The Daddy Files: Kimmy + Rick

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On the first day of winter break, Kimmy came home to an empty house. She’d driven the six hours from college and was a little disappointed to find the house empty. Disappointed, but not surprised.

Her mother Angela was off on one of her “girls trips” and had assured Kimmy that she’d be home before her daughter had to go back to university… but Kimmy wasn’t holding her breath. She and her mother had been growing apart for years, and truthfully her mom seemed a lot happier when she spent a lot of time with her friends–even if she was traveling on Daddy’s money, Kimmy thought.

Yes, Kimmy was definitely a daddy’s girl. She was an only child and her father, Rick, had doted on her from the very beginning. His absence was why she was feeling so let down. It was silly, she knew, because she’d known he was going to be out of town on business. He wouldn’t be home until the following day.

She had even told him not to hurry, that she wouldn’t come home until the following day herself. But after her final exam she really just wanted to be home, so she made the drive early. She hadn’t realized she had been hoping her father would also come home early until she arrived to a dark, cold house.

With a little sigh, she turned up the thermostat so the heat would kick on. She scrounged in the pantry for some food and tried to watch television, but found herself yawning despite the early hour–well, early for her. As she headed upstairs to go to bed, she found her thoughts straying in the direction she’d tried to prevent for months.

In the upstairs hallway, she paused. Her mother had been gone for a couple of weeks by now, which meant that her daddy had been sleeping in their big bed all alone. The sheets, she knew, would smell of him–warm and comforting. A sharp pulse of heat flashed between her thighs at the thought of it, and she found herself blushing furiously despite being completely alone.

Kimmy dashed into her own bedroom and shut the door. No, she wouldn’t think about it. Wouldn’t think about her daddy’s big strong arms that held her so tightly, his well-muscled thighs that made such a comforting lap for her to sit on. She wouldn’t think about how the smell of his cologne and the warm musky scent of his skin made her hot and wet, how his touch had her throbbing with need for him.

She wouldn’t think about how much she wanted to fuck her daddy.

It was bad. She was bad. Ashamed of herself. Kimmy had gone to college far away specifically so that she wouldn’t be tempted to come home every weekend. The summer before college she had found herself watching him, wanting to cuddle and touch him. He had been delighted with the attention, but the impulse was just too strong to nuzzle his neck or kiss him, slide her hand between his thighs to see if he was as needy for her as she was for him.

Her body was rigid with tension and eventually she shook her head. She was being silly. No one was home. She was completely alone. If she wanted to sleep snuggled up in a bed that smelled like her daddy, no one would ever know. And she would probably sleep better than she had in months.

Before she could talk herself back out of it, Kimmy stripped to her panties and slipped across the hall and into her parents’ room. It was still a bit chilly, so she turned on the electric fireplace, keeping it nice and low so it wouldn’t overheat the room while she slept. The bed was still a bit rumpled from where her father had risen from it several days previously to go on his business trip.

Kimmy dove directly into the bed and drew his blankets over her, burying her head into his pillow. His scent was everywhere, surrounding her in a warm, spicy cloud of comfort. Without even thinking about it, one of her hands slid down between her legs.

Soon her hips were rocking, then jerking, as she fingered herself to an explosive orgasm. She shifted slightly away from the damp spot she’d made on the sheets and was asleep within minutes.


A dull thud and a soft curse woke Kimmy and she blinked in the dark, wondering if she had merely imagined the noise. Snuggling back into the warm nest of covers, she was just drifting off Didim Escort again when she heard another soft sound–a low, rumbling sound.

Before she could move or speak or even think, a slight draft tickled her bare back and the mattress rocked gently as someone joined her in bed. Even without the low groan of approval, Kimmy recognized the scent of her daddy. A thrill of excitement ran through her, but she kept very still.

She wasn’t really supposed to be in his bed and didn’t want her first trip home in ages to be spoiled with her daddy’s annoyance. Probably, she thought, he would just settle in, maybe cuddle her close, and go to sleep. She could slip out first thing in the morning and maybe he wouldn’t even remember she’d been there at all.

Kimmy’s plan was spoiled by the sensation of her father’s arm coming around her, his big hand sliding up to cup her breast. Her nipple hardened in his palm instantly, and after circling it briefly with his thumb he slid his hand quickly down her belly and into her panties.

She stifled a gasp as he cupped her, plunging a finger between her slippery folds.

“You’re already wet, baby,” he whispered. “I’m so glad you’re home early.”

“Oh, Daddy,” Kimmy whimpered, then froze as Rick stilled behind her.

A shiver ran through him. “Fuck, baby, you said we couldn’t play that game anymore.” His voice was low, rough, as if he were finding it difficult to speak. “Has your tight little pussy recovered from how hard I fucked you, sweet pea?”

Kimmy’s stomach lurched even as her hips bucked toward his hand. Sweet pea was his nickname for her. Surely the “game” was he talking about couldn’t be what she was thinking.

“Well?” Rick prompted. “Does my little girl want Daddy’s cock?”

When Kimmy didn’t answer immediately, Rick gave her a sharp slap on her panty-clad rear.

“Answer me, Kimmy,” he said, a bit louder. “Do you want Daddy to fuck you?”

She shuddered violently.

“Yes, Daddy,” she said, but it came out as barely more than a whisper.

“God, you even sound like her,” he groaned.

Working quickly, he slid his fingers into her waistband and pulled her panties down, leaving her naked. Gripping her thigh and lifting it, he moved in close so that his soft, wiry chest hairs brushed Kimmy’s back, making her shiver.

Suddenly she felt the big, blunt head of his cock rubbing gently at her opening. Her entire body clenched and released as she realized that her father was about to fuck her. He may have thought she was his wife–and would she get in trouble for that later, she thought–but her fondest wish, her deepest, darkest fantasy was about to come true.

He drove into her, not roughly but steadily, proving that he hadn’t been lying when he’d said Daddy’s cock was big. It was, by far, the biggest cock she’d ever taken, and she cried out as she felt him stretch her open. Even when she thought he’d filled her up completely, he bent her knee and jerked his hips hard, ramming himself all the way home.

“Fuck, you’re so tight,” he grunted.

“Daddy,” Kimmy gasped. “You feel so big inside me.”

She rolled her hips, trying to get used to his size, and felt her father’s grip on her thigh tighten.

“Sweet pea,” he managed, “stop moving. It feels too good.”

Kimmy smiled in the dark. “Does Daddy want to cum inside his little girl?”

A long, low groan was all that greeted her. His harsh breathing grated in her ear, and she knew he was struggling to keep from exploding inside her too quickly.

She felt deliciously wicked as she gyrated slowly beside him. She wanted him to lose control. Wanted to force him to blow his load deep inside before he was ready.

When she started to roll her hips harder, fucking back at him even as he gripped her tightly, trying to still her body, she realized he wasn’t the only one on the edge. Low, keening cries slipped from her lips as waves of pleasure battered her from the inside out.

It was too late. She couldn’t have stopped now if she’d wanted to. Her inner muscles were gripping him tightly, her slick channel milking her father’s cock. His hand was on her hip, Didim Escort Bayan but she grabbed it and jerked it between her thighs, humping up against it.

And exploded.

Kimmy wailed as her climax hit, sending her body dancing against her father’s. Suddenly she felt his hand move against her, his slippery fingers gliding over her clitoris and sending her into another orgasm before she had even come down from the first one.

Dimly she realized that, although it was late, her mother could come home any minute. She also realized that she didn’t care. She wanted her mother to hear.

“I’m cumming so fucking hard!” she screamed.

“God, Kimmy,” Rick bellowed behind her as his own hips jerked hard into hers. Warm, thick jets of cum spurted into her, and she convulsed again around his spasming cock.

Her father pulled out of her and flopped onto his back, and she heard his harsh, labored breathing in the dark.

“Fuck, baby,” he grunted softly. “That was incredible.”

Before he could do more than wipe the sweat from his forehead, Kimmy levered herself up and turned to find his cock in the dark. It was slick and hot and fragrant with the smell of their sex.

She took him in to the root, ridiculously aroused by the taste of them and by the strangled gurgling noise her father made as she swallowed the head of his half-hard cock into her throat.

“You’re gonna kill me, Kimmy,” he moaned, but with so much pleasure it sounded like he thought it would be a good way to go.

She hadn’t actually given too many blowjobs, but she gave him everything she had. Her tongue ran over and around his cock head, teasing the little opening and tracing the soft bumps of each vein on his shaft. Her lips sealed around him, massaging his cock until he was throbbing and fully hard again, his fingers tangled in her hair.

For a moment she considered making him cum in her mouth, tasting him hot and thick and fresh on her tongue. But she wanted–needed–to feel him inside her again.

So she pulled away from him with some reluctance–one he shared if the soft groan he gave was any proof–and swung one leg over his hips instead.

“I need you inside me again, Daddy,” she said, letting her voice fall into that wheedling little girl tone she always used when begging him for something.

“Jesus fuck,” he said in a shuddering voice. “Ride Daddy, sweet pea.

Kimmy teased her clitoris with his cock head, feeling little sparks of pleasure shooting through her. She could probably cum this way, she thought, but she wanted to feel her pussy clenching around his fat rod, not empty air.

Easing down on his cock, she took him inside her teasingly slowly, torturing them both. And then she began to ride. Over and over she dropped her hips down against his, sheathing him in her sopping wet heat and making him actually cry out, again and again, beneath her.

And he was crying out her name. HER name.

She had her palms flat on his belly and was riding him hard when the phone rang softly. They both ignored it, and after a moment the answering machine clicked on.

“Hi, Rick. You probably won’t get this until tomorrow, but I wanted to let you know that I won’t be back this weekend after all. Tell Kim I’m sorry, and that I love her. Mmkay, bye!”

Silence filled the room. Kimmy had stilled, her body shivering from the knowledge that her identity was no longer a secret. She and her father were both breathing hard, his cock still twitching and throbbing inside her.

For a long moment they simply waited in stillness, and when Rick finally spoke his voice was hoarse.


“Yes, Daddy,” she said, in a very small voice.

Scrabbling sounds and the twisting of her father’s belly beneath her fingertips told her he was reaching for something on his nightstand. She wasn’t surprised when the soft yellow light flooded the room, wasn’t even surprised when her father’s cock gave a mighty lurch when he saw her, completely naked, her skin sheened with sweat, her pussy stretched around him.

What surprised her was the fact that a dull red flush rode his cheekbones.

“Jesus Escort Didim Christ,” he muttered. “You were never supposed to find out.”

“That you wanted to fuck your own daughter, you mean?”

His cock leapt again, even as he covered his face with his hands and groaned.

“I wanted you, too, Daddy. I’ve wanted you for a long time. Yes,” she added, as he dropped his hands and looked up at her again. “Yes, ever since I started getting funny feelings inside when you hugged me.”


Kimmy nodded. “Remember that one trip where we packed the back seat so full I had to ride on your lap part of the way? Daddy, when we got to the cabin my panties were soaked. I touched myself for the first time that night, thinking about how warm you were, the way you smelled. I came so hard, Daddy, and even now when I touch myself I only think about you.”

Rick’s cock was so hard inside her that she thought he might burst. In one swift movement, he rolled them both over, keeping his cock lodged inside her. Having him on top of her, pressing her down into the mattress, sent shudders running through her and a gush of wetness from her pussy.

He gripped her beneath the knees and shoved them up to open her wide, and then began pounding into her. He wasn’t passive now, content to let her pleasure him. He was in control, taking control, fucking the shit out of his little girl.

“Daddy!” she shrieked, feeling him bottom out inside her, his cock head thumping against her cervix. “You’re so deep, Daddy, fuck! I’ve never felt anything like this before.”

Rick was like a man possessed now, fucking her hard enough that she thought she might be bruised the next day. And he watched her, gazing straight into her pleasured eyes with an intensity that almost scared her.

“I want you to cum for me, sweet pea,” he said, his voice low and urgent. “Cum all over my cock, Kimmy.”

Her lower body clenched, and she moaned. “So close, Daddy,” she whined.

“Cum for Daddy, Kimmy,” he ordered. “Cum now!”

Kimmy’s thighs trembled just before she exploded, her fingers gripping the sheets so tightly she feared she might tear them. Her pussy contracted over and over, clamping down so tightly on her father’s cock that it was almost painful. Her stomach jerked rhythmically and she swore she felt herself actually drool.

He didn’t stop. He didn’t slow down. He just kept pummeling her, his balls slapping lewdly against her ass as he braced his weight on the underside of her thighs. She was folded practically in half and couldn’t move, and it felt so fucking good. She was still cumming–or maybe cumming again?–when Rick started to speak.

“I can’t believe this is happening. I’m really doing it. I’m actually fucking my daughter. My cock is in my daughter’s cunt. I’m fucking my daughter’s wet pussy. I made my baby girl cum all over my cock. Oh god, oh fuck, I came in my daughter. I blew my load inside my daughter’s pussy… and I’m going to do it again.”

Kimmy felt another shuddering wave of pleasure roll over her as her father continued his awestruck monologue.

“Yes, yes, yes!” he shouted, sweat dripping from his brow onto her tits now. “I’m going to cum inside my daughter. Gonna cum so hard for you, sweet pea,” he said, his jaw clenched.

When he came, he looked right in her eyes. Met her gaze as he yelled so loudly the neighbors could surely hear him. Pulsed inside her so many times she felt her vagina fill with his hot, sticky seed and begin to flow out around the cock still inside her.

“I’m cumming inside you, Kimmy,” he whispered, when the intensity of his orgasm was so strong he could no longer even shout his pleasure.

“Yes, Daddy,” she whispered back. “I can feel you filling up my pussy.” She said it that way just to arouse him, and was pleased when he gave a full-body shiver that jerked his hips up against hers again, making her moan.

When his body had finally stilled, he released her legs back onto the bed and moved up to kiss her. It was a surprisingly chaste kiss, just a brush of his lips against hers. Then he said, “I love you,” and took her mouth again in a deep, passionate lovers’ kiss that had Kimmy’s head spinning.

Finally he rolled onto his back again, pulling her with him. Kimmy burrowed her face into his chest, smelling his sweat and his musk and the ripe scent of their lovemaking, and smiled.

She was still smiling when she fell asleep.

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