The Coed and the Professor

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I really couldn’t help myself I was fascinated by her, my favorite student! Since the semester started a month ago I had my eye on her. First from an academic point of view she showed great promise in that arena. Second, she was unpretentious, tending toward the shy side. She didn’t stand out in my mind; I had several students with long raven colored hair and even some with green eyes like hers.

To back this thought up I noticed that she didn’t dress to be noticed, but I could tell she had a build that enticed me. Maybe that is what all this attraction was that I felt. She wasn’t like the other freshmen girls who for the most part did not leave much to the imagination with the way they dressed or moved. Terra was none of that, she was down to earth, inquisitive, and truly enamored of the subject I was teaching. When she stayed after class to talk to me I could tell she desired my knowledge.

The question in my mind now was did she desire something more? That was the million dollar question as I know I was attracted to her. If she was interested I was not getting any clear, obvious signals from her. Our after class discussions were purely on topic, most of the time dealing with the day’s lecture. It was great to know she had such an interest in the subject matter, but I was looking for some kind of signal that maybe she was there for another reason.

Hints, that was what I was looking for from her. I looked for something in her dress, maybe a scent she wore, possibly some innuendo in her conversation, any little thing that would give me a clue that I could act on. As much as I wanted to have these after class conversations with her, the more we had them the more my mind would drift. In the middle of the Conversations my mind would slip to thoughts and fantasies related to Terra.

What would she think if she knew where mind was going as we discussed the subject of the day? What would she think if she knew what I was thinking when I look into her eyes as we talked.

School had started a month ago and today made the third week in a row that she had stopped by after class to talk. I never had anyone so interested in talking about what I teach especially a young lady. Maybe that was it, maybe I was just taking her enthusiasm for the class and thinking it was enthusiasm for me.

That might be it, but I was hoping not. I was also hoping that Terra would continue to stop after class to talk, so that maybe what I was fantasizing about might come true. I was so into this thought on this day, that I didn’t even hear her say, “Can I stop by your office this week Professor. I have something to show you but am not ready just yet to show it.”

I looked at her and said, “I am sorry my thought was elsewhere for a moment, did you say you needed to stop by my office?” She nodded yes and we arranged for a time for her to come by on a day I didn’t have any classes.

As she left the classroom, I watched her walk out. I could not help it; she had that appeal that just aroused me. She wasn’t conservatively dressed, but she wasn’t dressed like some of the other students either. Therefore the attraction was more than a visual thing.

As she shut the door, I had to reach down to rearrange my hard cock to ease the uncomfortableness that had started when she nodded that she wanted to come to my office. I couldn’t help ot all sorts of thoughts were going through my head now!

It wasn’t good that I had the long weekend prior to this meeting I was supposed to have with Terra in my office. I was finding it hard to concentrate on what I was doing. This young woman had an effect on me like no other student had had on me. When I should have been reviewing papers, I was instead daydreaming of Terra, thinking about her perfume, that beautiful long raven hair of hers. Her milky white skin, I assumed was so soft. I knew that I wanted to feel her skin next to mine and it was something that was preoccupying my mind to an extent I couldn’t concentrate!

The weekend was quickly becoming a waste because I couldn’t concentrate on anything but her. I had never felt like this about anyone that I could remember (not even my ex-wife when we first met)! I needed to do something to try and break the thought process.

It had been many years since I had been with a woman sexually. In the past when I had felt absorbed by sex I would go to the beach and take a book, chair and umbrella, while I watch the waves crash on the beach. Maybe it was the balance that such an adventure provided me; the books stimulated me in a certain way, and the sounds of the ocean in another. That combination would allow me to think beyond the wall in my mind. So off to the beach it would be!

It was a Sunday so I wasn’t expecting much traffic on the beach, but I was pleasantly surprised to find, one, that the waves were crashing in nicely (the weather being fantastic) and two, more women on the beach than I thought there would be. I picked a nice out of the way place near the dunes, Escort Sincan set up my umbrella and chair and sank into the chair feeling finally relaxed.

I pulled my book out of my backpack and I started to read. I could hear the waves in the background. This was exactly what I was going for, my eyes fixed on the words ahead of me and ears on the sounds of the wave, it was working. I slowly could feel myself just giving into the moment, the breeze felt good on my bear chest; the waves provided a slight spray of salt water, the book allowing me to focus.

After completing a chapter, I set the book on my stomach and picked up my water. I let me my glance out at the scene in front of me. The beach wasn’t overly filled with people, but there was a nice mixture of older and younger ladies tanning or walking the beach in their bikinis!! The balance that I desired was there! Three of my senses were engaged, I could hear the ocean, see the beauty, feel the slight spray of water I was only missing taste and touch, and those would be satisfied later I thought.

I was very comfortable and relaxed under my umbrella; the day was working out just as I had planned. Getting away from the house had allowed me to break the thought process that had been Terra since we left each other on school on Friday. I had not really thought about her so much, the cycle of reading and then watching and listening had gotten me back to a place where I felt less distracted.

My eyes returned to my book and my mind absorbed in the subject matter when I heard something I totally did not expect to hear. “Hello Professor Smith, I didn’t expect to see you here,” she said. No it couldn’t be, my heart began to beat faster, as I slowly looked up out of my book to see this young woman walking towards me from the water! She was in a black two piece bikini that revealed a good portion of her body. Her ample bosom was well displayed, her curvy ass well outlined by the bikini bottoms!

It was Terra, my jaw just about dropped; I couldn’t believe she was here. I had finally gotten her out of my mind. Now she was here in front of me in all her glory! Her skin was glistening with droplets of water and her hair was wet so she must have just come out of the water. Her nipples were hard pushing on the flimsy fabric of her top. They were not the only thing that was hard as now my cock had come to full attention! I wanted to stand up to say hello, but my swim trunks probably wouldn’t hide my erection!

As I looked up at her, trying hard not to stare at those beautiful breasts hardly hid in the top of her bikini, I told her, “I often come to the beach to free my mind, especially when it was blocked,” I said.

She asked, “What are you thinking about that made it be blocked.”

I lied, “It was some school related work that had preoccupied my time this weekend.” I asked her,”Do you come to the beach often.”

She replied, “No, not really because my fair skin can easily burn if I am not careful.” “I am not sure why I came today, but I felt it would do me good to be here,” she added.

She asked “Has your mind had been unblocked?”

I said,”I thought it had, but now I am not sure.”

Leaning slightly forward to present her cleavage even more to me she said, “Well if you would like some company maybe I can get your mind off whatever it is that is blocking it!”

If she only knew that it was her and now it was more blocked than ever because she was right in front of me close enough to touch! I said, “I would love some company.”

She straightened up and said, “I will be right back I need to go get my bag and towel from where my friends are”.

As I watched her walk away in that black bikini, I could only picture her without it on. My cock was getting harder with every step she was taking and then she looked back at me smiled and winked like she knew I was going to be looking at her as she walked away! Did she have an idea of what I was thinking?

I was beginning to get the feeling that this young coed was somehow on the same page as I was in this life chapter of ours. Could that be? Was it possible that she read me that easily or was it that I was being way to obvious with my behaviors and eye contact?

In a few minutes she was on her way back with a large bag like an oversized purse over her shoulder. Her hair was now more dry and flowing in the breeze. Her hips swayed as she walked, her gait looked so sensual, my cock was getting even harder! I had arranged it so it was pointing straight up in my shorts and less noticeable now that I was standing.

I wasn’t sure where this was going to go today, but I had my thoughts for sure of where I wanted it to go. I started daydreaming again, the center of that was her. I dreamed that we decided to go back to my house for dinner after our time at the beach.

“I was thinking of heading back to my house would that be OK with you?” I asked her nervously.

“That sounds like a nice idea, Sincan Escort but I don’t have anything that is not somewhat wet to wear,” she said coyly.

As we packed our stuff up in the back of the car she pulled a sundress out of her bag and slipped it over her black bikini. It was a white sundress and you could make out her bikini in it which made her look even sexier! I said, “That is OK Terra, I have something I am sure you can slip into while I dry your bikini and sundress if you like.”

I walked her to the passenger side door and she slipped in pulling her legs in the car. She then pulled the dress up giving me a wonderful view of those luscious legs. She looked up as they went in and our eyes caught one another and there was an instant connection it seemed.

As I closed the door, I walked around the car thinking how much fun it would be to get Terra into a conversation that would be flirtatious, which would reduce the veil currently between us with regards to our desires. As I slipped into the car I looked at her and smiled, she smiled back and I said, “I am beat it has been a long day”. All the time in the sun was much more than she normally spends and the heat was more than she was used to being from Canada.

“When we got home, you can take a shower, cool off and relax while I get your clothes cleaned and dried,” I said awkwardly. “While you are doing that I will prepare something to eat,” I said thinking that eating her would be more than enough for me!

When we got to my home and got the car unpacked we went inside walking through the foyer past the living room to the right and the study to the left. “You can go down the hall to my room and find something in my closet or dresser that you would like to wear while we waited for your clothes to dry”, I told her.

She nodded and said, “I am sure I will be able to find something,” and pulled the sundress up over her head and handed it to me. “I will bring the rest of it in a moment,” she told me with a leer in her eyes.

I caught that leer and got more aroused! I knew my cock was aching, it was so hard. It was now obvious to her as she looked quickly down and up as she turned to go into my room. I said, “Ok I will wait at the door while you get them off so you can hand them to me,” I wasn’t sure what she would say and my heart was racing, I could feel it beating in my chest! All I could think of was her in front of me potentially no clothes on.

When she finally replied and said, “Ok give me a second then you can come in.” Time began to seem like it stood still. It was almost completely quiet I could hear the smallest sounds. I could feel my heart beating, my breathing was faster, and the excitement was causing all sorts of physical reactions. It must of only been a few minutes, but it seemed like hours before she said, “OK Mark you can come in”, so I put my hand on the door and slowly open it. I did not know what to expect on the other side or know where she was going to be.

As I pushed the door half way open I could see her in front of my dresser, looking into the mirror on top of it. She was wearing one of my button down work shirts, the aqua blue one I liked because of the feel of the fabric and the color. “What do you think, does it look good on me?” she asked .

“Better on you than me!” and winked at her.

“I don’t think so,” she replied, “but thank you and I must admit I love to see you in this one in class.” I said , “You do, it is your favorite?” and she nodded in approval.

“Then I will have to wear it more often I guess,” I said and gave her a big smile.

She turned away from the mirror and brought her bikini over to me handing it to me saying, “Ok you have all my clothes so I guess I cannot leave until they are all washed and dried.”

“Well that’s not a bad thing necessarily Terra,” I said. “I can be good company” I said seductively.

She replied, “Yes I bet you can be good company!”

I took her bikini down to the laundry room along with her sun dress and towel and put them in the washer. As I walked back up the stairs I was thinking that Terra didn’t have anything on under that shirt. She would have to be very careful about how she moved around in that shirt or I was going to see more of her than I have already seen!

As I moved toward the living room I noticed she was sitting there on the sofa. As I got closer I could she was looking through a photo album I had of various trips I had taken. When I entered the room she looked up to me saying, “You are quite the traveler aren’t you?”

“Yes I have been to my share of the places though not the international traveler that you might think,” I replied jokingly.

She asked, “Who is the woman in many of these early pictures?”

I told her, “That was my ex-wife.”

“She is a very sexy looking woman,” Terra said.

I replied, “The one thing we never had a problem with was attraction to one another, as we had a good sex life. We kind of Sincan Escort Bayan just grew apart.” I added, “She had a career which kept us apart quite a bit.”

Seeing my ex in the photo album and thinking about her again, got me feeling even friskier than I was thinking of Terra in my shirt. I wasn’t going to push things with Terra and I was just going to see how things went. If she would give me a sign she wanted me like I wanted her I would go with that.

Now though my desire for her was compounded by the fact that I was horny and hadn’t had sex in ages it seemed. “So Terra are you currently seeing anyone on a regular basis?” I asked. She said she was in a relationship for a little while at the beginning of the school year, but she ended it because she thought the guy was too immature. She was looking for someone who was more mature so to speak. She felt maturity correlated to stimulation and that was what she wanted.

Was she talking about physical stimulation or mental stimulation? Was she flirting we me, I didn’t know but now my cock was growing harder with every second.

I take pride in myself for being a clear, impassioned thinker, I was totally taken aback. I was having a hard time processing this behavior of hers. Mind my was not clear, it was hot with passion for this coed in from of me, but I couldn’t let her know it just yet. I had to be sure she was interested in me for more than just what she could learn from me. I told her in class she was always asking questions that should be stimulating the minds of her classmates, so I could understand why she needed that mental stimulation.

By making this statement about mental stimulation I was putting the conversation back in her court, how would she reply, would I need to push the conversation farther to get the response I was hoping for or would I have to make the first overt flirty statement?

“Well Mark stimulation of the mind is of course very important to me. Ever since I can remember my mind has always needed to be active, far thinking, more in touch with what was happening around me but, I find physical stimulation just as important,” she said. “That is why I am working out so much when I am not in class or studying,” she continued.

“So tell me Terra what kind of working out do you prefer?” I asked, with my cock growing ever larger in my shorts as I was nervously awaiting her reply. She didn’t immediately reply to me but reposition herself on the sofa so that she was looking at me directly and slightly forward so that the shirt she was wearing drooped forward to expose some of that wonderful cleavage.

That was making me as hard as I could be and I am sure she could tell, as there wasn’t much hiding the fact I had a hard on!! I slowly walked over toward the couch so I could get a better view of this lovely, sexy young lady that was dangling her perfect cleavage in front of me.

“Well Mark,” she said,” I think it is the kind of stimulation that I believe you are thinking about right now, and my guess is you are thinking of something very naughty.” She reached out to touch the bulge in my shorts!! The cat was out of the bag no more flirting, no more innuendo, now the question was do I let her make the first move or do I just make it and see her reaction!

I was never a man to wait, so I pushed my sorts down until my hard cock popped straight out at her and I slowly stroked it as I moved it closer to beautiful lips. “I think we are both on the same page with the type of stimulation we enjoy Terra, now let’s go ahead and see how stimulated we can get. Wrap those beautiful ruby lips around my dick Sweetie, and let me see if you suck cock like you take notes in class!” I said firmly.

With that she got on both knees and leaned over the back of the couch, looking up at me as she took my hard member slowly into her mouth. She worked it a little with her tongue slowly slipping it out of her mouth then running her lips and tongue down the shaft to my balls and back again. She had done this before. I could only guess how many times I don’t know because she is a quick learner!

She held my dick against my waist as she worked my balls with her tongue and lips. She took one than the other into that willing mouth, taking time to check me to see my reaction to her oral work. That reaction told her that it was everything I was hoping it would be.

To see this young coed working my balls and shaft in and out of her mouth had me growing harder than ever. I could feel the blood pulsating in my shaft I was that stirred up. Then when I thought this couldn’t get any better, Terra took and but her lips on the head of cock and slowly sank the whole thing into it. I could feel the back of her throat on my dick, it was the first time I had been deep throated! I had heard of what that felt like but now even Terra knew how I felt about it because I let out a long slow moan and my body quivered.

She slowly pulled back from my cock and looked up, “Do you like having your dick totally in a woman’s mouth Professor!?” she said seductively.

Looking down at her I said, “Yes I do Terra and less talking more sucking Sweetie,” With that I put my hand on the back of her head and slowly began to fuck that lovely mouth of hers!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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