The Carpet Salesman Ch. 02

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If you haven’t already read the first chapter of this story, may I suggest that you do so before continuing? I think you’ll get a lot more out of it if you do! And thank you for reading my story!


A few weeks went by and I finally got another call from Jennie. She told me that I really needed to call her good friend Janice, who was in the market for some new carpet and wallcoverings. She gave me Janice’s phone number and said that she had already told Janice that I would be calling. We chatted for a few minutes, during which time I told her that I had missed her very much. She said she had missed me too, and had thought of me often and that she would be calling me again real soon to come and have dinner with her and hubby at their home.

I asked her if her friend Janice knew about us and she replied “Of course, that’s why I’m calling you first, instead of her. But I’m not real sure about her husband, you might want to play it safe with her until you are sure, or let her tell you.”

I said “Of course, honey, I would never do anything to upset the good marriage of a friend.”

After we hung up, I called her friend Janice and told her that her friend Jennie had given me her name and number and told me that she was in the market for some new carpet and wallcoverings. She was, she said, and proceeded to tell me what it was that she was looking for. We made an appointment for me to come out to her home and take measurements and show her some samples.

That evening, I gathered up the samples that I had selected for her to look at, and drove to her home. When I arrived, there was no car in the drive or garage (the door was open) so I figured maybe they were a one car family. Anyway, I went up and knocked on the door. A very beautiful young lady answered the door. I said “Good evening, Ms. Simpson?”

“Well, yes, but probably not the one you are looking for. I am the daughter, and I live just up the street, but Mom is expecting you. Won’t you come in?”

“Thank you ma’am”, I replied, and took my samples into the living room.

“Mom is not home right now. I know she had an appointment with you, but one of the mares is having a problem at the stables, so she had to run off unexpectedly. So you can either come back tomorrow, or I can show you what she wanted done.” She said. “By the way, my name is Janey Simpson. Close to Mom’s, but not quite, and I am not married yet, so I still have her name.”

“Very nice to meet you Janey”, I said, “If you don’t mind, I’d like to go ahead and take the measurements while I am here, and I can leave the samples for her to look at tomorrow.”

She bent down to pick up some of the wallpaper books that I had carried in, and I had to catch my breath, her blouse opened up as she bent over and I got a good look at some beautiful cleavage! I could see all the way to her belly button between those orbs of delight! When she straightened up, she caught me looking, but she just kind of snickered a little. (Of course she didn’t know how horny I was, as I had planned on having Ms Simpson tonight.)

“I hope it was nothing too serious that your Mom had to run out for.” I said.

“Well, Dad was already at the stables, and he called Mom to come out there because one of the mares is getting ready to fold, and Mom wanted to be there for that.” She said.

“OK, if you’ll just show me which rooms she wants the carpet in, I’ll measure those first. And then we’ll get to the wallpaper, if you don’t mind staying that long with me.” I said.

“Not at all, that’s what I am here for. You can start right here in the living room for the carpet and then we’ll go on down the hallway and into the bedrooms.” She replied. “Can I help you in any way?”

“It will go a lot faster if you would, and then you can get back home to your boyfriend; I assume there is one of those around” I laughed.

“Yeah, there is, but no need to be in a hurry because of him, he’s probably sleeping since I’m not home. Now, what can I do to help?” She said.

She moved up close beside me and watched as I drew a diagram of the floor plan and she said “Can I measure?” as she pulled the tape measure off my belt.

I said, “Well, you can hold the other end of the tape if you like, and just hold it to the wall where ever I tell you and that’ll be a big help!”

She gave me a smile that I thought was a little on the wicked side, or was it just my imagination?

She handed me the tape measure, taking the end of the tape and pulling it out and said “Sure hon, whatever you want.” And there was that smile again.

I said, “Over there against that wall” and she walked over to that wall and bent down to hold the tape to the floor. (Again those lucious orbs popped into view!) We changed walls to get the other measurement and again, she bent down to the floor. She purposely, I think, was bending down, facing me, so I would look at her fabulous chest! But then her hand came up as an attempt to hold the shirt to her, but all she did was call more attention to kağıthane escort the fact that it was open for viewing!

As she came back to me, her hand was still over her left breast. We moved to the hallway and she went to the far end and bent down again and immediately looked back up at me. (“Caught again”, I thought.) She smiled that wicked smile again and said “Do you really like them that much?”

Playing innocent, I asked “What do you mean?”

She laughed, got up and walked back to me and reached down and touched the bulge in my pants!! I almost choked. I had hoped it wasn’t obvious!

“My tits, hon, are they exciting you?” she asked, laughing a sly little laugh.

“As a matter of fact, Yes they are! So please, let’s get this done before I make a fool out of myself here.” I answered.

She reached and closed her hand on my bulge and said, “That ain’t nothing to fool with, it’s serious, and I like serious!”

I almost fell back against the wall in the hall, and said, “Please don’t do that. I have to finish this job. And besides, you are too young to be interested in an old man like me.”

“I don’t care about age, that’s just a number, all I care about is you wearing my ass out on that bed in there! She said as she pulled the zipper down and slid her hand inside my pants. Then working my cock out of my pants she said “Oh yeah, You are so big and thick! That should stretch me just about right, I think, let me see here, baby.” She bent over and took me in her mouth.

I dropped the clipboard, and almost fell, as my knees got weak suddenly. I reached down and did what I had wanted to do ever since I first saw her, I took both tits in my hands. She just moaned her approval. She was having a hard time getting down as far as she wanted, with me standing up with my pants still on.

I pulled her top up over her tits and she moved her arms to allow me to pull it all the way off her. She came off my cock and said “The bed, and get naked, hurry!”

I did as she wanted, as I wanted too! When I hit the bed, she was naked already, waiting for me and quickly took my cock back into her hot mouth. She was down on my cock and bobbing up and down so fast, I began to wonder about her boyfriend. He must not satisfy her at all! Or this was one hot nympho chic!!! She had gotten on her knees between my legs and was devouring my cock! I was doing the only thing I could right then, playing with those beautiful full tits! Then I began to think “Do I want to cum in this hot mouth, or do I want to get in that hot pussy?”

“Honey, you are about to make me cum now. Do you want to drink this load or take it in that hot little pussy of your’s?” I asked.

She raised up off my cock, and said, “In my pussy, but hurry god I need to be fucked so good!” she just turned around and was still on her knees and said, “In my pussy honey, hurry, damn shove it in all the way! Don’t fuck around, go deep!!”

I grabbed her hip with one hand and my cock with the other, guided it to her pussy and shoved it home. “Ohhhh, yess! Fuck me now, hard and deep with that pole of your’s!” she moaned.

I did just that. I tried to drive my cock all the way to her neck! The harder I fucked her, the louder she moaned! It only took a few minutes and she was yelling at me “Go faster, faster! I’m almost there! Come on, drive it home baby! Make it hurt!!”

Well, I did my very best to satisfy this hot little minx. And she obviously loved every second of it, because as she went over the edge, she was screaming “Oh yes, you are the best cock I’ve ever had baby… Oh yes lord it’s good! Oh fuck! I can’t stop cumming!!”

I kept pounding into her till she was so weak that she could barely hold herself up and then I reached down and got her clit and massaged it, pinched it, pressed on it till she was there again and this time I was right with her! She came with another blast of cursing and begging to be done harder and deeper. I was spurting cum into her as hard as I could. When it finally stopped, I just rolled over on the bed, exhausted.

In a couple of minutes, she rolled up on her side, facing me and said “Thank you honey, I have needed that for so long now!!! ” and she leaned forward and said, “Here let me clean you up a bit honey.” And started licking all over my cock again. Damn she was good. She obviously had some needs that weren’t being met by someone!

She finished licking me clean, laid back beside me and said, “Mom needs that too! She is almost as needy as I am!”

I smiled as I thought about that. What a wonderful thought too!

I finally said, “You ready to finish this measuring thing?”

“Yes, but don’t get dressed, let’s do it naked. Please? Then we can do it again before you leave.” She said, smiling that wicked smile again.

“Sure honey, whatever you want! I said. “But what if your parents come back before we finish?”

“Well, if it’s just Mom, no problem, she’ll just join us. Dad is another sarıyer escort story. He doesn’t think his little girl is doing anything at all. So we would have to reschedule that one. But Mom, you, and me could have some real fun together. Yes, She knew and I knew that you were going to be ready to get some when you got here. That’s why she called me instead of you. She knew that I’d take good care of you in her absence.”

As we walked around measuring, it didn’t take long for my old cock to be back at full strength, watching that fine, hot, body walk around in front of me. So as quickly as we finished, we rushed back to the bedroom and jumped onto the bed. I immediately started licking and sucking on those beautiful tits again and made short work of getting down to her beautifully shaved pussy. As I licked around the top of it, I pushed two fingers into it. It was so wet!!! I ran my tongue down both sides of her pussy as I slowly pushed one, then two fingers into her cute little asshole. As soon as I had my fingers in all the way, I sucked her clit up as hard as I could, and bit down on it, not too hard, but enough to let her know it was happening.

She yelled out “Oh fuck! Bite me again!! That felt so good!! Now bite my lips, make them hurt honey, I want some pain!!”

I started nibbling on her pussy lips and little at a time, and she said “Come on baby, bite’m hard! Make’m hurt! Fuck I love pain when I am being fucked good!!

I bit her a few more times and then said “Up on your knees baby, I need to be inside you!!”

She rolled over and almost jumped to her knees. As I looked at that pretty shaved wet pussy, I just had to have another bite of it. So I leaned down and slammed my face into her pussy! And started again with the wet fingers in the asshole thing.

She was going nuts on me. Her ass would not stay still for a second! I was tonguing her pussy and licking up her ass and then hit her pretty little tan hole with the point of my tongue, and tried to shove it in… and it went a little ways. So I kept at it, and shortly I had my tongue in her ass as far as it would reach. She was like a mad woman, talking, mumbling, groaning, moaning and humping her ass against me! I put one finger in her pussy and pulled it out at the bottom and then bit down on it. She screamed out that the pain was so fucking good to her.!!

“This girl really is into pain! I wonder if she has ever been spanked.” I thought to myself.

I moved to her side just a little and then landed the first lick on her ass for her! And then as she yelled I rubbed her pussy to calm her down. Then slapped her ass again, hard! She yelled again and I rubbed her pussy again. I hit her ass the third time and she was yelling “Oh fuck that hurts so good! No one has ever spanked my ass for me! Oh honey, give me some more. Make it hurt! I’ll cum in just a minute if it hurts good enough!!!” she yelled at me. Her juices were dripping off her pussy onto the bed. This chick was a wild one!

I laid a few more good licks on her ass and a couple on her pussy for good measure. She was humping and moaning so hard now. I rubbed my hand through her juices, and then folded my fingers around on top of each other, and kinda made a point of the tips of my fingers and shoved then against her pussy. They actually went in a little ways! I pulled them back, pushed into that wet pussy and back into her ass again. She yelled, “Oh fuck yes, tear my ass up. It feels so fucking good, stretch it for me baby. Fuck me there baby, you can be my first!! I am so fucking hot, fuck my ass honey, quick, before I change my mind!”

Well, wanting that hot little ass the way I did, I didn’t hesitate! I pulled my fingers out wiped her pussy again with them, and then rubbed it on my cock. I lined up and put the head against her ass and said “Here it comes baby, Like it or not!” and I shoved it in. She groaned loudly in pain/lust. I went in almost to the hilt. I started pumping in her ass and she was going wild with her ass, and moaning and groaning. Her head was buried in the pillow and she was still loud! As I pumped in and out of her sweet ass, I made it in all the way.

“Oh my god, I am so full of cock!! You are the best fucker I have ever had honey!! I love your size! Oh fuck it’s so good!!! You have given me some good orgasms, now I want my first from my ass baby, so fuck it good for me and you can have it all you want!” She moaned back to me.

Well, I just kept up the motion, and soon she started getting loud again and started slamming her ass back against me and I knew she was close. So I started rubbing her clit again and fingering her pussy and slamming my cock in her ass.

She raised her head off the pillow and yelled “Now you great fucker, tear it up! Pump me full of cum! Just don’t stop… oh god don’t stop, I am so close… ohhhhh yess yes now baby fuck me with all you got!”

That’s all it took to push me over the edge too, and I blasted her ass full sefaköy escort of hot cum! It has been a long time since I have had an orgasm like that! The little sweetheart was making it happen for me.

When we finished, we just fell over on the bed. We were both exhausted. And very well satisfied!

We just laid there for a few minutes and then she rolled over and raised up and kissed me, trying to suck my tongue out of my head! When she broke the kiss, she said “Honey, you are the best I have ever had. You have done things to me that no one has ever done. And made me cum while you did it! Can we meet some more? I just have to have you some more, please?”

I held her tight and kissed her lightly and said, “Honey, I appreciate that, but you don’t need an old man like me, you need a younger man that can keep up with you! I am only good for a couple of times and then I am out!”

“I don’t want a younger guy” she said, “They just want to get themselves off. You older guys take care of our needs too! And I need that. I am too hot to go home and masterbate myself after being fucked. I want to cum on a hard cock!! Won’t you be my lover honey? I promise you’ll never want for some hot sex!”

Well, who could turn down a deal like that? I got my pants, pulled out a business card, wrote my cell phone number on it and said “Here Janey, honey, call me whenever you have an itch and I’ll come scratch it for you.”

We got up and went to the bathroom, she got washcloths out and washed me off and then herself and we went back and got dressed. Then we went back to the living room and I sat down to look over my drawing, to be sure I hadn’t missed anything from all the distractions, while she went to the kitchen and got us a cold glass of Coke. Then she sat down beside me and watched as I went over the drawing.

When I finished, she said “When can I see you again honey, and please make it soon, OK?”

I said “Well, let’s see, I need to see your Mom tomorrow night about this, then I have an appointment on Friday night, How about Monday night?”

She answered “Great, I’d like it to be sooner, but I’ll settle for Monday. Now what time, where do we meet, and how late do I need to say I’ll be out?”

“Hmm, you know Hwy 38? About 6, maybe 7 miles out of town there is a little cozy motel, the ‘Bluebird’ I think it is. How about there at 7 PM and let’s see, will 4 hours be enough for you hottie?” I answered her.

She giggled at that and said, “Well, I think we can make a couple in 4 hours, don’t you? Also, I love to role-play, is there someone you would like me to be when I get there? I can make myself up pretty good! Or what kind of fantasy would you like to work on?”

“Well, I haven’t much thought about pole-playing, but I do have a fantasy, like most men, I want to have two hot-blooded women like you that would try to fuck me to death! Can you handle that?” I asked and laughed.

She answered, “Sure, now do you want my partner to be younger or older than me? I can get you either one you want. I could even offer another man, but I really doubt that you are into that!

“You’re right there baby. But as far as the age goes, surprise me! As long as she is somewhere close to being as hot as you are, I’ll deal with the age! I said.

“Well, I’d better get my butt out of here before your Dad comes home, or I can’t get anything to eat when I leave out. Every thing will closed, except maybe the Waffle House!” I said and laughed. I really enjoyed her, she was comfortable to be with, easy to laugh with. I like that.

She reached over and rubbed the bulge in my pants and said “Want that taken care of before you leave?” with that wicked smile on her face again.

“No, I want to save something for Monday night!” I said as I got up and walked to the door.

I turned to her to say my good-byes. She looked up into my eyes, and said “You were fantastic tonight, I loved every second, every drop of cum. So consider me your ‘fuck-buddy’ for as long as you will have me. OK babe?”

“Done deal honey, I love the way you think! See you later now!” I said as I opened the door and stepped out. “She sure is beautiful and sexy.” I thought, as I walked to my car.

I stopped on the way home and grabbed a burger and fries. I was too tired to stay for a meal. I went home, ate, and went to bed, thinking about what a beautiful, hot young lady Janey was. Why couldn’t I have found someone like that to marry instead of the Puritan that I finally gave up on years ago? Then I slept like a baby!

The next day I worked up some numbers using some averages on pricing for the materials that I had let at Janice’s house. Then I called her to talk about it. She said she had narrowed her selections down to 3 carpets and 5 wallpapers. This was good. Usually they are much less decisive that her!

“Would you come out and help me decide what it is that I really need in these areas?” She asked.

“Sure, when would you like for me to come?” I asked.

“Can you come right now? She asked?

I checked with my co-worker right quick, and then told her I would be there shortly. She seemed pleased with that.

I arrived at her house soon afterwards, and knocked on the door. I don’t know what I expected, maybe a fifties something woman, sagging tits and a little plump but still good looking enough to make one want to fuck her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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