The Convention Pt. 12 Epilogue

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This puts the story of the Walkers and Carruthers to bed. It is a review story covering the years and events, some sexual, some not, after the first cabin visit.

There are some polyam terms used. Definitions are at the end of the story.

As Marcy Carruthers sat in her office waiting for an important telephone call, she read through a diary she’d been keeping since the Carruthers and Walkers began a polyamorous relationship six years previously. She’d forgotten how much had changed.

The diary served as the foundation of several erotic stories she’d published about their early days. She let each of her other partners read the material and suggest changes before publication. Some of the yarns were well received; others not so much. Surprisingly, her efforts had an unforeseen effect that she’d never considered.

She’d taken to calling that week at the swinger cabin D-Day, for decision or determination, despite some derision due to its war connections.

Multitasking, she engaged in one of the group’s new kinks – to masturbate until her panties were sopped. The result would then be placed in a plastic sack and shared.

More importantly, she expected to hear from Cade about their huge project located 700 miles away. The following highlights her diary as it relates to the polyamorous group.

D-Day plus five months.

We are progressing nicely as we grow more accustomed to being intimate in various configurations. We jointly decided this weekend to allow any combination with no prior consent of all four. We get together every Friday night, usually at Cade and Lanie’s apartment. I’m looking forward to the day when Sandy and Freddie are gone to school. We have a hot tub at our house and if they’re not there, we can play in it. The few times we’ve been able to start our evenings together naked in the hot tub have been hot, in more ways than one.

Fred and I recently discussed once again his fear that I’ll leave him for Cade. I stated I wouldn’t and proved it to him in bed. We all practiced abundant love,1

I suggested he accompany Lanie when she put the finishing touches on the final two of four houses, we’d agreed to build 200 miles away, far outside our normal work area. I purposely booked one room with one king-sized bed and they both called and thanked me when they arrived. I spent the nights with Cade and Fred said he was happy with that too.

The trip was sort of a celebration in reverse of our first weekend together. During that first encounter, Cade and I made love during a construction convention away from home while Fred and Lanie stayed at home and spent the weekend together for the first time as well. While we all had an itch we wanted to scratch, I’m not sure any of us had our future beyond that weekend figured out. Certainly, no one envisioned where we are now.

D-Day plus six months

We barely got the kinks out of our new commercial construction business when Phillip and Alice announced they were leaving: Phillip because he was frustrated by seeing his recently divorced wife, Sharona, flaunting a new boyfriend around town each week; Alice because she wanted to be with Phillip. We all agreed that Sharona loved to taunt him.

Steven, one of our long-time workers, took over Phillip’s job. We hired Emily, Lanie’s former assistant at the hospital, to replace Alice. She’s recent got vested in the hospital’s retirement program. She said she stayed as long as she did because of her husband’s condition.

We also hired Grant, her husband, on a part-time basis. For the past two years, he’s been struggling through rehabilitation due to extensive injuries from an auto accident. He has a history of being an excellent project manager. We’ll put him to work cleaning up some nagging planning issues and processes.

D-Day plus one year

Alice returned and asked for her job back. We explained that her old job was filled, but we would certainly keep her in mind if the company had a vacancy. We heard she later got hired by the same firm that does our legal work.

D- Day plus 13 months

Alice had asked for a private meeting with Lanie and me. Here is what she said.

“I was part of a triad4 with my employer before I joined you previously,” she said. “I got involved with the wife first and she introduced me to her husband, which I never understood because she was always jealous of me whenever he was around. “After two years, she decided she didn’t want me there anymore. At least they gave me a good recommendation because you guys hired me right away.

“I left here not only because of Phillip, but because I understood the risks of becoming involved with my bosses. But it really was you I wanted to be with. Since I’ve been back, I’ve dated men and I’ve dated women and I still want to be with all of you.

“I’d like to become of your intimate relationship, not as a comet2, but not a sigifinant other. More like a Tocotox3.”

(She had to explain the terms to us too.)

D-Day istanbul travesti plus 13.5 months.

Her request created turmoil, almost ending our foursome. Fred has been in favor of adding someone new; Fred who rebelled against everything throughout the early days of our relationship. Lanie was against the move; Lanie, who first pushed the idea of swapping. Finally, Fred talked Lanie into some trial situations, a direct role reversal of that first weekend where Lanie had spent hours talking and showing Fred how to expand his sexual arsenal. Cade and I stayed out of the fray.

Soon, Alice is joining Fred and me in a three-way. Depending on what we say, Alice will join Cade and Lanie for another three-way. If everything remains okay, she’ll attend an event with all of us at the cabin for a weekend before we make a final decision.

D-Day plus 14 months, one week

Fred and I were extremely nervous that night because this was the first time we’d strayed outside our circle. We certainly didn’t want this screwing to screw up that relationship. Alice was a dream though. I’m already falling in love with her and I think Fred isn’t far behind. Of course, we already have the advantage of knowing her from when she worked for us before.

She is a shorter version of Lanie physically with blonde hair. She and I kissed and hugged for what seemed like forever, then turned to jointly undress Fred. We each tongued his cock, one on each side, until he warned us off. Then, we slowly undressed each other. By this time. I had lost my nervousness and she and I ended up together on our bed, faces to pussies.

I kept glancing at Fred. He beamed like a proud father, watching us intently until Alice and I both reached our first orgasms. He then climbed on the bed, pulled Alice onto her hands and knees, and brought her to two orgasms before he climaxed.

During his remarkably short recovery, Alice and I played with each other. We then got into doggie positions next to each other, holding hands and sometimes kissing. Fred switched back and forth between us. He started out making long swipes with his tongue from the small of our backs, down the butt crack, and onto our clit. He played with the other woman with his fingers so no one was left out. Once we both had another orgasm, he entered me, then her, counting the strokes out loud so we knew he was giving us equal attention. As it turned out, he deposited his load inside me, and Alice and I immediately engaged in one of our favorite sexual activities: oral sex between females. And that was just two things we did.

Lanie reported a similar experience. She is now enthusiastic about the combined weekend.

D-Day plus 14 months, three weeks

The cabin visit proved highly successful. We had feared that five people in the group might prove awkward. Instead, it enhanced everything because there were more bodies for more fun. Alice participated willingly in everything and suggested several things we’d never done before. She loved having others watch her.

D-Day plus 18 months

Yesterday was Grant’s funeral. His heart gave out last week, something we had dreaded but expected. He and Emily had decided it was better to live fully than to hang around half-assed facing the same possible outcome. We supported their decision. He helped our companies tremendously, even for the short time he worked for us.

Before the funeral, Fred and I had urged Cade and Lanie to make sure Emily wasn’t alone last night, so they took her back to their apartment. I’d seen her look at Lanie with bedroom eyes for years, but Lanie hadn’t seen it.

This morning Lanie told me that when she was consoling her friend and former employee, Emily had kissed her and said, “I’ve been wanting to do that for years, but I didn’t feel like I could because of our work situation and because of Grant.” They ended up making love and later in the evening asked Cade to join them and the three of them spent the night together.

When she told me, I laughed. “You guys were too close. Why do you think we urged you to take care of her?”

D-Day plus two years

After our experience with Alice, Lanie lead in asking Emily to join our family too. When she heard about the tests Alice had gone through, she eagerly agreed to do the same things. She loved the weekend when all six of us shared the cabin. “This is better than any fantasy I’ve ever had. Grant and I were swingers for a long time, but when he got hurt, that all stopped. I suppose I could have found someone to sleep with, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to do anything without him. It wouldn’t be fair. After years of being careful because of his illness, it’s nice to let loose again with people I care for.”

We often talked about that first weekend when the six of us shared. The men set up most of the action. The first night, we girls formed a daisy chain, staying in the same position until each of us orgasmed twice.

Once we were finished, Fred and Cade put istanbul travestileri all of us in doggie positions — which soon became to ‘go to’ position when the six of us were together – next to each other and screwed each one 10 strokes at a time until they came inside a woman. The first woman to get filled with sperm got to spend the night with their successful male lover and a female of her choosing. Cade filled Alice and Fred came in Emily. Both the men said it was because the feeling was different and new to them. Alice chose me so Lanie went with Fred and Emily.

Another favorite position quickly became two women together, one laying on the other’s back or face-to-face with legs wide open. The men would alternate between them, several strokes at a time.

Before the night ended, we explored just about every possible position two women and one man could do.

The next morning, Lanie and I shared notes. Both of us had immediately eaten out the other women to get as much of our lovers’ cum as we could.

The next night, they set us up in a round-robin system. They designated Alice as the first and me as the last in the chain. The guys were in charge of making sure that every two minutes, the head person would move down to become the end person. This way all of us got a chance to make love to every other woman. After we all orgasmed, we willingly got into the same positions as the night before and followed the same procedures, this time with different results.

Alice and Emily brought new ideas and variety to our lives, joining us for every cabin weekend and sometimes in between. They often get together for sessions. Alice sometimes dates other people, but Emily often spends time with her grandchildren. Alice regularly assures us she only intends to be permanent with us. As young as she is, she wants to explore some more.

(Just re-reading the above section helped my fingers bring me to two orgasms.)

D-Day plus 33 months.

There are events on the horizon that are good for our businesses, but potentially bad for our relationships.

Several months ago, Alice brought Matt and Roger Monroe to see us. They were looking for a construction-knowledgeable partner for developing a 500-home project with an attached business district….700 miles away. Our first reaction was to say “not a chance” but when they talked about money and control, the project became extremely attractive. At first, we discussed all six of us moving there because it would set us up for life.

Then, a decision by Rockport to allow construction of a large resort on the southern edge of town after years of controversy and delay muddied the waters. At first, even with our two companies, we didn’t see any role because we were too small. However, the developer came to us with an extremely lucrative proposal that our companies be in charge of the retail section of 15 storefronts, handling any construction, renovation, and rental issues. Emily said she could include commercial rental management in her portfolio because she’d been in charge of physical facilities at the hospital for years. In return, she joined the company as a partner.

D-Day plus nearly 3 years

This will be the weekend we plan to celebrate the third anniversary of D-Day.

On Thursday afternoon, the four primary partners gathered to finalize plans for what we all knew was probably our last special weekend together.

“I think we all recognize that big changes are in the wind. I think we all want to spend as much time together as possible. That’s why I talked to our unicorns and suggested they stay here. If Emily has a problem, she can call Alice. Both of them have agreed. Alice is eager to rejoin us as an employee and perhaps as a partner in some way.”

“I’ll still leave my phone on for emergency contacts because of the kids,” I said. “I know you guys are planning a big surprise. What’s going on?”

“Why would we tell you now? Then it wouldn’t be a surprise,” Fred said laughing.

We left early Friday morning. On the way, we discussed our business plans and decided to restructure. No one wanted to split our family, but the money was too good. We were all fairly young and figured we had plenty of time down the road. Fred, Emily, and I had a small share of Cade’s company. Cade and Lanie had a small share of our company.

We took our time, stopping for lunch at the same place we ate on our first trip. We also did some grocery shopping in a nearby town because we had originally planned only for three days, not a week or longer. We also strolled through the tourist-center business district. We didn’t care as long as the four of us were together. Even though it was summer, it was already dark when we arrived and we didn’t even try to start the fireplace.

Once we got to the cabin, the guys moved the appropriate luggage into the appropriate bedrooms. We gathered in a circle and kissed. Then Cade and Lanie went into a bedroom and Fred and I went into travesti istanbul the other bedroom, starting with our primaries the first night like we always did.

No one shut their bedroom doors and throughout the evening the sounds of the four of us making love echoed through the lodge.

We all slept in Saturday morning, each couple adding another lovemaking session before gathering in the kitchen for food, each clad in a robe because the fireplace hadn’t taken the chill off yet. When Fred went out to get more wood, he came back in with a sullen announcement.

“The last group here didn’t replenish the wood supply. There’s not even anything to split. There’s a storm hitting later today that will keep things cool all week. Since we need more wood to make it through the day and evening, today’s the day.”

We quickly ate and the guys dressed for rough work. They cut down a nearby dead tree, sawed it into circles, and split the circles into various-sized pieces. The women volunteered to stack wood once it was on the porch, just as we had three years ago. We all laughed and joked and teased each other. Several times, Lanie and I noticed Fred and Cade whispering. When the men brought the last load onto the porch, we went inside and left them to finish.

We immediately started making out, which is how the men found us when they came inside.

“Listen, guys, Marcy and I promised each other some girly time this weekend,” Lanie said. “Does anyone object if we all take showers and meet out here on the couches? We like it when you guys watch us play together. We’ll knock your non-existent socks off.”

Thirty minutes later we all gathered in robes near the couches which the guys had pushed together with the foam rubber pad between them and a sheet covering everything. Several blankets had been stacked on the floor just in case.

I took the lead like I had been doing more and more, especially when it came to my girlfriend, Lanie. We kicked things off by kissing and rubbing our bodies together. We soon shoved our robes off and got at it in earnest. I kissed Lanie along her jaw, nibbling tenderly at her ear lobe before moving to her breasts. I pushed her onto the couch and kissed and stroked up her left leg, up past her middle to her small breast where I kissed and lightly bit one while I kneaded the other, sometimes pinching it between my fingers. I traded sides before working my way back down the other side of Lanie’s body until I reached her right foot.

I then kissed up the inside of her right leg, moving my left hand up Lanie’s left leg at the same pace. After bringing my lover to an orgasm, I urged her to roll over to her front, which she did. I grabbed her hips with one arm, lifting them into the air, and with my other hand and arm, I separated her ass cheeks until her rosebud was exposed, spearing it with my tongue seconds later.

Lanie moaned almost continuously. “Yes, yes. Fuck my ass with your tongue, you ass fucker. Spank me. I need you to spank me.”

After our D-Day week, spanking had joined anal sex at the top of my list of desired activities and Lanie enjoyed it too during our ever-increasing times together. When one of us finished spanking the other, we both often were so wet that moisture ran down our legs like water pouring from a downspout during a rainstorm.

Sometimes we openly wondered if we preferred each other over our husbands. Then one of them would screw one or both of us and we knew that would never happen.

The flat of my hand landed resoundingly on Lanie’s ass. I continued spanking until Lanie’s entire rear turned pink before I stopped and grabbed Fred.

“Fuck her bottom. Grab a condom. Fuck her hard. Make this a memorable moment. Don’t cum yourself. At some point, I want you to pull out, remove the rubber and put a full load in her pussy. I’m thirsty for a good dose of mixed female and male cum.”

Cade, anticipating what I intended, had already run into his bedroom and gotten the lube and several condoms. He handed me the lube and looked at Fred, who winked. Cade tore the condom wrapper and rolled it over Fred’s cock, which stunned me motionless.

Cade moved Fred over to Lanie and helped guide his condom-clad erection against her bottom. As Fred sank deeper into Lanie, Cade played with Fred’s balls and used his other hand to stroke Fred’s ass. When Fred got fully inside her, Cade pushed on his rear to prevent Fred from moving. I watched, still in shock. He let Fred go and as the man started moving in and out, Cade turned to me and asked, “Dear girlfriend, what is next in store for me?”

Now there was a rapidly building fire inside me that made me hotter than anything the fireplace produced. It completely melted my frozenness. I pointed to the other couch and Cade obediently sat down. “No playing with yourself,” I ordered him. “Just watch.

“No, I’ve changed my mind. There’s a dildo in my overnight bag. Bring it.”

Cade quickly did as directed, but before he got to the couch, we heard Lanie scream as she came. We watched Fred pull from her rear, strip off the condom, let it drop on the floor with a splat, roll her over, and plunge inside her. It didn’t take many strokes before he roared, filling her with his seed.

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