The Coupon Book Pt. 01

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When Jacob awoke Christmas morning, he found a pretty gold envelope that read “open me!” waiting for him on the bedside table from his long-term girlfriend. Her name was Amanda, and she was pretty much perfect for him: she was a very busty lady, shorter than him at 5’5″, with long brunette hair and a razor-sharp intellect. Her wit matched. His dick started to twitch to life just thinking about how amazing Amanda was, in bed and out of it.

Nearly a perfect match, he mused as he opened the envelope. They were mismatched in libido; Amanda was much shier than he was, and wasn’t as free with her needs and wants as he was. He sometimes got frustrated with her, but loved her so deeply he could handle the difference in levels of desire with a liberal–and accepted by Amanda!–use of pornography.

Inside was a coupon booklet with what looked like five coupons inside. Handmade, using Amanda’s considerable drawing skill. He admired the borders on the cover for a moment before flipping the thing open. The first coupon was for a titjob with oral. “All right,” Jacob murmured happily, his cock rising a bit more. Jacob loved titjobs and Amanda was good at giving head, so that was exciting.

The second coupon was for a bit of secretary-boss role play. Jacob chuckled again, excitedly. The third was for her least favorite position, doggy style. The fourth was for a facial, and pictures taken of said.

The fifth made him gasp out loud and his cock finish hardening immediately. In her gorgeous handwriting was written, simply, “24 hours of free use, with an hour’s notice.” In smaller, but still visible lettering, it said, “Not valid when Amanda is working from home and has video meetings.”

Jacob exhaled. That’s fair, he thought. No need to get my girl fired because my libido won’t quit.

He was still sitting there staring at the closed coupon book when Amanda came back upstairs. “Hey, sleepyhead. I see you got my present.” She colored lightly. “I hope you like it?” She sounded uncertain.

Jacob’s immediate emphatic nodding hopefully put her mind to ease. “It’s amazing, honey.” He pulled her into a hug. “You’re really thoughtful. But I thought we said no presents this year. I don’t have a thing for you.”

“Call this a gift for both of us,” Amanda said, bending down to kiss his hair. “I’m trying to push my boundaries with someone I trust.”

Jacob bit his lip carefully, to avoid pulling her into his lap and smothering her luscious breasts in kisses. She was only wearing a thin white tank top and no bra, with some cute flannel plaid PJ bottoms.

After all, he didn’t want to use that free use coupon just yet. He wanted to savor the thought, and surprise aydınlı escort her. “Can I redeem that titjob coupon now, darlin’?” he asked her instead, voice husky with need and desire.

Amanda blushed, but stripped off the thin tank top. Her tits bounced free of the fabric and he swallowed.

“That’s always a beautiful sight,” he muttered, stroking his bare cock and shifting so he was sitting on the edge of the bed. “I love your tits so goddamn much, Amanda.” He met her gaze with his own, and smiled.

Amanda gave a shy smile back before settling in on her knees and wrapping her large, pillowy breasts around his girthy and decently long cock. Her hard nipples peeked through her fingers.

“I’m gonna want that facial coupon this morning, too,” Jacob decided with a pleased sigh as she got to work. He petted her hair and was good about not grabbing it–yet.

His thick prick felt incredible between the silky smooth skin of her tits, lightly lubricated with her saliva. Amanda moaned around his cockhead as she got into it, her hands tight enough to leave pretty, red marks on her fair skin as she pressed the soft mounds together tightly.

Soon, Jacob was sliding his hands into her long, loose hair and outright face-fucking her. Amanda choked and gagged on his dick. This was her favorite way to give head, she’s confessed to him once, so he knew she was getting off on it.

“Fuck, Manda!” He gasped her name a couple of times before pulling his cock out of her mouth and away from her beautiful boobs.

Amanda immediately got into position, eyes closed and mouth open for his cum. It was just in time, too. The first spurt hit her forehead, the second her right cheek. Then he aimed as best he could at her lips while she started licking them.

“No,” he panted at her. “Picture. You promised.” He grabbed his cell phone and took a few snaps of the messy brunette before patting her on the breast and tweaking a nipple. “Go clean your face off. I’ll eat you out next.”

Amanda obediently got up and trotted off, though she paused to look at Jacob over her shoulder before disappearing into the en suite.

The muscular redhead laid back, his softening cock against his thigh. He thought about how he’d just blown two coupons on one act. Worth it, but he had to be a bit more judicious with the last three.

Before he could make any solid plans, Amanda returned, fully naked now, and crawled up on the bed beside him.

Jacob grinned at her. “Sit on my face, love,” he said huskily.

Amanda grinned back. “Is this an apology for not giving me time to prepare for you pulling two coupons off bağdat caddesi escort at once?”

“That, and your fucking cunt is delicious.” Jacob waggled his eyebrows as Amanda maneuvered into position.

His strong arms slid around her thighs and held her in place as he caressed her folds with his tongue. He didn’t touch either clit or slit, just lazily tasting how wet she was instead. Soon, she was writhing and mewling on top of him.

“Fuck, Jacob,” she moaned. “I love when you tease, but I need to get off soon!”

Jacob just chuckled into Amanda’s pussy and kept teasing her, savoring her taste.

It wasn’t too much longer before the beautiful brunette woman riding his face begged him again. And again. Finally, she let out that one frustrated moan, letting him know she was desperate enough to get off his face and take care of her orgasm herself.

He grabbed her tighter, and settled in to trace the alphabet with his tongue over her pert little clit. She let out a moaning sigh, somewhere between content and horny as she grabbed her tits again and squirmed into a more settled position on his face.

Soon, she was screaming her pleasure to the ceiling as he reached her favorite letter–R. She came so hard she squirted on Jacob’s face while he skillfully lapped at her, prolonging her orgasm before bringing her back down to earth.

Amanda flopped to the side nearly bonelessly, her body trembling and shaking with aftershocks. She panted, coming back to herself slowly as she cuddled up to spoon with him. Little spoon position, of course. Jacob wrapped an arm around her and held her, and the two fell asleep for a long, slightly sticky, nap.

Two coupons down, Jacob thought blearily as he drifted away into sleep, nuzzling into Amanda’s hair.

They woke up sometime later, Amanda stirring in Jacob’s arms. “Come on, love,” she murmured once she felt Jacob shifting into wakefulness. “We should go shower.” A smile crossed her sleepy features, and Jacob fell in love all over again.

“Okay,” he murmured, and sat up after she was on her feet. He shed his remaining clothing and followed her into the bathroom.

“I probably should wait,” Jacob said, pressing into her from behind to show off his second erection of the day, “But I want to use the doggy style coupon in the shower.”

Amanda turned and gave him a slow, sly grin over her left shoulder. “You want to get clean only to get dirty again? You haven’t been this insatiable in years, darling.”

Instead of answering, Jacob grabbed her tits a little roughly and pulled her into a harsh, passionate kiss. She’d bostancı escort begged him to use her, repeatedly, at the start of their relationship. Now he knew how to kiss her and fondle her just right–tug on her perky pink nipples some, and kiss her like she was a breath of air, and he, a drowning man.

Their kisses were intense, and soon, Amanda was melting into him. They hadn’t even started the water yet, and Jacob found himself holding her hips and sliding his dick inside her. Amanda let out that sweet little mewling sound he loved as he bottomed out inside her.

Jacob slid his hand into her hair at the base of her neck, gripped, and pulled her up so he could hiss in her ear. “I’ll be nice, my little bitch, my slut.” Amanda cried out in pleasure at the filthy words. She was a dirty-talking whore once he got her going enough, and he loved that about her.

“I’ll let you know now that I intend to use that last coupon. But not today.” He slapped the side of her breast just hard enough to make the sound echo against the tile and her tit jiggle delightfully. Her skin reddened at the barest look, so when it got pink, he didn’t seem surprised.

“No,” he continued, pounding away at his gasping girlfriend, bottoming out in her. She was getting close, her moans getting desperate. He slid a hand from her hip to her clitoris, and began to rub at her nub with a quick, barely-there touch. “I’m giving you 48 hours’ notice, because I am a kind and benevolent man.” His breath grew ragged and his thrusts erratic. He was close.

“Tell me that I’m a nice man, slut.” He pinched her clit and she spasmed around his cock, screaming her pleasure to the world as he got her off. Jacob stilled, gasping, but not cumming yet. “Tell me!” he commanded, slapping her ass with his other hand as she started to come down.

“You’re a nice man,” Amanda gasped up at him, moaning, her body wracked with spasms as he started to fuck her again with wild abandon. “You’re kind–benevolent–fuck I’m going to cum again, Jacob!”

“You’d better,” he whispered in Amanda’s ear. “You’d better cum for me, you dirty fucking whore. Drain my balls.” And he bit her neck softly as he pinched her clit one more time. It was a good job he wrapped his other arm around her waist because she nearly fell forward with the force of her orgasm. Jacob groaned against her ear as he let loose in her cunt, rope after rope of his spunk painting her womb white.

After that, they got cleaned up rather quietly. Jacob’s ears, at least, were still ringing with Amanda’s orgasmic cries. He washed her tenderly in the shower, and she returned the favor. Afterward, he bridal-carried her dried body into the bedroom and laid her on the bed sweetly.

“We’re ordering dinner in, huh?” Amanda said sleepily, and Jacob chuckled, nodding.

“Yes. Pizza. From the good place, not the place up the street.”

Amanda nodded and drifted off to sleep. Somehow, however, Jacob stayed awake even after his second orgasm in six hours, watching her and mulling over the coupon book.

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