The Chauffeur (#59) The Investigation of Things

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[b]The Chauffeur (9) The Investigation of Things


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By the time Allison got out of the hospital, she was feeling much better. However, Diane and Jill were still not feeling 100%. Dr. Ronda was sure that it was from dehydration and a high white blood cell count. She changed antibiotics and upped the dosage.

I called Patrick’s company and spoke to Patrick directly. He sent a special team over to the Chateau to literally scrub the house from top to bottom. They disinfected all the food surfaces as well as adding disinfectant to the laundry.

I started requesting all the people who live with me at the Chateau to drink double the amount of water that they currently were drinking. Listening to Dr. Ronda, she believed that we were drinking nowhere near enough water and hydrating.

As things were going on, I called the house at least twice a day to speak to Tina and ask how everyone was doing. She gave me a person by person update, which made me relax a bit. With both Jill and Diane being pregnant, that part worried me. I asked Dr. Ronda about putting an IV in their arms to give them a saline solution. For now, she decided that they will drink more water to keep hydrated.

On the second week that Allison was in the hospital, I received a certified letter from the Fire Department of Madison Wisconsin. As I opened the letter, it was the results of the fire investigation of our tower in Wisconsin. They said in their letter that the fire was caused by workmen that failed to use the proper protocol in utilizing their torches. There were diagrams and charts showing where the fire started according to them. What concerned me was their assessment of the fire sprinkler system. They said that the fire suppression system was faulty and not up to date with certification nor fire suppression chemicals. They levied a fine of $2500 against us with a note saying that if this fine isn’t paid in 10 days it will go up by $500 per day. That just pissed me off.

I picked up the phone and dialed our legal department who was analyzing the whole transaction from a legal standpoint. They pulled all the documents regarding the Wisconsin tower that we acquired from the Kraft group. I asked Jennifer for any paperwork she had in her office regarding this transaction. According to our paperwork, we did not buy the tower in an as-is capacity. Instead, we were assured that all the building maintenance was up to date and it came along with maintenance records, which I believe are fabricated.

I don’t know why, but Jennifer kept apologizing repeatedly to me. She acted as if the fire was her fault, which I didn’t think it was. I believe that she took the responsibility thinking that she directed us to purchase a faulty office tower, even as cheap as it came in the deal.

I dialed up our NY legal team and had Dakota fax the letter from the Wisconsin Fire Department to our legal team. I gave them the authorization to pay the fine ASAP keeping the fine from increasing. I ended up on a 7-way conference call which the gist of it was that we would have to take Kraft to court to retrieve our monies as well as the construction group that was making repairs in the tower that is accused of starting the fire.

I sat and thought about it for quite a while, I directed our legal people to send Kraft a letter requesting monetary reconciliation just to see if they would play along and avoid legal hassles. However, we didn’t get a response in a timely manner and thus once again we had to discuss how to approach this issue legally.

There didn’t seem to be an easy way out of this legal issue. I thought about just selling the tower and taking the loss. However, Jennifer was working diligently trying to correct whatever she could on this transaction.

I saw Jennifer on her phone making phone call after phone call, to whom I wasn’t sure. After several phone calls, she picked up the papers she had in front of her and brought them over to me and sat down with her legs and feet on my lap. Apparently, Dakota has started a thing with our ladies now, as they all seem to want foot and leg rubs while on the couch with me. Of course, I gladly comply as I love to make my women smile.

Jennifer is holding a small stack of papers telling me that as the realtor she has made a complaint with the California Real Estate Commission naming Kraft as being deceitful and not being wholly truthful as their contract said they would be. She pointed out to the Real Estate Commission that it was Kraft’s paperwork that Jaxson Inc. signed and that since we didn’t provide the paperwork, she would like the commission to rule against Kraft on the Wisconsin tower. She also made note that they falsified maintenance records to lead Jaxson, Inc. to believe that the maintenance was further along than it was.

We heard back from the commission, they ruled in favor of Jaxson, Inc. They gave us three options. The first was to sell the tower back to Kraft. The second was to have Kraft pay for all the damages to the tower. The third was for Kraft to pay for the complete restoration of the tower and to pay the loss of rent on the burned floors. Jaxson, Inc. chose option number three. Having Kraft pay for the restoration of the burned floors plus pay for all the lost rent monies during the restoration.

I went over to Jennifer and put my arms around her and kissed her very passionately. She filed a complaint in the proper manner for us to be financially less burdened with the tower in Wisconsin.

Because of Jennifer’s success, I wanted to celebrate. I walked around the office and asked all my playgroup to choose a place to go eat dinner at and to invite both Bobby and Sammy to join us. Sharon suggested Longhorn as she likes how the steaks are cooked. I agreed and Sharon called the house and let everyone know that we were all heading to Longhorn for dinner and we were bringing along Bobby and Sammy.

I called Paula at the limo company and asked her to join us as well. I asked if she could have at least three large limos pick everyone up and take us all to Longhorn. She readily agreed and told me the limos would be by the Hawk in about 45 minutes to get us who are at the office. I thanked her and ensured that she would also be in one of the limos going to dinner with all of us. I also called Donna and told her we were going to Longhorn. She said that she would meet us there as she had an errand to run before dinner.

I called Patrick and Heidi and invited them as well. They agreed to join us, but they would be arriving a bit late as Patrick was meeting a potential new client. I thanked him for being willing to join all of us for dinner.

As I was walking around the office telling everyone it was time to turn off their computers, the elevator opens and off steps my son Michael. I was a bit shocked as I didn’t know he even knew where I worked.

“Hey Dad, can we chat for a couple of minutes?” Michael said to me.

“Of course, let’s go to my office,” I say to him.

We head to my office. Once we are in there, I take a seat behind my desk and Michael takes a seat on the other side of the desk.

“What’s up Michael?” I ask.

“Well, with Mom now gone, I really don’t know what I should be doing right now. Do you have any suggestions?” he asks me.

“Um, I’m not clear on what you’re asking me,” I say to Michael.

“Well, I had Mom cremated. The house has been retitled into my name. All her financials such as her checking and savings account have been transferred into my name. There’s no mortgage on the house and her car was free and clear of debt. But what I was asking you is should I live on the savings or should I continue to work and keep things above water?” he says to me.

“Michael, if I was in your shoes, I would find a job that I really enjoyed and take it. You are now in a position to find something that you like rather than taking a job that you need,” I tell him. I see him pondering what I just said before he asks, “Is there something in one of your companies that I could do?”

“Well Michael, since I haven’t really seen you in quite a while, I need more information to make an informed decision rather than just toss you into a job and hope you will enjoy it. Tell me, what have you done in the past and what did you enjoy doing?” I say to him.

“Well, I’ve done lots of things over my life, but I can’t say that I truly enjoyed any of them,” he tells me.

“Michael, you have some money so there is no need to rush into a job right now. I would most likely suggest that you put some applications into places that sound like you would enjoy the work that they offer. After you go through some interviews, you might just find that one job that you will be happy with for the next several decades,” I say to him.

Again, he sits and ponders what I have said. While he is thinking, I invite him to join us at Longhorn for dinner.

“Um, will Jill’s assistant BJ be there? I kind of think she’s cute and a hard worker. She doesn’t know me, but I would like to introduce myself and see if we can go out for a coffee one night,” Michael says to me.

“Yes, BJ will be at dinner. As I said, you are welcome to come along if you choose to do so,” I say.


When we all arrive at the restaurant, we look more like the mob getting out of the cars and limos and standing by the front door.

I begin to count the people. Jill, BJ, Dakota, Jennifer, John, Diane, Donna, Paula, Michael, Tina, Sammy, Bobby, Mom, Fred, Amy, Belinda, Allison, Danni, Sharon, Kitty and Patrick and Heidi coming later plus myself and the three SS agents. All in all, we were going to have 26 people. 24 right now and two more when Patrick and Heidi arrive.

The hostess tells us that they must put some tables together and it will take a few minutes before they are ready. Some of the gang head over to the bar to order some drinks before we get our table. I see the SS agents getting nervous, but I don’t know why.

“Is there something that I should know?” I ask one agent.

“No, sir. We will be better when everyone is seated. Right now, we are all just mingling and that allows for an opportunity for one of the Mexican Drug cartel people again,” one of the agents says to me. I understand what he means as we all are just milling about.

In a few minutes, the hostess gets 24 menus, which she can barely carry as their menu is like a book and has some weight to it. I offer to help, but she declines politely.

She takes us over to a few tables that have been pushed together. I sit in my normal place at the head of the table with Jill on my left and Dakota on my right. I did notice that Michael sat next to BJ. He pulled her chair out for her and pushed it in when she sat down. So far today, Michael has been very polite, which I appreciate.

Jill and Diane both get up to go use the ladies’ room. The two female agents go with them. My agent pulls up a chair and sits about 5’ away from me keeping an eye on all of the customers around us.

I see Michael and BJ shake hands and have begun a nice little discussion. I don’t want to interfere with them nor their conversation.

The ladies both return from the restroom along with their SS agents. Dakota Düzce Escort is sitting right next to me, where she usually is sitting.

“Darling, do we have any idea how your picture got on the bottles of wine called Sierra?” I ask Dakota.

“No Daddy, I have no idea. There must be a twin of me out there somewhere,” she says to me.

I just nod accepting her answer. I asked Dakota to move Jennifer down to this end of the table next to her. She gets up and goes down to where Jennifer is sitting, whispers in her ear and comes back to my end of the table. Jennifer follows her.

I get up and raise my glass of Coke to the table to make a toast.

“Everyone, I would like to thank Jennifer for saving Jaxson, Inc. millions of dollars today. She filed a complaint with the real estate commission here in California about our Wisconsin tower that just burned. Since the property was part of a larger deal and the whole thing was done here in California, she filed a complaint with the real estate commission and they ruled in her favor,” I say to the table. Just as I finish my toast, Patrick and Heidi walk in and join all of us. They take a pair of seats at the other end of the table. Patrick stops to shake my hand before they go down to the other end.

I am watching everyone as best that I can. Michael and BJ seem to be having a nice discussion, which makes me smile. Patrick and Heidi are at the other end just chatting with the people around them. Dakota is rubbing my leg underneath the table, which makes me smile. I see John and Diane chatting with Paula and Danni.

As we are all just sitting there enjoying each other’s company, Dr. Ronda appears. She puts her hands over my eyes and kisses me on the cheek. I knew it was Dr. Ronda because I smelled her perfume, which was the same as she seems to always wear. As she approached me, the SS agent stood up to stop her, but Dakota told him that she was OK.

Dr. Ronda sat to the left of Jill on my left-hand side. Everyone looked so beautiful today, maybe it was me, or maybe it was that they were looking that beautiful. Dr. Ronda said to me, “I texted Dakota to find out where everyone was and she told me everyone, including you, sexy man was here at Longhorn,” she says blowing me a kiss through the air.

I get up from my seat and work my way around the table chatting with everyone. Sharon tells me that her and Agent McHenry have cooled down a bit. He was put on an assignment that is taking much more time than he was expecting, and she is a little bummed about that.

As I’m working my way around the table, Missy James comes across the dining room floor to say hi to me. She asked if I remembered her. I tell her that of course, I remember her. Sharon and I picked her up from here and took her back home to the Chateau where she stayed a couple of days before leaving in a hurry on a Sunday morning for her to make her shift here at Sunday noon. She tells me that she has never done that before, but she clearly wants to do it again, if I’m willing. I tell her that if she’s willing why not come home will all of us tonight. She smiles her beautiful smile and asks what time to show up.

“Well, figure that once we leave here, it will take us about a half an hour to get all of us home. So, I suggest that you just show up anytime after we leave here,” I say to her. She smiles her beautiful smile and gives me a kiss. I see that she also kisses Sharon before she leaves the table. I see Sharon smiling after the kiss.

As I keep working my way down the table, I get to Paula and Donna. I don’t get to play with them all that much anymore, but the two limo companies are making fantastic profit margins. The girl that Paula promoted to take over our newly purchased Las Vegas limo is making money by the truckloads, which makes me think to tell Jill that we need to send the Vegas girl some Jaxson, Inc. stock.

Donna has been discarding the deadwood of the phone center. She has been hiring people at a much higher rate, but also putting their feet to the fire to do more work than those she is parting ways with.

Again, I think to myself that I need to tell Jill that we need to send Donna some Jaxson, Inc. stock as well. Her profit margins for the call center are much higher than expected. She is making lots of profit as she is cross-branding so people who are flying into town, can get picked up in a limo or town car and taken to a Pinetree to stay while in town. I am very happy with the profit margins she is obtaining.

I keep working my way around the table. I stop and spend some time with John and Diane. She seems to be feeling much better, which makes me smile. With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I know that her pregnancy is getting further along. I keep pushing the water her way, as well as Jill and Dakota to drink much more water than they have been.

I pull up a chair from another table and take my time chatting with John and Diane. Diane was almost in tears when I told her that it was her boss Jennifer that saved us millions of dollars by filing a complaint with the California Real Estate commission. What she told me is that she envisions Jennifer as someone who knows all there is to know and she is just a student. I smile at Diane and give her a kiss and tell her that she is an invaluable piece of the Real Estate division.

It occurs to me then, that Special Agent Fernandez’s wife is not here at dinner with us. I ask Jennifer to call her and find out why she didn’t join us. Did she have previous commitments, or did she not know that we were all going out to dinner. Jennifer dials up Deloris but only gets her voicemail. She leaves a message.

I asked Dakota to dial-up Special Agent Fernandez and ask about his wife. She begins dialing, but I hear her message so she must have gotten voicemail as well.

We all continue to discuss things with each other. I continue around the table chatting with everyone and sitting by everyone. As we are enjoying each other’s company, Margaret walks into the restaurant. She holds up her cell phone saying that Dakota texted her that everyone was heading to Longhorn to have dinner. She even brought Special Agent Fernandez along with her, which made me smile.

Margaret and Fernandez both ordered a ribeye steak along with a fully loaded baked potato. They seemed to skip the salad portion of the meal and just order the meat and the potato. When she sat down, she showed us that she had made several sales today, which made all of us smile.

We talked about lots of things such as Bobby and Sammy and their wonderful cooking at the Chateau. We even discussed our guardians who protect Jill, Dakota, and me. They do a great job keeping the three of us safe. I mention to the SS agents that we will have a delightful lady coming to the house with us named Missy James. She will be a guest tonight. All three of the agents acknowledge that she will be coming to the Chateau.

The manager comes by the table to ask if we are all happy with our service and the appetizers so far. I tell him that one of the reasons we continually come to this Longhorn is because the food is cooked delightfully, and the service is spectacular. He smiles and thanks me for the compliment.

Missy James comes back around giving me a big kiss. She tells me that she has been sent to do some side work and she will probably be done with the side work in less than a half-hour. I kiss her back and tell her that if we are still here, for her to join us. She smiles, kisses me again and trundles off to do her side work.

I see Sharon watching me. She is just smiling. She gets up and comes over to me asking why I’m bringing home someone that we already played with. I just tell her that she approached me, and I said yes. Sharon kissed me and went back to her seat smiling the whole way.

As I get around to Heidi and Patrick, I do my best to avoid talking work. Heidi is holding on to Patrick’s arm, which of course makes me smile that they really have hit it off so well. I work my way around to Deloris and Fernandez. I sit down with them only to get Deloris’s big beautiful smile. I ask her how much she is enjoying working for me at Jaxson, Inc. real estate division. She gives me a smooch on the cheek and tells me that she is really enjoying working for me, even if I am a bit quirky, which makes me laugh.

Oddly enough, Bobby and Sammy suggest that we get one or two dogs for the house. I smile at that idea thinking that a couple of dogs would be a good alarm system. I go around the table asking what types of dogs to get. No one really has a specific idea on what type to get, but Jill and Dakota both tell me that we should be getting a couple of doxies’ as everyone loves a wiener dog.

Now, I have no idea where to get a wiener dog, but now I’m on the hunt for one. I see that the restaurant is starting to close and yet we haven’t really had our dinners yet. Finally, the servers begin to bring out our dinners putting the proper plates in front of the proper person. I got the same thing that Deloris and Fernandez got, a ribeye steak with a loaded baked potato.

The servers work their way around the table putting dinner plates in front of the proper person. Once all the plates were distributed, we all began our feasting. John was having a porterhouse steak cooked medium-rare. He chose French fries instead of a baked potato. Dakota reached over to his plate and slathered on a big pile of ketchup giggling the whole time she put the ketchup on his fries. He giggled along with her leaning over and giving her a smooch on her cheek.

Dakota is easy to love. She works hard at taking care of me. I am back to sitting at the head of the table looking around and smiling at all I see. John smiles and giggles as he shoves ketchup covered fries into Dakota’s mouth. She just giggles and readily accepts them. I am thankful for Dakota always being there for me. Three guys came into the restaurant. The hostess tells them that the restaurant is not accepting any newer customers. The three SS agents stood up and unholstered their weapons walking towards the Russian speaking guys. I suggest to everyone to get underneath the table for safety purposes. John, Fred, and I are wearing our firearms. We unholster them and take aim right at the three Russian guys.

When the Russian guys see the SS agents with unholstered weapons and John, Fred, and me also with unholstered weapons, they put their hands up in the air and tells us that they are not looking for a fight. My SS agents take control and cuff the Russian three. Dakota already has the police coming to the restaurant. They arrive about 3 minutes after my SS agents cuff the Russian guys.

What really surprised me was Michael following directions and getting underneath the table with BJ. The Police came into the restaurant and took control of the three Russian guys. Each Russian guy was escorted to the back seat of a Police cruiser. I was just happy that they were heading to jail.

Once we were all through with the Russian guys, we all reemerged back to the table and went back to eating our dinners. No shots were fired, and I was thankful for that. The hostess was nervous saying that she was sure she would see some gunfight, but alas, she didn’t.

We all worked on eating our Düzce Escort Bayan meals. John and Diane were the first to finish. I was happy to see that Diane drank all her water as she ate her dinner. Dakota also drank all her water as she finished up her steak and potato. I noticed that Jill and Sharon were the only two that ordered some sort of pasta and not a steak and potato. Both ordered fettuccini alfredo with some grilled chicken on top.

They both finished about the middle of the pack. As we finished our plates of food, our server came around to collect empty plates. I see that our waitress Missy is not helping our waitress collecting plates and offering to refill empty drink glasses. Once everyone is done eating, I pay the bill and we all head out to the limos, along with Missy, who takes a position in the limo that I’m in right next to me, putting her arms around me. Just as a giggle, Sharon also joins us pulling Missy over to her giggling the whole time before she begins to kiss her.


Fred has us speeding through the lightly covered roadways. I take a moment to thank the SS Agents for taking the necessary steps to protect my family. They assure me that they were just doing their jobs. I smile and thank them again anyways.

When we finally reach the Chateau, Fred pokes the proper buttons to open the outer gate then more buttons to open the inner gate. We all go into the courtyard. Fred pulls our limo around to the front door. The other two drivers do the same thing following Fred’s lead. The three limos drop us all off at the front door before they take the limos back to the limo company. All three check-in with Paula who enjoyed the dinner immensely. They took the limos back to the limo get ready and Fred fired up his Mustang and drove it back to the Chateau. The other two drivers just got into their car and drove themselves home.

We all go inside the Chateau. The house seemed eerily quiet. We were not used to the silence in the house. Bobby and Sammy were asking what people would like for breakfast in the morning. I asked for pancakes and many of the playgroups chimed in that they thought pancakes sounded delicious. After a few minutes, Fred showed up with his Mustang and put it into the garage.

It was going to be Saturday morning when we all get up. I headed down the hallway to my bedroom. I shed my clothes and stepped into the shower. When I felt the cool air from the shower door opening, I wondered who might be joining me in the shower. I turned around and saw it was my beautiful Jennifer who just saved us millions of dollars by filing a complaint with the California Real Estate Commission.

We kissed long and hard. We kissed for a while making us feel much like a couple of teenagers. We didn’t seem to want to break from the kiss. I held onto her and she rubbed my body up and down. It didn’t seem to bother anyone that I was having my way with much of the playgroup. Jill, Dakota, and Jennifer. Our lady Missy was patiently waiting for me after Jennifer got through with me. When Jennifer stepped out of the hot shower, Missy stepped into it. She had a big cheesy smile on her face when she got into the shower.

I put my arms around her and began kissing her, and she responded in kind. We spent several minutes kissing and fondling each other. Once we felt as if we were through, Missy stepped out of the shower to dry herself off. I followed right behind her doing the same thing. I took my time drying Missy off and she took the same carefulness drying me off. Once we were both dry, we through our towels into the hamper and headed out into the bedroom. I put on my usual, shorts and a white tee shirt. I wrapped a dry towel around Jennifer and took her in hand to her own bedroom. When we opened the door, she smiled and kissed me. I was very enamored with her kiss.

She got herself a cute and sexy nightshirt.

Missy had left an overnight bag in my bedroom. She was just putting on a nightshirt as well. Both ladies dragged me to one of the play beds in my bedroom. Missy worked on taking my shorts off and Jennifer took my tee shirt off. I didn’t take long to remove their sleep shirts which left them looking all naked and sexy.

Missy attacked me with vigor. She was horny and ready to go. She stroked my cock until it was fully erect. I played with her pussy making it wetter and wetter. At some point, I put my cock at the entrance to her sex. I slowly pushed myself into her causing her to moan loudly and shake her hips as an orgasmic wave rolled through her body repeatedly.

Since Jennifer was also on the bed with us, I reached over and began playing with her pussy causing it to get much wetter. I pulled my cock out of Missy and put it into Jennifer who did the same things as Miss, she moaned repeatedly as orgasm after orgasm rolled through her body.

I just kept switching back and forth causing each lady to peak repeatedly. At some point, Missy threw me on my back and climbed on top of me to ride my hard cock into successful orgasmic delight. That left Jennifer to climb on top of my face and take a wild ride that my tongue would provide her.

We played like this for a couple of hours. Jill came in and went to bed, but Dakota waited until we were finished. When we finally finished, Jennifer got up and headed up to her room. Missy grabbed her overnight bag and went upstairs to a room that was unoccupied. I took another shower rinsing the sex off of me. I dried once again before I went and joined Jill in the sleep bed. Once I was in the sleep bed, my cute lithe Dakota came and wiggled her ass into me, like she usually does. I put my arm around her and drifted off to sleep.

When my eyes awoke, it was Saturday morning and I smelled pancakes which made my tummy go rumble, rumble. I got up and put on my usual, shorts and a tee-shirt. Dakota got up with me, but Jill said she was still sleepy and will stay in bed a while more.

Dakota went across the hall to her room to dress. When she came out, she had on a cute short tee shirt and a wonderful pair of shorts. I didn’t check for panties, but I had to assume that she had a pair on.

Dakota and I walked to the kitchen where I saw Bobby and Sammy making lots of pancakes and as a surprise, they were making crepes as well. I haven’t had a crepe in quite a while so having one or two sounded like a delicious thing to have for breakfast.

John was already at the dining room table having pancakes with Mrs. Butterworths’ syrup, my preferred brand of syrup. Once again, Diane was just having toast and some coffee. I gave her a disapproval look since she wasn’t eating a real breakfast nor was, she drinking water. She just kept looking down at her breakfast plate.

Before I even ask Dakota, she is already texting Dr. Ronda about Diane not being hungry. Dr. Ronda says that she is already at the hospital checking on a couple of patients and if it’s OK she will stop by about lunchtime. She sends me hugs and kisses.

While I was dressing, Jennifer snuck out to the kitchen and made herself a plate of pancakes. I guess we wore poor Missy out as she hadn’t woken and come to the breakfast table.

I looked around and saw that about half the playgroup was still in bed, while the other half was at the breakfast table enjoying food. At some point, a can of Redi whip was brought out and it was being used like crack to a drug addict.

I thought about attacking my emails on my laptop. Once I finished breakfast, I headed upstairs to my office to attack some of the emails. I expected about 300 emails. When I got to my office, I opened my laptop and turned it on.

It took a few minutes to warm up. I logged into the email website from our work protocols and sure enough, there was in excess of 300 emails just waiting for me.

As usual, I started by deleting the duplicate emails. From there I started looking for interesting emails. Once again there was a thank you email from the manager of the trucking company telling me that they are ordering tires at an amazing rate and it is difficult for BF Goodrich to keep up, but they are and we are one of the most popular places to get trucking tires purchased, mounted and balanced. I just smiled thinking about how well that division is doing.

After that email, I saw some official-looking emails from the Department of Investigation for the State of Wisconsin. The email explained the investigation that they went through on the office tower. They deemed the tower to be currently unusable as the amount of damage the fire did as well as the amount of water damage the burnt floors were unusable, and the floors below were also useless with all the water damage. I fired off an email to our insurance company, telling them that this entire building is not deemed usable any longer by the fire investigation department of Wisconsin.

I sent them a reply telling them that Kraft, the seller of the building to Jaxson, Inc. will be taking the building back.

After that email, I went on to one from Jill asking me how many stock certificates we want to give to Jennifer for saving Jaxson, Inc. millions. I suggested that we give her 500 shares of stock. I also suggest that we give each of the SS agents 100 shares to show our thankfulness in them doing their job. I also wanted to give Dakota another 500 shares to her if Jill approved.

I look at our stock price. It has rolled back some, but it still is over $425 per share.

At this point, I am back to the ‘read-only’ emails which I begin reading and discarding. I spent three hours reading and deleting. In those three hours, I read all the ‘read-only’ emails and got them all to read and deleted. It was nice to be back to zero emails.

Once I was done, I turned off my computer and headed down to the kitchen. Now everyone was up, and Dr. Ronda was checking Diane. She was taking vital signs and gave her permission for a refill on her prenatal vitamins. She also gave her permission for some blood testing, which I promised that we would take her first thing Monday morning to get done. Dr. Ronda did say that it didn’t have to be fasting, but no coffee that morning until after the testing. I assured Dr. Ronda that she wouldn’t have any coffee until after the blood work is done.

Once again, I see Dakota on her cellphone. When I ask what she’s doing she tells me that she is taking the early slot for Diane to get her bloodwork done early Monday morning. She tells me that she ***********ed the 8 am time for Diane to get the testing done. I think to myself, have we even been going anywhere at 8 am in a while?

John tells me that he will see to it that Diane gets to her blood testing sight by 8 am.


The day was uneventful, although my new friend Missy wanted to take me back to my bedroom and play with me repeatedly. Finally, I ask her, “Missy, you’re a beautiful woman, don’t you have a boyfriend?” I say.

“Um, no not really. The one that I had moved on because of my crazy work hours at the restaurant,” she tells me.

“Well, how crazy are your work hours?” I ask.

“I usually work 5 nine-hour shifts and will occasionally pick up an odd shift if one comes open or the shift is shorthanded,” she says to me.

“So, you usually work from 45 hours to 50 hours Escort Düzce every week?” I ask.

“Um, that’s about the size of it. However, I am financially fit. I use all that money that I’m making to pay off my house and car.” She says to me. I just smile as I like it when people make the proper financial decisions.

“Missy, are you buying Longhorn stock through the employee stock purchase plan?” I ask.

“Um, well Longhorn is owned by the Darden Restaurant Group. Our sister restaurants are Olive Garden, Cheddars, The Capital Grille, Bahama Breeze, Eddie V’s Prime Seafood and Yard house,” she tells me

I suggest to her that she begins to purchase Darden Restaurant stock paycheck by paycheck. I pull out my phone and look up the price of the stock. I explain to her that just something as small as $25 per week will accumulate stock over time and down the road will make her a wealthy woman. She smiles at that idea and thanks me for the tip.

I see that the porn twins and their new husbands are out frolicking in the pool. I haven’t been able to read Fred regarding his nephews being now married to the porn twins. He, as usual, is his stoic self.

Fred is an interesting character. With his military background, he is always just standing and watching. However, I think that this thing with his nephews has hit a little close to home than he would like.

After a while, the porn twins were laying naked on the lounge chairs sunning themselves. The nephews just stayed in the pool doing laps trying to keep in shape.

I overheard a couple of the ladies saying how much the porn twins use the pool and sun themselves trying not to have any tan lines for their shoots. Belinda just stood at the glass doors that lead outside and watched for a few minutes. I really am glad that I was able to get Belinda and Allison out of the porn business and into being fulltime college students.

Both Belinda and Allison have about 3 more semesters to complete before they receive their AA degree. Allison in photographic arts and Belinda in management. Allison really has the advantage since she has been working in the business as a director and occasional camera person. I suggest to Allison, that she doesn’t make a bunch of noise about being in the porn business because she will be overrun with guys hitting on her thinking that she knows some ‘tricks’ from working in the business. She smiles and agrees. She tells me that she will tell anyone who asks that she did freelance work.

Since I came down from the office at lunchtime and I see Dr. Ronda checking Diane, I smell something good. The chefs are making home-made chicken noodle soup. They purchased several rotisserie chickens. They stripped off the meat of the chicken added it to the vegetables and noodles in the huge stockpot. They also had garlic bread cooking, which is what I really smelled.

I took my spot at the dining room table with Jill on one side of me and Dakota on the other side. Before everyone took a seat at the table, each person went into the kitchen to get some homemade chicken noodle soup with a big slice of garlic bread. I saw Dakota take two slices of garlic bread, which made me smile.

Everyone went into the kitchen to get a bowl full of the soup and at least one slice of garlic bread. John, of course, took two slices of garlic bread. Dr. Ronda reached into the refrigerator and handed Diane, Jill, and Dakota a bottle of water each. That made me smile. I love Jill and Dakota and am concerned about Diane. Diane’s baby is due first in June, with Jill due July and Dakota due end of August or the first week in September, around Labor Day.

Here we are just days away from Valentine’s day and I have not thought about what to get all my female playgroup for that special day created by Hallmark to sell ‘I love you’ cards.

I see Missy eating lunch and chatting it up with Danni and BJ. I ask Missy when her next shift might be. She tells me that it is once again Sunday at 11 am when they open tomorrow morning. I tell her to keep track of that, so she won’t be late getting to her work shift. I also suggest that she put her uniform in the washer to get it clean before she heads to work tomorrow.

She thanks me and gets up to go get her waitress uniform and put it into the washer. I gently remind her to take off the plastic nametag, so it won’t dry in the dryer and melt all over her blouse. She thanks me for trying to remember about her plastic nametag.

Bobby and Sammy ask me what I would like for dinner. I once again asked for the pork chops with a white gravy that they had done before and was delicious. I asked for buttered peas and carrots along with a salad and maybe a big pitcher of sweet tea. They said that they would get it all done. Sammy told us that he would be making another lemon crème cake, a carrot cake, and a chocolate-vanilla swirl cake. He also offered to make some cookies, maybe chocolate chip, to which all of us said a unanimous ‘yes’.

Since I finished clearing out my laptop earlier, I decided to go check and see if any of the emails that I sent out have a response. I go upstairs to the office and fire up my laptop.

Once it was up and running, only the Trucking guys have responded. I send Jill an email asking her to send 100 stock certificates to the two managers of the trucking company who were making Jaxson, Inc. a tremendous amount of money through the tire purchase and sale, that included the installation. We still have a long line of independent truckers who are purchasing the tires and are very happy that they are getting such a deal.

Since there is really no further emails to read, I close my laptop and head back down to the dining room. I go out into the TV room where the ladies have one of my all-time favorite movies on “Tombstone” with Val Kilmer, Sam Elliott, Powers Booth, and Kurt Russell. I can quote lines from that movie from beginning to end.

I just sit down in the loveseat only to have Jennifer come and lay her head in my lap. I begin to stroke her hair and before I know it, she is lightly snoring as she has fallen asleep. I just keep stroking her hair while she sleeps in my lap.

I see Amy trying to figure out if she should come over to me and chat with me or not. I wave her over and she sits down next to me.

“Daddy, did I do something wrong?” she asks me.

“NO, why would you say such a thing?” I ask.

“Well, because you haven’t played with me in quite a while,” she tells me.

“Darling, I’m available to you anytime you want me. You know that” I say to her.

“It just feels as if I’m being punished or ignored on purpose,” she says.

“No Darling, I assure you that is not the case here. I just have too many women who all want a bit of my time and not enough good guys to keep all you ladies busy,” I say to her. She seems to accept that answer, for now at least.

My mind drifts over to the CG boys and that they have now been taken off the play table since they married the porn twins. Once they did that, they stopped playing with everyone else.

Mom and Fred come out of their bedroom to eat lunch and then head back into the room to do whatever it is they do in there.

I see Jill heading up to our office to take care of some of her emails, which I know were stacking up just like mine. I decide to leave her be in the office taking care of business and hopefully answering my email to her about stock certificates.

After a while, our distraught little Amy came over to me and took me by the hand and lead me back to my bedroom. Once we were in there, she strips me from my clothes and takes me by the hand to the shower. She giggles as she pushes me into the shower stall. I turn on the water and point the shower head towards her. She laughs and just spins around getting her entire body wet. I pull her close to me and kiss her passionately. She responds in kind with the kissing.

We take the time to shampoo each other before we soap each other up to make sure we are completely clean. We each take our turn to stand underneath the shower and rinse ourselves off. When we were soap-free, we each spun around slowly to make sure we were soap-free. From there, we turned off the water and grabbed a couple of towels to dry each other off. Once we were dry, Amy took me by the hand and lead me to one of the play beds. We kissed and caressed each other for a couple of hours. Finally, when it felt like we were done, I got up and went to take another shower which with no one in the shower with you only takes about 5 minutes. I grabbed another dry towel and came out of the shower into the bedroom to find that Amy had left but she picked up my shorts and tee-shirt off the floor and laid them out for me to put back on, which I did.

I heard my phone buzzing, so I got up off the bed and answered it. It was Special Agent Fernandez.

“Special Agent Fernandez, what makes you call me on a Saturday?”

“My wife is missing. Have you seen her?” He asks me.

“Actually, no I have not. But then again, I haven’t left my house today. Is it possible that she is working?” I ask.

“Well, I would be more relaxed, but she isn’t answering her cellphone,” he tells me.

“I’m sure you have thought of all of her usual haunts like her friend’s house and the such,” I say to him.

He tells me that he has already called all her friends and none of them have seen her. I ask him did he go by the office to see if her car was in the parking garage. He tells me that no, he isn’t used to her working from an office and he will head down there to hopefully find her. He did ask that if she called me for any reason, to have her call him directly as he is now in the worrying stage. I assure him that if I see or hear from her, I will have her call him.

When we hang up, I dial up her cell phone and see if I get anything. She answers the phone.

“Hello Mr. Greene, what do I owe for this phone call on a Saturday afternoon?” She asks me.

“Um, could you please call your husband. He is very worried about you. You didn’t tell him where you were going and what you were doing. Please call him,” I say to her.

“Well, he didn’t listen. I told him that I was coming to the office to get some work done to set up my week and make it easier. We have 5 workdays and 11 closings which I want already. I have two closings per day plus Monday has three closings,” she tells me.

I just smile, I like women who work hard to get ahead. I ask her again to please call her husband. She promises that she will as soon as we hang up.

I text Special Agent Fernandez that his wife will be calling him momentarily. He replies that he’s already on the phone with her and a thank you for getting her to answer her phone. He also adds that his wife tells him that the Hawk is hot on the weekend since the electronic a/c is turned off. I thank him for the information and send a text on to Dakota to have us reset the thermostat so that if anyone works over the weekend, we can override the time and thus no one must work in the heat. I also decided that we need some of those large bottles of water for people in the office. This way they don’t have to spend all their money on the vending machine bottles of water.

Special Agent Fernandez sends me a final thank you through a text message which I respond with “I’m glad to have helped.”


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