The Cherry Ceremony

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I wasn’t sure of how far initiations went in Greek life. I was just a college freshman looking for some friends. I didn’t know that I had to fuck someone to do that.

“Consider this to be a favor. By the end of today, you’ll officially be a member of Alpha Kappa Pi” the President of the fraternity, Matt, sent this text message to my phone the night of The Cherry Ceremony. I endured several tests to prove that I was AKP material which were all tame compared to this.

Matt drove me and two other guys to his apartment near campus and had us sit down on his living room couch. He stood in front of us wearing a black baggy sweatshirt and army themed pants with his hands on his hips. He examined each of us with judgmental hazel eyes.

The guys beside me were a pair of scrawny twins with only skin on their bones and chicken grease in their hair. They looked like the type to obsess over Dungeons & Dragons and get tormented by everyone at school.

I might’ve cracked a joke or two, but not at anything stupid like appearances. It’s more funny how they were in college yet they still suffered from separation anxiety. On the way to the apartment, I caught them holding hands in the backseat of Matt’s car and whispering in some secret language. I tried talking to them, but they pretended not to hear me by looking out the window.

No wonder they were virgins, but at least they had a valid excuse. I didn’t.

Matt squinted his eyes when he examined me, as if he were thinking, “Why are YOU here?” I’m a decent looking guy with good hygiene, smooth skin, and a medium build that was neither too skinny nor buff. My brunette hair was neatly combed back, and unlike those twins, I could make proper eye contact. I also dressed my age with a plain white shirt underneath a leather jacket and ripped jeans. The twins must have missed the memo. We were there to fuck, not apply for a job.

This wasn’t Matt’s first time seeing us, but that night, I think he was paying extra attention to how well we dressed to impress. When he was done examining, he combed back his dirty blond hair with his fingers and huffed, “Ohh boy…”

Next, he gave out instructions.

“My roommates are away this weekend, so this place is yours. You have two hours to go upstairs and fuck the girl in your assigned room. You’re not only going to fuck them, but you also have to make them cum. So, don’t walk out like you’re the shit, busting your nut and not letting her finish. That’s not the AKP way!”

Matt dug into his pant pocket and pulled out a small, black remote control with an antenna.

“Each of those girls have this exact remote control which will shock you if you didn’t make her feel good.” Before we were told to sit on his couch, Matt instructed us to put on a black shock collar. The two silver bolts attached to the collar were pressing up against the side of my throat.

“If you’re shocked three times, then guess what?”

“We’re out?” I answered.

“Rhetorical question, but yes,” Matt said, “Any thoughts?”

One of the twins raised his hand and asked, “What if we’re not in the mood?”

The blonde chuckled softly and replied.

“Then get the fuck out, sweet cheeks. If you’re not ready to drop your v-card now, then when?

The other twin raised his hand, “Will there be candles and Playboy magazines?”

Matt crossed his arms and scoffed, “What more do you need than a hot bitch sucking your dick? God, and I thought girls were picky. Do you wanna be fucked or not?”

The twins nodded their heads with a hint of doubt still lingering in their faces. They seemed nervous about going through with this, but I’ve been ready for a long time. I was very close to losing my virginity in high school. I made out with a lot of random strangers, but it never lead to any fucking.

All of the people I’ve been intimate with were men too. I’ve tried going on a date with a girl before, but the spark wasn’t there. With a guy, it was so easy to be vulnerable. It’s nothing that I could explain in depth, it just felt natural, but over time I was hit by extreme backlash.

Word got around my school that I was gay and I was fine with that until my friend, Kenneth, joined in. He said cruel words about me being homosexual when he was just as queer as I am! Kenneth was the first guy I had ever been intimate with. One day, I got invited to his house to study for an exam when he wanted to “relieve me of some stress,” so I took the bait. I thought we had a great time together and a strong enough bond to where Kenneth wouldn’t have turned his back on me, yet here we are.

By the time I got to college, I was insecure about my sexuality. Maybe there was something wrong with me, so I figured the best way to reprogram myself was to join a fraternity. I heard they were really big on getting laid by lots of chicks. The Cherry Ceremony is a strange ritual to the average person, but for me, it was a God send. It was an opportunity to finally get a taste of the joys of being with a woman.

“What kind of girls are in there?” I leaned forward, “Like, are Beşiktaş Escort they your friends or what?”

Matt put the remote in his pocket and walked to the kitchen.

“Very experienced sorority girls,” the fridge was heard being opened, “Delta Beta Phi always helps out during the ceremony. Girls volunteer to sleep with our men. They legitimately don’t give a fuck! It’s pretty shocking, but I’m not one to complain. They’re just happy to help out.”

“Help out?”

“Help out, yeah” Matt came back holding three water bottles, “Want some?”

The twins grabbed their drinks and sipped them in unison, but I refused.

“Your loss” Matt shrugged. He sat on the carpet floor to have the water for himself. He lifted his head up as he drank the ice-cold liquid, showing off his bobbing Adam’s apple.

The upperclassman obnoxiously sighed after pulling away from the bottle and said, “I’ll give you five minutes to do whatever you need to get ready for them. We only have one bathroom, so be quick about it.”

The twins shot up from their seats and walked to the bathroom in the hallway. They entered it together. Matt and I shot each other a look before laughing.

“Please tell me you’re making them share one girl,” I grinned, “They’ll die without the other.”

“Oh, they’ll be fine,” Matt replied, “Remember that survey I gave you? I found girls that should be exactly their type.”

“And they’re totally different? Not creepy twins with the same blonde bob cut?”

“Nope, completely different!” Matt slapped his thighs, “I was shocked too.”

Matt realized a spot was open on the couch, so he stood up from the floor to sit closer.

“Remind me, what was your type again?” Matt asked.

…What was my type? I forgot what I wrote down in the survey. I dug into the deepest part of my brain to pick out an answer. I decided to go with a tall, blonde bimbo. That sounded right. That’s the type of girl everyone wants to date at some point.

I gave Matt my answer and he furrowed his eyebrows.

“Uh, no. Far from it,” he said, “You wrote that you wanted a goth looking chick with balloon tits and a fat ass.”

A girl that was the exact replica of Elvira…I should’ve known. She was my childhood crush.

“Oh right! I did say that…huh”

“Were you bullshitting?”

“Nah, I do like that. Just forgot is all…”

The two of us heard a toilet flushing, but the twins didn’t come out. Five minutes had already passed, but it didn’t seem like the President was bothered by it.

To pass the extra time, I turned the tables on Matt and said, “Do you remember what you put when you were a freshman?”

“Me?” Matt said, “Geez, feels so long ago. I guess I would’ve said a dark-haired, blue eyed chick. That’s how my first girlfriend looked.”

“And you didn’t have sex with her before college?”

“Nah, we were 12”

Another flush was heard from the bathroom.

Matt was getting comfortable on the couch by the 7 minute mark. He lied down with his legs bent on the cushions and head propped up on the armrest. He had a TV remote in his hand to turn on the television.

“So who did you end up doing?” I said.

The senior’s eyes rolled upwards and his lips tightened as he tried to regain his memory.

“Mmmh…I can’t remember his name”

“His name?” I uttered, “But you asked for a girl…”

“Doesn’t mean I ended up being with a girl,” Matt stopped on a channel playing a dramatic action movie, “I must’ve said something about a girl though because I remember changing my mind afterwards and wanting a guy. The ceremony was a good opportunity to test out the waters, you know? Get a better idea of what makes me tick, and turns out guys really are my thing!”

I must’ve looked stunned listening to this because Matt grew serious:

“Does that bother you?”

“No, you do you! It’s just a surprise. I just…didn’t peg you to be gay.”

Going into college, I expected people from a fraternity to be more…straight. I couldn’t picture a homosexual being member of the group, much less the President, with Greek Life being infamous for their toxic masculinity.

“I don’t really go by labels,” Matt corrected, “I’m open to anyone I see attractive, but nine times outta ten, I’d bang a guy over a girl. I must have been the only one to have requested to fuck a dude too, cause the President at the time was confused at first, but then he let it slide. No biggie.”

I nodded slowly, “Right…”

One of the dorm rooms upstairs swung open and a feminine voice screamed.

“HURRY UP!” the voice hollered, “I CAN’T BE HERE ALL NIGHT!”

Matt’s demeanor shifted from calm to stern when he shouted back, “GIVE IT A MINUTE, WILL YA?! THEY’RE COMING!” The President got up from his seat and walked to the bathroom door to pound on it with his fist.

“Listen, if you guys aren’t ready, just say so,” Matt groaned, “If you’re honest now, then I’ll still consider you becoming a member-“

The door opened and Matt saw the two guys in all of their Escort Bayan glory.

He backed up in shock, “Geez! You didn’t have to-! Ugh, just, I-I-it’s fine, just go!”

The twins’ clothes were carefully folded atop the toilet bowl and they were stripped down to nothing. They followed Matt’s orders and walked past the living room and up the stairs to meet their ladies for the night. I took a glimpse at one of their asses and shielded my eyes.

“Jesus man!”

“Every member I’ve met has been happy to get laid, but not THIS much!” Matt walked over to me, trying to appear angry, but the corners of his mouth kept twitching upward. He then asked me, “So, are you ready?”

I knew he was referring to being ready for my girl, but the way he asked the question made me feel like he was talking about the two of us. It didn’t help that he said this while in the process of taking his sweatshirt off, revealing a plain white tank top caressing his abdomen. I got a nice view of his budding abs through the thin fabric. He worked really hard for those, and suddenly I grew jealous that I didn’t have as much dedication to forming my own.

I put that thought in the back of my mind and answered his question, saying:

“What the hell do you think? I’ve been ready since I got here!”

“Do you remember your number?”

“The second door. That’s your room, right?”

“Yeah” Matt plopped back down on the couch and threw his sweatshirt across the back of it, “You have fun, all right? I’ll be here if you need anything.”

My eyes widened, “W-why would I need you?”

Matt smirked, “Why, in case your cherry popper goes off on you and you need some comfort. Besides, I got nowhere else to be. Those walls are thick, so I won’t hear a thing.”

Matt shifted his eyes away from me to stare at the television screen, signaling that he was done with our conversation. I took the hint and made my way upstairs. The twins were already with their assigned lovers doing God knows what, while mine was still in waiting. I wanted to get laid so badly, but as I pushed the door open I felt my heart race faster and not because I was excited.

I heard soft moans in the bedroom and there she was. I saw my dark-haired, goth beauty already naked, her head thrown back, eyes closed, and legs spread on a twin-sized bed playing with her pussy with drenched fingers. She must have been going at it for some time because I smelled the scent of steamy sex filling my nostrils. Her tits were the largest I’ve ever seen, it’s possible she could have had work done on them. I couldn’t imagine someone having natural breasts so huge. Matt really paid attention to my preferences.

I said hello to break her out of her trance. She opened her eyes and looked at me with a soft smile. She didn’t formally greet me back. All she said was, “I’m ready.”

I stepped towards her and asked for her name, but she said it didn’t matter.

“Just call me your bitch” her dark purple coated lips smiled devilishly.

My dick had shifted at the thought, but it wasn’t enough to make me rock hard.

“This is my first time,” I admitted, “So, sorry if I’m not the best”

The dark-haired beauty sat up and giggled, “I already knew that, but it’s okay. I’ll show you exactly how it’s done.”

The girl sucked the juices off of her fingers before grabbing at my ass cheeks and giving them a firm squeeze. Then, she pressed her face against my crotch and inhaled.

“You don’t smell like a virgin…” she moaned. Her tongue slipped from her lips to taste the fabric of my jeans. She dragged the tip of her tongue up to the button and swirled around it in small circles. This was an odd approach at foreplay, I thought, but I appreciated her efforts in being original. I laid a hand on top of her head to prove my gratitude.

She looked up at me through her false eyelashes, seeing my bashful expression.

“It’s okay. You can pet me. Anything you want, I will receive…”

I rubbed along her jet-black hair. The goth pulled her mouth away from my crotch and hands away from my ass so she could unbutton my jeans. Within seconds, she freed my semi-hard cock and brought my pants down to my knees.

“Oooh, commando tonight, huh?” she moaned, “Good boy…”

Her hand took a hold of my length and stroked it slowly, making me breathe a little heavier. Looking down at a confident woman like her tending to my dick should have been enough to get fully erect. It had to be, but my mind drifted to someone else.

I thought about Kenneth jerking me off in his bedroom years before. The technique he had was so good, I came within a few minutes. I remember being happy to have found someone else who was like me, and Kenneth did too until the rumors started spreading. I knew he was trying to save his own ass, but I never forgave him after that. I tried to focus only on the bliss I felt on that day at Kenneth’s house, but it kept being overshadowed by his betrayal. This memory was doing me no favors; my cock was still struggling to get hard, so I moved on to something istanbul Escort else.

All of the random hook ups I had were vague memories; I could barely recall anyone’s face much less how good they made me feel. It all compiled into one big mush. So, that didn’t work either. I needed something more.

“Your loss”

Matt’s words returned to me as I remembered him saying that before drinking his water. His throat was so exposed as he chugged down the liquid, like he was teasing me. I pictured his neck would move the same way if he were swallowing my cum.

“So, are you ready?” he told me while his arms worked to remove his sweatshirt. The flashback was so fresh in my mind that I could accurately envision his toned physique. I thought I was jealous about his body, but the longer I thought about it, it wasn’t really jealousy. It was frustration from not being able to feel his physique against my own.

I moaned softly at the image replaying in my mind. The sorority girl beneath me was pleased, she moaned along as well, witnessing my cock pulse in her hand.

“May I suck it?”


She repeated herself, adding, “Only if you want it. I’d be happy to take you in another way…Somewhere more tight and warm. You’d like that, wouldn’t you? God, I know I do. Your cock deserves to get more love and attention, and my pussy has been soaking wet just for-“

Before she finished her sentence, I stepped back from her grasp, hastily pulling up my jeans.

She looked confused and hurt.

“Did I do something wrong?” she asked.

“No!” I said, “I just…I don’t…”

I noticed her body language growing tense as I fumbled with my words. She took the blanket that was underneath her and covered herself with it. The life from her body drained when she sighed.

“You’re not ready”

“I am ready!” I corrected, buttoning my jeans, “It’s just, you’re a great girl, and I can’t do this with someone I’m not into”

“But Matt had you fill out a survey-”

“I lied! I just wanted…to not feel…f-forget it!” I shook my head, “I’m sorry you had to come here”

The sexual deviant that was in the room just moments ago had disappeared and it seemed like the goth’s real self was coming through. Her voice was deeper and spoke more naturally.

“So, what now?” she said.

I frowned, still feeling my cock twitching in my jeans. I didn’t want to lose my arousal, but I couldn’t use somebody for my selfish desires. If I wanted to lose my virginity, it had to be meaningful.

“I’ll let Matt know that I’m not doing this. He’ll drive you home, I’m sure”

“No, that’s okay. I’ll wait,” the goth replied, “I drove here with the other two girls, so I’m going to stick around till they’re done” The sorority member reached towards the desk next to the bed to pick up her black remote control.

“You can return this too, I won’t be needing it,” she said.

Looking at her somber face, I felt so guilty that I apologized again.

“I really am sorry. You’re a beautiful girl and deserve the best. You shouldn’t get fucked by some confused fag…”


I was so wrapped up in my own words, I didn’t realize that I outed myself to her in the worst way. Her face no longer read as sad or confused, but more in genuine surprise.

I scratched my head and tried to recover from my slip up.

“Well…I mean…I-OWW!”

The goth pressed a red button on the remote that delivered a shock to my neck.

“You were going to convert yourself because you don’t like being gay? Are you mad? Gay people are amazing!” she yelled. She got out of the bed and stood in front of me with no panties, bra, nor shame. I was taller than her by quite a number of inches, yet her attitude was far more commanding than my own.

“People from the LGBT community have fought for years to be open with their sexuality and you’re just going to go back on that and use someone to fit in? Have some respect for yourself!” she took a breath and continued, “I’m part of the community too and proud of it. You sir, need to be proud too. I get how you feel, I really do, but the last thing you should do is try to please some assholes who give too much of a fuck about your sex life!”

There was much I wanted to say in response to the sorority girl, but I was too stunned in a mix of fear and admiration.

“OWWW!!!” I jumped in place as another shock was sent to my neck.

“Do you understand? Don’t sacrifice your happiness for others! It doesn’t matter if they call you weird, stupid, or whatever. At the end of the day, it’s your life and you chose how to live it. Use these years in college to your advantage and leave that shit in the past. We’re all adults here, and anyone who has something to say about who you like should get a fist to their face!”

The goth lifted her free hand and acted like she was going to punch me.

I flinched seeing her fist jetting forward, but it never connected to my body.

“Sorry…,” she said, putting her fist down, “got too into it there, but do you get what I’m saying?”


The goth smirked.

“Name’s Lilly. If I didn’t scare the crap out of you yet, you can talk to me whenever you want. I’m a part of the LGBT club. Every Wednesday night, so I hope to see you there. I think you’d make a lot of friends.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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