The Cherry Poppers Ch. 12

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This is a fictional account. Sorry for the delays between chapters. It has been tough running with three stories lines at once.


Jason dropped Beth back at her dorm. They were both somewhat tired from the night and morning of sex. Jason was crazy about Beth and felt bad about dropping her off to go see Sheila to help her study Spanish. He now felt like he was going with Beth and shouldn’t be seeing anyone else. He reasoned it was only tutoring but knew he wanted more with the luscious black beauty. He had made it to eight virgins with Beth but with his growing interest in her, he was feeling like he should remain true to her, and not continue with his initial intention to fuck Sheila and make her number nine.

They kissed outside the dorm and Jason said he would call her later. ‘I need to think some things through,’ he told himself. He smiled and waved to Beth as she turned at the door and waved bye. He was back in his frat room in another ten minutes. Chad wasn’t around and all Jason felt like was a quick nap. He called Sheila first though and arranged to meet her at four.

Jason got in a two hour nap from twelve to two. He got up, reshowered and studied for the remaining two hours before he had to go see Sheila at the Delta Phi Delta house. It was hard concentrating as his thoughts kept going back to the night with Beth. ‘God, she’s so beautiful and sexy,’ he mentally reminded himself over and over. ‘I can’t even think about fucking anyone else,’ he concluded but yet thoughts of Sheila and Stephanie kept clogging his head.

Just before he left to tutor Sheila, Jason called Beth as if to reinforce his commitment to her in his mind. She answered her cell on the third ring.

“Hi, Jason,” Beth said.

“Hi, beautiful,” Jason answered merrily.

“Wow, nice,” Beth said and not to be outdone added. “Hey, stud.”

“How’s my girl … woman?” Jason asked.

“Yeah, woman, thanks to you. She’s fine after a three hour nap and another shower,’ Beth answered.

“Yeah, me too,” Jason agreed.

“What’re you up to?” Beth asked with interest.

“I ahh …,” Jason realized he couldn’t hold back and lie right from the get go, “I’ve got to tutor someone in Spanish?”

“Who’s that?” Beth queried.

“Just a girl I met at the infirmary. She’s lost in Spanish and I offered to tutor her since I took four years in high school,” Jason explained.

“She isn’t lost in love too, is she?” Beth asked trying to sound amused.

“I wouldn’t know about that,” Jason proclaimed.

“Well, you’re such a nice guy to help her out. Is she cute?” Beth questioned.

“Not nearly as cute as you, babe,” Jason proposed.

“Nice come back. Well, have fun,” Beth offered. “When might I see you again?”

“How about we have coffee or something Thursday night?” Jason asked.

“Not till then?” Beth queried.

“Beth, I really need to get caught up on school,” Jason proclaimed.

“Yeah, me too. Okay, Thursday. See you then,” Beth concluded.

“See you,” Jason ended.

After he hung up with Beth, he hurried out the door to Sheila’s sorority. He tried to tell himself this was only tutoring but he took his car. He easily could have walked to the sorority just a short walk away but chose to drive so his car would be handy if needed. He wrestled with the thoughts in his own mind that he was doing that because he wanted more than just a small tutoring session with Sheila.

As was the custom with most sororities and fraternities on campus, the front doors were only locked late at night. When Jason entered the front door of the Delta Phi Delta house, he saw several girls lingering in the foyer or walking through. Most of them were white and he asked one where he could find Sheila’s room. She told Jason Sheila’s second floor room number and he went up the short flight of stairs to knock on her door midway down the hall. Sheila answered nearly as soon as he knocked.

“Hi, Jason,” she bubbled and he was treated to that warm smile that seemed to further melt his resistance.

“Hi,” Jason responded and tried not to pay too much attention to the tight shirt and short shorts she had on.

“Come in,” Sheila offered standing slightly aside the door and gesturing for him to enter the small sorority room. They were alone.

“You can sit there,” Sheila said and motioned to a chair pulled up to her bed.

As Jason sat down, Sheila picked up her Spanish book from the bed and took its place sitting cross-legged. The position let her face Jason and her long brown legs made the already short shorts ride even higher. Her pussy was barely covered by the small amount of denim covering her sex.

“Where should we begin?” Jason asked, trying not to let his eyes drift from her face.

“I don’t know. I was kinda hoping you would,” Sheila explained. “I mean I’m totally lost after only a month of classes.”

“What chapter are you on in the book?” Jason asked reach for her to hand it to him.

Sheila did and said, “Six.”

As Jason glanced down Anadolu Yakası Escort to take the book, his eyes first drifted down her tightly stretched shirt. It looked at least two sizes too small for her. It said, “Color My World” across the front and he thought he could see the outline of her nipples poking out the front. He took the book but his thoughts were whether she was wearing a bra or not.

“Okay, let’s start on chapter one then,” Jason proposed trying hard to keep it on course.

“Good idea,” Sheila agreed.

Jason walked her through the first dialogue and talked about simple grammar. They practiced her speaking skills and she struggled with many of the words. He helped her sound them out but not without catching as many looks as he could get at her sexy body. Her nipples were definitely causing little bumps in her shirt. Her breasts were not huge but looked to be a full B-cup like Beth’s. He tried hard to think of Beth but the beauty of this milk chocolate goddess kept distracting him.

Sheila wasn’t too lost with the first chapter, so they moved onto the second after about an hour. She got uncomfortable after a while sitting cross-legged and Jason got exotic glances of her long smooth legs and her rounded butt as she shifted positions. He tried to concentrate on the Spanish but his cock started to expand down his pant leg. He hoped Sheila didn’t see his growing bulge and occasionally glanced down discreetly to see if it was noticeable.

The second chapter dialogue was tougher for Sheila and they spent the next hour focused primarily on that. They discussed the grammar and worked on sentence formations. It was close to six o’clock before they knew it. They had been at it for two hours without a break. Jason’s cock hardened a little more as his need to pee increased. Eventually, he told Sheila.

“Hey, let’s take a break,” Jason proposed. “You need anything?”

“No, you?”

“I could use a bathroom,” Jason expressed.

“There is one for uni-sex over by the lounge but I can guard the door for you and you can use the one right down the hall,” Sheila stated.

“Okay,” Jason said and followed Sheila out the door and down the hall. His eyes watched her round ass wiggled in the shorts.

Sheila checked the bathroom and found it empty. She stood guard by the door while Jason went into one of the stalls. He caught her glance at his crotch as he passed her. His bulge was somewhat evident. Soon Sheila could hear him peeing in the toilet. Jason washed his hands when he was done and Sheila announced she had to go as well. He waited by the door as he heard her peeing too.

Back in the room, Jason was thankful the break had let his cock relax some. He retook his seat as Sheila resumed hers on the bed. Jason started to review part of the dialogue, when Sheila spoke up.

“Jason, do we have to do all six chapters today? My brain is fried,” Sheila acknowledged.

“No, we can quit if you want.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I really appreciate what you’re doing for me and I actually feel like it’s helping,” Sheila responded.

“Good,” Jason replied.

“How can I ever repay you?” Sheila asked.

Jason’s dirty mind had an initial thought but instead said, “You don’t have to. I enjoy working with you.”

“I’m gratefully for your help. I just feel like I should be paying you somehow but I don’t have any money,” Sheila claimed.

“Well, since we’re done maybe I should get going,” Jason said.

“Do you have to already?”

“Well, I might be missing dinner at the frat. You want to go get something quick to eat?” Jason asked, quickly glancing at her tits and the still evident nipples.

“I ahh …I’m not really dressed to go anywhere,” Sheila said.

“You look great. Besides I was just thinking we’d go to a fast food place,” Jason stated. “We can eat in my car.”

Sheila’s smile broadened at his comment about her looks. “Okay,” she replied. “Let me just get some shoes on.”

Jason watched her grab some tennis shoes from her closet and sit on the bed to put them on. As she did, he got several more looks at her sparsely covered crotch. Her body was making his cock stir again.

They walked out to his car and Jason helped her get in the passenger side. He asked if Wendy’s was okay as they drove off campus. She agreed and he headed in that direction. They talked about where they were from and more about their intended majors. Jason found Sheila easy to talk with and the light conversation gave his dick a chance to go down.

Jason did the drive-in at the Wendy’s since Sheila had mentioned not wanting to be seen dressed as she was even though he thought she looked great. He asked her what she wanted and ordered for them both. He paid despite her protests. She thanked him because she claimed to only have ten dollars to her name until next week.

As they ate, Sheila told him she was getting an athletic scholarship for track but it just covered school expenses. Her parents didn’t have much money so she had to Kartal Escort get by on little extra spending money. He found out she was a sprinter and long jumper for the girl’s track team.

It was still only seven when they finished eating and both seemed to be having a good time. Jason didn’t want to study anymore that day, so he suggested they go for a ride. Sheila readily agreed as long as they were back no later than ten. She had an early class and so did he, so he quickly agreed.

They rode around for a while and somehow Jason ended up at the Mercer County airport again. This was rapidly become his favorite parking place with a date in the car. It made him wonder if this was really a date and briefly thought about Beth as they parked. It was now dark and the planes coming in had their lights on. Jason explained to her that he liked to come here and watch a few planes land. They watched as a small private prop plane came in for a landing.

“Thanks for dinner,” Sheila said when there was break in the conversation about the airport.

“You’re welcome,” Jason replied.

“Seems like I’m thanking you a lot today,” Sheila claimed and smiled at him in the dim light.

“It’s fine,” Jason answered.

“You’re different than all the black guys in my high school,” Sheila said.

“How so?” Jason asked.

“Well, black guys aren’t afraid to ask for something in return if they do something nice for you,” Sheila explained.

“Yeah, maybe us white guys should follow their lead,” Jason quipped.

“No … don’t. I don’t like pushy people. That’s what I like about white guys,” Sheila offered. “Though I honestly haven’t known that many.”

“You like guys to be less pushy for things?”

“Yeah, I don’t like men that demand women do stuff for them. I guess that’s why I’m more attracted to white guys,” Sheila said.

“You are?” Jason asked, liking the direction this was taking.

“Yeah, definitely. How about you? You like black girls?”

“Yes, but like you I can’t say I’ve known many black girls,” Jason confessed.

“Would you like to?” Sheila asked; her seatbelt was off and now she shifted to face him even more, her tiny shorts riding high again to expose more of her beautiful shapely legs.

“Yes, I would,” Jason replied.

Sheila smiled at him and then moved to a sitting position on her legs on the seat. She put a hand down on the center console and leaned forward over it. Her smile remained as she got close to Jason but a little nervousness seemed to creep in too. She got really close but stopped inches short. Her face seemed to give away her fear of being so aggressive, not sure exactly how he would react.

Jason looked at her pretty face for a second. Her long straight black hair fell down on either side of her face. He took the bait and leaned over to her and their lips met in a tender kiss. He wanted to stop himself out of consideration to Beth but he just wanted this too much to end it here. Their lips met softly, first once and then again. Now Sheila seized the initiative and kissed him harder. Her pink tongue snaked out and licked his lips. It fought for and won entrance to his mouth where their tongues danced together. Both of them moaned into the kiss as they pressed their lips tightly.

Sheila finally backed up a little bit, as they both gasped for some lost breath. They looked deep into each other’s eyes searching for any reaction to the experience.

“Can we … ahh … get closer?” Sheila asked.

“Let’s crawl in the back,” Jason said.

“Okay,” Shelia replied and immediately climbed between the seats.

Jason had to adjust his pants a little to move. His cock had started to get hard again from kissing this beauty. He watched her firm round ass and great legs invitingly disappear into the back. The denim shorts rode high and revealed glimpses of tiny black lace panties underneath. Jason had a harder time climbing into the back with his size but he managed. He noticed that there weren’t any other parked cars too close to them either.

Once they were both settled into the back the kissing started anew. Sheila’s hands caressed his face and his held her side and shoulder. They kissed for a good long time until Jason’s cock was uncomfortably hard in his pants and both were gasping for air.

Breaking the kiss, Sheila said, “Jason, I have to tell you I’ve not been with many guys.”

“That’s okay,” Jason assured her.

“No, I mean I’m not that experienced. I’ve only … I mean I’ve touched it twice … I’ve never done anything really,” Sheila said.

“We’ll go slowly,” Jason offered.

“I’m not sure I know how to do much besides … use my hands,” Sheila announced defensively.

“No problem,” Jason claimed and kissed her again.

Their kisses grew hot quickly and more tongue teasing soon had them both panting. Sheila moved her right hand from caressing his face to the inside of his thigh. As her hand slid up his pant leg slowly, Jason touched the side of her breast. He was right Maltepe Escort earlier; she didn’t have a bra on. Her tit was soft, yet resilient to his touch. He could hardly wait to see more of her. He had to wait though, as her hand found its mark and tenderly squeezed his dick through his jeans. It was so hard and uncomfortable now, that he just had to release it before anything else.

Jason leaned back prepared to open his pants. To his surprise, Sheila took the initiative and immediately opened his belt. She looked at him somewhat nervously as she worked with both hands to undo his button and get his zipper down. He helped a little by leaning further back. When she had his zipper down he lifted off the seat. Sheila helped him push his pants and boxers down his legs. His cock sprang free like a cobra from its basket.

“Oh, my!” Sheila exclaimed. “You’re huge!”

Jason just smiled at her and watched her eyes move from his face and back to his dick. Her hands had not even touched him yet.

“I’ve never seen one this big before,” Sheila gasped. “I thought white guys … I mean that …”

“White guys aren’t as big as black guys?” Jason asked rhetorically.

“Well, yeah,” Sheila exclaimed.

“Some are. That’s mostly in the movies,” Jason pronounced.

“Wow,” Sheila said, finally moving her hand to touch him.

Jason’s excited cock jerked and throbbed with life as Sheila’s fingers touched it. She stared at his cock like a new toy.

“Put your hand around it,” Jason suggested.

Sheila complied. “Jason, I’m afraid I’ve only jerked two guys off before. I might not be very good,” Sheila worried.

“You’ll be fine,” Jason assured.

“You’ve probably been with many women, I would imagine?” Sheila asked.

“What makes you think that?”

“It’s just you’re so handsome and have a great body,” Sheila explained. “Have you?”

“Thanks. Yes, I’ve known a few anyway,” Jason offered not wanting to sound too experienced for now.

“God, this dick is incredible,” Sheila said, looking back down at it.

“Thanks,” Jason said and leaned back to give her more room.

Sheila stroked his cock and the fact it was only her third time touching a dick added an extra element of excitement to the whole experience for Jason. His dick started to leak pre-cum and it made the top of his cockhead glisten in the light from the airport floods. Sheila saw the pre-cum emerge and used her forefinger to spread it around the top. The light touch of her finger on his cockhead made Jason moan loudly.

“Am I doing a good job?” Sheila asked somewhat nervously.

“Yes, it feels delightful,” Jason answered.

Sheila kept stroking his cock and even let her one hand drift down to cup his big testicles. She jiggled them in their sack. She barely felt Jason pull her shirt up and expose one of her tits. He had been dying to see them all day and even in the semi-darkness he could make out her nice tit well. The nipples were even deeper brown than Pam’s and slightly bigger. Jason tweaked it with his fingers making her groan. He couldn’t wait to suck on those gorgeous chocolate buds.

Sheila was using two hands back on his shaft now and despite her inexperience, the feeling to Jason’s cock was exquisite and he felt his desire building. Jason wanted to do something more for Sheila but he was thinking he should let her go first if that is what she was comfortable with. He didn’t want to move too fast and put her off.

“Oh, it’s beautiful,” Sheila said talking to his cock.

“This too,” Jason said lightly pinching her nipple and making her groan more.

“Mmm, that’s good. You know, you’re my first white guy,” Sheila claimed.

“I am?” Jason asked.

“Yes. I’ve always want to date a white guy but there weren’t many in my hometown or in the high school.”

“Well, I’ve always wanted to go with a black girl too. You’re my first,” Jason agreed.

“I guess that makes us even,” Sheila said with less nervousness. She kissed him and it turned into a hot deep kiss.

Sheila pumped his cock faster with her left hand as her right caressed his balls. For being inexperienced, she had a nice touch and eager hands. Jason could feel his balls getting ready to give up their seed. He pulled his shirt up to try to avoid cumming on it. Sheila noticed.

“Are you ready to cum?” she asked.

“Yes … you’re doing a wonderful job,” Jason praised.

“You’re so big and hard,” Sheila commented.

She was practically leaning over into his lap and it made it difficult for him to see what she was doing. He really didn’t need to see though as he felt every pleasureful stroke of her soft hands. He was real close now.

“Oh, shit,” Jason growled. “I’m getting close.”

“Do it, Jason! I want to see it!” Sheila exclaimed.

“Oh, god!” Jason howled.

Sheila was almost too close and nearly caught the first blast in the face. It did land on his shirt just below her face. The second rope of cum was even larger and nearly as forceful. Sheila gasped while she watched intently as the deep pink cockhead spewed more cum. She knew enough to keep stroking him until the last few pulses pushed cum out the opening to trickle down over her fingers. Finally Jason’s cock stopped throbbing and quit leaking cum out of his slit.

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