The Dark Room Ch. 03

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Hey, it’s Nikki here. The Dark Room has always been one of my favourite stories and for a long time I felt bad that I’d left it hanging. I’ve finally done something about it. Some 8 years after I originally published this story on Literotica, you can now read the final instalment.

I hope you enjoy it and I certainly hope that the continuity works as it picks up immediately after Chapter 2. If you haven’t read the first 2 parts, do yourself a favour and start there.

licks and kisses,



All characters in this story are 18 years or older.


“Are you serious?” Dave asked. His voice faltered nervously.

“We’ll yeah, I mean it was so hot Dad. I loved the plug in my bum and seeing how wide Sarah stretched herself was awesome.”

“Just when I thought my little girl couldn’t get any kinkier,” Dave mused aloud.

“So is that a yes?”

“Yes,” Dave replied. She returned the smile that spread across his face as he adjusted his rock hard cock.

Jo smiled and quickly pulled at his boxers. She dragged them down so that his big cock was exposed, ready to play with. She seized it in one hand and lowered her mouth over the tip and sucked noisily.

She heard him groan as she worked his cock. She wrapped a hand around the shaft and pumped it to enhance the pleasure.

“If you do that too much, I’ll explode before I get anywhere near your bum,” he moaned.

“Well we can’t have that!” Jo exclaimed, and ceased immediately.

“Maybe I didn’t quite think that through,” he laughed.

“So where do you want to do this? I don’t really want to do it here on the couch,” Jo said to her father.

“Your bed?” Dave suggested.

“Mine? Not yours? Mine is only a single.”

“Yes, but there’s something extra sexy about the thought of fucking you in your bed,” Dave told her.

“Ok, my bed it is then.”

Jo stood up and made her way from the room. She glanced back over her shoulder with a ‘follow me’ look on her face. She giggled when her father leapt up with a start once he managed to drag his gaze away from her panty-clad bottom. Jo sprawled out on her bed and as her father caught up with her, stretched luxuriously so that her hard little nipples thrust against her white t-shirt.

“Come to tuck me in Daddy?” She purred at her father.

“Maybe a good night kiss?” Dave replied and advanced on the bed.

Jo held out her arms for a hug, just like she used to do when she was little. Dave sat on the edge of the bed and bent his head to hers. It was a very different kiss from any goodnight kiss they’d shared when Jo was little. Their tongues entwined together and played in each other’s mouths. Dave rested his hand on Jo’s hip and stroked her lightly. His fingers found their way under the t-shirt to connect directly with her skin.

Jo moaned into the kiss. Her nipples tightened further and she took great delight in the sensation. She slowly reclined back to the bed and her father followed her to maintain the kiss. He had to adjust his position and soon lay beside her, his generous cock rock hard and pressed against his daughter’s thigh.

“Did I do this to you Daddy?” Jo teased and slipped a hand between their bodies to grasp his erection.

“You know you did,” he grinned.

Jo felt her father’s firm hand slip up over her ribs to close over her breast. She thrust it at him. She loved the way his palm grazed lightly over her nipple. He pinched it between thumb and finger harder with each repetition. She gave a little squeal when she couldn’t take any more.

“I’m all wet Daddy,” she cooed at him and ground her soaked panties against herself.

“And what would you like to do about that?” Dave asked.

“Kiss it goodnight…”

Jo gave her father a big smile as he climbed on top of her. He kissed her again before he slid down the narrow bed. He paused to lick and suck each of her nipples through her t-shirt before he moved further south. He hovered with his pursed lips over her panty-clad mound and looked up to meet her gaze. Gently he pressed his lips to the panties covering her pussy. Jo sighed.

“Goodnight little pussy.”

“Not there Daddy, here,” Jo said as if she coached him.

She showed him with her finger that she wanted his kiss right on the wet patch that was so evident in the red material of her panties. Dave breathed in the aroma of his daughter’s pleasure and then placed a kiss exactly where she’d asked for it.

“Don’t tease me, lick me,” she demanded.

Dave ran his tongue over the crotch of her panties before Jo grabbed them and pulled them aside to reveal her wet lips.


She felt him slip his tongue between her slick lips and run up her slit and back down again. He thrust it into her tight hole and wiggled it about. Jo ran a hand through her father’s hair and wordlessly voiced her pleasure. His finger began to pleasure her as well. It slid into her pussy as his tongue moved to concentrate on her clit. She held her panties to one side of her pussy, head back in the throes of pleasure. Her father’s tongue felt so good between her escort blog legs. She wanted to feel his cock in her butt, but what he was doing at that moment felt too good to stop him. So she didn’t. It seemed that the seed she’d planted in his mind had taken route though. His finger slid from her pussy and slipped down and around her puckered anus. Jo squirmed and wriggled on the bed as the finger teased at her tight little butt hole. She pushed back at it, wanting to feel it penetrate her. She gasped when her father did exactly that. He pushed his finger into her tight ring. The combination of his finger in her bum and his tongue on her clitoris was enough to cause her to orgasm.

Her body convulsed and she threw her head back. She felt the muscles of her pussy spasm and contract. Her sphincter clenched around his finger. She could only imagine how good it would feel when it was his cock buried in her.

When she’d recovered a little she opened her eyes and watched as he quickly discarded his boxers and moved between her legs. She felt his cock poke at her wet pussy. She flinched at the contact, her pussy still sensitive as she enjoyed the last pleasure of her orgasm. She gasped out loud as he thrust his cock into her pussy and drove it deep inside. He thrust urgently in and out. It felt intense and Jo instinctively pushed back to match him. She purred as he repeatedly drove his cock inside her and stretched her lips around its girth.

Again she thought about the fact that she really wanted to try and take it in her bum but again struggled to ask him to stop. His cock felt too good in her pussy. If he came, so be it. He’d just have to do the right thing and get it up again for her!

Just as she thought it she felt him pull out. He gasped and panted from the rapid, energetic effort.

He almost looked apologetic and Jo sighed when he stopped.

“Sorry, but I didn’t want to finish just yet. I want to feel your tight little butt from the inside.”

“Daddy wants it dirty,” Jo teased him. “Go on then, put your cock in my bum Dad.”

She rolled over onto her hands and knees and thrust her butt back and into the air, to present him with a perfectly tempting target.

“God, maybe I should have cum, I don’t know that I’ll last long enough to really appreciate this!” Dave moaned and she grinned back over her shoulder to see him survey her tush.

Jo reached back and ran her finger over her anus to tease him further. She sensed his urgency. He knelt behind her and his cock speared back into her pussy. She felt it slide out and he wiped it down over her anus. She cooed in pleasure as his slick shaft brushed over her asshole. He pushed back into her pussy and then, when he withdrew a second time; she felt the head of his cock poke at her anus.

“Oh yeah Dad, push it in,” Jo encouraged him.

Dave pushed firmly and watched as her anus stretched slowly around the bulbous head of his cock. He felt Jo push back. He leaned forward slightly and she pushed back again. She used her movements to control the rate of his penetration.

“Fuck, it’s so fucking big,” she exclaimed as the head disappeared inside. “Go slow Dad.”

Dave held himself still and allowed Jo to determine when to push back. He saw his cock start to slip again and then with a gasp, Jo pulled forward and he popped out.

“I need lube Dad. Its too dry.”

Dave bounced off of her bed and fetched some from his room. He returned and stood beside the bed. He squeezed Lube over his cock, and then stroked it up and down to ensure the whole shaft was coated.

“It turns you on knowing this is going in my arse, doesn’t it?” Jo asked him.

“It sure does. Does it turn you on too?”

“So much!” Jo replied with a grin.

Dave returned to his position behind her and rubbed some lube on her anus. When he was happy he again pushed his cock up her back passage.

With ample lubrication things progressed a little quicker. Jo still controlled the pace, but Dave now saw his cock slide deeper, each inch slowly swallowed by her delectable ass.

When he was half inside her, he felt Jo begin to rock back and forth and his cock would slide out before she pushed back and took more inside. Dave couldn’t believe how good it felt in her tight hole. He didn’t last long at all.

He came in a rush. Jo had barely rocked for a few moments when he lost control and cried out and erupted.

Jo squealed with delight as she felt the warm semen spurt deep into her anus. She worked her clit with her fingers and rubbed it expertly until she came, just as her father’s cock went soft enough to slip out. She felt cum ooze from her butt hole and dribble down over her bare pussy lips as she collapsed on the bed. She shuddered with pleasure.

“That was amazing,” Dave whispered in her ear as he knelt beside her bed.

“Thanks Dad, now I’ll always know that yours was the first cock in my bum,” she told him happily.


Dave was surprised by the late night knock on the door. He hurriedly pulled his pants on, conscious of his erection. He minimised gaziantep escort blogu the window on his computer to hide the porn and made his way to the door. He pulled the curtain aside so that he could peek through the window to see who was there. He was surprised to see that it was Allison. She gave him a nervous smile through the window. He opened the door.

“Hi Mr. Johns.”

“Hello Allison, I’m sorry but Jo isn’t home. She went to Sarah’s for the night.”

“I know.”

“Oh,” he said, suddenly curious as to why she would be there.

“Yeah, I came to see you.”

“Me?” he asked lamely. He surveyed her body. She wore a tight pair of black yoga pants and a cropped white t-shirt that both bared her belly and did nothing to disguise the lack of a bra. The look did nothing to deflate his already aroused cock.

“Can I come in?”

“Sure.” Dave stepped aside and let Allison walk into the entry hall. Once she’d moved past him, he closed the door and then led her to the living room.

“Would you like a drink?”

“Sure, thanks.”

“Water, coke …”

“Vodka?” Allison asked hopefully.


“Yeah, I’d really like some thanks.” He studied her for a moment and noticed that her makeup wasn’t really at its usual standard. It wasn’t that it was bad, it was just that he was used to seeing her perfectly made up. It showed signs of having been hastily applied.

“Is something wrong Allison?” He asked belatedly and mentally kicked himself for not having spotted it immediately.

“Um, kind of,” she replied a little hesitantly. Her eyes began to glisten with moisture as tears threatened her.

“Let’s get you that drink, then we’ll talk about it.” As he stood in front of her, he noticed her glance at his crotch. His erection was far from fully subsided and in his haste to answer the door he hadn’t put underwear on. His track pants didn’t exactly hide his state of arousal.

“Lemonade with the vodka?” he asked.

“That would be great, thanks.”

Dave poured himself a scotch and then brought it out with Allison’s drink. He passed her the vodka and sat opposite her on the couch.

“So, what’s up Allison?”

“I don’t quite know how to start. Maybe I shouldn’t even mention it.”

“Do your parents need to know that you’re safe? Do they know you are here?”

“They’re away, so no and no. I’ve been with my brother all week and we’re just fighting all the time.” Allison didn’t mention that it was because she wanted to fuck him and he wasn’t letting her.

“Is he causing you problems?”

“Not really, its just the fights. I think we need a break from each other. I’m sure once Mum and Dad come home we’ll be back to normal, but I just needed to get out of the house.”

“Do I need to let him know you’re here?”

“No, he thinks I’ve gone to Sarah’s and if he wants me he’ll text me anyway.”

“Ok, just so long as you’re sure.”

“I am. Could I stay here for a couple of days? Mum and Dad will be back soon anyway.”

“Sure you can Allison. I’m sure Jo won’t object to one of her best friends staying for a few days.” Allison smiled at him, clearly relieved by the answer.

“I um, have some things in the car. I didn’t want to seem too presumptuous …”

“It’s fine, let’s go get them.” Dave followed her out to her car and tried hard not to fixate on her gorgeous butt as he followed her. He wasn’t very successful. They came back in and Dave told her to set her things in Jo’s room. Given she wasn’t home anyway it was the easiest solution for the first night.

“So was I interrupting anything?” Allison asked when they’d both sat back on the couch with their drinks.

“No I was just finishing up some work. You can turn the telly on if you like. I’ll just shut down my computer and then join you if there’s something worthwhile on.” He passed the remote to Allison and left the room. When he returned, she was sitting watching an episode of NCIS Los Angeles. Dave joined her on the couch and was surprised when she immediately snuggled closer to him.

“Thanks so much for letting me stay Mr. Johns.”

“No trouble Allison.”

As the episode played on Allison gradually moved around on the couch. Before long she was curled up alongside her teacher but with her head on his thigh. Dave was all too conscious of her body and his cock hardened again. He struggled to find somewhere to put his left hand and after resting it on the back of the couch for a while, settled it on her hip. She appeared to sigh with contentment when he did so. She moved her left hand so that it was beneath her head and resting on his thigh. Dave couldn’t help but think about how close her fingertips were to his rock hard cock.

Dave struggled to focus on the TV. He wondered if Allison had really fought with her brother or whether she had just used it as a ruse given her knowledge that Jo wasn’t home. The thought kind of appealed to him, that she might want him badly enough to go to such effort. His hand slipped from her hip to her waist and made contact with her wonderfully soft, gaziantep escort sitesi smooth skin.

Allison shifted a little and her hand moved from beneath her head to very deliberately grab Dave’s cock. She squeezed and massaged it gently. She did no more than that, just periodically gave it a reminder, a bit of pressure. Dave suppressed a moan as he glanced down to watch Allison’s hand on his cock. It felt great. He wished he had the guts to rip his pants off and demand that she suck him, but something held him back. He still felt he needed her initiation of any sexual act to justify it; no matter everything that had transpired in the dark room.

Allison wriggled a little. Her hand released Dave’s cock and he quickly took his hand from her waist and moved it to her breast. Dave squeezed. He didn’t think he’d ever tire of feeling an eighteen-year-old girl’s firm but supple breast. Allison’s hard nipple pushed against his palm. She squeezed his cock again and started to stroke it.

The TV show ended and Allison rolled onto her back. She looked up at Dave, his cock now pressed against the back of her head. He saw her smile as his fingers teased her nipple.

“I’ve always wanted to do you with the lights on Mr. Johns.”

She moved quickly. Dave suddenly found himself with the young girl between his legs, tugging at his pants as she knelt before him. He lifted his butt and they were quickly pushed down around his ankles. He watched as Allison grabbed his cock and then sucked it deep into her mouth. It was a hungry, desperate suck. Her head bobbed rapidly up and down.

Dave had been aroused for hours and could barely take the intensity of her blowjob. Allison captured the head of his cock and sucked at it with her lips. She pulled back until he was released from her mouth with an audible ‘pop’. Dave reached down and took Allison’s wrists to pull her up to him. She went willingly and he moved her until she sat astride him. He took her face in his hands and kissed her.

The kiss was hard and passionate. It burned with the desire that had been building. Allison ground down on his rock hard cock and Dave’s hand went to her perfect, pert tits. He pulled her t-shirt off and resumed their kiss as his hand delighted in the feel of her breast.

His kiss travelled from her mouth to her neck. Allison threw her head back and whipped her long blonde hair out of the way as she offered her neck as if to a predatory vampire. Dave kissed and nibbled at her tender flesh and slowly descended. He kissed and sucked but resisted the temptation to mark and claim her with his mouth. He found her breast and drew her nipple deep into its warmth and flicked his tongue across the wonderfully hard nipple. He captured it in his teeth and pulled it gently, then harder as her pleasured moans encouraged him.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard … Daddy,” She purred in his ear, trying out the sound of it again as she ground against him and circled her hips.

Dave relinquished the breast he sucked and allowed Allison to stand. She grabbed the waistband of her yoga pants and started to pull them down. He watched her as she flicked a mischievous grin at him and then turned and slid them over her butt, bent forward, knees locked straight. She slowly slid them to her ankles.

Dave relished the view. He loved the way she slowly revealed her hairless lips as they peeked from between her thighs, her bubbly little butt an irresistible target. Before she could stand or change position he swatted her right buttock. It was playful but hard enough to sting a bit.

Allison yelped in surprise and nearly fell, but Dave caught her by the hips and steadied her. He slapped her other buttock.

“Ow,” Allison complained. She didn’t protest though. He saw her wiggle her butt at him instead and administered two more swats. Then she quickly discarded her pants and turned to face him again. She had said she wanted him to fuck her hard, but didn’t give him the chance. She straddled him again. She grabbed his cock and guided it into her pussy. Allison sighed and Dave groaned. In a couple of quick movements she had impaled herself on his rock hard member.

“Fuck your cock is amazing,” Allison cooed as she began to ride up and down on his shaft.

“And your pussy is to die for,” Dave growled. He took her nipples in his fingers and pulled.

“It feels so good Daddy.”

“You feel incredible on my cock baby.”

Alison plunged her tongue into her teacher’s mouth and kissed him hard. He felt her work her body on him the whole time. They fucked like that for a while before Allison insisted that it was time to get fucked from behind.

She dismounted and turned to kneel on the couch, arms over on the back. Dave stood behind her and enjoyed the view. He ran his hand over a tight butt cheek then teased her with a finger. He slid it over her slick pussy lips. He spread her butt cheeks with his other hand and ran his finger up and over her anus to give it the briefest tickle.

Dave knelt behind her and used both hands to part her again. He drove his tongue into her pussy and licked and lapped. Allison cried out in pleasure. She told him just how much she enjoyed his oral attentions. He tongue-fucked her until she begged him to bury his cock in her. Dave gave her a final, long lick up her slit. He swirled his tongue around her puckered little anus and was rewarded with a squeal of delight. He then stood with his throbbing cock poised to impale her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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