The Competition: A Very Short Story

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I opened the door to Tommy’s room. “You ready?” I asked.


“Blindfold on?”

“I’m all set.”

“Okay.” I really shouldn’t be doing this, but I told myself I was only trying to help. “I’m sending in Number One.”

It had only been a few hours earlier that I’d first knocked on his door. “Tommy,” I’d said, “I need a favor from you.”


“It’s a big favor.”

“Okay,” he said with a grin. “Not-so-sure. What’s up?”

“You’re still a virgin, right?”

The smile fell away from his face. “Isn’t that kind of personal?”

“Actually, it was rhetorical.” I knew that at 18, a year younger than I was, Tommy had never had a steady girlfriend. There was nothing wrong with him, he was actually pretty hot-looking, but he’s always been horribly shy around girls. “Two of my friends, and I’m not telling you their names, have been bickering the past few days over who gives the better blow jobs. You’ve never had a blow job either, tight?”

He gave me another sour look. “Susan…”

“It’s important.” I reached behind me and grabbed the end of my waist-length pony tail, fingering it the way I do when I’m feeling nervous.

“Susan, what’s going on here?”

“Okay, here’s the thing: they want you to be the judge. Since you’ve never had a bj, and they’re not looking for you to be their boyfriend, you’re perfect. What do you say?”

His eyes brightened. “Are you kidding? I’d have to be stupid, gay and dead to say no to something like that. But how can escort bayan gaziantep we do this without me knowing who they are?”

And now, a few hours later, with our parents out at the movies, I walked over to the right aide of his bed, waved my hand in front of his face to make sure he was completely blind, and pulled my long t-shirt over my head. I was naked except for a pair of panties, and they were already wet.

I pulled back his blanket. He was naked underneath, as we’d arranged, and his cock (not surprisingly) was sticking straight up.

I sucked just the head of his cock into my mouth, while playing with his balls. He groaned softly, and I took more of it, stroking it with my tongue.

It felt as if he was about to cum, so I stopped for about half a minute. Then I pushed my mouth down onto his cock slowly, but kept going until it hit the back of my throat. I sucked hard, as if I were milking his cock. He felt close to cumming again, and I let his cock slide out of my mouth, grabbed my t-shirt, and walked back to the doorway. He groaned with frustration when he realized I was leaving him.

This was all so evil on so many levels. I pinched both of my nipples hard, very hard, and almost came.

“Are you ready for Number Two?”

“God, yes,” he said.

I pulled off my panties and dropped them in the hallway next to where I’d tossed my t-shirt, then walked back to the bed. This time I got into it from the left side bayan gaziantep escort and straddled him, my wet naked pussy just inches from his face as I brought my mouth down on his twitching cock.

I sucked him frantically, while lowering my pussy closer to his mouth. Finally he grabbed my hips and pulled me down to him, thrusting his tongue in and out of my wet box. For a kid who’d never done this before, he was certainly a fast learner.

Like last time, I stopped just before he came. Unfortunately, this time, it also meant stopping before I came.

Back at the doorway, I said “Well, Judge… who’s the better cocksucker?”

“Well, Number Two added a little extra, as I’m sure you saw. But as for the sucking itself, they were both great — though if one of them had let me cum, that certainly would have clinched it.”

“Tie-breaker round, then?”

“Sure thing.”

I walked back to the bed for a third time, straddled my little brother, facing him this time, and lowered my hot, wet pussy, onto his hard cock. I pushed down hard, taking my little brother’s cherry once and for all.

He gasped when he realized what had happened, then reached up and started playing with my bare boobs. If all this this didn’t help him gain confidence with girls — yeah, I was still telling myself I was only doing this to help him with his self-confidence — nothing would. And any guy who’s such a natural at eating pussy will never be without gaziantep bayan escort a girlfriend for long.

My little brother was filling my pussy so wonderfully. I wished I’d come up with this scam months ago. It was going to be so difficult, from now on, to pretend I’d never felt him deep inside me.

He began grunting faster now, and I knew he was going to cum soon. I was close as well. I thrust myself down onto his cock more forcefully.

Suddenly, Tommy said “Susan, I want to look at you when I cum,” took his right hand of my boob, and yanked off the blindfold.

“No, don’t!” I shouted. But I never paused in humping him: I was too far gone already. “Wait a minute, you knew it was me?”

“It was, was, aaaaaargh!” he shouted, as he thrust his body up at me and shot one, two, three loads of cum deep inside of me. Oh god, my little brother’s making me cum!

When I finally rolled off of him, and we both began to catch our breath, he finished his sentence. “It was your long pony-tail. I felt it on my belly when Number One was blowing me, and on my hip when I was 69-ing with Number Two. I may have been a virgin, but I wasn’t stupid.”

“So you knew all the time?”

He’d turned on his side, and was looking over my naked body. Okay, I was checking him out a bit as well: little brother wasn’t just good-looking, he had a thick cock that was almost calling out to be sucked again.”Yup”

I smacked him lightly on the side of his head. “And you let me keep doing it?”

“Shit yeah. I told you, I’m not stupid. One and Two were both great”

“You weren’t so bad yourself, Tommy. How would you like me to introduce you to some of my friends for real?”

He crawled between my legs, and positioned the tip of his cock by my still-dripping pussy lips. “Are you sure you wouldn’t rather keep me for yourself?” he asked.

And then he pushed it. Oh god…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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