The Dark Side

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I picked you up on Friday after work to go to the cabin in the woods for the night. The drive up there was extra treacherous today because there were thunderstorms all around. The rain was heavy and lightening was everywhere. I could tell you were nervous about it. I told you to relax and think about our weekend away.

Once we arrived at the cabin we unloaded our stuff and settled in. Got the cabin warm with a fire and lit some candles to set the mood. We had bought our Chinese takeout dinner in town and sat down to eat it. After killing a bottle of wine I ask if you were ready to start our fun, you looked at me, gave me a little wink and said yes.

We both went into separate bedrooms to change, I told you to stay in your room when you were done. I dressed in black leather pants and vest, with a hood covering my face. I strapped on a utility belt and loaded it with items required for a night of pleasure. When I walked in your room you looked at me with big eyes and smiled. I put the bag down I carried.

Your bed had large bed post, perfect for tying you up. You were dressed in extra tight mini and tube top, no undies or bra. Your hair was pulled up and you had the leather collar on with spikes on it and a ring for a clasp. You wore a mask over your eyes, but you could see (for now). I told you that you had been kidnapped and were now my prisoner. You will do as I say when I say it or you will be punished. To make sure you understood this I ask you to get on all fours on the bed and push your ass up. I lifted your dress and lightly rubbing your ass, then spanked you twice across each cheek. You winced with each smack.

I told you to get up and go to the dinning area, as you did you rubbed your ass a little and gave me a little smile. Once in the kitchen I told you to get on the large dining room table. I grabbed your hands and tied them in a silk scarf above your head, tied a rope to it then threw the rope over the ceiling beam pulling your hands upward.

Now Ankara escort you sat on the table with your feet off the edge and hands above your head. I walked over lifted my hood enough to kissed your luscious lips, at the same time I pulled your tube top down around your waist exposing your firm tight tits. Your nips are hard and wanting attention. I kissed your neck and shoulders, then moving in on your nips and bite, lick and suck them. I removed all your clothes, seeing you tied there naked gave me a hard on produced a pounding bulge in my leather pants.

Now I tied your feet with legs spread to the table. I slid you forward on the table so your pussy was just hanging over the edge. I took my hand and rubbed it over your wet cunt, about that time a huge lightening bolt hit close by, you jumped a mile and looked very nervous about it. I told you to sit still. The candle light flickered across your body producing shadows in the room. It gave a eerie look to the room. I reached in my bag and pulled out 2 clothes pins, then clamped them on your nips, you instantly responded by biting your lip.

Next I grabbed some KY and lubed up your waiting pussy, it was the kind that heats up when you apply it, you moaned as I rubbed it in. Your body was starting to heat up and sweat. Next I pulled out the string of balls and insert the big one first into your cunt. It slid right in, I continued until all the balls were inside you. Now I took a mini vibrator out, turned it on and rubbed it over your clit. Your button swelled, protruding out. As I held the vibe on it, I pulled the balls out slowly, your body quivered as each ball released. I did this a few times before you exploded in Cum. I gave the clothes pins on your tits a twist while you were cumin, they were very sensitive now and added to your excitement threshold.

Untying your legs and lowering your arms, removing the clothes pins, I gave you a few minutes to rest and have a drink. I ask you to lie down on the table with Ankara escort bayan your hands still tied but loose. Spreading your legs, I then tied them in the air, again your pussy was at the edge of the table for easy access. Now I could work on your ass and pussy at the same time. I started by lubing your ass, driving my finger inside, then 2 then 3 fingers. Then taking your 9 inch vibe out and inserting it in your ass. It was on high speed as it disappear, your ass closing around it.

Then came the surprise, I brought a big 8 inch, very thick vibe. I starting by working my fingers in your pussy, loosening your lips up and getting your rose to open, your very wet, my hand works you until its completely inside your tight cunt. I fist fucked you, feeling the vibe in your ass still working. Your body shook as your G-spot was stimulated. I then sucked your clit, biting it and licking it. Removing my hand from your pussy I slid the new vibe inside you, it was thicker on the end so once inside you it filled you with stimulation.

I stuck a finger in your ass and moved the vibe inside around, with both vibes inside you now, all I did was bite your clit and you squirted to climax. It seemed like you CAME so long, wave after wave cummin over you. I then pulled both vibes out, untied you, then picked you up and carried you into the bedroom.

Once you rested a bit, I tied you to the bedpost on all fours, your ass again in the air. You knew what was cumin, I took the big vibe out and pushed it in your ass, it was tight at first, I ask you to relax, and with that it slid in, you engulfed it all. I pulled my pants off and strapped on a leather cock ring. This pushed my balls forward and gave me a rock solid hard on. I leaned over and sucking and licking your pussy, it tasted so good and hot. Then fingering your ass and pussy again you pushed hard into them. I then drove my cock inside your pussy, damn it felt so good after a few pumps I exploded filling you with my cum.

While Escort Ankara I was cummin I slid the 9 inch vibe in your cunt, making sure it slid over your clit, I felt you tighten and push hard against me as you squirted again ejecting your cum on my legs. Untying you completely now, I clipped a leash on your collar. Asking you if you needed anything, you looked at me, smiled and said “Is that all you got?”. I smiled back and told you the best was yet to cum, but told you to get some sleep before we continue in the morning.

You had been asleep about 1 hour when you woke to find yourself strapped and tied to the bed on your stomach, at first you could not figure out what the motor sound was, then you felt your pussy burning and wet. You couldn’t see what was going on because you had been blindfolded. What you didn’t know is I had rigged my sawzall with a dildo and was fucking your cunt as it moved in and out. I watched you tremble as your body was driven with the unknown excitement.

You tried to ask what I was doing by I only responded by spanking your ass. The saw was running at medium speed and I kicked a little more. I added more KY to the dildo, stopping only for a moment I turned on the big vibe, lubing up your ass and slid it into your hole.

Once it was firmly implanted I started the saw again. You arched your body as the intensity increased to the point of no return and you ejected your cum again and again in waves of pleasure. It was only then did I remove the blindfold and let you see what was fucking you.

It had a 10 inch dildo on it and was dripping with your honey. I removed the vibe from your ass and then lifted your ass and drove my cock deep inside it. I fucked you hard, your ass was so loose my balls could almost fit inside as I pumped you. After I delivered my CUM to your ass I sat you up and had you lick my cock and balls off clean. You obeyed and enjoyed sucking and licking my dick clean.

It was almost daylight now and we both fell asleep naked together. Went I awoke I found myself tied to the bed and you standing over me saying “That was great last night, but now its my turn Honey!” Yep, I suppose it is! You made me take a viagra pill, I see you had made plans!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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