The Coed Halloween Party

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Part 1 * The Party Goers *

Shelly, with her right hand holding the phone to her ear, raised herself up with her left hand. “Ugh. I’m getting old. A simple movement like getting up from lying down is a task,” she said.

Laughter came from the other end of the phone. “Yeah, you are ancient! To hear you tell it, you are in need of a hip replacement. You are only twenty years old ya know. You are in great shape! Your problem is we have been on the phone for two hours. Seeing as I have not heard you move or shift in that time, I would imagine your muscles are stiff. Stretch it out girlie!” a male voice said.

Shelly started flexing her toes and rolling her head to either side of her shoulders. “You are right doctor. I need to move around,” she said.

Shelly did not think twice about John’s ability to know exactly what she had been doing or knowing what she needed. Their relationship was like that. The two had met their freshman year of college and had become best friends. Now Juniors, they had stood by one another through the ups and downs of college life. Shelly depended on John to be her ground force in the torrential winds life sometimes cast her way.

Standing, Shelly looked at her view from her bedroom window. She lived in a dorm tower, on floor seventeen. She loved having a view of the campus and the town.

“Wow, it is so beautiful out today. The trees are mostly bare now and the leaves are everywhere. I love fall, John,” she said.

“Yeah, it is nice out. Cool enough for a jacket, yet still warm enough to enjoy being outside. I must admit I’m loving it too. I like fall because it means Halloween is near!”

Shelly laughed and said, “Typical. Candy in sight and you have tunnel vision.” “So, are you coming to my floor party? You haven’t given me a definite answer yet and I need to let the RA know,” she asked.

“Yeah, I want to come. I might be a little late though because I am on duty till six o’clock tomorrow. Think you can make it without me for that long?” he asked.

Shelly smiled, “Yeah, I’ll manage thirty minutes without you by my side. Besides, Trey is coming so I’ll have someone to talk to,” she replied.

“I didn’t know talking was what Trey was into,” John said.

Shelly stopped smiling, “The jokes about him are getting old, John. We have been dating for over six months now; you need to accept the fact that we are a couple,” she said.

“Hey, I get the picture Shel. I just happen to think that you could do better. Whatever floats your boat. He is not the nicest person when it comes to you. That bothers me, but this is a moot point. You don’t want to hear this and we have talked about this to the point I don’t want to hear it either. So, onto other subjects we will go.” Shelly was quiet. She could not argue with John. Trey was not Mr. Manners nor Mr. Congeniality when it came to their relationship, yet she cared deeply for him. Sighing, Shelly said, “Hey, go to your window, I want to see you.”

John groaned and Shelly could hear his bedsprings squeak as he rose from the bed. “You seriously need a new mattress. You must wake the entire floor of your dorm.”

John opened his curtains and squinted at the light now entering his room. “Yeah, I could wake people if there were any action going on in the bed.” John laughed and said, “When this bed creaks it is due to my body weight alone. Okay, so here I am. Can you see me yet?”

Shelly looked out across the small pond that separated their dorms, and could see John waving, his body half hidden by his curtains. Shelly could only see him from the waist up. His black hair was standing on end and his squinting eyes gave him the look of a baby possum. A very built baby possum nonetheless. John worked out a few days a week and it had really paid off. His tight maroon t-shirt hugged his biceps and Shelly knew his killer abs were peeking through the thin fabric. John was the desire of many women at their school, but he only occasionally dated. He repeatedly said he didn’t have a lot of free time for women. He always teased Shelly that between working out, his job, school, and her, where could he squeeze another person into his life? She was thrilled that he was her best friend and was so sensitive to her needs. He was always there when she needed him, but she also wanted him to be happy and find love with someone. She had Trey after all, and John needed someone too.

“Yeah, I see you now. Do you see me?” John opened his eyes wider and saw Shelly waving and sticking her tongue out. “Yeah, I see you Miss Froggy. Better watch out or a fly will think you have one nice landing strip.”

Shelly retracted her tongue and raised her fist in the air, “See this? This has your name on it buddy. A nice knuckle sandwich.”

“Hey, what are you going to the Halloween party dressed as?”

“It is a who not a what. I’m going as the beautiful ‘Jeannie’ of the infamous ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ television show.”

“And Trey? Is he going as ‘Major Nelson’?”

“I don’t know. I have told him what I’m going as. He hasn’t told me who he is going as. I would think he would want to yenibosna escort match me. I’m excited to see him in a little astronaut outfit.”

“Hmmm. They really made it tough for people to think up costumes for this party. Everyone has to come in a costume that one way or the other hides who they are. I’m guessing the costume rental stores are going to do great. Our fellow classmates are not so clever. Most need a full head and body covering that comes pre-made. I like your idea. I bet you are gonna look great.”

“Thank you. I loved that show as a child and just thought it would be fun to go as the obedient and totally-in-love with her ‘master,’ ‘Jeannie’.”

John laughed, “Well I have no idea what I am going as, I better head out to the rental store myself.”

Shelly sighed, “You better think of something good! Give me a call when you decide okay?”

John gave a final wave and said, “I gotta run Shel, I’ll either give you a call or just come on over to the party, okay? Work beckons.”

Shelly waved good-bye to her best friend across the way and turned back into her room. “Okay, but try to call me, otherwise I won’t know who you are at the party! Have fun at work, and give your hair a little comb treatment. Bye!”

“Bye, Shel,” and with that John was off the phone. He grabbed a comb on his way out the door. Shelly put the phone back in its cradle. Well, she thought to herself, John is off to work at the school printing press and Trey is studying with his Spanish tutor. Shelly was caught up on her homework and decided to take a nap before putting the final touches on her costume.
Part 2 * Weighing In *

Shelly woke up to the sound of her phone ringing.

“Hello?” she said.

“Hey, sexy. What are you up to?” Trey asked from the other line.

“Hey, yourself. You woke me from a lovely nap.”

“That figures. I came by earlier but you wouldn’t answer the door. You sleep too heavy for a girl. What did you do all day that was so tiring? Have you looked at the time?”

Shelly looked at her clock on the nightstand, eight o’clock shone brightly on the clock display. “Wow, I had not realized it was so late. Where did the afternoon go? I thought John would have woken me up with a phone call to catch some dinner. Wonder what happened to him?”

“Maybe he is out getting some for a change. I don’t know how he expects to get any when all he does is hang out with you or go to work,” Trey spat out.

“Trey, stop it. Did you call to talk about John or talk to me?”

“Well, I wanted to find out where you were since you didn’t answer earlier. I finished my Spanish tutoring pretty late and thought you would want to see me.”

” I do want to see you Trey,” Shelly found herself rolling her eyes as she said it. Why did she always want to see him, why wasn’t it the other way around? Just once? “Oh no,” she said in horror, “I’m not finished with my costume. I have more work to do than I can finish tomorrow. I have to work on it tonight.”

“I’m bushed now. I thought we were gonna have some time alone tonight.”

Shelly knew what that meant, he wanted to have sex. “Alone time” was code for sex.

“Well, I have to work on my costume but you can come be with me if you like. Ya know, you are welcome to sleep here. These are the benefits of living in the co-ed dorm and living on the same floor too. Why don’t you come on over?”

“Nah, you’ll have that damn sewing machine going and I’m tired. My room is nice and quiet.”

“Well, talk to me for a bit longer at least.” Shelly sighed as she sat up in the bed.

“What the hell are you sighing for? Are you out of breath? Have you gained weight since I saw you this morning?”

Shelly bit her lower lip and sighed again. There was the first comment about her weight for this phone call.

“No, I sighed because I don’t feel that this conversation is turning into a positive experience for me and I wish it wasn’t turning out like this tonight. I missed you today. I hate that we live so close together and yet we don’t see one another as often as I would like. We are more like a couple that live across town from one another.”

“Hey babe, that is your choice. You are always busy when I’m free. You need to make room for me in your schedule.”

Shelly frowned and picked at the lint on the bottom of her cream socks. She and Trey had this conversation many times a week. He neither liked her involvement in so many groups and volunteer programs, nor her time with John.

“Trey I’m sorry you feel that I don’t have time for you, but I do. You just choose to do other things when we both have free time.”

“Oh yeah, like hang out with my brothers from the frat, right? I’m not going to stop hanging out with them. If this stupid school had frat houses I would so be there.”

“Well, they don’t have them because they want everyone to live among different types of people. Anyway, I’m glad you are so nearby. I just wish we spent more time together,” she said.

“Yeah, my balls are wishing that right now, babe. They zeytinburnu escort had their hopes up on some quiet time between your legs tonight.” Trey laughed at his own statement.

Shelly was use to his brash talk and just ignored what he said. It was better to move on or he would be telling her how she was not fulfilling her girlfriend duty to him.

“How was your tutoring session?” she asked.

“Oh babe, that cow needs to stop grazing at the cafeteria pasture. I swear she has gained another five pounds. It is so disgusting.”

“She is really tall. She is kinda heavy but she isn’t as huge as you would like to think she is. You think anyone over a size two is huge. That is not realistic. What if everyone judged you by your weight alone?”

“Shit, she may be tall but she has excess skin that bulges everywhere. I don’t care if anyone judges me by my weight. Babe, this body is as good as it gets. Don’t you agree?”

Shelly sat shaking her head. She didn’t like the direction or course this conversation was taking. She needed to steer Trey away from body talk. He was very critical of her body and she didn’t want to hear it tonight. She had to agree with Trey that his body was nice, but perfect was a little far fetched. He worked out, but his beer drinking with his “brothers” canceled out the ab work he did in the gym. Shelly thought that was one reason Trey did not get along with John; John had a better body.
“Trey you have a lovely body. We both know that.” Shelly stifled a giggle at her own joke.

“I’m going to the gym in the morning with the guys. Gotta keep the buns in grab mode. Speaking of the gym, you could hit it too you know.”

Here we go, Shelly thought. “Trey, I swim every morning and I have not gained a pound the entire time we have been dating. I thought you liked my body?”

“I like it on top of me babe,” Trey laughed, “but it could be better. I think you should lose a few pounds and tone up the bod. You know that having you look good is just as important to me as it is for me to look good. I don’t want a fat hog beside me babe, I’m not in 4-H.”

“I’m 5’4″ and weigh a healthy and fit 130 pounds. I’ve never had complaints before. I’m sorry you don’t like my body, Trey. You should be thrilled that I missed dinner tonight, seeing as you think everything I eat goes straight to my ass.”

“Whoa Shelly, don’t get defensive. You have to take some criticism in life. I’m just being honest with you. You want honesty don’t you Shelly? Should I lie to you? We both know how big you are on the truth. Anyway, you look positively skinny next to Miss Español herself, Lola.”

“Well, I guess I’ll see you in the morning?”

“Yeah. I cannot wait to see your face when you find out who I’m going to the party as,” he said.

Shelly smiled, her spirits rising, and asked, “It won’t be too much of a surprise will it?” She hoped the answer was no, knowing she wanted to hear he was going as the partner to her costume.

“Nope, you are going to know it is me when you see it. You won’t be disappointed in me,” he said assuredly.

“Well, I am sure you will look great! I’m so excited about the party! It should be really fun. Maybe I can make it worth your while for all the work you’ve gone to in getting a great costume.”

Trey let out a small moan, “Oh babe, that sounds great. Now I’ve really got something to look forward to. Thanks for ending this conversation on a good and hard note. I’m speaking for the nice hard-on in my pants. The thought of bending you over a punch bowl is very appetizing to me right now.”

Shelly laughed, “Well, I’m glad I could help. Sorry that I cannot do anything about that raging bull tonight. I’ll make it up to you.”

“I’ll see that you do babe. Don’t worry, I can take care of myself tonight. I’m gonna go get started right now. Imagining you in a harem outfit, taking you while everyone watches. That is hot babe.”

“Well, don’t wear yourself out. Have sweet dreams honey. Night.”

“Night babe.”

Shelly sat listening to the dialtone for a minute, then hung up the phone. Standing, Shelly looked across the room at her body-length mirror and smiled. Her reflection was nice, no matter what Trey said. Walking to the mirror, Shelly examined herself more closely. She wore her favorite tiny pink t-shirt that accented her curvy chest. It said “sweetie” on the front in dark red sequins. To her amusement, her nipples were hard and protruding against the fabric of the shirt. It must have been all that talk about sex with Trey. Shelly raised her right hand to her breast and touched her nipple. She rubbed it through the shirt fabric as she thought of Trey. His sandy colored hair was always shiny and perfectly combed and cut. He was tall, at least two inches taller than six feet. He had green eyes that were intense or playful depending on his mood. Most women on campus brushed him off as stupid because of his surfer look and his vocabulary. In public he downplayed his intelligence. He made sure he conveyed things simply, and in a way acıbadem escort most people would think him not too bright. She knew better. He was at the top of their class and although things did not come easily to him, he studied hard and made sure he made good grades. Trey’s high scores were not badges of honor for him. Having lots of friends and playing the popularity game was more important to him. He had a lot of sides that most people did not see. Then there was the side he readily showed. If not somewhat a male chauvinist, he could also be oppressive and critical. He was extremely critical of women and their bodies and hated any woman that was five pounds over the weight he believed she should be. From the very beginning, Trey had always been very critical of her. Most of the time she could just swallow his painful words and ignore them. The good part was she had John to tell her that Trey was full of it and that he couldn’t get past all the anorexic girls on television.

Shelly focused on her hand in the mirror. She had continued rubbing her nipple absent-mindedly. She thought her left nipple looked jealous so she switched hands to let it in on the fun. John. He was so supportive and caring. Why couldn’t Trey take on some of those traits? John always complimented her on her figure and thought she had a beautiful body. She was embarrassed by his constant words of praise on her outfits, most of which she made herself. He thought she was a normal sized girl and loved the fact that she ate around him. He was use to super skinny girls that ate only toast on dates with him.

Shelly stopped rubbing her nipple as she realized she had started thinking about John. She didn’t think of him like that. They were so close, but not in a sexual way. On more than one occasion he had insinuated the idea of a romantic relationship. She had laughed the moments away and thought they were spoken in jest. He never pushed it further. Being with Trey had taught her that men focus on something and push hard to get what they want. John obviously was only joking and he didn’t really consider her a woman that he could be with.

John was creative, intelligent, fun, and so sexy. He worked hard and was artistic and sang beautifully. He was a complete package. John would make someone very happy one day.

Shelly looked at the clock and groaned. Looking back at her reflection in the mirror, she smiled and placed a hand under each breast. Lifting each a bit, she said “Sorry girls, you’ll have to wait till tomorrow; tonight I must work on my costume.” Giggling, she turned and went to finish making her costume.

Part 3 * Preparations for a Party *

The sun poured in the window above Shelly’s bed. Shelly did not need an alarm clock. For three years straight she had been waking up at six to go swimming.. She loved the privacy the early hour afforded her and the adrenaline rush the sport gave to her for the rest of the day. Shelly stretched her arms above her head and her toes to the dresser at the foot of her bed. “Ahhh,” escaped her lips. Shelly threw back the sheet and the quilt her grandmother had made her and let out a little scream. She wasn’t quite used to the briskness of the fall morning air. Grabbing for the covers she cuddled them to her naked body. Grabbing her robe from the nearby chair, she slipped it beneath the covers and put it on. Shelly threw back the covers again and this time rose to get out of bed. The half-length robe ended at her mid thigh. It was not enough to keep Shelly from shivering as she rose to look out the window. She looked straight across the pond and searched for John in his window.

John’s curtains were drawn. There on the window was a piece of construction paper, with the words, “Morning Shel-Belle!” written in black marker. Shelly smiled.

Turning, she ran across the cold tile floor to the bathroom. Shelly slipped on the clothes she had laid out the night before. Her black one-piece bathing suit. A one-piece that may as well have been a two-piece. Between the strap that went around her neck and the material that covered her butt there was only bare back. In front her breasts were covered and then the fabric cut in on both sides of her ribs so that it resembled an hourglass. The fabric minimally covered her stomach and then flared out again at the hips. Shelly ran a hand down her leg and was pleased she had her wax job earlier in the week. Her legs were soft and smooth. She ran her hand up alongside her bikini line and giggled as her body reacted with a line of goose bumps. “Smooth there too, Shel,” she said aloud. She put on some socks and then some black sweatpants. A red “Go Pioneers!” sweatshirt finished her dressing. She ran a comb through her shoulder-length strawberry-blonde hair and put it up into a ponytail. Grabbing her goggles, school i.d., and her room keys she headed out for her swim.

Part Four * Check the Expiration Date *

Shelly pushed her dorm room open with more force than needed, making it swing back and hit the potted plant behind the door. The plant fell over with a thud, soil landing everywhere. Shelly threw her keys across the room onto the bed and shouted, “Ass!” As the door slammed shut behind her she closed her eyes a minute and let out a long- winded sigh. Crouching to pick up the dirt spilt from her plant, she saw her hands were shaking. Trey hadn’t gotten her this angry in a long time. Shelly couldn’t believe a morning that started out so nicely had soured so quickly.

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