The Confused Boyfriend Pt. 02

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I recently coined the term “confused boyfriend” to describe the main characters in a number of stories by Craptain Planet, Captain Ron and ThePornGuy amongst others. Men who have inadvertently let their loving girlfriends carry on with their friends and housemates and others because the girlfriend believes that she has her boyfriend’s approval. If you don’t like this sort of provocation, well, you’ve been warned.


Miranda and I lay on the bed, spent from the fucking that followed my admission of everything I had done at the party. Since Miranda’s best friend Caris was involved in my adventures, there wasn’t much point leaving anything out. Either I told Miranda or Caris would later. Miranda encouraged me to tell her all the details, and we both got turned on as I described to her how things had escalated from just me and Caris to an unexpected foursome. Miranda could see I was getting excited as I told her about the watching and the participating and soon Miranda was undressing, as she was as turned on as I was.

“What if it was me instead of Caris?” Miranda asked. I had no answer to that challenge except to smother her in kisses as our bodies meshed and we engulfed each other.

Afterwards, Miranda told me she loved me, and I told her that I couldn’t live without her. We cleaned up, showered, drove out for a coffee together at the beach like nothing strange had happened the night before. Even though I felt a dark cloud gathering with what Miranda would tell me about her experiences while I was with Caris. Miranda seemed unfussed while we were out and I kept cool and didn’t ask anything. I think she appreciated that.

When we got back home, I put some music on and we settled on the couch. Miranda looked at me with the love that she had expressed before. “I guess you want to know what I was doing while you were busy fucking my best friend at the party,” she smiled with her best teasing smile. “Don’t look worried. When I told you that I gave you and Caris my permission I meant it. I trust you, Carl Cruikshank. Why shouldn’t I? I know that you’re mine, and you’re so good to me, that makes me happy to obey whenever you tell me what to do.” Miranda gave me a mysterious look. “And I didn’t do anything that you didn’t give me permission to do,” she added.

I didn’t quite remember giving my permission for Miranda to do anything at the party, but when Miranda had gone into the bedroom with the other two girls, Caris had insisted that I had given my permission and that Miranda was happy to obey me. That was before Caris took me into the other bedroom with Meg and Billy. And, as Caris suggested to me afterwards, what was done was done. And did I really want to lose Miranda or tell her off and make her upset? Of course not. I love her.

“I love it when you make up these stories about what you get up to when I’m not around,” Miranda gushed. “And you made me promise that I had to tell you everything I got up to,” she added.

I didn’t remember that either but maybe I had forgotten it in the haze of the party. And I could see that Miranda was going to tell me her story, and I knew and she knew what that would lead to. I know how this goes.

My expectation of what Miranda would tell me went something like this:

“There were three girls and two guys on the bed, so I felt safe,” she would start.

“Wait,” I would reply. “I knew there was one guy there, I heard him calling for you when I was outside. But there was a second?” I sat up straight at my end of the couch.

“The other guy was large and tall, the big silent type. He didn’t say much. Maybe that’s why you didn’t hear him,” Miranda confided but she looked worried because now I looked worried.

“Okay,” I would reply, now a little concerned.

“I was in there with the other two girls. The boys were lying back on the bed naked showing themselves off and grinning at all of us. Trina and Peta went and got busy with the two boys so I was the odd one out and no one was caring about me. So I sat in a chair watching while they started to get intimate with each other. They were all moaning, really not caring about me. So as a joke I told them. I said ‘there’s enough of these guys for you two girls, but what am I supposed to do?’ Well, how was I to know they were going to take me seriously? The two girls ganged up on me, and stripped me of all my clothes. I wasn’t going to put up a fight in case they tore something. Because then I wouldn’t have anything to wear back into the party. So suddenly I was naked. And then the next thing I knew there were these two dicks waving in my face.”

“What did you do about that?” I could feel my heartrate start to increase.

“Well, I told them all to behave and that my boyfriend was on the other side of the door. But the boys just laughed and said that was the perfect place for him. Trina piped up something like ‘why is your boyfriend there and not in here?’ Which I thought was a bit cruel. But then I thought of you with Caris and what you were getting up to with her, getting her to blow you…”

I thought of reminding Miranda Göztepe Escort that the blow job I got from Caris was her idea not mine. But I couldn’t see what good that would do and I didn’t want to get into an argument about it.

Miranda slinked close to me on the couch and looked up into my eyes. “And then I thought, well, if it’s okay for you have your way with my best friend then I guess it wouldn’t be that bad if I had a bit of fun with Neil and Wayne. Especially since Peta and Trina were holding me down,” she stated with a serious look on her face. Was she being careful not to hurt my feelings?

I tried to look concerned for Miranda’s predicament with these two boys without scaring her into thinking that I didn’t approve. “They were forcing you?” I asked her eventually.

Miranda slapped my wrist playfully. “No, Silly, it was just playing. I could have easily got out of their grip if I wanted to. We were all laughing. And the boys seemed to like it especially when the two girls started to play with my breasts. They were watching that closely. So both the boys got hard. Boys always like it when girls play with other girls. You like this story, don’t you?” Miranda reached right over to tease me, playing with what was becoming a big bulge in the front of my pants. She seemed to be encouraged by that and continued. “So the boys had some fun with me. Don’t worry, they were really nice and considerate. But I was thinking of you the whole time. And then while the boys were looking after me, I saw that the two girls were getting serious together, licking and fingering each other. That was a shame because I would have liked to be doing that with them instead. But since the girls were busy, I had to concentrate on making sure that the boys were being looked after properly. But they were so considerate with me. They weren’t in a rush or anything and they were totally concentrating on making sure I was getting satisfied. Isn’t that what you want, that your girlfriend is enjoying herself, even when you’re not around? They were really nice. When the boys finished with me, the girls looked after them, so everyone was happy. And I knew that I didn’t have to worry about you because Caris was looking after you and keeping you out of trouble.”

And that is how it may have gone if there wasn’t a knock on our front door at that moment. Since we were in the living room with the music up, there was no pretending we weren’t at home.

“I’ll get it,” Miranda insisted, leaping up eagerly to see who was at the door. She was back in a moment. “Look,” she gushed, “guess who it is. It’s Caris, she has wine.”

And so there she was.

I stood up and Caris came over to peck me on the cheek. I noticed that she wore a smart short dress that showed off her nice legs.

“Are you eying off my legs, Carl?” she demanded sweetly realising where my head was. “I thought you’d seen enough of them last night!” And she shuffled around to let her dress ride up her thighs just that little bit higher.

“Leave the poor guy alone,” Miranda laughed as she snatched the wine from her friend.

We all sat on the couch, it was big enough for us all to feel comfortable. “We have been comparing notes about last night,” Miranda told Caris while I grinned like an idiot.

“What did I miss?” Caris asked us both, smiling like a conspirator.

“Carl told me everything you two got up to,” Miranda laughed, “not that I believe any of it. He had all sorts of wild stories about an orgy you were in. So unlikely. You’re just in time. I was about to tell him what I was doing.”

Caris looked over to me, so I shrugged back at her. She smiled at Miranda. “So what did you get up to?” Caris demanded with a curious look.

“Let’s get some drinks into us,” Miranda suggested to me with a look that clearly said get that organised. So I left the two of them together for a moment while I went out of the room with Caris’ bottle to organise the requested fluids.

Miranda smiled at me as she sipped at her drink. Caris looked mildly guilty as she clutched her drink. Obviously they had been talking.

Miranda asked me “how much did you like the headjob that Caris gave you?”

I started to mumble something. Caris and Miranda looked at each other and smiled about a secret they shared. “You tell him,” Caris eventually urged Miranda. It was your idea, after all.”

Miranda looked a bit embarrassed. “That wasn’t Caris, it was me,” she mumbled into her chest.

“You?” I spluttered, “what do you mean? You pushed me into the room with Caris and then left, left us alone. And you’re tall with dark hair and she’s short and blonde in case you two haven’t noticed.”

“Ah, boys,” Caris smiled.

Miranda tried to make me understand. “We had it all planned, a bit of fun. The room was dark, right? I mean how could you be sure who it was on their knees with your cock in their mouth?”

“But it was Caris, the blonde hair. I could see that, even in the dark,” I protested.

“Have you ever heard of blonde wigs?” Miranda asked me with that look that she gave me on İstanbul Escort the many occasions when she knew something that I didn’t.

Caris piped up. “From my experience it is hard, haha, for you men to distinguish between the blowjob techniques of different women especially in a dark room when you have been, well, indulging.”

While she was talking, I realised that Miranda had left the room. She came back at that moment and was indeed wearing a blonde wig. “Sisters,” she laughed hugging Caris to suggest to me that they now looked enough like each other to trick me, given the right conditions. Miranda had one of her scarves in her hands, as she taunted me. “Do you like your new blonde girlfriend?”

I shook my head not sure what was really going on.

“Now,” Miranda continued, “let me blindfold you.” I didn’t resist and she knew how to do it well enough that there was no way I was going to see anything. Hands started to loosen my jeans and soon they and my jocks were down. “Test,” Miranda breathed in my ear. “Let’s see if you can work out which one of us is giving you this headjob.”

I could only rely on sensations from my cock which had someone’s lips around it, a tongue licking up and down and then the feeling of lips going down my shaft, burying it deep in their mouth. But I knew it could have been anyone on their knees in front of me, getting me erect while their friend looked on. And with the blindfold I didn’t even know how long this was going on.

I had my eyesight back again and my jeans done back up. The girls sat on either side of me as if it was the most natural thing in the world for one of them to give me a blowjob while the other watched and then for them to conspire not to tell me which one had done it. Of course Miranda was right. I had no idea which of them had given it to me and the smug looks on both their faces weren’t going to give me any clues.

“And now it’s time for me to confess,” Miranda announced. I was a bit disappointed that this was going to happen while Caris was with us. But then given how the events of the party were unfolding, I could not really object to anything that Miranda or Caris suggested.

“You virtually forced me to go into that room with Trina and Peta and that guy,” Miranda began. “I thought you were going to come in after us and look after me. But I suppose you wanted to be with Caris. After the blowjob that you didn’t get from her and all. I guess that was my fault, making you think that I wanted her to give it to you. Will you forgive me? Anyway I guess that anything that you did get up to with Caris was my fault.” Miranda look over at Caris pleadingly. “You’re still my best friend, will you forgive me?” she asked Caris who, in response, reached across me to give her friend a hug. I was obviously not important at that moment.

“Anyway, Peta and Trina were already ready and they quickly went to work on him. I think his name was Trevor. Let’s call him Trevor,” she decided and continued. “Since the girls had most of their clothes off – as I know you noticed, you man with his eyes poking out of his head – it only took them a moment to get going with Trevor. I have never watched anyone having sex from so close, let alone three people in a bed together. So I was paying a lot of attention. Peta and Trina took turns to blow Trevor and he was lying on his back for them and he seemed to like what they were doing. But they were careful to avoid each other, so I guess they weren’t lesbians. But that was okay. Of course, Trevor wanted them to decide which one of them was going fuck him first.”

“How did they decide?” Caris asked while I sat quietly still not exactly sure how to participate in the telling.

“Trina just announced that she would be first and got up on top of Trevor and started to go for it. Since she was sitting up on him, Peta was able to reach down and kiss him and hold his head in her hands. Trevor tried to get her to play with Trina’s breasts. She did it for a bit, but like I said, they weren’t really into that.”

I had to interrupt hoping I didn’t sound too aggressive when I asked “and what were you doing?”

Caris gave Miranda a look that matched my question, like this was something vital that she needed to explain. Miranda sighed at Caris and looked at me. “I was sitting in a chair watching,” she admitted and hung her head. Clearly there was more.

“And?” I demanded.

Miranda looked down at the floor and paused for a moment. “Sorry,” she mumbled. “But I got carried away with what I was watching, all the action from the three of them. So I, um, lifted up my dress and after a while I played with myself while I was watching the three of them on the bed.”

“And that’s it?” I asked gently.

“They weren’t interested in me, what they were getting up to,” Miranda apologised. She looked at me with a start. “Why, what did you think I was going to do?” she exclaimed. “It’s you I want, not some skinny stranger at a party.” She wasn’t sobbing, but she pressed her face into my shoulder as she gave me a hug.

“I think it might be time Anadolu Yakası Escort for me to go,” Caris suggested as she stood up.

“You haven’t finished your wine,” Miranda complained as she drained her glass.

Caris sat back down on the couch and looked at her. “You’re so dispassionate, Miranda. Did you feel anything while you were watching the show the others were putting on?

“I thought I made that clear,” Miranda said. “I wanted Carl to be there with me. The guys and the girls were just thrusting and swapping and moving into positions. It was getting me excited, but it was almost like watching gymnastics.”

“Not exactly gymnastics,” Caris suggested while I studied the two of them.

“Not exactly,” Miranda agreed, “but not far away from it. No passion. It was purely the physical side of it. How could it be anything else when they barely knew each other. But it makes me wonder what I look like when I’m with you, Carl.”

“I can always film you two, Miranda,” Caris offered. “How about it?” She seemed keen, probably much more so than Miranda.

Miranda looked over at me, unsure. “What do you think Carl?” she wondered. I couldn’t quite read her intent when she concluded “I’ve never thought about filming my own porno.”


Miranda was sitting in the private backroom of a city coffee shop with Trina when I arrived, as requested at ten o’clock in the morning.

“Okay,” I asked, “what is this all about?”

Miranda leant over and took my hand gently and gave me a kiss on the cheek as I sat down with them. “I wanted you to hear Trina’s side of the story,” she urged.

“You can’t see my breasts at the moment,” Trina informed me, decked out in a blouse that buttoned to the neck.

“That is true,” I agreed.

“Would you like to?” she asked.

I looked at Miranda. “Is that why we’re here?” I asked her, but she didn’t give me any clue which seemed a bit odd. “You have very nice breasts,” I informed Trina, “but I think you can keep them to yourself for the time being.”

“That’s good,” she replied. “I don’t like getting between couples. I’m not a relationship breaker or anything like that.”

“I’d like to see your breasts again,” Miranda decided.

I looked around the room. We were the only ones there and the front of the shop seemed pretty quiet. Trina seemed to have reached the same conclusion, but still she hesitated. “Here?” she asked Miranda.

“Why not?” Miranda shrugged.

So Trina unbuttoned her blouse, opened it out around her breasts and looked at Miranda who smiled back so she lowered the cups of her bra.

“That looks about right,” Miranda concluded. She reached over and feigned to brush some crumbs or something off them. Trina looked at me a little helpless. So I smiled and she blushed.

Miranda decided she needed to get the story happening. “Trina, tell Carl what happened at the party.”

For some reason, Trina ran her hands over her breasts, making sure that her blouse was spread around them while she seemed to be trying to recollect what went on. She stopped playing with her breasts and put her hands on the table when she was ready. “So there were the four of us in the room…”

“Four?” I needed to confirm.

She thought about it to confirm. “Yeah, Miranda, Peta and the boy.”

“Trevor,” Miranda suggested.

“Yeah, that was his name,” Trina agreed unconvincingly. “He liked my breasts. Licked them, sucked them, played with them for a while, while, what were you and Peta doing at the time?” Trina asked Miranda, which seemed a fair question.

Miranda looked back at her without saying anything.

“You were busy with Peta,” Trina smiled. “That house just oozes sex, I know it made me do things that I never would do normally.”

“Like what?” I asked her, to be helpful.

“Trevor got my pants off pretty easily. Usually I don’t let them come off at all with someone I’ve only just met. Well, in Trevor’s case not even met. He was just there, pouring me drinks at the bar one moment. Then he was in bed taking my pants off and we were naked and he was having his way with me. And he was good, very good, memorable. Very satisfying.” Her breasts were heaving at the thought.

At that moment a woman came from behind the counter near the entrance to check on us down the back. She looked at Trina’s breasts and then at me.

“Sorry,” I said which was odd as Trina and Miranda both looked like nothing was out of the ordinary.

“Oh, that’s okay,” smiled the counter lady. “People do that here all the time.” She waited the appropriate time, then stated “tell me if there’s anything more that you’d like” in a way that made me wonder if the establishment had a dungeon too.

“You sleep with many men?” I asked.

“Enough,” Trina confirmed and then sighed. “She was nice,” Trina suggested as the serving woman went back to her station without showing any sign that she was going to make a fuss or draw attention to us. Miranda stayed silent. Trina looked at her. “You were urging us on when you weren’t fingering and licking Peta,” Trina reminded her. “And also when you were! I could have fucked him all night. And I would have too if you two hadn’t got me off him. ‘Don’t be greedy,’ you said. And Peta said ‘yeah, you’ve got to share him with us, Trina,’ and she just about lifted me off the poor guy.”

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