw his covers off and rolled up to a sitting position on the side of his bed facing me. I got an unobstructed eye full of the mouthwatering bulge in the left leg of his boxers. They had crept up just enough during his acrobatic maneuver to reveal a tad of one of his big, hairy testicles.

My heart started pounding. I maintained my vantage point, feigning continuation of the morning stupor he’d just dashed. I fixed my fake sleepy gaze on it.

He then braced the heels of his palms on his knees and I saw the thick, furry slabs on his chest snap to attention. His sexy nipples seemed to be staring back at me, fully erect in the room’s chill.

“I’ll shower while you finish waking up,” he said as he rose to his feet and walked around to his dresser drawer.

His huge calf muscles looked so strong as he padded away from me. I marveled at how clearly defined the separation of the inner and outer heads was.

Once he had what he needed from his drawer he turned sideways and strode toward the bathroom, his thick shoulders drawn back like the Marine he’d once been and his great chest comfortably resting atop that prize winning belly. I took my first notice of the almost sway-backed appearance his rolling haunches gave his erect posture.

I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Sliding a hand down into my briefs once I heard the door close, I played with the raging hard-on he’d once again induced.

When he came out of the bathroom he was in some khaki pants and another short sleeve shirt, unbuttoned and handsomely displaying his curvaceous, hirsute torso.

“It’s all yours,” he casually stated.

I was dying to know what that might be like if it really were “all mine”. I stayed put, far too hard to risk displaying myself under his gaze.

Almost as if sensing my quandary he said, “I need to pop the hood and give the truck a once over.”

With that, he went outside. I rushed to get what I needed from the dresser and dashed to the bathroom in my tented briefs before he could return.

I quickly pounded out a load, struggling mightily to silence any vocalization during my intense orgasm. When I came out he was seated at the table with the curtain wide open once again. I saw by the green phosphorescent hands of his wind-up alarm clock that it was nearly nine-thirty and quickly got my shoes on.

“Let’s eat! I’m hungry as…”

“A bear?” he quickly finished my sentence.

Those adorable crow’s feet flanked his twinkling eyes as he flashed me that totally disarming smile.

“You know it,” I beamed back.

We hopped in his truck. I loved riding in that beat old thing with him; the windows down and the warm southern air swirling around us. He was so wide that just sitting beside him in it necessitated a closeness I found thrilling.

We cruised the main drag in search of a breakfast joint he thought looked promising. He spotted another old converted drive-in like the Gold Star.

“That one!” he said and made a bee line for it.

It more than lived up to his expectations and shortly before eleven we were back outside. He rested his meaty forearms on his truck as he leaned on it and seemed to look me over.

“What’s next?” I asked.

“How ’bout we just go exploring?”

Nothing suited me better than more time jammed in his truck with him. He was such a gifted conversationalist that it flowed like water as we rode around. There was never an uncomfortable silence with him like I often experienced with most people his age.

Eventually he headed out of the city limits into the countryside. He turned off the two-lane highway onto a gravel road, just to see where it led. We wound around on that until he randomly chose one of the dirt roads that connected to it and took a right.

I never doubted he’d be able to find our way back out when he decided the time had come and just took in the beautiful scenery. My trust in my giant guardian was complete and unerring.

“This looks like some of the places I go back home,” I said, “I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, though.”

“Why’s that?”

“Kentucky started out as Jefferson County, Virginia,” I told him.

“I never knew that! Guess you learn something new every day. You’re a sharp one, mister!”

He seemed surprised and impressed that I knew something about the geography of our location he didn’t. I swelled with pride at him conferring the title of ‘mister’ on me.

It was not that the more diminutive ‘sport’ was something I disliked. In fact, it always made me feel a bit like Gilligan to his Skipper, and theirs was a relationship that had always intrigued me.

But when ‘mister’ landed on my ears, it felt like my standing in his eyes had suddenly elevated. Ankara Escort I liked that idea very much.

We came upon a good sized stream and he pulled to a stop near its bank. It was very secluded and peaceful. We got out.

He squatted down and dipped his fingers in the water.

“It’s cool, but not cold,” he observed, “Wonder if it’s deep enough for a swim?”

“I don’t know. If I’d had any idea we were going to run across a place like this I’d have brought my swim trunks along to find out.”

He looked up at me and broke into a sly grin.

“When I was young we always just skinny dipped whenever we came across what looked like a good swimming hole.”

I couldn’t believe my ears at what he was suggesting. The thought of having no way to conceal my inevitable hard-on scared me to death, but the thought of seeing my idol completely in the buff at last was a temptation too strong to resist.

I turned my back to him and quickly shed every last stitch of clothing, then waded out until the water reached my navel and I knew it was safe to turn and face him. To my surprise he was still in his clothes. I thought maybe he’d made me the butt of some uncharacteristically mean-spirited joke.

“Looks plenty deep to me,” he said.

To my relief, he began stripping off his shirt. I contented myself to enjoy his show as he finished disrobing.

He let down the gate of his truck and draped his articles of clothing over it as they came off. Then, fully naked, he thoughtfully went and picked up the pile of clothes I’d left behind and did the same with them.

He was beautiful! The hourglass pattern of the hair that decorated his chest and belly trailed down and widened into a bushy pubis that fanned out around his hips to dress out the lower halves of his spectacular buttocks. His naturally muscular thighs were not quite as hairy as his upper torso and his lower legs were almost bare, which I already knew.

His powerful bulk shifted to his authoritative stride as he walked to the bank, but I was not prepared for how much more authoritative it looked with his bull balls and fat, hooded cock shifting in rhythm with it. My own comparatively modest endowment achingly strained erect in the water.

Roy paused at the stream’s edge and lazily scratched the sagging scrotum that rested against the cleft of his magnificent thighs.

“How’s the temperature out there?”

“Like you said…cool, but not cold.”

“How’s the bed…muddy or sandy?”

He continued the nonchalant scratching of his balls, as though he was contemplating how cold the water might feel on them.

“Sandy. Now get out here, you big chicken!” I taunted him.

His beautiful belly shook with laughter as he slowly waded out to the depth I’d reached, his deep baritone echoing in the river birches around us. He walked toward me until he was close enough to take my shoulders in his massive hands and then gave them a playful squeeze.

“You’re right…it feels nice…refreshing,” he said.

Suddenly he lifted me a little and effortlessly tossed me away from him, giving me my first inkling of the shocking strength he possessed. I helplessly flailed backward into the water and my face momentarily submerged.

When I came up his laughter was ringing out in the trees again.

“Call me chicken, will ya?”

I lunged at him with a ferocious burst of force, planting the heels of my palms into the surface fat that covered his huge shoulders. I was stunned by what I felt when they sank down into the dense muscle beneath it. He stood his ground and dismissively laughed at my futile effort.

Again I charged him, and again he taunted me with laughter. I started to get mad and charged again…then again. At no time did he exploit his size to fend me off, but neither did he go down.

On my fifth try I was nearly blind with rage at his natural gravitational advantage and lunged so fiercely that I finally toppled the giant. He fell back into the water with a loud splash.

When he rose back up my eyes were glued to the sheet of water cascading down his vast convexity, matting his coarse body hair to it and raining back down into the stream like a waterfall off his belly. Light danced in the glistening droplets that still clung to his weathered skin. My dick, it seemed, had never been harder.

“Good job!” he said with a warm laugh, “Needed to see what kind of stuff you’re made of there. Hope I didn’t make you too mad.”

He squeegeed water from his closed eyes with both hands. His pectorals pressed together to form a deep, sexy cleft.

“Hell no, Roy,” I said, grinning from my achievement, “but I sure as hell never had to work so hard to dunk somebody before. You’re not mad, are you?”

He smiled approvingly.

“Not in the least, son. You see, if I’d just gone along with you…faked that spill without making you work for it the way you did…you wouldn’t have that self-satisfied grin right now.”

“Yes, sir, I’m pretty sure I read you,” I replied, confirming that I understood he was speaking as my boss.

“I’ve Sincan Escort got a good feeling about you, sport,” he said sounding satisfied.

Then he grinned and splashed water in my face.

“And easy on the ‘sir’ stuff.”

He swam away before I could return it. The size of his buttocks as they rolled with the powerful kicks of his huge legs, the tremendous width of his back and the roundness of his shoulder muscles as he stroked with those insanely thick arms – it all froze me stock still in admiration.

I had never seen anyone create a wake the size of his as he skillfully glided away. It seemed that every little thing he did – every little move he made – was nothing short of a testament to the glory of size and strength.

I decided not to take off in chase, preferring instead to simply bask in his praise while floating on my back. When my hips broke the surface I watched in horror as my hard-on rose out of the water to angle over my lower abdomen. I submerged it in a panic and was relieved to see Roy still swimming away as my feet touched bottom again.

We splashed and swam for about another thirty minutes before Roy announced he was going to air dry on the big flat rock he pointed at between the truck and the water’s edge. I started to follow him up before realizing I was still sporting the inexcusable hard-on that hadn’t gone down since first setting eyes on his fully naked body. I stopped in my tracks.

I watched him reach it and then turn to sit. The gentle sway of the considerable assets that dangled from between his mighty thighs as he lowered himself only worsened my condition.

“Oh, I thought you were right behind me,” he called out when he saw me still in the water.

“I…I just…”

“Something wrong?”

“No, it’s…it’s just…”

A knowing grin crossed his face, “You’re hard?”

I shamefully nodded. He laughed.

“Happens to all of us, Eddie. There’s just something about being naked in the great outdoors that makes them stand up when you least expect it. Nothing to be ashamed of. Think I’ve never gotten a boner in front of another guy doing this? Hell, I had one while you were trying to knock me down. No need to be bashful.”

That news surprised me. I resumed trudging toward him, pausing to gather my courage just before it broke the surface and then deciding to take him at his word. I drew a deep breath and revealed myself.

“Well, now…THAT’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of!” he said with a hardy laugh.

He clearly didn’t feel the least bit self-conscious about looking directly at my naked body, even with my hard-on sticking out at him. It made me feel a lot less conspicuous about doing the same with his.

I helped myself. He seemed just fine with it.

In fact, his cock began to swell. I looked right at it while it snaked down his plump sac, the big crimson colored head starting to peek out in turtle-like fashion from its dark colored sheath.

“Seems it’s catching,” he said, sounding totally unconcerned.

He patted the rock beside him, “Come on…sit.”

As we freely displayed ourselves to each other I was amazed to find that, at long last, my ‘forbidden’ wood tired of tormenting me. Checking his upon that realization I discovered that, at some point while we sat talking shop, it had done likewise and once again donned its comfy looking hood.

I was thrilled to learn how easy it was being nude with him.

“Let’s get dressed and go grab a burger,” he suggested once we were dry.

“Sounds great!”

We rose to our feet and walked to his truck.

“Thanks for moving my clothes,” I said as we got there.

“You’re welcome. Mind dusting my butt off for me?”

He held his boxers out to me.


I took them. I was completely comfortable inspecting him and even tracing his crack with my cloth covered fingers to make sure the job was thoroughly done.

“Here…let me get you.”

I handed them back to him and he used them on me as well. He vigorously shook the loose sand from them and we dressed.

As I’d suspected he had no problem getting us back out to the highway.

“That might be the most fun I’ve ever had, Roy. Never been skinny-dipping before. I think I know what I’d like to do on our days off from here on.”

He got one of those ‘aw, ain’t that cute’ looks on his face.

“Well, everybody should do it once…and more than once if opportunity knocks. Assuming we can find us some suitable swimming holes it’s a done deal, sport!”

Ordinarily at that age I was horribly offended when grownups gave me the look he’d given me. As we headed back into town I found myself struggling to understand why it had seemed such a comfort coming from him.

We found a burger joint and then went back to the room to eat them. Roy announced he wanted to take a nap. That time when he stripped down to his skivvies I did likewise.

That he had already had a look at me with a hard-on, and even partially erected in front of me, made the prospect of sporting another one Etlik Escort in his presence completely unthreatening. He seemed pleased by my newfound comfort level with him and, as we stretched out on our beds, simply rolled onto his side with his back to me.

“Watch TV if you want to. Won’t bother me a bit.”

He began snoring almost immediately. I got up and turned it on to a game show. Reception wasn’t very good being so far from a town of any size.

I soon gave up in favor of just watching Roy sleep. For my money that was the most riveting show in town anyway.

After he woke up we naturally went out to find him another king-sized supper. When we returned to the room we played match-stick poker the rest of the night rather than endure the crappy reception on the TV.

“Everybody has some little something they do to give themselves away. No matter how good a fellow is, no matter how small his tics might be…they’re always there if you look hard enough. They’re called ‘tells’,” he coached me.

He proceeded to relieve me of my pile of matches three times. I tried like hell to pick up on his tips and carefully studied him for the tells he assured me had to be somewhere in his countenance. I never found one.

“You’ll learn me eventually,” he consoled in his typically jovial tone, “I can’t help you with me because I don’t know what they are either. That’s what makes them tells. Let’s get some shut-eye.”

The next morning we went to the fairgrounds to map out what would go where. By noon the caravan arrived.

That being my first set-up Roy kept me pretty close at hand. He paired me with another man about my size to get on the other end of the various heavy objects he chose to personally man-handle, being far and away the biggest man on site.

For some of the heavier lifts he even called over a third to help us manage our end.

Everyone was working like plow horses to get the job done. Manners quickly and frequently fell by the wayside in seeing that things were done swiftly and to code. Nobody seemed to take offense at the orders being barked at them and I strove to make it abundantly clear I expected no special consideration on that point.

The sun began to heat things up pretty good by about half past one and we all started stripping out of our shirts. Roy was expending more energy at his end of the jobs we assisted him with than the two and sometimes three of us combined could muster. The longer he worked the more his muscular bulk began to inflate and leave no question in anyone’s mind what he was made of, or why he was the natural choice to lead us.

I had never seen such a magnificent physical specimen in my life, but the demands of our labors left me little time to savor what he put on display. The one goal I kept before me was to earn the acceptance of the entire crew and, most importantly to me, Roy. By sundown we had everything spinning, all the lights flashing and the calliope music pumping through the loudspeakers.

Several of the carnies who had seemed to regard me with suspicion the day he walked me around came up to tell me what a great help I had been. I was elated…exhausted, but elated.

When Roy wandered up after his rounds, still shirtless, he took me under his arm and hugged me to his side. Our sweat drenched bodies being skin to skin that first time almost had me creaming in my jeans. He walked me over to the circle of barricades that marked off the admission area at the big tent, talking as we went.

“Not a doubt in my mind you read me loud and clear yesterday, Eddie. You realize you won over some of the crustiest carnies on God’s green earth today, don’t you?”

“I sure set out to.”

“Well, you damn well did. I’ve been over every square inch of this place the last hour and I heard not a grumble nor snide comment one. You’re in as far as they’re concerned…and as far as I’m concerned too.”

I almost wanted to cry I was so happy to have earned that kind of praise from him. It far exceeded my hopes going into that labor intensive day.

He seemed to have a pretty keen grasp that his imposing presence made people eager for his approval. If such acknowledgment had been earned by someone, I never saw him fail to give it.

Once inside the ring of barricades he stepped up onto the elevated barker’s podium that he’d manned when I first met him. He puffed his massive chest up beyond anything I’d seen to that point.


His commanding baritone was so loud I thought it must’ve been amplified somehow.

In a matter of minutes the rest of the crew assembled in front of him. I was surprised at how many there were when I saw them all together. I’d only ever seen them spread out over the carnival grounds.

Roy looked magnificent to me as they gave him their attention…like some real-life Hercules, only with a hairy ball-shaped belly and chest.

“I know I say this all the time, but as far as I’m concerned it can’t be said often enough! You people, every single one of you…from the biggest to the smallest…the strongest to the weakest…are the damned finest crew of carnies any man could ask for! I want to thank EVERY ONE of you for EVERYTHING you’ve done today…and believe me, you did a HELL of a lot! Let’s have a hell of a week…and most of all…let’s have a HELL OF A GOOD TIME! Now go relax…get some rest! See you at eight o’clock sharp…and don’t forget, tomorrow’s PAYDAY!”

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