The Concert Ch. 05

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Jason lounged in the Eames chair, a towel draped loosely over his sinewy legs, watching the two women, laying naked on the bed, grinding their bodies together. He had been told unambiguously (if silently) to sit and watch rather than to join in. He was happy to do so.

Amanda and Danielle were kissing passionately, with a fervor that caused Jason’s heart to pound. Their hands were moving over each other’s bodies, almost desperately, touching, caressing, exploring. It was as if a pent-up passion had been unleashed and had found its expression in one sudden outpouring.

The sound of their mouths, licking and smacking on each other’s bodies, along with the soft moans from both of them, was hypnotic. As Jason sat riveted by their lovemaking, his cock began to lengthen. He took the towel from his lap and tossed it aside.

Danielle was kissing Amanda’s neck and whispering in Amanda’s ear. Jason couldn’t quite hear what she was saying.

“You’re so beautiful, Amanda. I want to make love to you. Lay back now. Close your eyes.”

Amanda smiled and closed her eyes, laying on her back. Danielle started to lightly kiss her face, her neck, and shoulders. She got on her hands and knees and let her full breasts brush against Amanda’s skin. She let out a girlish giggle.


Danielle brushed her nipple across Amanda’s cheek and brought it to her mouth. Her eyes closed, Amanda parted her lips and encircled it with her wet mouth and tongue.

“That’s it. Suck it. Feels so good,” Danielle whispered.

Amanda sucked the nipple into her mouth hungrily, pressing it against the roof of her mouth with her tongue. She could feel it hardening in her mouth, growing bigger and firmer. Danielle gently removed it, replacing it with the other. Amanda suckled it like a hungry baby.

As Jason watched, his cock hardened, stretching out long and resting against the side of his leg. He licked his lips, longing to be sharing their experience.

Danielle replaced her nipple with her mouth, and kissed Amanda deeply. Then she began to kiss her neck and shoulders, using her tongue to trace the outline of Amanda’s heaving breast. Amanda let out a soft moan. When her mouth found her nipple and caressed it, flicking it with her tongue, Amanda moaned again.

Danielle’s lips and tongue played with Amanda’s nipples until they, too, were standing up. Both women were in a heightened state of arousal, their nipples sticking out and up.

Danielle worked her way down Amanda’s body, over her abdomen, and to the shaved area of her pussy. She was on her hands and knees, like an animal reaching down to feed, to lick, to explore. Jason had a clear view of Danielle’s pussy; it was dripping wet. She was obviously loving this. So was he.

Danielle slowly parted Amanda’s legs, and started to kiss the inside of her thighs. Amanda spread her legs as if to say “put your tongue here, please.” Danielle took her time but then finally obliged, letting her warm tongue slide between the folds of her wet pussy. Amanda let out a loud moan and Jason felt a throbbing in his cock.

Danielle glided her tongue slowly up and down her labia and over her clitoris, and then let it delve deep inside her hole, and out again. Over and over, her tongue repeated its circuitous route. Amanda was writhing now, her fingers in her mouth, her head thrashing side to side.

After many minutes of this, Danielle paused, lifted her head and glanced behind her. Jason was sitting spread eagle, his arms gripping the arms of the chair, his cock big now, filling with blood. Danielle smiled and crept slowly to Amanda’s side, whispering in her ear.

“Guess what? Baby’s here. And he’s been watching you. Watching me make love to you with my tongue. And he’s so turned on. Look at him.”

Amanda opened her eyes and raised herself onto her elbows. She could see Jason smiling at her, his long cock laying against his thigh.

“Do you want to give him a show? Drive him crazy?” Danielle whispered. Amanda looked at her and nodded, her eyes wide with excitement. “Come.”

Danielle guided Amanda to the edge of the bed, right in front of Jason. She sat on the very edge while Danielle knelt on the floor at her feet. She slowly spread Amanda’s legs revealing the wettest pussy Jason had ever seen.

While Amanda sat facing Jason, her legs spread, Danielle began to stimulate her clit with her tongue. She glided her tongue in an undulating fashion, so each time it entered her, it rubbed her clit. Amanda sat straight backed, looking right in Jason’s eyes, one hand playing with her nipple, the other in her mouth.

Jason watched her, hypnotized.

Amanda started to gasp and moan each time Danielle’s tongue brushed over her clit. She seemed to know exactly what would send bolts of electricity through Amanda’s body. Amanda arched her back, her breasts thrust upward, her nipples big and hard.

Jason’s cock flopped onto his stomach. It was as long as any Amanda had ever seen. Longer even than Franco’s.

Danielle worked Amanda’s clit and she could tell her orgasm was approaching. anadolu yakası escort Amanda moaned loudly, her breasts heaving. She lifted her hips to meet Danielle’s face and tongue.

Jason was licking his lips now, panting.

Danielle turned and glanced at Jason, then looked up at Amanda.

“Look at how turned on he is. From watching you. You turn him on so much.”

She turned back to Jason.

“Doesn’t she turn you on, Baby? Isn’t Amanda hot?”

Jason could hardly talk.

“Oh, yeah. Fuckin’ hot.”

Danielle turned to Amanda.

“Do you want him to touch himself? While he watches you? Do you want that?”

Amanda was heaving now. She nodded her head “yes” vigorously.

“Tell him. Tell him what you want him to do,” Danielle whispered.

Amanda looked at Jason. She was breathing heavily.

“Baby. I want you take that big cock in your hand. Do it, baby.”

Jason reached down and gripped his cock, raising it so it stood straight up. It was rock hard.

“Now, I want you to stroke it, baby. Stroke it for me. It’s such a turn on. It’ll make me come. You do want to see me come, don’t you?”

Now it was Jason’s turn to nod energetically.

Danielle turned to Amanda and smiled, then buried her face in Amanda’s pussy. Amanda leaned back, her eyes fixed on Jason’s cock. He was stroking it, pulling the skin down so the head swelled upward, the veins bulging.

Danielle held her tongue against Amanda’s swollen clitoris and shook her head quickly from side to side. Amanda felt her orgasm rise and crest over her.

As Jason stroked himself, Amanda’s orgasm filled her body. He watched her body shake as pre-cum oozed out of the tip. When her orgasm finally subsided, she fell backwards onto the bed. Danielle crawled up beside her, her lips at her ear.

“You’re so beautiful when you come,” she whispered sensuously. Amanda smiled, her eyes closed. “So beautiful.” She looked back at Jason.

“Mmmmmm. Jason’s so turned on by you. He’s still big and hard. He didn’t come yet. I’m hot too. You’ve got me so wet right now. Can we fuck you, Amanda? We both want to fuck you so bad.”

Amanda let out a giggle, her eyes still closed. She nodded her head.

Danielle turned to Jason who was still stroking his rigid cock.

“C’mon, baby. You’re up.”

Jason was on the bed in an instant, laying next to Amanda, on the other side of her from Danielle. His fingers lightly grazed across Amanda’s tummy. She smiled.

“We’re going to give Amanda a little treat,” she cooed softly. “You and I are going to give her whatever it is she wants. It’s all about her.”

Jason nodded, understanding perfectly and ready to play his role — whatever it might entail.

“Amanda said she likes her breasts to be licked. Shall we?”

With that, they lowered their heads and began to lick her breasts, sliding their tongues over her already hard nipples, and wrapping their lips around them. Amanda placed one hand behind each of their heads and pulled them to her breasts. She arched her back. They sucked and tongued her nipples while their hands glided up and down her body. The feeling was electric.

Danielle lifted her head and resumed her narrative, in a soft, whispering voice.

“We know you’ve been watching us. Watching us fuck. Touching yourself. It got us so excited. Knowing you were right there. All wet. And hot. We want you, Amanda. What do you want us to do?”

Amanda looked at Danielle, then at Jason. She thought a moment.

“I want you and me to be on top.”

Danielle and Jason looked at each other.

“Show us,” Danielle said. “Show us what you want.”

Amanda sat up and turned Jason over on his back. His cock stretched past his navel, long and thick. Amanda guided Danielle to Jason’s head. She was on her hands and knees, facing his feet, her full breasts hanging down.

Amanda took Jason’s hand and guided it to his cock. She led him to hold it straight up in the air. She licked her lips, leaned down, and licked the precum off the tip. She swirled her tongue around the head and took it into her mouth, and let it pop out with a smack.

She got on her hands, straddling him, facing Danielle. With her eyes fixed on Danielle’s, she ever so slowly maneuvered herself so that her dripping wet pussy was hovering over Jason’s cock. As if in slow motion, she lowered herself down onto Jason’s throbbing cock, her eyes and Danielle’s fixed on one other.

Amanda’s mouth was open as she slowly pushed herself down on the tip of his cock, until it popped into her, making her gasp. She stayed fixated on Danielle as she pushed herself down onto the shaft, feeling it enter her, filling her.

Jason was perfectly still, letting Amanda control the moment; Danielle watched her with fiery eyes.

“Now,” Amanda moaned. “I want him to lick your pussy.”

Danielle smiled and positioned herself over Jason’s face, and lowered her pussy to his mouth. His tongue received it enthusiastically. She felt him slide atalar escort his tongue over her lips, and enter her, probing her already dripping wet pussy.

Amanda studied the expression on Danielle’s face, watching her gasp as Jason fucked her with his tongue. She watched Danielle’s ample breast start to heave as he tongued her clit. She let out a whimper when she felt Jason’s tongue thrusting deep inside her.

When Amanda knew that she and Danielle were feeling the same thing, she started to move her body, undulating to take Jason even deeper. Slowly, she rolled her hips so that his cock massaged her insides and his pubic bone rubbed against her clit. She arched her back, touching her breasts, and playing with her nipples. She let out a moan. She was putting on a show. This time, for Danielle.

Jason, meanwhile, was taking it all in, every sound, every smell, every image. The scent of Danielle’s pussy was filling his senses. She was incredibly wet, with a salty sweetness that made him so hot. He could hear the sounds of the two women moaning, and that made his cock swell. Occasionally, he would catch a glimpse of Amanda, her eyes locked on Danielle’s, her body undulating in the sexiest motion he had ever seen. He felt like he could come at any moment.

Danielle was staring at Amanda, the way she moved her hips, grinding on top of Jason’s cock, the look in her eyes as she took him deep inside her. It made Danielle so hot. She tilted her pelvis forward to give Jason’s tongue access to her clit. He found it and went to work instantly, licking and sucking it until Danielle was moaning too. She arched her back. Showing Amanda her big, beautiful breasts, caressing them, pinching the nipples to make them stand out.

Amanda circled her hips, taking Jason’s cock all the way inside, feeling him fill her completely. She arched her back, her hands bracing herself on Jason’s thighs, her breasts reaching up in the air. She could feel her orgasm approaching. Never did her eyes leave Danielle’s.

Danielle watched Amanda getting closer and closer to coming. She felt SHE was the one riding Jason’s huge cock; just as Amanda felt she was the one licking Danielle’s pussy. Danielle’s eyes started to flutter as she felt herself about to come. She pressed herself against Jason’s face. She couldn’t get enough of the feeling of his tongue inside her.

Jason could feel Danielle’s pussy as it started to contract and he knew she was on the verge of coming. He reached up with his hands and felt Danielle’s full breasts. He rubbed the nipples and his tongue worked overtime on her clit. His cock felt bigger and harder than it had ever been.

Amanda leaned forward, her hands braced on his chest. She was so close to her orgasm. Jason started to raise his hips, sliding his long cock into her. Danielle, heaving now, leaned forward too, her hands on top of Amanda’s. They were face to face.

“Kiss me,” Amanda groaned.

Danielle’s mouth found Amanda’s, their tongues meeting instantly. Jason lifted his hips, pumping Amanda now, and flicking Danielle’s clit with his tongue. Amanda’s body began to shudder as she started to climax. She cried out.

“Oh yeah,” whispered Danielle. “It feels so good. I love how he’s fucking you. He’s fucking us both.”

Jason loved hearing that he had a central role in their fantasy. He was living HIS fantasy — fucking two women at once, one with his cock and the other with his tongue. He lifted his hips, pressing deep into Amanda’s pussy, almost involuntarily. Danielle’s hands found Amanda’s breasts, pinching the nipples, making her groan even louder. Amanda’s body was bucking now, shaking as she climaxed.

“That’s it. Come for me. I’ve wanted this for so long. I’ve wanted you.”

Danielle’s fingers reached down to Amanda’s pussy. She could feel Jason’s cock sliding in and out of her. She began to rub her clitoris fast.

Amanda literally screamed with pleasure as she came. Danielle watched her intently, amazed at the intensity of her orgasm. Jason, too, watched her from between Danielle’s dripping legs, lifting and lowering his hips to extend and further ignite her climax. He still hadn’t come though he felt he could explode at any moment.

Eventually, Amanda slumped and Danielle held her. Jason slowed his pumping. Amanda’s eyes were closed, her body limp like a rag doll. Danielle gently laid her down on Jason’s chest.

After Amanda rolled over on her side, Danielle curled up next to her, facing her, also on her side. Jason disengaged from her, and lay next to Amanda on the other side. He hadn’t come yet and his cock was still long and hard.

Amanda was catching her breath, touching Danielle’s face, while Danielle softly ran her fingertips over her skin. Jason was spooning her from behind and she could feel his breath on her neck, and his hard cock against her ass. She reached back and grabbed Jason’s ass, pulling him to her, while she felt Danielle’s breast pressed against her own.

“Looks like we’ve got an Amanda sandwich,” said ataşehir escort Jason as he pressed his body against her backside. Truly, Amanda felt Danielle and Jason’s soft skin, as well as their hands all over her body. It felt wonderful.

“What do you feel like?” Danielle whispered in her ear. “What do you want us to do?”

“Mmmmmm,” moaned Amanda. “You’ve done everything wonderfully.”

“I want to act out your fantasy,” Danielle whispered. “You know, the one with Franco and whatshername.”


“Yeah, Isabelle. That’s Franco right behind you. Can you feel him?”

Amanda moaned softly and reached back to feel his curly hair. He kissed her on the neck.

“Yes, I feel him. Baby, you feel so good.”

“And I’m Isabelle. Tell us what you want,” Danielle whispered.

Amanda thought a moment and then looked at Danielle.

“I want to watch you. Both of you. And then I want to join you. And I want the three of us to fuck.”

Danielle nodded her head and guided Amanda to the easy chair. She leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips, then returned to the bed.

Amanda watched as Danielle slid next to Jason and rolled over on her back. He kissed her deeply and cupped her breast in his strong hand. He rubbed her nipples with the palm of his hand, and began to kiss her neck.

“What’s going on?” he whispered, so only Danielle could hear.

Danielle kissed his face, her mouth next to his ear.

“We’re acting out her fantasy. I’m her roommate. You’re her roommate’s Italian boyfriend.” Jason smiled and nodded.

She rolled over so she was atop him. She brushed her big breasts over his face and mouth. He reached up hungrily to suck them.

Danielle kissed his chest and stomach. She took his cock in her hands and raised it up. She ran her tongue from the base to the tip, and swirled it over the head. She pressed the tip against her bee-stung lips and let it slowly push into her mouth. He felt her warm, wet mouth and soft lips envelope his hardness. It felt like he had just entered the most luscious pussy in the world. He moaned loudly. Amanda, watching, let her finger find her own pussy, massaging her clit.

Danielle ran her tongue over the head of his cock, circling it, sucking it. He moaned again. She opened her mouth wide and took him slowly into her throat. She slowly slid it out and turned to Amanda.

“This is too big for me to eat all by myself. You want to share?”

Amanda smiled mischievously and crawled onto the bed. She came to the other side of Jason, face to face with Danielle. Her tongue slowly licked the length of Jason’s cock as Danielle watched. Then Danielle took a turn and licked Jason’s cock, running it over the tip and making him shudder. Soon both of them were licking at the same time, voraciously. Then their tongues touched, and they were licking his cock, and each other.

Amanda wrapped her lips around the head of his cock, licking it, feeling its soft contours. Then Danielle did the same, taking the hard tip into her warm mouth. They were taking turns, sucking him, licking him, watching each other. Again and again they traded off, licking the shaft, taking the head in their mouths, sucking him. Jason began moaning loudly. He had never felt anything like this before.

Then Amanda began licking simultaneously with Danielle, licking all around his tip while Danielle was doing the same. Her tongue was sliding over his cock and onto Danielle’s tongue, and back onto Jason’s cock. For Jason it was like the best blow job he’d ever experienced—times ten. Amanda became so excited she began to kiss and lick Danielle’s mouth passionately, with Jason’s cock in between them. They were tonguing each other, while his hard cock pressed against their faces. It took every ounce of Jason’s willpower to keep from coming.

“God, I want you,” Amanda moaned. “I want to make love to you. To your pussy. With my mouth.”

Danielle was also breathing hard.

“Oh, I want that. I’ve wanted that from the moment I saw you. Please. Lick me. Lick my pussy.”

Danielle lay back, her breasts heaving, her nipples hard and extended. She arched her back and parted her legs. Amanda’s mouth found her pussy, her tongue entering her wetness. Danielle gasped.

While Amanda let her tongue explore every crevice Jason took some initiative of his own. First, he started by giving Danielle’s erect nipples a good hard suck, causing her to moan. Then he got behind Amanda, whose ass was raised as she licked Danielle. He rubbed the tip of his engorged cock against her wet, warm pussy. It felt incredible. For both of them.

Slowly, he pushed the head of his cock between the folds of her pussy. She was SO wet, SO hot, he could hardly believe it. She must be living her fantasy after all.

Amanda was eating Danielle with such passion, such abandon. She was sending her tongue deep into Danielle’s hole, as far as she could reach, and then flicking the clit on the way out. She was using her whole face, her body, as she devoured Danielle’s pussy with her mouth. It made Jason so turned on, his cock throbbed.

He pushed his rock hard cock inside Amanda’s pussy. Slowly. Steadily. Deeply. Amanda moaned as she felt his length filling her. Her ass was up in the air, her legs spread, her pussy open to him, and Jason was able to sink his entire length deep inside her. He could feel the tip of his cock rubbing against her cervix. Amanda moaned again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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