The Cheerleader’s Nerd Boy Ch. 04

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The next morning, Emilia wakes up with the biggest grin on her beautiful face. She has never been happier before in her entire life. Still sleeping next to her is her cute boyfriend Mark, who is lying exhausted after she fucked him senseless. The girl feels a power rush as she recalls how her powerful pussy systematically destroyed him and her buttocks emptied his balls, making him cum loads inside her ass until his semen leaked out of her asshole. It’s no surprise that the highly experienced cheerleader is fine while her recently deflowered boyfriend remains passed out. She really wants to spend the rest of the day with him and can also do that, since it’s Saturday, but needs some time alone to do something else first.

Namely, to review the sex-tape she made of herself and Mark. Filming herself fucking her boyfriend turned her on so much last night that she can’t wait to do it again. Part of it is for her own personal enjoyment but she also has another hidden reason for doing it. There is a good reason why she really wanted to make that video. And today she is going to use it for that very purpose. It is going to be so wonderful when she gets to see all the reactions on Monday. Emilia is beside herself with excitement just thinking about it.

She plays with his hair for the next six minutes until he finally wakes up. The girl just adores how Mark blushes as he remembers what they did last night. “Hey, baby. Did you enjoy losing your virginity to me?” Emilia asks without any shame. After all, why should she be ashamed when he’s already hers now. There is no need for any more shyness between them, especially not after she fucked him to three orgasms, making him dump his load inside her holes each and every time.

Mark shy nods, burying his face in her shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you,” she promises the boy teasingly, kissing his earlobe. “Come on, let’s go take a shower together.” She grabs his hand and then drags Mark into the big bathroom, where the two teenagers, still naked, enter the shower stall. Her hand reaches for the tap, turning it and letting the water fall down, cascading over their bodies. Feeling mischievous, she reaches out and grabs his penis, squeezing it. As expected, the contact makes him stiffen in her grip. She starts pumping his dick right away.

“Honey, I’m still a little bit sore,” Mark protests futilely as she massaged his rod to a full erection, stroking it up and down with her experienced hand. “Ohh,” he moans as she caresses his lively dick, stimulating the tool with her fingers. She jerks him off like that for a couple of minutes, enjoying the sweet sounds coming from his lips, before pinning him against the wall behind his body, trapping him there. Emilia looks at him with the same predatory glint in her eyes that she used before fucking him last night. He gulps at this, knowing what is coming.

“Let’s have another go,” she growls, walking up to him and parting her pussy lips, sliding his member through the hole into her canal. She begins to fuck Mark in the standing position, pulling him and herself back so they are doing it under the shower. Pumping his cock with her pussy, she fucks her boyfriend more gently than she did last night, appreciating that he is still tired after getting deflowered. Her cunt squeezes him as she drives her hips forward, thrusting slowly. This one is much more of a romantic session than what they previously did.

Emilia is fucking the boy with long, deliberate strokes as he moans her name louder and louder. This time he lasts longer than he did before, with her having to fuck him for about fifteen minutes before he cums inside her tight box. “That’s it, baby. Let it all out inside me. I want you to fill me up,” she tells him as he continues pumping jizz into her pussy, getting fucked by the cheerleader throughout the entirety of his orgasm. When he’s done, the boys stumbles for a bit, making her laugh. “Look at the mess you made,” Emilia says, showing the boy his semen leaking out of her puffy cunt.

Once they’ve finished showering, Emilia decides to try something else with him. She brings him back to her room and gets on her knees, before yanking the towel off of his waist. “You don’t have to do that,” he mutters, his cheeks redder than they have ever been. She just grins before pecking the tip of his dick, kissing the underside. Mark gasps as she licks across his frenulum, running her tongue up and down the rod. Wrapping her lips around his prick, the horny cheerleader slides them down to the base of his cock, engulfing his entire penis in her mouth.

“My god!” he cries out as the turned on girl bobs her head back and forth, humming around the pole. The vibrations cause him to feel very intense pleasure, making his knees buckle under the onslaught of pleasure she is sending throughout his body. He could barely remain standing as her mouth assaults his most sensitive place, devouring his sensitive, abused cock vigorously. He places his hand on her head, gently caressing her hair as she sucks his dick almost Hd Porno brutally.

She uses her hand to play with his balls, rolling them and manipulating the scrotum, adding to his pleasure. Feeling very naughty, the girl uses her other hand to press on his perineum, the erogenous zone between his ballsack and anus, where there is a large cluster of nerve centres. The result is instantaneous. With his girlfriend stimulating three erogenous spots on his body at once, Mark screams in incredible pleasure, his entire body shaking like a bitch in heat. Emilia smirks in delight at his reaction, applying more pressure to his taint, pressing her knuckle on it. His erection has gotten significantly harder from that and is now pulsating wildly in her fist.

Emilia removes her left hand from its place on Mark’s balls, forming a ring with her thumb and forefinger around the base of his tool. Using the makeshift cock ring, she traps his blood in the pole, making it swollen and harder than it has ever been, greatly increasing sensitivity. Her mouth is now sucking him off almost madly, making lewd, slurping noises as her tongue wraps all around him. The shy boy is now thrusting into her mouth like a good slut, giving her his cock like the whore he is, letting her blow him how she wants.

The girl’s lips are sliding rapidly along his length as she makes the fellatio much sloppier, feeling so horny from how dirty this is. She has already defiled the virtuous boy with her pussy and is sullying him even further today with her mouth. Pretty soon, she’ll have him so addicted that she’ll be able to tell him to strip whenever she wants and he’ll do it without question. She loves him and is very happy to have him as her boyfriend but intends to make him her sex slave too. That is, if she hasn’t done so already. It’s quite clear that he’s gotten much more obedient to her.

Once she could feel him breathing much harder, the girl removes her lips from around his now very wet dick, jacking him off aggressively, using her saliva as lubricant. He is too far gone to notice that she’s aimed his cock at her face and only figures that out once he’s already started cumming. With a scream, Mark’s dick erupts like a volcano, firing multiple loads of semen on to Emilia’s face. His cum lands above her eyes and on her cheeks, splashing against her nose and lips as well. In seconds, Emilia’s perfect face is covered in her boyfriend’s cum.

“I’m so sorry! Did any of it get into your eyes?” he quickly asks after recovering, getting down on his own knees to look at her, concerned. She stares blankly at him for a moment before laughing at how adorable he is, petting him on the head. Mark also giggles once he realizes how silly he sounds, and the two embrace and kiss.


“New one, eh?” Mr Goldberg asks when Mark gets downstairs. The boy looks at him in confusion. “You were screaming really loud while my daughter fucked you. The others were more quiet. You must have just gotten fucked by her for the first time.”

“He’s also the last one I’ll ever fuck from now on dad,” Emilia says as she skips into the room, planting a kiss on her boyfriend’s cheek. “Bye, babe. Love you.”

Her parents stare at them in shock as Mark blushes and tells her he loves her too, before politely saying hi to them and leaving.


“You what?!” Helen screams after Emilia informs her and Clarisse in a group call that she’s fallen in love with someone. “But what about sleeping around? Will he be okay with you fucking ten other guys a week? Cause that’s what you need to get your rocks off.” Clarisse is also muttering an agreement to that assessment, knowing fully well how much of a nymphomaniac Emilia is. They have both been seriously concerned for her health after all the hours she spent getting laid.

“Oh, don’t you worry about that. I’m going to be faithful to him,” Emilia says, making both of her close friends gasp in wonder. “I just love him so much. I’ll never do anything that makes me losing him. I can’t live without that boy.” The two feel sick listening to their lovestruck friend talk like this. They put up with it though, wanting to hear more details about who this guy could possibly be to make Emilia feel this way for the first time in her life.

“Woah? Monogamy? For you?” Clarisse asks, still not quite believing her friend’s words. “His dick must be magical to make you feel this way.” At this Emilia begins to giggle. Her best friend’s assumption is far from too. Compared to guys who railed her in those orgies, Mark’s dick is pretty lame. But the fact that it is attached to the sweetest, cutest guy more than makes up for its disappointing side.

“He’s not that great in the sack, but he’s a very kind and adorable boy. I actually recorded us having sex without him knowing. Would you like to see it?” When they answer with resounding ‘Yes!’ Emilia quickly sends them the clip she made. It’s her first sex tape and she’s proud of herself for making it, preserving the moment she Türkçe Altyazılı Porno deflowered the love of her life forever.

Naturally, they are both shocked when they discover who it is and begins protesting.

“But Mark is such a dork! How could you possibly want to be with him?”

“Helen’s right! You can’t date him! He’s a fucking loser!”

“Listen,” Emilia replies. “I felt the same way at first but he really understands me. He knew that I wasn’t really a vain, entitled bitch and told me that, forgiving me for treating him horribly and saying it’s not my fault I’m this way, since other people catering to my whims was what got to my head. He put up with all my bullshit when anyone else would have jumped ship and made me become a much better, more caring person than I was. And I love him for that. I will always love him. You will have to accept that.”

Both of them sigh with reluctance before saying that they will get used to it one day.


When Mark turns up at school on Monday, he is very nervous. Not only is he walking side by side with his girlfriend for the first time, other people seem to notice this development. In fact, they are staring at him wide-eyed, shocked to see the dork with the most beautiful girl in their school. All of them, that is, except for Clarisse and Helen, who are waiting by a row of lockers. The two preppy girls seem to already know all there is to know about what has happened between them. As of now Mark has no idea that Emilia has filmed him fucking her, much less that she sent it to the other two girls. He is about to find out very soon though.

“Hey, love-birds,” Clarisse greets them, having gotten more receptive of the idea that Mark is now dating their best friend. As long as Emilia is happy, she is going to accept it. “You had a very rough night on Friday, didn’t you? How did it feel getting fucked for the first time?” Mark sputters, turning to look at Emilia, who only shrugs nonchalantly. Helen giggles at how the boy reacts, tittering mirthfully, looking at him in amusement as he blushes beet root red from all the embarrassment. She could hardly blame the poor boy, getting exposed like this.

“You told them about us making love?” he asks her frantically, rummaging his hands through his hair in a way that makes the trio burst into laughter. Oh, he is just so cute! Emilia rolls her eyes fondly, leaning in to kiss him on the tip of his nose, making him stammer. He tries to appear indignant but it’s too hard to take such an adorable boy seriously. They feel so excited, knowing how shocked he would be when they tell him about the sex tape he unknowingly starred in just a few days ago.

“Oh, she did way more than that, man,” Helen jumps in, snickering. She and Clarisse have actually gotten quite turned on after rewatching the clip they were sent. Granted, he isn’t a ripped stud like the guys they fuck, but the way he moaned is jut so adorable, it got their juices flowing. When they told Emilia about this, her reply was that they can watch but can never touch him. Both quickly assure her that they won’t, and that she doesn’t have to worry about that anyways, since she is much hotter than they are, making her nod in satisfaction.

“What do you mean by that?” he asks her in confusion, as his girlfriend places her hand over her mouth, trying to stop herself from laughing. It makes her feel so powerful to show off to her friends how she fucked her innocent boyfriend into being her sex slave. Her pussy didn’t fail her when she needed it the most, absolutely shattering any control he had over his own body and reducing the formerly chaste virgin to a whimpering fuck toy. To her personal whore, one that she can use as a human dildo whenever she gets horny.

“She means Emilia recorded you two fucking and sent us the video,” Clarisse tells him nonchalantly. His reaction is priceless, just what they expected to see. The shy boy gapes at them, totally flabbergasted by what he just heard. Recorded? Sex tape? My god, Mark thinks. This has just gotten way out of hand. His hands run through his hair at a blistering pace as he struggles to comprehend what has happened. So his girlfriend filmed the two of them having sex without his knowledge and consent, and then sent it to her friends without his knowledge and consent. He knows he ought to be angry but for some reason finds it hard to be upset.

Little does the boy know that he is now mind broken after she fucked him with her pussy, obliterating any sense of self he had. He doesn’t realize it yet but his dick is no longer his own. It and the rest of his body now belongs to Emilia. She has marked his cock when she creamed it with her cunt, making him her slut. From now on, whenever she wants, he would act slutty and open his legs for her like a whore, letting her into his pants whenever she is turned on.

“Y Y You filmed us having sex and sent it to them?” he finally managed to ask Emilia, after what feels like forever of wondering Brazzers what’s going on. Emilia smugly nods in reply, giving him a roguish smirk that is both endearing and infuriating. Boy he wishes he could be angry with her. Like properly angry. It’s just hard to be when she’s got that charming smile on her face. His heart just softens as another part of him further down his body hardens.

“Baby, you have no right to be angry about this. Your cock and body are mine. I can film what is mine however I want,” Emilia tells him, reaching down to cup her boyfriend’s balls lasciviously in front of her friends. Before he could protest, she rubs them and sneaks her fingers up to caress his dick through his pants. Her hand is fondling the boy, jerking him off subtly, so that only Helen and Clarisse can see what is going on, her body obstructing the view for everyone else. Mark sputters out in protest, sounding quite indignant.

She ignores his attempts to push her hand away, him not wanting to cum in public whilst she wants him to. Her other hand shoves him against the row of lockers behind him, keeping him in place as she molests Mark in front of her friends. They are both snickering in barely concealed amusement, watching Emilia grope her boyfriend’s penis, masturbating him at school until he cries out softly, jizzing in his pants. He would have lasted longer had the rush of adrenaline not completely wrecked his unprepared body, never having been involved in something so risky before in his entire life. It is just crazy the risk they took.

“I love you, Mark,” Emilia whispers to him.

“I love you too, Emilia,” he replies with a blushing face.


Later that day they are over at Emilia’s mansion again, with Mark lying on her bed and her sitting on his face. He is quickly learning how to perform one of his new duties, eating her pussy so she can cum. The boy proves to be a good learner as he figures out the best way to use his lips and tongue soon enough, knowing how best to feast on her slit and suck her clitoris until she is whimpering from the oral. He loves how she seems to enjoy being served as much as he enjoys serving her.

“That’s it, baby. Stick your tongue up my pussy. Eat me,” she sighs in bliss, tossing her head back, moaning. The girl is in great pleasure, as the boy she loves continues to give her head. He really is getting much better at being her sex toy, especially given the short amount of time they have had so far. This is going to be much better than she initially anticipated. Soon, she is buckling on his face, crying out his name as she facefucks her boyfriend.

Pretty soon she is screaming, having an orgasm and squirting all over Mark’s face and into his mouth. Her muscular thighs lock around his head as she gushes onto and in him, drenching the teen with her juices. She doesn’t stop squirting for nearly a minute, soaking his face. The boy’s face smells like her pussy, which isn’t surprising since she just rubbed it all over him, smearing her nectar all over Mark. He looks just like the fuck toy he is, covered in cum.

“Please let me eat your asshole next,” he offers timidly, trying to sound slutty for her benefit. Within seconds she is on her knees with him behind her, plunging his tongue into her ass, rimming the gorgeous teen happily. He has never been happier than when he is serving his girlfriend sexually. The boy now knows that this is his purpose, to be Emilia’s sex slave and love. He belongs to her completely and eating her ass is a sign of that supplication, giving himself to her whole-heartedly.

He sucks Emilia’s asshole like it is the tastiest dish in the world, his lips attached to her anus as she grinds her booty all over his face. The boy inhales deeply as his nose is pressed into the crack between her large asscheeks. Mark keeps eating her out like his life depends on it while she fingers her clit. The combined stimulation brings her off, making her orgasm for the second time.

The boy doesn’t need further instructions when she lies down and spreads her legs apart. He now knows that when she does that, she wants him to fuck her. And he exists to give her what she wants. It is his duty as her sex toy and boyfriend. Mark gets on top of her, lining his prick up with the entrance to her channel, before driving it in. No longer hesitant after finding out that she can really take it, he begins to fuck her.

The slutty boyfriend drives his hips forward, thrusting into Emilia’s searing cunt as she runs her hands all over his back, pulling him down on top of her with her ankles locked over his ass. She feels proud of how successfully she trained him within just a few days, getting rid of his mental barriers and making him accept his place as her fuck toy. It’s so wonderful to corrupt the innocent teen and turn him from a virtuous virgin into a banging boy toy. The cheerleader lifts her buttocks, thrusting up to meet his movements

He manages to last for 15 minutes, which isn’t that much of an improvement, but still pretty good considering how turned on he already was before banging her, having eaten her cunt and ass. Once it hits, the boy screams, his penis jettisoning multiple ropes of his warm seed inside her waiting pussy, rapidly filling her up with his baby batter as his cock continues throbbing in her.

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