The Crystal

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Bo finished packing his bag and rubbed a hand across his face tiredly. His real estate business had experienced a record year, surpassing even his expectations. The increased business had led to changes. Leslee, his full-time assistant and lover had gotten licensed and begun to work with buyers while Bo continued to focus on listings. To help with the increased amount of business, they’d hired a young lady named Samantha as a part-time admin. She was a hard worker and seemed to see the potential for the company and conversely, herself. As business continued to increase, it become even more than the three of them could handle, so they’d made Samantha full-time and hired a college student, Molly, to be an ISA and handle some of the easier administrative tasks. She also had done well.

As a reward, for all of them, Leslee had suggested that they all go to the mountains over New Year’s. Bo had been a little reluctant, but they had worked hard and he had to admit a change of scenery and a rest would be good.

They had two closings push at the last minute, so Bo had suggested that Leslee and the girls go on up and he’d join them the next day. It had been agreed to and the day after Christmas the three girls had left. Bo had closed the final two transactions the following afternoon and was exhausted.

The phone rang and Bo picked it up. It was Leslee. In the background, he could hear music and giggling. “Got a party goin’ already, I see” he said with a chuckle.

“Of course,” Leslee replied, “we’ve had a long day and we are ready to relax.”

They talked a few more minutes and then said good night.

“Can’t wait for you to get here,” Leslee cooed, “We’ll be waiting!” The last she said in a suggestive voice with a giggle.

Bo shook his head as he brushed his teeth and got into bed. She was crazy, but in a good way, and she made his life a helluva lot more interesting than it probably would have been. He fell asleep with a smile on his face, looking forward to the next few days.

He rose early the next day and was on the road before dawn. The drive was long, about nine hours, but relatively uneventful. His GPS guided him off the interstate and up through the hills, finally turning off onto a narrow, winding road that snaked up through the trees. His GPS announced his arrival and he pulled off onto a steep driveway.

He pulled to a stop, stepped out into the chill night air and stretched his cramped muscles. He heard the door opened and Leslee hurried out to meet him. She smiled and gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek. “How was the drive?” she asked.

“Long,” he said with a grunt as he pulled his bag out of the trunk.

She stroked his cheek affectionately and said, “Dinner’s almost ready. A hot meal will make you feel better.”

Bo nodded and they headed inside. The cabin had two stories, one at ground level and one downstairs the ground level where he entered had a kitchen, dining area, a bedroom and a bathroom. The downstairs had a family room with a large TV on the wall above a fireplace with a table off to the side. There was an additional bedroom and bathroom on this level. Outside was a patio with a hot tub and a grill.

Samantha and Molly were in the kitchen finishing dinner. They smiled and greeted Bo. He returned their greeting and gave them each a squeeze. Leslee directed him to the bedroom just off the living area. He set his bag down and washed his face and hands and returned to the living area. The table was set with lasagna, salad, bread, and wine. They sat down and began to eat, the girls chatting gayly about the shopping they’d done that day.

Bo ate appreciativly, enjoying the food and listening to the women chatter. When they finished, they cleared the table and Leslee said, “We’ll get the dishes, why don’t you go take a dip in the hot tub? I turned it on earlier so it should be warm. It’ll help you loosen up.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” Bo agreed. He went to the bedroom and quickly changed into his swimsuit, slipped a sweatshirt over his head, grabbed a towel and headed downstairs and outside onto the patio. It was a cool night, but not bitterly cold. He turned on the jets and let it get going and then stripped off his sweatshirt and eased himself into the warm, swirling waters. He lay his head back on the side and closed his eyes, letting his mind drift with the whir of the jets as his body relaxed.

He jumped a few minutes later when the door opened suddenly. He turned and saw the girls stepping out onto the patio.

“Want some company?” Sam asked playfully. Without waiting for an answer, all three began to pull their sweatshirts over their heads and wiggle out of their pants. Bo’s mouth fell open as he watched. Leslee was, well Leslee. He knew her body well. She was 5’4″ with shoulder length brown hair, large breasts, a full, round, ass, and firm legs. The other two, he’d never seen with so little on before and he liked what he saw. Sam was slender, about 5’2″ with long dark hair, medium tits that seemed Maltepe Escort bigger because of her slender build, and a tight little ass. Molly was 5’6″ with curly blonde hair and an hourglass figure. Her ass was firm, but round, and she had large, firm breasts. Bo swallowed hard as they all stepped into the whirlpool. The tub wasn’t small, but with four adults it was snug. Leslee was pressed against Bo’s right side and Molly was on his left. As they talked, Leslee’s left hand would occasionally slide up and down Bo’s right thigh. Molly burst out laughing at something Sam said and her breast brushed against his chest. He smiled to himself as he looked around. He was going to enjoy the scenery this weekend.

After a half hour, Leslee suggested that they go inside. Everyone agreed and Bo rose and helped the girls out, admiring the view as each one stepped out of the tub, their bodies glistening from the water and their nipples rising as the cool air hit them. They all dried off quickly and scampered inside. The girls went into the downstairs bedroom to change and Bo & Leslee hurried upstairs. Leslee went into the bathroom and Bo stripped in the bedroom, toweled off, and put on a t-shirt and sweatpants. He headed back downstairs and looked around the fireplace, finding a fire laid and matches on the hearth. He lit it and stood before it as it took and let it warm him.

The girls came out shortly and stood in front of the fire with him. Leslee called to Sam from upstairs and she trotted up to see what she needed. Molly smiled at Bo and said shyly, “Thanks for inviting me. You guys are really nice to let Sam and me come along.”

Bo smiled, “You two have done a great job. You’re a part of us and we like having you around.” This last he said with a wink.

Molly blushed slightly and turned as Sam and Leslee came down the steps carrying cake for all of them. Leslee handed them all a piece of cake and then opened a bottle of wine and poured them all a glass. They sat down and enjoyed the cake, the wine, and more conversation.

Leslee looked around after a few minutes and said, “Alright, let’s play Truth or Dare.” Sam and Molly were both tipsy and giggled. Bo just shook his head and smiled. They started the game, drawing cards, some of which were funny, others suggestive. They’d played several rounds and finished the bottle of wine when Leslee grinned and said, “Okay, now let’s make it a little more fun.” Leslee gave Boa covert wink then turned to Samantha and said, “I’ll start with you” she paused for effect, “how old were you when you had your first kiss?”

Sam giggled and said, “Fifteen.”

Next, she turned to Molly and asked, “How old were you when you let a guy get to second base?”

Molly giggled and blushed deeply. “Truth or dare?” Leslee said playfully, “Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone.”

They all giggled and after another pause, Molly said, “Seventeen.” They all grinned and Leslee turned to Bo and asked, “How old were you when you went to third base with a girl?”

Bo grinned and replied, “It’s been a few years, I’m not sure if I remember.” They all laughed and then Leslee said, “Well? Truth or Dare?”

Bo paused again, and said, “Well, I think I was 18.”

They all laughed again. Leslee started to say something and Bo interrupted her, “Hey, it’s your turn”

Leslee started to protest but the others insisted so, she relented and Bo asked, “If you could spend the night with one guy, who would it be?”

Leslee made a show of thinking about it and then grinned at him and said in her sexiest voice, “You baby.”

They all burst out laughing and she winked at him and turned back to Bo. “Alright,” she said, “you got a good view in the hot tub. Which one of us girls has the biggest titties?” Sam and Molly both burst out laughing and Molly again blushed deeply.

Bo grinned and said, “You know with the wine and all, I think I may need to see the contenders again.”

Leslee grinned and pulled her t-shirt over her head, revealing her big full breasts. Sam hesitated, then followed suit. Molly blushed deeply and then pulled up hers too. Bo made a show of staring at all three. They lowered their shirts and Leslee said, “Well?”

“Well” Bo replied, “they’re all stunning, and I think it’s really close, but” he paused,” I’d have to say yours are the biggest Les.”

They all giggled again and Leslee said in a serious tone, “I think you’re right, but I might have to compare with my girl Molly sometime.”

Now Leslee turned to Molly and said, “Your turn. Have you ever kissed another woman?”

Now Sam blushed deeply. There was a long pause and finally she said, “What’s the dare?”

Leslee pulled a crystal on a chain from her pocket and said, “The dare is to let me try to hypnotize you.”

“What?” Molly asked and laughed nervously, “I don’t know. I guess. So.”

Leslee pulled a chair close to the fire and had Molly sit in it and get comfortable. Then she told her to stare into the fire. After a moment, İstanbul Escort she dangled the crystal in front of Molly’s face and let it begin to swing. “Follow it with your eyes,” she instructed softly.

Molly did as she was told. After a minute, she said quietly, “It’s not working.” But even as she said it, her eyes were beginning to blink.

“Just keep following it,” Leslee cooed, “don’t take your eyes off of it.”

Molly’s head began to bob and her eyes began to flutter.

“You’re getting so sleepy,” Leslee cooed, “your eyes are so heavy, so very heavy.”

Molly was fading quickly now her eyes struggling to remain open as her head nodded lower and lower.

“Listen to my voice,” Leslee cooed, “You’re so sleepy. Give in now. Give in and sleep Molly. Sleep.”

Molly’s head lolled back and her eyes closed as she slipped into a trance.

Leslee looked back at Bo and Sam who were staring at Molly “Is she really out?” Bo asked.

Leslee nodded. Softly, she asked, “Moly, can you hear me?”

Molly mumbled, “yes.”

“Have you ever kissed another woman?” she asked.

“Yes, said Molly softly.

“Did you like it?” Leslee asked.

“Um hm,” Molly responded.

Sam giggled softly and Leslee winked at her.

“Would you do it again Molly? Would you kiss a girl again?” she asked.

“Yes,” she responded.

“Would you kiss me?” Leslee asked.

“Yes,” Molly said softly.

“Do it,” Leslee replied.

Molly’s eyes opened and she stood up beside Leslee and leaned in and kissed her lips softly. Leslee gently caressed her cheek and kissed her.

Molly smiled dreamily and Leslee whispered softly in her ear, “Good girl. Now, I want you to go sit between Sam and Bo and give them both a kiss.”

Molly nodded and went and sat down. She turned to Sam, took her face in her hands and kissed her softly. Sam returned her kiss deeply, stroking her curly hair gently. Next, Molly turned to Bo and kissed him. He returned the kiss and looked longingly at her chest.

Leslee saw it and said, “Molly, take off your shirt and sit on Bo’s lap.”

Molly tugged the sweatshirt over her head and revealing her big breasts and sat down on Bo’s lap. Bo looked at Leslee who nodded. Bo placed his hands on her big tits and began to massage them, weighing them in his hands as he stroked and massaged them, his thumbs teasing her areolae. Molly smiled dreamily and lay her head on his shoulder. Bo kissed her again softly and squeezed her titties one more time.

Leslee looked at Sam who was staring at Bo and Molly and had her hand down her pants. Quietly, she told Molly to put her shirt back on and go sit back in the chair. Molly complied and Leslee said, “Sleep.”

Molly’s head drooped to her chest as she fell deeply asleep. “I’m going to count to three and say your name and you will wake up. One, two, three, Molly.”

Molly jerked awake and looked around, then smiled, “It didn’t work. I guess I just can’t be hypnotized,” she said, sounding relieved.

“I guess you’re right,” Leslee said with as straight a face as she could muster. The other two nodded, saying nothing.

“Well, it’s late, why don’t say goodnight,” she said with a smile. They all shared hugs and Bo and Leslee headed upstairs while the girls headed to their room.

“Where’d you learn that trick,” Bo asked as they brushed their teeth.

“From some friend and YouTube,” she said with a wink.

Bo shook his head and chuckled. “You are something else,” he said giving her a squeeze, “I’m going to take a quick shower.”

He jumped in and washed himself quickly. When he finished, he grabbed his towel and stepped out to find Leslee washing her face at the sink, wearing nothing but a smile. Bo stepped up behind her and pulled her to him, enjoying the feel of her body against his. She turned and pressed herself against him and reached down and found his stiffening cock and lightly rubbed her palm against the underside, hastening it’s growth.

“you’re beautiful,” he murmured.

“you’re horny,” she cooed.

“um, hmm,” he breathed as his hands moved over her. They kissed deeply, their tongues dancing as their bodies heated up. Leslee took his hand and guided him to the bedroom.

They lay down and resumed making out. Bo’s mouth found Leslee’s left nipple and began to tease it, licking the aureole and flicking his tongue over the tip. Leslee sighed with pleasure as her hands moved over his ass and thighs before finding his erection. She gripped his shaft with her left hand and began to slowly stroke it with her right, moving from the base to the head slowly, twisting gently as she slid It up and down.

Bo groaned softly and repeated his ministry on her other nipple as his right hand moved between her legs and found her pussy. It was warm and moist and his finger slide easily inside. Leslee sighted with pleasure as he began to stroke her. They lay like that for several minutes, their passion growing hotter and hotter as they Anadolu Yakası Escort aroused each other’s sexes.

Bo groaned and began to pant. His cock was incredibly stiff, throbbing with each beat of his heart. For her part, Leslee was wet and hot and pushing her pussy against Bo’s fingers.

Leslee rolled onto her back and Bo got on top of her, kissing her deeply as he ground his body against hers. “Fuck me,” she growled, “put that stiff cock in me and fuck me till we cum baby!”

Bo needed no urging. She parted her legs and he guided his erection to her pussy and pushed it inside. They both groaned with the intense sensation. He moved in and out of her slowly and steadily as they kissed passionately. In and out. Slowly their tempo increased. Bo tried to keep it slow by increasing the depth of his strokes, but Leslee’s body urged his on. They were both panting and moaning now, their breath ragged and lusty. The bed began to squeak as their lovemaking got faster and more intense. Bo moaned as he watched Leslee’s hands caress her own tits. She let out a long low growl of lust as her legs went around his waist. “Don’t hold back, “she hissed, “Fuck me baby! Fuck me, fuck me! Oh god, your cock feels so good, so hard, Yes! Fill me up with your cum baby! Shoot your seed into me! Do it! Ohh, do it!”

Their tempo had reached a fever pitch and the sensation on both their sexes was intense and unsustainable. Bo could feel the cum rising in his shaft as Leslee’s inner muscles began to grip his shaft.

“Oh my god,” she moaned, “oh my god, oh my god, oh my..” Leslee’s eyes rolled back, her body tensed, and she bucked and began to cry out as the waves of pleasure rolled over her.

Bo kept thrusting, as he felt the pressure in his balls becoming unbearable. He moaned and arched his back as his penis bucked and began to shoot. One, then another and another load of semen shot from his bucking member. He saw stars and called out her name in rapture as his body shook with orgasm.

It had been a long day and between the drive, the wine, and the orgasm, Bo was asleep within minutes. Leslee sat watching him for several minutes and then slipped on a lacy bra that she knew Bo liked. Then, she got a bottle of baby oil and sat between his legs on the bed. She gently took his soft cock in her hands and began to rub it, rimming the head with her fingers as she circled the bottom of the head with her other palm. Soon, it began to stiffen in her hand, growing bigger and longer as teased it. She gently put a hair elastic around the base and then poured some of the oil on her hands and began to pull slowly on his cock, starting at the base and moving up to the head, twisting gently. His erection grew and he began to stir, moaning softly, his head moving side to side and his hands making fists in the covers. Finally, his eyes fluttered open and widened in surprise. “What are you?” he started to say.

She put a finger on his lips and said softly, “I’m pleasuring you, lover.”

Bo groaned as she continue to stroke him. His eyes moving from his engorged cock to her tits and back as his pleasure built.

“I know what you want,” she said seductively as she reached for the oil again. This time she drizzled it down her cleavage and pushed her titties together, getting them oiled up too. Bo groaned as she leaned over and took his head in her mouth, going down on him slowly as she jacked his shaft, up and down, her tongue teasing his head.

“Oh my god,’ he groaned as she released him and slid closer, taking his cock and sliding it up under the underside of her bra into her tit valley. She reached down and fondled and fondled his balls and cooed softly, “Do it, fuck my titties baby.”

He began to thrust up into her cleavage, the bra ensuring that his glans stayed in contact with her skin and kept her breasts close against his shaft. He tried to go slow, but he was already to aroused from the hand job she’d given him and within a few minutes he was thrusting feverishly. It looked and felt so good. He wanted to extend it the pleasure, but the desire, the need to cum was quickly overwhelming that thought. She saw the desperation in his eyes and gently pushed her breasts together, increasing the friction on his already engorged head to the point of no return.

He bucked up and down, fucking her tits, moaning loudly and calling out as his pleasure peaked, “Ahh,” screamed, “Ahh. His cock erupted, bucking as his cum shot from the tip, covering her breasts. His ass came off the bed in ecstasy, the pleasure so intense he saw stars. “yes,” he moaned as his pleasure began to wane.

As he came down, Leslee pulled the crystal form the bedside table and let it swing in front of her tits as she gently massaged his cock. His eyes, still locked on his cock between her tits, was drawn to it as it spun and danced. “Watch the crystal, baby,” she cooed, “watch it.” Bo’s eyes began to follow it and within seconds they were drooping. “Don’t fight it,” Leslee cooed, “you’re so sleepy, so sated, your eyes are so heavy Bo. Follow my voice baby, sleep and listen to me.”

His head lolled to the side as he entered a deep trance. Leslee gently released his cock from her bra and retrieved a towel, cleaning them both. “Can you hear me?” she asked softly. Bo nodded dreamily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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