The Chateau Visit

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Double Penetration

They rode in complete silence as they had been instructed to do. They were told they would be monitored to ensure compliance. In the back of the chauffeured limousine, they were certain they were being watched though no cameras were evident. It had been a long ride from the remote guest house they had stayed at last night. He was in a black tuxedo with a tailcoat. She wore a five row diamond choker style necklace with a single pendant that contained a number and extremely high heels that had been waiting for her arrival at the guest house. They only other item she wore was her wedding ring. Nothing else.

The limousine slowed and turned. The windows were blacked out so they really couldn’t see anything. Slowing to a stop, they barely audible beeps indicated that the driver was entering a code on a keypad. A motor sounded as the gate opened letting them enter. This was repeated four more times as they passed through additional gates. Then the car stopped and their door opened. It was still daylight, but the chill in the air caused a prompt response of her nipples as they stepped out and started for the front door of the massive estate house.

Her high heels tapped out their approach and the door opened for them. An imposing Valet stepped towards them, checked the number on her necklace and escorted them into the next room. At this point, she knew to stand straight and tall, back slightly arched, breasts thrust forward, feet and knees apart as they were required to be any time she was in this estate. She had been here before. He had not. In fact, she had been here many times before, usually for an evening, sometimes for longer, up to a week at a time. Her first time had been nearly two years ago and she was now moving on to another level. Her advancement was the occasion for her husband to be invited. More accurately, he had been instructed to accompany her.

They waited in silence for what seemed like several minutes before an LCD screen displayed instructions. She was to remove his tuxedo pants and lay them aside. Since the tuxedo shirt was cropped and he was in the tail coat, this left him naked from the waist down to the ankles with the exception of a very tight but nearly sheer thong restraining, while also displaying his cock. The next instruction was for her to walk in front of him as they passed through then next door.

In this room they were met by their Host who visually examined them both, then physically examined her while he watched. The Host’s hand moved freely over her breasts and down her sides to her hips, then between her legs. He could see his wife’s body tense slightly as the Host’s finger caressed, then entered her cunt. From his pocket, the Host retrieved a long gold chain which he attached to her necklace, making it now a collar and leash. Handing it to her husband he motioned silently for them to follow. Still not a word had been spoken since they left the guest house.

Moving into the next room, he could tell it was much larger than the others, almost like a ballroom. Under muted lights were three other couples, all in the same attire, standing stiffly side by side, wives with their legs apart, husbands holding their leashes. Silently the new arrivals took their places beside the others. A fifth place was evident as the Host disappeared through the door they had just entered through. With the others, they stood and waited. He felt there were others in the room, in the darkened areas. Having been here so many times before, she knew for a fact that there were, but not exactly how many or what would come next.

Several minutes later the outer door opened again and the Host returned leading the fifth couple to the place beside them, the sound of her heels almost deafening as they echoed in the silence. The five couples stood for several more minutes as if on display for an unseen audience. Soon, the area behind them was lighted and they could see five narrow padded benches with a mark on the floor beside them. On a signal from the Host, the wives walked toward the benches and motioned for their husbands to stand on the marks. The wives then, almost in unison took their places lying back on the benches, their legs to the side, wide open. A stirrup type apparatus began to raise automatically, cupping their ankles and spreading their legs further open.

Then came a rustling in Escort Çankaya the shadows. Footsteps. They heard footsteps. A line of figures walked towards each bench. These were the members of the highly exclusive club the wives had entertained in the past. Five men lined up in front of each wife. Dressed in the same type of tuxedo, their faces were concealed, but their cocks were not. Rather they were stiff and jutting forwards. The first guest in each row stepped forward between one of the wives’ legs. Once the bench had been adjusted to his height, he moved closer, rubbed his cock against the cunt in front of him a few times, then worked his way inside her. Once fully inserted, he began the in and out motion withdrawing almost fully, then thrusting into her again. Standing dutifully beside his own wife, each husband watched as his wife was openly fucked just inches from him. He watched his wife’s firm breasts heave with each thrust and heard her moan softly.

Not having realized just how strongly constraining his thong was, he was now becoming aware, almost painfully aware as his cock tried in vain to swell at the sight in front of him. Somehow, he couldn’t help but wonder if the other husbands were feeling the same thing.

This was repeated as each man completed a few thrusts, then stepped aside for the next guest to take their turn. The approach, the bench adjustment to put her at the right height, the entry and the thrusting as the husband watched her belly rise and fall with each thrust, leaving no doubt how deeply they were penetrating her. Though focused on his own wife, each husband could also see the same thing happening to each of the other wives. After the fifth man in each line withdrew and stepped away, the Host spoke for the first time.

“Gentlemen, you’ve now watched the cocks of five complete strangers enter your wife’s cunt. These men are new members here and have never met any of your wives. This is their initiation event and we scheduled it to coincide with the promotion of your wives to the next level. In the past, each of your wives has entertained our guests in private or in limited numbers, usually not more than three or four other persons at the same time. This is the first time they’ve been in a larger group. Rest assured, by the end of this event, each of your wives will have been fucked by all twenty five new members at least once.”

“We now move on to the next phase’ the host continued as the stirrup apparatus lowered and the wives stood up. “Please be seated in the chair behind you. Your wives will now walk among the new members and their members. They will select one and random, take him by his member with her left hand and lead him to a position in front of you. She will then lower to her knees and you will have a clear view of what comes next.”

It was obvious what was about to happen, but it took a few second to sink in. He watched as she strolled around the group, stroking each cock briefly before selecting one. As instructed she took it firmly in her left hand and walked towards him with a determined stride causing the gold leash she was still wearing to to sway between her bouncing breasts, the end of it just brushing the top of her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Her wedding ring sparkled brightly as she held the cock she had selected firmly in her grasp as she took her place in front of him. She knelt down and positioned her lips just inches from the member’s engorged member.

It became evident that there would be another significant difference in this phase as the Host indicated he would be providing some narration.

“Gentlemen, I’d like to call your attention to what you’re about to see.”

The wives knew to follow along and perform each step as described.

“At first, she will use her tongue to lick and moisten the tip. Then she will part her lips slightly and kiss the head leaving a lip print in her bright red lipstick for you to observe.”

She did as instructed and despite what he had witnessed just minute earlier, he found himself enthralled at this spectacle.

Continuing his monologue, the Host added “you wife will now open her lips further and take just the head of the cock she has selected between them. Slowly, but steadily, she will move down the shaft taking more and more into her mouth as you watch it disappear, until Çankaya Escort her lips are at the base and she has taken it all. Rest assured, your wives have been well trained in this and will have no problem taking the cock into her throat if necessary.”

He had just watched five men fuck her, but she had been laying on her back and just letting them do it. This was different. She was the actor here, moving on her own, albeit under the direction of the Host. And she was making a show of it for him, keeping her wedding ring in full view the whole time, either stroking the cock as she sucked it or holding the balls when she had the whole length in her mouth.

His concentration was broken by the Host’s next words.

“None of the men who entered her a short time ago unleashed their loads into your wife’s cunt. This segment will be different as the member will cum in her mouth. That moment should be obvious to you as she diligently swallows it all. Though for show, don’t be surprised if she lets a little bubble out of her mouth and dribble down her chin.”

He watched intently as she did exactly that and deliberately let it fall onto her ring.

She let go of the cock finally and the man moved away and she stood up. He and the other husbands were directed to move back towards a wall and remain standing as the Host spoke again.

“Gentlemen, you’ve done fine so far, but now we escalate things again. For the next hour, you will remain where you are as the wives mingle with the guests. Nearly anything can and will happen during this hour. Your wives will actively entertain our members in clear view of all. They will be penetrated several times as you watch, possibly by more than one member at a time.”

The activity became a blur. The wives moved from guest to guest engaging in one act or another. Men would just approach at will and enter whatever orifice they chose. At one point he could clearly see her take one cock in her mouth and another below, though he couldn’t determine if it went in her cunt or ass. He also witnessed another first she had only eluded to, but never outright admitted doing. He watch her crawl between the legs of one of the other wives and lick her cunt. It was clear she thoroughly enjoyed it too and proved it was definitely not her first time. He witnessed another surprise as opened her legs and welcomed a third wife to go down on her as several of the guests watched the three women.

Had it already been an hour he wondered as the Host’s voice broke up the action. The women all walked to their husbands, the smell of sex now overpowering. He could clearly see cum on her in several places, including her inner thighs.

“Yes Gentlemen, look her over closely” the Host directed. “Look at her, and see the evidence of the action you’ve just witnessed. It should be plain to see that at least one man has expended his load deep inside her.. More than likely several have done so by now.”

She was visibly quivering, her skin aglow and her body heat radiated the several inches between them as they were not allowed to touch. They had not been allowed to touch since the got in the limo earlier in the afternoon. Now, here they were, inches apart, she having been well used by several partners, none of which she had ever met. Her eyes screamed with desire to continue as he glanced down and noticed several globs of cum on the floor that had dripped out of her. He though she had silently mouthed the word ‘six’, but wasn’t sure.

The Host’s voice bellowed again. “Gentlemen, this is the end of your direct participation. You will now be escorted to your rooms for the night. There are video screens there that will let you watch some of the remaining action over the next few hours, but not all. At times you may see your own wife while at other times, you will see one of the other wives. All of the wives will be active though, even when not on screen. There are things that you will not see and she is not permitted to tell you about once you leave here. Yes, I will be having each wife as I have many times in the past.”

As the valet began to lead us out of the room, the Host added, “Oh, one more special little thing. One of you and only one will have a guest later. She will pick a room at random, not knowing which of you is inside. If she enters your room, she is Çankaya Escort Bayan fully and completely available to you and you may do as you wish with her. Just as the men here will be doing with your wife. May the lucky one enjoy. It will be very special indeed.”

With that, we were led away and the door closed behind us.

Once in the room, instructions on the desk indicated he was not to get undressed at all. He had hoped to be able to relive his aching cock, but knew now that was not advised and he was surely be watched. He sat back on the couch as the video screen came to life He could see one of the other wives taking three men at a time and a number of other acts in the background. From time to time he could see his own wife engaged with guests or another wife, but none as clear as it had been in person.

A noise distracted him from the screen. He’d become familiar with that sound … high heels on a tile floor. Closer and closer they came, then passed his door after having stopped for a moment. They got more distant, then began to return. They stopped again. Out side his door, he was sure. The handle turned, the door opened. She entered and his jaw dropped. His wife was stunningly gorgeous as all the others were. They wouldn’t be here if they weren’t. But this girl was beyond them all. He was without words to describe her. Despite being obviously much younger, she was dressed exactly as the other wives, including the gold leash, minus only the wedding ring. She moved with a confidence and poise few women much older had. He knew she was of age. No one was allowed here that wasn’t. But could she possibly be more than 20? It didn’t seem likely.

He stood as she strolled directly towards him. His cock still constrained in the now far too small thong. Without saying a word, the first thing she did was put her hand on his cock and squeeze firmly. She stared him directly in the eye as she worked her long nails over it, then worked them inside the thong and pulled it down freeing him. He expected to lose it immediately, but somehow managed to hang on. She was now working him with both hands, raking her nails on one hand up and down the length and almost digging the other hand into his balls all while not breaking her gaze into his eyes. In one amazingly fluid move, she lowered herself to her knees and put her mouth to work on him, very similar to what he had watched his wife do earlier. Before he knew it, he was fully engulfed in her mouth as she worked on him like a sex starved vixen. She was going at it like he’d never seen and was about to cum in her mouth when she suddenly stopped and stood up.

The sudden move made him think she was about to leave. Again, she looked him square in the eye and stated in no uncertain terms “Fuck Me”. She stood on the toes of her high heels, leaned into him, grasped his shoulders and slid down onto his cock, taking him fully into her cunt. It was a blur from there as he lost all track of time and what happened. He knew he’d never had a night like this, even with his wife the first few times. She was wild and voracious. And tight. Incredibly tight. He felt her use her internal muscles in ways he’s never felt anyone else do and she caused him to cum harder than he could remember.

At some point he passed out and when he awoke she was gone. And his thong was back in place, constraining him.

The monitor was still on and he could see the Host fucking his wife. They both looked at the camera with him deeply embedded in her and waved. She even blew him a kiss. After a few more strokes it was pretty clear he came inside her. He pulled out and they both stood up. As they walked towards the door they motioned for him to do the same. About that time the door opened and the Valet directed him to follow.

Back down in the entry lobby, he was given his pants to put on. His wife and the Host entered, she still nude except for the heels and necklace. The chain was removed and as they moved towards the outer door, the Host spoke again.

“This is the end of this event for the two of you. Your wife did fine and there will be more of these as well as her single or smaller group events. I won’t tell you all the details of what happened and neither will she. I’ll tell you she was very, very popular, but I won’t say if she had all twenty five or not. And honestly, I doubt she knows for sure. You’ll both just have to wonder.”

With that, we turned and headed out.

Then he added, ” by the way, I hope you enjoyed fucking my daughter on her eighteenth birthday. I know she enjoyed it and your wife and I enjoyed watching the two of you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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